Total Eclipse of the Moon + 'Cardinal Cross'

Compendium by Christos Lightweaver

Susan Seymour Hedke: The upcoming eclipse or "Blood Moon" bears a great resemblance to one that occurred back on April 3rd 33 AD - the correct and only date for the Crucifixion when a great earthquake occurred. My research also discovered that apart from the earthquake, a very large volcanic eruption must also have occurred and this was responsible for the three hours of darkness in Jerusalem; the earthquake and the darkness were recorded by independent historians in other parts of the world on this date. Although the next couple of years shows a number of such powerful eclipses also aligned to Hebrew holidays as of course was the one in 33 AD, the alignment between the 14th and 15th April will include a grand cross and both Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra with the Lunar Nodes aspecting the Centre of the Galaxy - ( as they did in 33 AD) - so it could be powerful. A solar eclipse occurs on the 29th and between these dates the grand cardinal cross actually strengthens further, and so likely will tectonic tensions not be over for a few weeks ahead.


The ‘2nd Coming’ in 2014
with crucifixion, resurrection and ascension
 in our
sovereign solidarity consciousness.

 First they crucified “U.S.” (United Sovereigns) of Earth;
 Now we resurrect “
U.S.” (Universal Solidarity) globally;
   Then we ascend with conscious evolution for all of "


The April Cardinal Grand Cross is stimulating or otherwise activating everyone's
  “core records” (DNA 'memory') with the personal/collective astrology/psychology
  that ultimately represents the spirit that matters in the 'quantum source field'.

Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 Video - Quantum Potential

Published on Mar 24, 2014

VIDEO NOTE: April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER & MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 90 degree angles to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies.

In addition, each of these planets sit at '13 degrees' of the 4 CARDINAL signs (Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra & Uranus 13 degrees Aries). Plus Mars is Retrograde (appearance of going backwards) during the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.
PLUS, adding to this melting pot of transformational energies, the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 takes place between two eclipses; a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 14 April 2014 followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 28 April 2014.

Hope you enjoy this slideshow summary of the energetic 'Quantum Potential' of the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014. For a more detailed understanding of this event and to receive a number of free 'energetic tools', please visit:

PLEASE NOTE: At the 3:40 minute mark, there is a typo in the heading on a few of the slides. The Annular Solar Eclipse is on the 29 April 2014, not the 14/15 April, as that is the date of the Lunar Eclipse... Ooops, apologies for any confusion:(

 As for the effect of the 'Grand Cross' in all 'Cardinal Signs'...

This is the 'cross' we all bear in our inward thought processes, from the "top" (superconscious) to the "bottom" (unconscious), and from the "right" (conscious) to the "left" (subconscious).  Anyone who has studied the works of the Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Jung, and read his masterwork for the layman, 'Man and His Symbols', knows what the four archetypes of the UNIVERSAL “GRAND SQUARE" (GRAND CROSS) stands for: co-Creation with G.O.D.~LOVE.

It's the '' in the LOVE Model, the integrated pure geometry archetypes for natural law language.

That CROSS of "spiritual practicality" (on Earth as in heaven) is represented by two bars -- one upright and one horizontal --  as represents the SPIRITUAL (vertical relationship with SPIRIT) and MATTER (horizontal relationships in the physical); the '' in the LOVE Model.

Ancient religions, long before Jesus, understood the 'cross-referencing' of SPIRIT and MATTER in the body temple of the living-loving spirit. That was the core spirituality of the ancients, the understanding that we are spiritual souls having a physical human experience; our true nature is spiritual. That is why the Celtic Cross has a circle around the middle of the cross, depicting non-linear spherical-spiritual consciousness at the 'heart' of the intersecting vertical and horizontal lines.  What goes around comes around; the '' in the LOVE Model.

Co-Creation with G.O.D.~LOVE is a process in all four quadrants of each one's 'Grand Cross', representing the "four trinities" ('' in the LOVE Model). That's how we 'synergize' the best of both
and worlds in the four 's integrating the four sides of the "pyra-mid" (fire in the middle) to assemble the components to the capstone vision of G.O.D.~LOVE

Cardinal 'fire' in the April Grand Cross has everything to do with decisive commitment to wholness and healing of our 'four lower bodies' in the 'horizontal plane of matter'. It is the alchemical 'fire' of spiritual intent that transmutes the 'lead' of "DUH" (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless) into the 'gold' of the SPIRIT that MATTERS... the "marriage" (union) of heart coherent LOVE with the Geometric Ordered Divinity (G.O.D.) of the multidimensional universe:

Spiritually... SuperConscious Intention: "I Am" (G.O.D.~LOVE);
                    the archetype of "Loving Father" (benevolent authority figures),
                    and its "shadow" (unloving 'father'); autocrats, plutocrats, psychopaths, etc).

