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Donald Trump, He's No Ordinary Con Man
Feb. 24, 2013 / Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
"He's no ordinary con man. He's way above average,
and the American political system
 is his easiest mark ever."

Note: This is the best political commentary I’ve read
   thus far in the current election cycle ~CR

With massive public interest in two anti-establishment candidates,
the status quo power elite are in the cross-hairs of public opinion.
Right on time, the intelligence community releases its findings
that this year will be filled with terror everywhere… perfectly
timed to sway public opinion with fear-based mind control.

But wait! It's backfiring this time!

Survey: You’ll Never Guess What Americans
Are Most Afraid Of…

Feb. 22, 2016 /
Out of 88 potential horrors this batch of 1,500+ Americans were asked to rank
in regard to their personal level of fear in 2015, you’ll never guess what
the number one thing people are most afraid of in this country…
Or perhaps you will.

Americans are more afraid of their own corrupt government than
including death, rape, murder, nuclear war, pandemics, terrorism,
zombies, and even clowns. What an amazingly sad statement
on modern America and the times we are living in.
The survey can be found

The Psychology of Terror for Subservience to Tyranny

Are Americans today afraid of criminals with guns or afraid of a government that would seek to disarm its citizens?  The impositions of 'the system' now rank higher among worry than hyped factors like terrorism – with distrust at very high levels among citizens and consumers alike. People are becoming disconnected from the wealth and prosperity they once knew, and instead are facing a collapsing system that wishes to loot from its populace as the ship goes down. Dearly held rights in the American tradition are under threat today of vanishing, of being upended by a machine with secret designs. Corporate schemers, conniving bankers and corrupt government insiders are driving perpetual wars, a damaged economy, disappearing jobs and diminishing chances of achieving the American dream. More here.

"Once a government resorts to terror against
its own population to get what it wants,
it must keep using terror against its
own population to get what it wants.
A government that terrorizes its own people
can never stop.
If such a government ever lets the fear subside
and rational thought return to the populace,
  that government is finished."

~ Michael Rivero, InfoWars

TRUMP: Playing to fear and angst over
federal government over-reach



Feb. 19, 2016 /
"You may find it's the Saudis"
[Nope – it’s Neocon-Mossad-Saudi collusion]

Donald Trump, for all his obnoxious demagoguery, is adding value to the
presidential campaign by calling former President George W. Bush
to account for 9/11 and the Iraq war, which set in motion the
growth and assisted spread of al-Qaeda and ISIS for
regime overthrow in Syria as in Libya and Iraq

 Noam Chomsky: We Owe the Rise of Trump to
Fear and the 'Breakdown of Society'

Feb. 23, 2016 /
Leading GOP candidate is taking advantage of fear.

Keep in mind that the first principle of
Universal Sovereignty for all of "US"
(United Sovereigns of Earth)
fearless faith in terms of
philosophic calm at the eye
of the global shift hurricane
that is reaping the whirlwind
of "stinking thinking"
(paradigm paralysis)
once known as
Stuck In Negativity).

Fearless faith in and for global liberty
naturally neutralizes
faithless fear of global tyranny.

Speaking of fear behind the breakdown of society,
be aware that mindless fear is poor substitute for
conscientious common sense that knows better.

As ISIS Dies Out, Western MSM Continues to Roll Out
New Propaganda to Keep ISIS Fear Alive

Feb. 25, 2016 / Activist Post
Even as ISIS, the engineered Intelligence created proxy army
designed to usher in the new world order on multiple levels,
slowly dies out, the U.S. mainstream media rolls out their
second ISIS is still alive story in less than a week.

The Real Reason Putin is Fighting ISIS
1,860,804 views as of 2-29-2016

Most Americans are aware of the military-industrial
complex that preys on fears over our security... but
  fewer Americans are wise to false-flag fear created
 by the medical-industrial complex as preys on fears
 to numb our hearts and dumb our minds to

Scaring People Out of Their Wits over Pseudo-Pandemics:
Swine Flu, Avian Flu, SARS, Ebola and Now Zika

Feb. 18, 2016 / Global Research 
America's over-diagnosed, over-vaccinated and over-drugged public 
is getting wise to the fear porn behind public health policies.

 Within 10 minutes watching this video, you will see why the
mass media Zika virus hysteria is a massive scam to slam
  free-thinking people into paralyzing-numbing heartless fear

 "The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated
in the name of the noblest causes."

~ Thomas Paine

 According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),
there are about 15,000 deaths per month caused by medical doctors
based on government Medicare records alone!
 If we factor in unreported iatrogenocide (death by doctor) in the U.S.,
the sick health care system is a perhaps THE leading cause of death.

The 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. 
is MD Directed Medicine 
by Dr. Peter Glidden

    The cult of modern medicine is the greatest tyranny
because it vows to
CARE for public health while
making a killing, literally, on treatment of disease.

