The Ultimate Science of Success
with the Most Powerful
in the world


by Christos Lightweaver
Heaven knows there is a divine order to the universe.
It's the natural order whereby cycles of orbits
go round and round and the Great Law
ordains that which goes around
comes around with the full
recompense of the
The heart of kind men sees kindness in all mankind.
One in God-Love sees God-Love in each one.
To every action there's equal reaction
with cause and effect as will
reap as we've sown
with every
Co-Creation with Love-God represents divine order.
The synergy of human love with divine love
and balancing of male and female
energies in the left and right
hemispheres makes
for greater
The holy whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Such wholEness, at heart, heals holistically
with higher power than its absence.
This is the whole, holistic and
holy spirit empowering
wise dominion
 in Love
So take heart and claim the victory of divine love.
Make the vow of great valor for the victory.
Embrace the virtue of pure intention.
Seize the vision to focus your
attention for ascension;
self-elevation as
The Ascension Process is ordained for this time.
The end of time as we have known it is now
the beginning of a new time and age
as the language of conscious
evolution is harmonized
with the purpose of
Assemble the components to the capstone vision.
Define, refine, combine and otherwise shine
the most powerful Love in the world.
This is divine purpose: the plan
of conscious evolution
for one's own

Singular Vision
for fulfilling the Great Law
of, by and for the Great Spirit at the
heart of a global rEVOLUTION in Conscience,
revelations  for conscious evolution.

When the whole world is going through the biggest
    transformation in the history of recorded civilization,
  there's nothing more valuable than a vision of virtue
 and valor for the victory of freedom with this vision.

   A child can understand the concept that God is Love
which is why you must be like children to enter the
Kingdom Conscience' - the heart of true sovereignty.
      If you can still do that, guided by your hearts compass,
       you will bless and be blessed via Love's Higher Power.

Ask yourself...

Can you conceive of a Love more powerful than death
in the eternal scheme of soul evolution?

Are you aware that such love prevents dis-ease
as the dark night of the soul in a dense world?

Would you agree that the Great Spirit of Great Love
 heals all with the power of wisdom in such Love?

    If this rings true for you and you 'get it'... that Love is for giving, not for getting...
     you'll appreciate this understanding ... that you can't give what you don't have...
           and there is nothing more valuable nor anything more powerful than caring enough
     to prepare your
Conscience -- your most sacred property -- for sharing yourself
   in the way that is most likely to secure your optimal future with the highest and
use of your blessed gifts, inspired talents and untapped inner resources
of abundant
Conscience -- the most powerful -- for the abundant life.

The greatest mysteries of the divine in humanity
-- as raises all mankind as kind men --
are not a mystery when known.

The higher your revelation of 'Higher Power'
- the most powerful in your world -
the greater will be your conscious evolution
as conceived, believed and achieved.
Your 'Bottom Line' for the Abundant Life
is thus the highest concept of the
Ultimate Science of Success'
with the most powerful
 in the world.

There's a science whereby spirituality transforms materiality with
Spirit that matters above all. This is the power of

which always has and always will HEAL at core levels.
In the quantum universe, we live in an ocean of
energy and energy follows pure intention
as focuses attention on wholeness
for holistic healing of one's
spirit, your mind, and
whole physical

The Ascension Process is thus your Conscious Evolution Process.

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     If you agree there's nothing more valuable than a vision of virtue and valor
 for the victory of global freedom with the Great Spirit of the Great Law...
    Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Make the Vow and Claim the Victory:

It's your world, your life;
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