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Christopher Rudy / GeoNotes News / 4-2-2011


For those who want the straight skinny on the deep doodoo, check out these headlines, articles and videos to get a sense of the urgency for proactive radiation protection now.

Dr. Michio Kaku says three raging meltdowns under way at Fukushima
In this stunning new video, the renown physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, lays it all out on a news interview without mincing words. He said in no uncertain terms: " Meltdowns are inevitable at three reactor sites, leading to a tragedy far beyond that of Chernobyl, creating permanent dead zones in Japan."

Radiation Found In San Francisco, CA Tap Water
Rainwater Radiation 18,100% Above Drinking Water Limit

Posted by Alexander Higgins - April 1, 2011 via Alexander Higgins Blog

What the Corporate Media Refuses To Tell The Public
 Japan Nuclear Radiation Wind Fallout Projection April 1, April
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animated video of radiation exposure
across the Midwest


To emphasize what Dr. Kaku is saying, "Three raging meltdowns [are] in progress,
                                                                    one spent fuel pond [is] open to the air..."


We could be looking at Chernobyl on steroids with 40 years of spent nuclear rods blown sky high like a giant dirty bomb. Read: http://www.infowars.com/alert-fukushima-coverup-40-years-of-spent-nuclear-rods-blown-sky-high

Plutonium is being released into the air and a massive media cover-up is in process. One microscopic atom of plutonium in your lungs can trigger it's own 'chain-reaction' of carcinogenic mutations, but the corporate media's scripted news won't tell you this, ostensibly to prevent panic, but also to protect their investments in nuclear power.  GE engineered the Fukushima reactors and 23 of similar design across the U.S.  They also own NBC, CNBC and  MSNBC.  Plus Obama has committed 8.3 billion dollars of loan guarantees to bolster the nuclear industry, as you can read HERE (NewYorkTimes).

So expect truth to be the first casualty in this cover-up.  In fact, as you can read HERE, the EPA has pulled 8 of its 18 radiation monitors in California, Oregon and Washington because (by implication) they are giving readings which seem too high.(BloombergNews) To quote: "Remember, for the sake of context, that the government has covered up nuclear meltdowns for fifty years to protect the nuclear power industry." As you can also read, "The EPA is closing ranks with the nuclear power industry... trying to raise acceptable radiation limits and pretending that radiation is good for us."

After all, you can't see radiation, and we wouldn't want to disrupt the economy... so 'Don't worry - go shopping'

All sick jokes aside, THIS IS SERIOUS FOLKS! 

You're on your own, so get a grip and get over it (fear-frozen mind-numbing inertia), AND BE PROACTIVE! 

There are very prudent and practical things you can do now to prepare.  Think short term and long term.  In the short term, you need to bolster your immune system.  In the long term think food reserves.  The food supply is not contaminated yet, but it will be, and food prices are already skyrocketing so consider buying long-term food reserves now, while healthy supplies last at lower cost.

You may have read my February article "Forbidden News" re:
FEMA orders $1 Billion in dehydrated food. This is part of massive preparations for Earthquake disasters foreseen for the New Madrid fault area of the Mississippi Valley where there are 16 aging nuclear reactors like the ones at Fukushima.  If you wonder if the government knows something that you don't, and want some insight on that, watch this YouTube video:

"FEMA Contracting Food Rations for Disaster in New Madrid Fault System"

AS FOR YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, understand the biologically correct science of your immune system - how radiation affects it and how to protect it.  The radionuclides being released into global air streams from Fukushima are the type of ionizing radiation that can cause cancer in the short and long term.  Numerous firemen at the Fukushima disaster are already dying of leukemia, a type of blood cancer.

Ionizing radiation decreases the number of lymphocytes a type of white blood cell -- whose production is regulated by hormones secreted by the endocrine glands of the immune system.  Antioxidants are the powerful nutrients which support the endocrine glands to counter the effect of ionizing radiation. The most power full-spectrum antioxidant source for humans is Swedish Pollen Extract, which is nutraceutical grade 'royal jelly'.

If you were a fish or mermaid, I would recommend sea-based chlorella or spirulina or seaweeds like kelp or dulse, but humans are land-based and pollen is the foundation of the terrestrial food chain.  Pollen extract is the nucleic material extracted from microscopic pollen husks which are virtually indigestible. This extract is the richest source of RNA/DNA for genetic replication, repair and regeneration from the degenerative effects of ionizing radiation.  It feeds the glandular system like no other superfood. And it has no toxicity as a natural precursor for hormone production by the glands, which produce only what they need, just as beta-carotene is a natural non-toxic precursor for vitamin A production-on-demand.

Swedish Pollen Extract has extensive research to show it has unequaled immune-building and tumor-fighting properties.  This is why medical doctors use it in drip-IV's for immunotherapy in advanced cancer treatments... after they've whacked the immune system with chemo and radiation. Don't think about that too much or it will drive you crazy:(
What you CAN think about is a recent newsletter from the venerable John Hopkins Medical University which says, "Cancer cells occur between 6 to more than 10 times in a person's lifetime. When the person's immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumors.  When a person has cancer it indicates the person has nutritional deficiencies."

I'm not a medical doctor so I don't make medical claims.  But I can tell you that this Swedish Pollen Extract is the  richest source of concentrated nutrition in the plant kingdom. If you were my Mother I'd give you this stuff!
Read my web site at Swedish Pollen Extract and you'll know why.  I've seen the results for thousands of people over more than 20 years.

I've been getting slammed with orders but I still have some in stock with more coming a few days away.

An ounce of immune-building prevention is still worth a pound of disease-treatment cure.


Christopher Rudy
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