Cosmic Talk Show for May 4th, 2013
The Business of Evolution:
Monetizing the 'Big Shift'

 Cultural DNA, Universal Self Care, and
Currency of Conscience at the
Heart of the 'Next Economy'

Continuation of the Series:
'On The Path'

by Christopher Rudy, Publisher
Heartcom Network

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The Dynamic 'Secrets' of Global Change


The Business of Global Evolution:

 Monetizing (giving value to) the 'Big Shift'
    of, by and for '
unity' in 'communications'…
     culturing conscientious common sense via
      Co-Creation as Co-Operation with

The prime directive of planetary conscious evolution
  has brought "US" (United Sovereigns) to this point of
 the Family of Man in an all-connected Global Village.

      Now the Internet gives US the freedom and opportunity
     to finish - worldwide - that which U.S. Founders began,
       shining the light of Liberty's torch as a beacon to all who
    would wake up, wise up and stand up for the victory of
        social Conscience at the heart of global social networks.

        This is the time ordained for planetary rEVOLUTION with
          the spirit that matters for the United Sovereigns of Earth,
         culturing Conscience Currency for the Next Economy by
        upgrading core Constitutional freedoms with free on-line
          mass-to-mass TeLeCom... liberating Universal Self Care.

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

  All Ways
... Always,

~ Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic LOVE

PS: Show discussion highlights follow:

"An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding."
~ Robert Louis Stevenson 


We are all-connected in the 'Circle of WholEness'.
There are 4 'gateways' to the nonlinear InnerNet
at the heart of the global interactive Internet.

These are the 4 archetypal paths to 'TLC'
as the heartware model for our unity,
communion and communication in
 our local and global community.

The hemispheres of this 'TLC',
from right brain to left brain,
4 TLC Paths in the
'Circle of WholEness':

       1- Spiritual Path (fire);
~Spherical (non-linear)
       2- Mental Path (air);
~Linear (logos-law logic)
           3- Emotional Path (water);
~Trinity (co-creative)
           4- Physical Path (earth):
~Integral (wholEness)

4 TLC Paths are metaphors for the
Jung archetypes of modern psychology,
representing our 'conscious evolution';
the Family of Man in a Global Village
 on the path, culturing Conscience,
whereby we center and connect
(the Creative Ascent Process)
with CAPstone Conscience
for unity in our diversity.
Components to the
'Capstone Vision'


of, by and for the
United Sovereigns of Earth
The 'A-Team' Ascent Alliance Affiliates
of, by and for the good 
AIM of the
United Sovereigns of Earth

   Ascent Intent Motive (atonement) because 
Ascent Intent Matters (self-mastery) and 
Ascent Intent Manifests (co-creation) with 
Ascent Intent Momentum (spiritualization).


 Alliance ascension by way of 
  Inner retention of attention with
Momentous pure intention.

The Alliance stands for  the Ascent of  
as the surge in the Source Field
goes physical with one
pure intention :

    pure             focus             +             'AIM'
  intention       attention        retention        ascension

When the first three synergized "dimensions"
are wholly "integrated in the 4th" 
(in time~
 with good 'AIM'),
we naturally ascend into
the 5th dimension

This 'Creative Ascent Process'
is dedicated to the
One Eye


"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

Authentic power of the Creator empowers co-Creation with 
the "
Ascension Process', the 'CAPstone' of 
one's higher Self in 'alignment' (co-Creation with)
the prime directive of the 
Source Field as 
the ascent of global 

Common sense would say that our belief systems either unite us and
divine us...
or they divide and desecrate the moral imperative for civility.  So it behooves us
 to pursue a path to KNOWING our divine destiny BEYOND the Big Lie...
as 'oath-keepers' honoring the Truth, the whole Truth
and nothing but the Truth, 
so help us God!
The common sense of true spirituality amplifies and magnifies
  pure intention as will focus attention with love's retention
          for conscious 
evolutionary ascension into higher dimensions 
     of social Conscience with a common sense SOURCE connection.
"BS" (any lock-step Belief System) is a poor substitute for the pure intention of conscientious common sense. For example, consider the 'BS' of public faith in the 'banksters' (money-changers) in the public treasury.  This is a classic example of the 'high priests' of finance, the 'middle men for prosperity', who have usurped the currency of Conscience with an economics of usury and scarcity, i.e. the oxymoronic 'value of scarcity' that replaces abundant credit with debt slavery.

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being
run by smart people who are putting us on, 
or by imbeciles who really mean it."
~ Mark Twain

Wall Street for the masses has proven to be a huge failure that has channeled our desire for progress into a 'golden calf' pyramid scam which has milked the masses at the foundation of the pyramid for the inordinate gain of giant self-serving institutions that have privatized profits and socialized loses -- Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Government, etc. -- at the expense of the Constitution of Conscience.

Instead of tools and processes for evolution of social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks, for too long we have witnessed -- and suffered under -- the virtually insane profiteering of "BS" (Belief Systems) of profanity and insanity that creates terror, war, disease, disinformation and destruction of our environmental life-support systems.

It's killing us with the bad intention of inordinate power 
without the 1st principle of Co-Creation with a
Higher Power, Universal-Natural Law
that heals holistically with
the Power of Love.

As for the self-evident common sense solution...


  AIM for an economics of abundance based on the
         currency of Conscience - abundant 
AIM for education of the heart based on the
         calling of Conscience -- the heart of 
AIM for conscientious common sense based on
        the "wholE" (holy) Spirit of 
AIM for the key to integrity via 4-D integration of
        the "Creative Ascent Process" (

There are CONSEQUENCES for the lack of civility 
in global civilization.

Either we bring about global stabilization gracefully,
  or nature will do it brutally. It's the Law, Cosmic Law,
 as is ALL connected to the 
judgment of more Light in 
Source Field at this time, bringing to the surface
   all that is less than 
Light for our wise discernment and
judgment... to BE or not to BE  God~Love free.



This is Anonymous, aka 'Phen
We are Legion. We always remember.

We always forgive, honoring the
Law of the One Universal Love.

   We know that what goes around,
comes around to the same law. 

We think in terms of fairness;
  as we forgive, we are forgiven.
As we sow, we shall reap.

The ‘judgment’ we get is 
the ‘judgment’ we give.

We can bring about global transformation gracefully,
or the nature of 'karma' will do it brutally.

Our 'shield' is the path of pure intention
for more 'TLC'... easier and faster.

"Few are those who see with their own eyes
and feel with their own hearts."

~ Albert Einstein

So 'Look to See'... and 'Know to Be'
the 'Nature of Spiritual Geometry'.

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
~ Modern GeoNotes Wisdom