2018 Global Upgrade Series

An Upgraded System Is the Solution

Deep State perception deception is disintegrating.
High State perception correction is integrating.
The Whole Truth is neutralizing the Big Lie.
Fearless faith transmutes faithless fear.

This is a process of global evolutionary ascension.
Systemic upgrade begins with pure intention.
It focuses attention with love retention in
a dimension of 5D comprehension.

In the news for your review:

   1- Good News - Common Sense Emerging
May 30, 2018 / 2018 Global Upgrade

2- Congress Says “No” To War With Iran
May 31, 2018 / ChuckBaldwinLive.com

  3- Disclosure, Co-Creation and Ascension
May 22, 2018 / Heartcom Network
[Cosmic Show Podcast HERE]

For neophyte ‘newbies’ to the 2018 Global Upgrade, this article is perhaps too futuristic to be believable. But for initiates who understand the holistic conceptual frames of reference for 2018 upgrade, this is a good summary of capabilities for systemic transformation of our core social, political and economic institutions.

Take the New Currency for Example:


New U.S. Currency is Already
in Our Money Supply

This article is from almost a year ago.
Have you noticed or heard about this
  currency reboot back to ownership by
 the U.S. Treasury? It’s been gradual.
Read about it HERE.

Global Reset Challenge: 'Ultimate Twist'
May 3, 2018 / Jim Willie / GoldenJackass.com

Excerpt: The Global Currency RESET has 100 steps and the first 10-12 appear complete. This is not a fantasy, but very real and in progress. Its progress is not very visible to most observers. Some important steps are seeing tremendous progress, but they are executed in the East with very little press coverage by the insidious lapdog Western press networks. Review many of the RESET features, but in summary form. ~ Continued HERE.

I’ve been saying for this last year that a successful transition from Deep State to High State – from corporatocracy to TeLeCommunity – will cause only ripples in the ascent of global civility... no matter how shocking those ripples may appear in the short term.

Of course I’m getting ahead of myself;
   I’m a futurist. This process takes years.
  And ‘ripples’ are indeed stirring the pot.

"The heart is cooking a pot of food for you.
Be patient until it is cooked."
~ Rumi

As with the Internet, most people won’t notice the depth of paradigm shift until it has happened. It took years for the Internet to mature from Web 1.0 (e-mail) to Web 2.0 (social network platforms), and now to the capability for Web 3.0 (cyberEthics).

In the larger scheme of global transformation,
this is where
Web 3.0 is going folks!


Deep State Dystopia => High State Utopia

   Divisive Degeneration => Co-Creative Progress

   Entropy (Creates Chaos) => Syntropy (Creates Order)

Less Conscience (Immoral) => More Conscience (Moral)

 Less Freedom (Tyranny) => More Freedom (Thrival)


Universal Sovereign Rights for

Upgrade of Five Core Freedoms
- Net Neutrality Reality for ‘US’ as
United Sovereigns of Earth


A Universal Interface for
Global TeLeC

Upgrade of Unity Consciousness
with a
Universal Interface for
Global ‘Common Sense’

Conscientious common sense
“education of the heart”
(heart coherence)
is the future of education;
heart as well as smart.

Public Education Programming:
Clipping the Wings of Spherical Thinking

Left-brain dominant ‘linear’ thinking
compartmentalizes the mind with
what to think rather than how
whereas right-brain dominant
‘nonlinear’ spherical thinking
is open to common sense
 with intuitive knowing.


Universal Self Care via

Upgrade of Well-Informed Choice
- Free Online Global TeLeCare -
for Global Holistic Healing.


Universal CyberEthics for

Upgrade of ‘Conscience Currency
- Light Language of Co-Creation -
for Global


Universalizing the TLC Conneion
for 2018 Global Upgrade

Progressive Revelations as a
5D Paradigm Shift with
Effective Sensory Perception

Coming to the wwWeb of
consciousness near you!

The future is what we make it.
 That’s why the gift of the now
is the present… so take it.

“You are free to let go of your past
and embrace your future within
the eternal now – this present
moment of your life.”
heartstream here)

Hold the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Make the Vow with Valor and
Claim the Victory!

Deep State => High State

TLC in 4 directions of the
Creative Ascent Process
towards the CAPstone of


- Universal ‘Rights'
- Public 'Sphere'
- 'Co~Creating'
- TeLeComm

All “Rights” () Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ()
with the healthy, holistic & otherwise holy “whole” (
in five core dimensions of cosmic-universal .

For deeper insight re: the archetypes, read:
A Jungian-Archetypal Perspective On
A Cultural Phenomenon

April 5, 2018 / Medium.com
  Initiates with a higher mental mastery will appreciate
  this article about the Jordon Peterson phenomenon.
Those on the archetypal 'hero's journey' will find a
 friend in this in-depth perspective on the high road
 to understand cultural dynamics shaping our lives.
     Note the explanation of core archetypes (1/4 down)
       which corresponds to the archetypes, as in:
- left brain / Father / masculine / logical;
  - right brain / Mother / feminine / intuitive;
- + / Child / co-creation / mediation;
 - whole brain / integration / individuation.
  Realize that archetypes are holographic
 in biomimicry of the brain's holographic field and
 the holodeck of social conscience via heartware.
~ C.R.

PS: Support a 'system upgrade' while you
   support your holistic health:


 Advanced holistic modalities
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