2016 TLC Upgrade with HeartPhone

Can you hear me now?


Cosmic Love This Weekend

Feb. 26, 2016

By Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE

from Alpha
to Omega

Part ONE: Alpha Overview
Universal laws rule AS ABOVE;
 Cosmic law frames all Creation;
Claim the ‘
Power of Love’ to
co-Operate for co-Creation.

A 'Light Language' App
for Global

Part TWO: Omega Understanding
As throughout Cosmos, SO BELOW;
Cosmic perfects our Creation;
Harmony with Universal Law Language
matriculates the matrix of divine order.
A 'Global TeLeCare' App
for Universal Self Care


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We’ve all heard that love heals all
and what the world needs now is
love sweet love.

Is it true that energy follows intention and
the stronger the intent of
the greater the results?

Are you aware that the next big era of
the computer/Internet revolution will
emphasize the
heart of smart?

See the previous article:
What's Next in Computing? 

Would you agree that global TeLeCommunity
is a matter of how we come into unity
with the quality of
TLC at heart?

Based on your understanding and agreement,
consider how universal
TeLeComm and
TeLeCare will upgrade TLC
 with emerging
Heart Phones.

Heart Coherence Qualified TLC for CyberEthics

See: Quantum Computing Update
with Heart Phone

Heart Phone’ Apps with
Language of the Heart

An inspired way to culture global conscious evolution
    with social conscience in worldwide social networks…
TeLeCommunity with quantum coherence -
   as involves and evolves the language of the heart for
 qualifying our enlightened full-spectrum co-Creation.

  Quantum Computing Update
with Heart Phone

 TLC Apps for Caring Conscience

The world crisis is self-evident to those of ‘Conscience’ with a capital C as in see with TLC. The tender loving care that all devoted mothers have for their babies is the most important humane quality for thriving global enlightenment at this time.

The emerging “high touch” (personalized) TLC apps for interactive mass-to-mass communications are still in the gestation phase. How we conceive it and believe it is how we will achieve it.

The beginning of worldwide TLC is
  the end of the world as we knew it.

Take politics and economics for example. A new conscience has emerged in global social networks. That conscience KNOWS what TLC is, and prefers TLC to the state of “DUH!” (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

We’re only free with TLC. We can’t be both enlightened and DUH at the same time. When TLC is applied to the political process of representing collective sovereignty, politics become accountable to the Currency of Conscience.

By default – for lack of TLC – billionaires trump the political process with hubris and hegemony OVER the public rather than ‘of, by and for the people’; corporatocracy trumps democracy; oligarchy makes a mockery of the Constitution.

I realize that some reading this have the prescient foresight to comprehend global TeLeComm and TeLeCare as a practical solution to the chaos and confusion in the global mind… but many do not.

“The poor is spirit will always be with us.”
~ Piscean Age Master J.C.

The Aquarian Age of Freedom-in-Love has arrived to initiate a greater love of freedom with a universal concept of for global upgrade of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Universal of, by and for Global TLC

The first principles of universal are impersonal – the justice that just is cosmic law in the continuum – and yet highly personal as guidelines for conscious evolution revelations governing enlightenment of ‘Self’ and ‘Civilization’ on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Full Disclosure – the Cosmic Connection
Is Going Mainstream Worldwide

The whole world is awakening to the reality of extremely advanced technology that could serve all of humanity with extraordinary abundance, given the TLC to liberate it.

Most people on this list of about 9000 can grasp that reality – that the love of power of a few power elite have suppressed global enlightenment of, by and for the power of love.

Far fewer ‘Initiates’ are those who can grasp not only the abject corruption of our 227 year old horse-and-buggy representation system – the 2016 election circus – but also the capability of Global TeLeComm for upgrading social conscience in global social networks.

Mass Enlightenment – Our Divine Destiny

Full disclosure of the opportunity for global freedom and ascension has already happened in the continuum. But such freedom has a temporal price - a healing crisis in the body politic. Witness the terror-for-tyranny tactics of the corrupt elite whose time is short and desperation is great… as featured in the ‘Articles of the Week for Initiates’.

A relative few ‘Adepts’ can grasp the cosmic reality of more than a million starships cloaked around Earth to witness the ‘mass awakening’ of Earth civilization. That’s according to the Galactic Connection website video featured in the ‘Articles of the Week for ADEPTs’.

TLC is the Key for Global Opportunity

The nurturing of global civility with TLC apps will naturally transform our core social, political and economic institutions along more enlightened ‘lines’ of in form and in frequency, as in frequently with the new TLC capabilities of instant-everywhere mass-to-mass interaction.

The higher the concept of TLC~ cyberEthics
at the
heart of global TeLeComm and TeLeCare,
the greater the results going forward.

May humanity’s TLC ‘baby steps’
be confident in this regard:)



Bottom Line: Culturing TLC Civility
“Imitation” <like> “is the sincerest form of flattery
that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”
~ Oscar Wilde

“Reflecting on the image and likeness of Creation”
(Picture via GalacticConnection.com / Feb. 23, 2016)

“You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you,
    but sometimes I do, and that light becomes this art.”

~ Rumi

  Culturing civility at the heart of a global powershift
- from the love of power to the power of love - 
in order to involve and evolve order
that reflects and perfects the
Aquarian Dispensation
of conscientious

2016 Awakening

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