 See also:
Eyes Wide Open with Fearless Faith

The aristocracy of entrenched thinking of the intellectual elite
 has a vested interest in prestige (pride) that they know better,
 just as the aristocracy of entrenched power of the power elite
  has a vested interest in ruling at any expense to public power.
 With wisdom in the open meritocracy of virtue, ideas & talent
- servant leadership centered in the power of love -
 the priorities of power, prestige and profit of the effete elite

 are checked and balanced by the heart, mind and strength
 of kind men - all connected mankind - in our global village.
 Inner sense innocence will finally rule outer sense of the
"Inner Net" at the heart of our ALL connected Net reality.

~ Christos Lightweaver


For Founder '
scent Determined Effective Perception in Time
(4-5D integration)

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In today's episode of Cosmic Disclosure, whistleblower Corey Goode describes the discussions and dynamics of a meeting he claims to have attended at a hidden space base in the Kuiper Asteroid Belt where a plan for disclosing the existence of extraterrestrial life and secret space programs was being decided. If Goode's stunning revelations are accurate, as available evidence so far suggests, then humanity is now beginning to witness a highly coordinated disclosure process, only recently approved by select clandestine organizations.

The Ascended Masters are Working Behind the Scenes

Beginning at six minutes, note that Sir Francis Bacon was final 
editor of the King James version of the Bible, and authored the
Shakespeare plays. He also upgraded the ancient Rosicrucian 
  and Masonic orders. Franklin and Jefferson were Rosicrucians; 
Washington a 33rd degree Master Mason. 52 of 56 signers of
   the Declaration of Independence were Rosicrucians or Masons.
  And that is just a small taste of the truth told here regarding the
 Master Saint Germain who is still working behind the scenes to
  initiate the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-Love on Earth.

Alexandra Meadors Interviews Sheldan Nidle
February 16, 2016

Alexandra Meadors of interviews life-long contactee Sheldan Nidle on the current state of COSMIC DISCLOSURE.  Alexandra asks questions we all want answers to, and Sheldan expands and informs.
A great deal is covered in this interview, including Saint Germain working behind the scenes in the West with the 'white hats' and Quan Yin working with the White Dragon Families in the Far East.
This interview will help you understand that IT'S ALL IN COSMIC ORDER... and more than a million cloaked star-ships are watching the big drama on Earth as it ASCENDS with collective social Conscience in global social networks.
TO QUOTE: "The sudden decline of this ancient cabal is what is really happening. This malevolent oligarchy needs to fade into history so you can be released from seemingly never-ending debt slavery. This process began in earnest in the last decade. The new financial system was born in the casino-like vestiges of the former global banking system. Those who earnestly intended to create a new system saw the excesses of the old as a means to remove this aged, greedy system. The rise of nations like China, Russia and South Africa paved the way for a means to overthrow the tyranny of the western banks and their cronies, the western multinationals. Thus, a new and more fair and transparent system began to emerge. This began to take shape with the successful "war" against the fiat Federal Reserve dollar. The economic power shift to China and her allies (like BRICS) was able to complete this process in the last few years. The result is a new system, which makes possible the distribution of many prosperity programs."
Read more

Global Economic Reset Happening Now

Feb. 22, 2016 /

Last week Zhou Xiaochuan, the head of China’s central bank, announced, in a jargon filled technical interview, that China would no longer be pegging its currency to the US dollar. Instead, the Chinese yuan will be linked to a broad basket of currencies, Zhou said.

This seemingly arcane shift could trigger a collapse in the US dollar, which, as economist Peter Schiff put it “will be the single largest event in human history.”

Benjamin Fulford Update
March 1, 2016

A stand-off at a the G20 finance minister’s meeting in China last week is reflected in public calls by China to replace the US dollar and threats by the US military to start a nuclear war. The US military also say they stand ready to enforce any decisions by the international court of justice at The Hague over territorial disputes in the South China sea.

In other words, there is some serious horse-trading and table pounding going on at the highest levels of global finance.

Since the Khazarian bankers refused to accept Chinese proposals to reform the international financial architecture, last week they formally launched the BRICS development bank to complement the already up and operating Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. In other words they are saying “if you do not let us into your club, we will just go ahead and start our own club without you.”

The fact is the BRICS know that time is on their side because the Western countries no longer have the industrial or resource base needed to support their world domination. In other words, there is not enough reality to support their money illusion any more. That is why the Khazarian mafia controlled Western economic and financial systems are slowly imploding. This can be seen with the fall in stock markets, commodity prices etc. and the desperate move to negative interest rates.

Read more »

Ben Fulford / Mike Harris
Victory is Near!


Breaking: US-Russia call for February 26th truce in Syria
Feb. 23, 2016 /

Global Netizens Unite for Enlightened TeLeComm

"Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan, and let us go with it big time. 
Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here and little groups there, 
thinking they know what to do when you have to have MasterMind 
conscience that you are going to transform not only a nation 
but a world. This is a global situation and nothing less, 
so you must think globally and you must realize... 
This is a pivotal moment... There will never be 
a greater moment, a greater opportunity 
to solve the problems of Earth..."

~ Saint Germain, Jan. 1, 1997, via E. C. Prophet 
(as the Internet revolution went mainstream)

The Self-Evident TLC Solution:
Universal Rights for Global Sovereignty.
The golden rule/law language for the
millennial Aquarian Dispensation
will center and connect ‘
as the standard for global
interaction in
that is
for giving

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
  and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

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