Shift Dynamics This Summer

It may be much different from what you expected,
yet far better than you ever hoped for, including
'Your Attitude'.

 by Christopher Rudy,
Host of Cosmic Love

With the whole world experiencing shift,
 your attitude is directing your 'altitude',
whether you will rise to the occasion
or crash and burn... your choice!

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Shift Dynamics This Summer


The genesis of a new order of the ages is emerging.

Toxic inhumanity in mankind is now purging.

Global healing awareness is surging.

Hearts and minds are merging.

But 1st, shed light on ( to transmute) all opposition to enlightened social Conscience:
 (YouTube video: 508,028 views as of 5-25-2013)

The 'monkey-mind' has no power other than that which we give it.

 This story illustrates how government policy and human society is maintained,
 and why global civility disintegrates under the influence of the 'monkey-mind'.

The ‘cage’ we all live in is a system-matrix of ownership and control by
special interests that have a vested interest in the status quo.

(illustration: Addicting Info) 
The 'IRS Scandal' is the 'Supreme Court Scandal';
giving 'personhood' to giant soulless corporations
 challenging the health of a Constitutional Republic.

 Note that it is the IRS that will police 'Obamacare'
which eliminated the 'public option' in health care.
All that's left is the corporate option that, by law,
  puts their stockholders before the public's interest
 whenever profits are at stake.

The corporatocracy media wants one-way programming;
highly centralized, top-down, command and control.
The corporate media has an intrinsic message;
one-way, no choice, maintaining control,
scripted and programmed ‘reality’.

Those who pay the piper (corp. media) call the tune,
to the tune of trillion dollar public elections of
those who will represent the status quo.

"Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor
and campaign funds from the rich, by promising
to protect each from the other."
~ Oscar Ringer

The highly organized greed and deception of the corporatocracy
is like a cancer destroy the fabric of healthy civilization.

  The reality of this pathology is far more extreme than you
  may think, as is made clear in this short YouTube video.
See why more than six million people have watched it.

Wealth Inequality in America 
(6 1/2 min. / 6,338,832 views as of 5-27-13)

This video shows how a healthy middle class in America is being
destroyed due to the 'monkey mind' in soulless

The emerging social Conscience in every social network
wants multi-dimensional freedom and opportunity.
The Internet also has an intrinsic message;
interactive, a choice, self-governing,
with Net reality defined by ‘
United Sovereigns of Earth.


Tyranny and Liberty are like oil and water
or like faithless fear and fearless faith.
They separate out. Shake them up and
the ‘water of Liberty’ rises to the top…
unless there’s
'terror agitation' for the
purpose of 'keep shaking things up'.

That’s why the corporatocracy running
  governments from the top-down rely on
terror-for-tyranny tactics… for control
  of the human and physical resources of
  global humanity… to shake things up…
to get us to surrender sovereignty for
 false-flag security until we are left with
less sovereignty and illusory security.

But that game is ending folks!
Witness the transformation
before our own eyes:

Hundreds of thousands of social networks worldwide
are linking the light of a new social
that sees the natural evolution of humanity
with an upgrade of ‘self-governance’
from horse-&-buggy systems
to instant-everywhere
- and interactive -

 Culturing Social Conscience as 'TeLeCommunity'
with Social Currency for the
Next Economy.

As global humanity awakens from the Grand Illusion of 'monkey-mind programming’, the matrix mindset is morphing with the megatrend media message of 'what matters' for personal and planetary evolution now.

The Evolution of Business with
The Business of Evolution’.

Readers of these reports are well aware that the surge in the Source Field is ‘thinning the veil’ – the sense of separation from ‘Source’, and that this is accelerating the rate of change in the conscious evolution of humanity. Strong solar flares, M-class CME’s, have been buffeting the Earth, disturbing the weather and perturbing the status quo ‘matrix mindset’ of the collective ‘monkey-mind’.

It’s all in divine order.
Shift happensJ

What we can expect is a ‘quantum shift’ that is not unlike the ‘quantum leap’ after the Internet went mainstream. If you think that was HUGE, consider what a ‘Whole Systems Upgrade’ will do for the Family of Man in our new global village.

The Evolution Revolution in
Higher Conscience

There’s a new ‘quantum reality’ shaping this rEVOLUTION with a wholly new consciousness that a new generation of global Netizens are more familiar with.
There is a ‘divine intelligence’ in the ‘quantum field’ that is running the show on each one’s
holodeck' (between the ears). We’re all ‘accountable’ – to do better as well as we know better – as never before.

Some will ‘graduate with honors’
(Effective Sensory Perception)
Others, not so much.

Increasingly, there is matriculation of the matrix – the ‘quickening’ of souls who are 'Stuck In Negativity', the 'SIN' of ‘DUH’ (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless). The rate of change is accelerating with systemic resolution of 'paradigm paralysis' as willful ignorance and cherished illusion. But we’re not out of the woods yet. There is still the collective “monkey-mind” (ego-mania) to deal with.

"It is the ego that maintains the separation, 
the soul that knows better, and the 
divinity that calls us home." 
~ Christine Page, M.D.  

In the larger scheme of the soul's evolutionary ascent, ‘home’ is where your heart is; what you truly want in your heart of hearts. What goes around, comes around to the same ultimatum of ‘embryo Gods’, ‘master Creators’, and devotees on the path of conscious evolution. In good Conscience, we honor the golden rule/law language of conscious evolution for ‘Net reality’ of a more enlightened nature.