Mentally... Conscious Attention: "I Can" (focus the light of G.O.D.~LOVE);
                  the archetype of the "Loving Sun" (hero with a thousand enlightened faces),
                  and its "shadow" (unloving 'son'), who serves only himself).

Emotionally... Subconscious Retention: "I Will" (determination as energy-in-motion);
                       the archetype of the "Loving Mother" (unconditional love for co-Creation),
                       and its "shadow" (unloving 'mother'), who lacks loving kindness).

Physically... Unconscious Ascension: "I DO" (
                    the archetype of 'Loving Daughter' (holy spirit of
                    and it's "shadow" (unloving 'daughter'), who serves only herself.

Of course we all have a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical nature... and we all have an 'inner family' of father, son, mother and daughter archetypes running us in the superconscious, conscious, subconscious and unconscious dimensions of our being.

Each to their own 'cross' to bear.

We all have a positive "upright I" (loving nature) and its shadow 'dark-side' of a less 'upright' nature.  A balanced 'cross' is much easier to bear, the original 'checks and balances' of SPIRIT and MATTER.  The word 'matter' comes from the Latin root 'mater' which means mother, and as the Aquarian Age resurrects balance with divine feminine energies, the inordinate love of power in unbalanced patriarchal institutions will be checked and balanced by the ordained power of love.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where power predominates,
 there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

With vision of holistic checks and balances - heartware - social conscience matures to overcome the  'worth-ship' of false 'gods', the "BS" (Belief Systems) that revolve cherished illusions with faithless fears as resonate and 'hook' with the suffering syndrome that is "Stuck In Negativity" (SIN).

Global humanity has this same 'cross' to bear: 'global powershift'.

If you watched the 'Source Field Investigation' video (1 million+ views), you know that the DNA of humanity is rapidly morphing in resonance with the quantum shift energies of galactic alignment, and the April Cardinal Grand Cross alignment is triggering mass alignment with 'Source Code' at subconscious and unconscious levels.

Making this 'Source Code' CONSCIOUS has been my intent since I began my Cosmic LOVE radio show seven years ago. Now the 'Cosmic Grand Cross' is fulfilling cosmic intent from the inside-out with archetypal coordinates ordering the corresponding 4 lower bodies of 'self' and 'civilization':

Spiritually... Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn represents "powerful transformation" (Pluto) of the "father archetype" (Capricorn) in one's own 'Inner Family' as well as authority in our core institutions of government, education, health care and the economy.  Each one's sacred sovereign relationship with 'SuperConscious Higher Power' is challenged because the veil of separation on the inner has 'thinned' to the point where our all-connected Net reality on the outer demands co-Creation with more of the 'divine mother' energies of heart coherence; the SPIRIT that MATTERS at the heart of the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-Love.

Mentally... Uranus at 13 degrees Aries represents a fiery, innovative and even revolutionary surge of 'spontaneous AHA! moments', mass awakening to the opportunity for liberating suppressed free energy technologies, free-online Universal Self CareGlobal TeLeComm capabilities, and an economics of abundance that naturally follows from the wise dominion of higher mental 'thoughtforms' that shine the brilliance of the 'Sun' as the 'Son archetype' of the "hero with a thousand faces" -Joseph Campbell. 

Emotionally... Jupiter at 13 degrees Cancer represents the "expansive" (Jupiter) "emotional intelligence" (sign of 'Cancer'), one's highly personal intelligence of the heart as represents heart coherence with the golden ratio harmonics which weave the fabric of the universe and magnifies the heart of 'smart' with the Loving Mother archetype as serves cooperation and community with maturing social conscience in our all-connected social networks. 'Home' has always been where your heart is, and the opportunity that comes with Jupiter in cardinal sign Cancer is an expansive opportunity for the
holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action at the heart of personal and planetary energy-in-motion (e-motion).

Physically... Mars at 13 degrees Libra represents an "intensive-assertive" (Mars) energy that compels balance in the 'scales of justice" (Libra). This primal-raw energy of Mars has serious portents for volatility in relationships and marriage, demanding justice as the physical expression of spiritual, mental and emotional integrity in personal relationships and planetary transformation of economies that have been dominated by highly organized corporate profiteering on terror, war, disease and destruction of our life support systems; time to balance the quantum field with a whole systems upgrade that cultures global holistic healing with heartware.

Personal conscious evolution with a global revolution in higher consciousness is on the threshold of
a 'quantum leap' that could be far different from what we ever imagined, and yet far better than we ever thought possible.

Thank heaven for the surge in the source field and Grand Cross 'source code' to make it so!

Always and All Ways

~ Christos

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