The Deception and the Danger

Christopher Rudy / 4-9-2011

(GeoNotes NewsAre you aware that a coordinated cover-up of the severity of the Fukushima radiation danger is underway?  Is it true that such deception will have deadly health consequences?  Would you agree that the public deserves the whole truth of the danger and what we can do about it?

Without alarming people, it's important to share this information with them, emphasizing what they can do to build healthy immunity to the affects of ionizing radiation. 

 Japan Nuclear Radiation Wind Fallout Projection April 1, April

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radiation exposure across America

Multiple meltdowns at Fukushima are spreading radiation across America.  We are only being given radiation readings for the radioactive iodine isotope - a very limited and rather innocuous radiation compared to the effectively permanent and accumulative contaminants such as cesium 134, plutonium, uranium, and strontium 90 radioactive particles.

Plutonium radiates half of its mass (half life) only after 24,000 years. There is a deadly dishonesty in measuring and reporting only radioactive iodine 131 levels which has a half-life of around 8 days.  To better understand this, read "Radiation Deception".

This deadly deception is compounded with false assurances of safety:

(NaturalNews) Virtually all the numbers you're seeing about the radioactivity coming out of Fukushima are based on iodine-131 which only has a half-life of 8 days, not the far more dangerous cesium-137 which has a half-life of 30 years. So while the mainstream media reports that "radiation levels are falling rapidly" from the 7.5 million times reading taken a few days ago, what they're not telling you is that the cesium-137 radioactivity will take 30 years just to fall by 50 percent. [Continued HERE]

This is NOT being reported in the mainstream media for reasons explained in last week's 'Radiation Alert'.  Today I'll explain more of the science on this, plus some common sense immunity tips for building resistance to radiation. There's no quick fix with drugs.  Without a strong immune system, many will suffer and die from cancer or the opportunistic infections that come from an afflicted immune system.

How to Protect Against Radiation Exposure

FIRST AND FOREMOST:  You must have an attitude of 'overcoming' cherished illusions and willful ignorance.  Denial of urgency (apathy) is your worst enemy. Realize that 'official science' has become hostage to economic interests and their political cover-ups.  Remember how, after 9-11, the first responders, fire fighters, police officers and volunteer workers almost all got sick or died... but the EPA said everything was OK!

Now the EPA is saying there is no danger while people and animals and crop lands across America are being dusted with accumulating levels of  long-lasting radiation. That radiation on crops is fed to animals where it becomes concentrated, and when we eat those crops or animals, we consume  radiation in direct proximity to cells in our bodies... WHICH IS FAR WORSE THAN EXPOSURE OUTSIDE OF OUR BODIES.

(NaturalNews)...  Eating radioactive food is FAR more dangerous than radioactive fallout.  The other element in all this that's hardly being reported in the press is that when you eat radioactive food, the threat to your health increases exponentially. That's because internalradiation is far more deadly to your body than externalradiation. It all comes down to the law of the inverse square of the distance between you and the radiation source.

         A speck of radioactive dust that's one meter away from you, for example, is twice as dangerous as that same speck four meters away. But if you eat that radioactive speck (because it's part of a fish you're consuming, for example), then suddenly it's inside your body. So now it might only be a millimeter away from your internal tissues, meaning you've decreased the distance between you and the radiation source by one thousand times. Because of the law of the inverse square of the distance, you have now magnified the radiation intensity by one million times (because one million is the square of one thousand).

         So a speck of radiation that might have been at a "low level" if it were floating around in the air around you can suddenly become fatal if you consume it. And that's what people are now facing with Japan's seafood. Yet everybody is being told that it's all perfectly safe, no problem, no worries, don't even think about it.  [Continued HERE]


THINK FOR YOURSELF:  Government collusion with corporate interests are maintaining the deception. Realize that the FDA likes radiation!  This is the agency that has long supported the mass irradiation of the U.S. food supply as a way to kill the e.coli and salmonella (shit in the meat and on manure-irrigated vegetables) that is systemic with the common practices of mass-production slaughterhouses and waste 'recycling' from giant feedlots. [See the book or film 'Fast-Food Nation']

(NaturalNews)... the FDA now says it will test "all imported food products coming from Japan" (http://ecocentric.blogs.time.com/20...). This claim is, of course, ridiculous on its face. Even without this Fukushima emergency in the works, the FDA only tests a tiny fraction of all the food imported into the USA. This agency has no existing infrastructure under which it could test ALL the food being imported from Japan. The very idea is ludicrous. As this ABC News story reveals, the FDA says it's "really stretched" just to inspect a mere two percent of imported food. [Continued HERE]


STRENGTHEN YOU IMMUNE SYSTEM: Having developed three holistic health centers over 30 years, and specializing in ultramolecular 'quantum medicine', I see the serious radiation issue now as a potential trigger event of serious consequences.  Many Americans have already had their immune systems whacked by the accumulated effect of airport scanners, CAT scans, mammograms, X-rays, cell phones and electronic pollution in general. 