Social Conscience in our Social Networks

If you understand the principle nature of quantum reality, you are aware that the mere observation of any event changes the outcome of that event… so now we are all participants in all-connected "fields" (social network communities) within the ‘Unified Field’ of Creator-God-Love 'Source’ that we are co-Creating with.

'Universal Co-Creation' for rEVOLUTION

The Earth holodeck has arrived at 'O-Point' for global reboot in our 'Net reality' whereby mere observation of this process -- the unique role of heartware --
calibrates the awakening process for optimal wholEness and healing on the personal/planetary holodeck.

With “holographic” (whole systems) VISION,
holistic healing commences.

That's why THE VISION ALONE... how this process works... is the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy that morphs the matrix exponentially as more people conceive how and why Net reality is going mainstream with an upward-mobile conscious evolution ATTITUDE.

As ‘Co-Creators’ programming the holodeck,
how we participate in the process

is how we’ll see it manifest.

What we conceive and believe we can achieve, the ‘Science of Success’ pioneered by Napolean Hill. The more specific the ‘Business Model’ for culturing conscientious common sense, the greater the results. So it behooves stalwart souls to pay attention whereby ‘attention pays’ towards an upgrade of all our social, political and economic institutions.

This is a global issue, so we
must think globally

We are now seeing hundreds of thousands of social networks creating their own 'communities' of social consciousness.  What do you think will happen when heart coherence and mind congruence -- with cultural DNA -- empowers wisdom with love in those networks on a 'real-time' instant-everywhere and interactive basis? The vision alone -- all one -- is how we're winning from the beginning.

The WholEness Movement
for atONEment.

As the ‘immune system’ for global civilization improves with a ‘Whole Systems Upgrade’, we’ll naturally be seeing hundreds of thousands of social network 'councils' replacing the dominant role of 200 independent countries and several thousand international government organizations, NGO’s, etc. Imagine each of those social networks culturing social Conscience with the same universal interface for the 'holodeck'. Same 'Source Code'. Same 'light language'. Same cultural DNA. Same process of ‘Universal Co-Creation’.

Same metaphor for the ‘global immune system’;
resistance against dis-ease in the body of man.

The self-governing PROCESS in our social networks is also the same, culturing Conscience by involving and evolving our individual and collective consciousness with MORE LIGHT of a self-correcting nature that recycles general knowledge to create specific wisdom as represents authentic ‘TLC’ at the heart of ‘mass-to-mass TeLeComm’,heartwarefor ‘TeLeConscience’, ‘TeLeCare’ for ‘Universal Self Care’, and ‘TeLeCommerce’ with ‘cyberEthics’ as the 'gold standard' in 'TeLeCommunities'.

That ‘TLC process’ resolves information overload;
organizing information in formation with

Social networks that license the rights to Heartware will thrive with the PROCESS,
a representation process whereby "Netizens" (citizens of that network) can originate videos for e-valuation via Heartware, whereby new videos can be originated to HIGHLIGHT context and meaning with the relevance of heart coherence and mind "congruence" (pattern recognition). Get the picture?

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
~Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816

Imagine the enlightenment process when 200,000 councils are created with chosen representatives of their social networks, based on their exceptional 'Conscience Culturing' via videos that focus our attention on our ‘quantum field patterns’ via Heartware.  That ATTENTION with pure intention is what morphs the field with quantum Net reality whereby the coordinates for cosmic 'computes'. 

‘Quantum computing' you might say:)

Imagine if each council of "Twenty Four Elders" (24 reps with a 'couple' on each of the 12 lines of the 'cosmic clock round table') is elected yearly – utilizing heartware e-valuation criteria -- with presiding Elders each month corresponding to the line of the "cosmic clock" (sun sign psychology) of the ‘couple’ elected.

These 'Cosmic Councils' honor 'Cosmic Law'
- the Source Code for the Global Holodeck -
as a higher standard for global governance.

So imagine if each of the 12 couples include an 'alpha' (excelling in mind congruence) in co-Creation with an 'omega' (excelling in heart coherence).  In other words, our 'reps' become the exceptional communicators who are best at uniting hearts and minds along more enlightened 'lines' of Universal Co-Creation with .

By the grace of the ‘Holy Spirit’ – mass-to-mass -in-action,
we'll live to see this vision of ‘
TLC Reboot’ go mainstream,
fulfilling the purpose and plan (Emerging Blueprint)
that Master Co-Creators know and serve.

All Ways ... Always,


Global Reboot

  Spiritual Physical
  Wealth Health

 Be the 'Lightman' in Your World.
Shine Bright with Good Attitude.
See the 'Good' and Make it So!

Social Conscience
'Civilization 2.0'


PS: A message
"To Your Health" for this summer:

Love your self, take care of yourself, to better serve others;
this is 'enlightened self interest'... to better serve others.

The foundation for holistic health is a strong immune system.
Good attitude feeds your 'spiritual immune system' just as
 'this combo' feeds your 'physical immune system'.

As 'Creators' in your world, you have the power to
build holistic health in
body, mind and spirit.
As you build health, you prevent disease
and naturally cure whatever ails you.

For example, everyone has cancer cells, but
   a healthy immune system devours them.

Optimal holistic health involves "combination" (synergy)
 of both
spiritual attitude and physical super-immunity.

So invest in your health with 'enlightened self-interest'.
Support your health with UltraMedics Services,
now providing the
'Super-Immunity Combo'.

To Your Health!

~ 'Dr. Christopher'