If you realize that everything at the quantum level is energy, you realize that the most important 'radiation' is the spirit that matters above all.  There has been plenty of empirical research to show that the 'positive vibe' of peace, joy and compassion-in-action has a healing effect on the immune system and the quality of life.  That's a big test now. Endeavor to 'Keep the vibe' -- the power of love. There's no ultimate security without this purity.

Physically, there are some common sense health practices to seriously consider.  After decades of work with holistic health, learning from leaders in this field, I'm well aware that you CAN build immunity which is resistant to the effects of ionizing radiation.

Research shows that about 80% of your immune system health is colon related -- your gut "bottom line" (intestinal tract) for optimal health.  Dysbiosis (toxemia) in the colon poisons every cell in your body.  Poor food-combining or gut-wrenching emotional stress corrupts the colon, causing petrifaction and dis-ease of all kinds.  As a former colon therapist, the best probiotic I've found for restoring healthy gut balance can be found here.

Nutritionally, the most common serious deficiency in the "Standard American Diet" (SAD) is essential fatty acids which are destroyed by commercial food processing. Essential fatty acids are a critical precursor of glandular hormones which regulate the immune system's "checks and balances" (homeostasis) for optimal health and healing of any body imbalance. A good source of essential fatty acids is flax seed oil, borage oil or evening primrose oil; available at most health foods stores.


There is a principle of "symbiosis" (biological synergy) whereby there is an extraordinary combined health-building effect when essential fatty acids are taken with the richest source of ALL essential micronutrients found in nature, which is "flower pollen extract" (nutraceutical-grade 'royal jelly'). When fed to a normal worker-bee larva, this superfood makes a 'super bee" (queen bee). This is one of the most miraculous transformations of biological potential in Nature.


This pollen extract is a powerful adaptogen which helps the immune system adapt to stress.  It is also a powerful antioxidant which helps the body deal with the free radicals caused by ionizing radiation.  And it is further synergized by other antioxidants like the important vitamins C, A, E and D as recommended:

Buffered (non-acidic) Vitamin C;
Beta-carotene as a non-toxic precursor of Vitamin A;
D-alpha tocopherol as a more biologically valuable form of Vitamin E;
Vitamin D-3 as as a more biologically valuable form of Vitamin D.

If you're not getting much sunshine, Vitamin D3 supplementation is a top priority for your immune system. During winter, it's usually in serious deficiency, needed by most people. And since you should limit your exposure to radiation outdoors, the need for Vitamin D goes up.


These important vitamin 'macronutrients' combined with full-spectrum 'micronutrients' in the pollen extract create a powerful immune-building synergy to withstand ionizing radiation.  If you don't minimize exposure and deal with free radicals in the body first, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE AN IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Which is why radiation poisoning victims frequently die from pneumonia, cancers and opportunistic infections.


YOUR WATER SOURCE may also be suspect.  Some municipal water system are already show a spike in radiation levels.  If you're not on a well, a highly recommend a Reverse Osmosis unit under your sink for your drinking water, removing the particulates which bond with ionizing radiation.

Genetic mutations from ionizing radiation are a huge short term and long-term concern which is compounded by so many genetically modified foods.  Since Swedish Pollen Extract is the richest source of RNA and DNA from nature, it is also the most effective supplement for optimal DNA repair, regeneration and replication... the biologically correct strategy for life extension in general and immunity against cancerous mutations in particular.

Wholesale bulk-powder prices of Swedish Pollen Extract are available, and it has o
rganic certification by Quality Assurance International (QAI).


I can't make medical claims because this extract from microscopic pollen grains is a whole food concentrate - not a drug.  The medical-industrial (Big Pharma) racket is rigged to ignore natural remedies for the profit of a pound of drug treatment worth 16 x's an ounce of prevention.  That's why the current 'health care' system is backwards and in terminal condition. Drugs don't build immunity to disease; they treat the symptoms of disease with toxic side-effects which weaken the immune system.

And without a healthy immune system, your opportunity for surviving and thriving is diminished.

Here's "To Your Health",
~ Christopher Rudy
    UltraMedics Services

PS: The greatest power we have is with well-informed choice.  It's choices that make us who we are.
        And we can always choose to do what's right for ourselves and others. So please care enough
        to at least share this with family and friends. Some will prepare. Thanks