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Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

Chapter 7

Free, online, universal self care for optimal holistic health
coming soon to a smart phone or desk-top near you!

Global Holistic TeLeCare
based on
Truth and Reconciliation

August 18, 2016 / Christopher Rudy


Color-code coordinates at:
Seven 'Hats' for Conscious Evolution

 While many people see through the 3-D lense darkly
with lockstep, linear, left-brain, letter-of-the law logic
 of black and white, good-bad, yes-no right or wrong,
  others are grasping the full-spectrum meaning of 4-D
intuitive knowing via nonlinear spherical conscience
 in fully present 5-D time
  as matures with inspired rise of the Divine Feminine.

This is conscious evolution movement
  from towards for reconcilliation-
  up the four sides of  to 5-D .

 This is the Whole Truth that liberates conscientious
 common sense from obstinate paradigm paralysis.

   If common sense in the 'global mind' is uncommon,
 it's only because of very powerful special interests
    that have a vested interest in keeping it uncommon.

 It is the grand paradox of paradigm shift times
that the more we mature in our 'knowing',
 the more we must forgive ourselves for
 our previous "BS" (Belief Systems),
 and forgive others as ourselves.

is for giving, not forgetting.


Global Holistic TeLeCare based on
Truth and Reconciliation

The global “Internet of Things” (IoT) has transformed our 'Net reality' with instant-everywhere-interactive abilities and vast 'get real' implications.

That reality is a global village. We're all-connected now. A new unity conscience is emerging. That which connects us with common sense values that which unites us with truth more than that which divides us with deception. And the 3-D veil is 'thinning' in this 4-5D direction.

The Family of Mankind thus has a new sense of common cause. Our new Internet commons has cultured unprecedented unity-in-diversity with a surge of social conscience in our global social networks.
This is one of the most important things that IoT has shown us - the power of conscientious common sense for general enlightenment. When people know better, they can do better. Well-informed choice has become free and open with the Internet. And 'open systems' that optimize interactive capabilities tend to open closed minds.
This is the future of sanity for humanity. Search 'IoT' and you'll find much of humanity fully engaged building the future of our 'Net reality' for a global common sense upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms.
Yet perceptions of division are persistent. Or as humorist Mark Twain said so well, “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”
And so it is in our bizarre world where everything is rigged for the illusion of choice at the highest levels in core social institutions.

Medicine, science, elections, the media, money,
education, search engines, social media...
you are living in a fabricated fairy tale.

 August 2, 2016 /

This is a perilous global time of mass deception and dysfunction masking as ‘normalcy’ of the status quo. But Net reality won’t be mocked. The whole truth for reconciliation is being unveiled. That includes awareness of the ‘Big Lie’ deception that is so BIG and so bold and so often told that many people actually believe it is ‘normal reality’ - ’the way things are’ - with no choice.

How Long Can Economic Reality Be Ignored?
August 10, 2016 /
As Dr. Roberts explains in this prescient article,
the rigging of the economy has reached a point
 where ethical bankruptcy oscures illusory gains.

The glaring illusion that ‘all is well’ is nowhere more self-evident than in the privatized ‘public’ health care system. The collusion of Big Pharma with Big Government has created a ‘Big Brother’ Orwellian nightmare that drugs the daylights out of the U.S., the sickest modern nation on Earth.

So what have we learned about medical intervention that actually causes more harm than good from cradle to grave?

Are you aware that babies in the U.S. are now prescribed 46 vaccines? It was 10 vaccines in 1983.

Do you see the correlation to autism with the vaccine schedule?
Are you aware that the Amish shun vaccines and have no autistic children?
Would you agree than the health damage for the next generation is incalculable except for the earning projections of Big Pharma?
Any mature adult with an open mind can study the compendium of articles and videos at ‘Vaccine Info’ and arrive at a self-evident conclusion that shatters the oxymoron of ‘vaccines for health’.
Common sense would say that injecting highly toxic levels of mercury, aluminum and live pathogens directly into the blood stream of babies is unabashedly bonkers – not sane. It sets up a pathological condition in the body that can plague health with numerous diseases for a lifetime. It doesn’t make any sense until you discover how the science has been rigged along with the medical-media-market complex that colludes with government agencies in promoting drugs for whatever ails you.
That rigging of health care for disease treatment profits has been outlawed in part or whole in the medical-media-market complex of most civilized countries of the world. But the U.S. is the heart of the global corporatocracy whereby corporate law has superseded Constitutional law; stockholders come before the public whenever profits are at stake. Disease prevention prevents disease profits.

The mass deception of Wall Street prosperity
– based on disease and war profiteering –
is the profanity of morally reprobate insanity
that is causing austerity for posterity.
Either we end it or it will end us.

Unfettered corporatocracy has rigged the banking system, housing markets, education loans, media reporting, health care services, insurance industries, and wherever short-term corporate profits can be maximized. Wall Street thrives while Main Street dies.

“To deprive a man of his natural liberty, and to
deny to him the ordinary amenities of life
 is worse then starving the body;
it is starvation of the soul,
the dweller in the body.”
~ “Mahatma” (Great Soul) Gandhi

If you don’t know that the presidential election is rigged, either you haven’t been paying attention, or you just don’t want to believe it.

And so it is with all our core social, political and economic institutions. Yet no politician or mainstream media pundit will address this issue without extreme backlash for disruption of corruption.

The Internet has blown the lid off
all these cover-ups.

The opportunity now is no less than global holistic healing as reconciliation for ‘extreme malice’ by perpetrators of the public health hoax that serves profits for disease treatment rather than non-profit service to optimal public health.

The backwards incentive of this profit-driven
‘disease-care’ system is killing us, literally.

Reconciliation begins with honesty – the whole truth – and specifically a free online ‘Global TeLeCare’ service that will quickly raise the standard of optimal public health worldwide. The solution is THAT system. We have a CHOICE.

When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken,
or cease being honest.

One of the most exciting applications of IoT is personalized self-care for holistic health on a global Internet scale: Global TeLeCare.
The article at that link is a practical vision of global holistic healing from more than a year ago. It has come a long way. See the Gobal TeLeCare video HERE.
The TLC emphasis in TeLeCare is the power of love, pure and simple. Technically, it is heart coherence - the core currency of conscience; smart with a heart. Also known as 'The Rise of the Divine Feminine'.
This conscious evolution revelation casts a bright light on the 'shadow government' of dark money from unfettered corporatocracy that is in our face with unabashed criminality if not insanity with the rigged elections.
But this too shall pass. Big changes are coming. What we see now is the 'Great Purification' as the Hopi have called it. It's the 'Quickening of Conscience' that is naturally a challenge for the 'Dimitude of DUH' (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).
So global humanity is going through a classic 'healing crisis' with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical toxins being purged - a form of 'cleansing' of the global mind.
Either we seize the opportunity for blessing and ‘sealing’ with truth and reconciliation for wholeness and healing... or corruption's disruption will compound stinking thinking with paradigm paralysis.

So what can you do to make a difference for systemic holistic healing?

Seize the vision of Global TeLeCare; 2 videos here.

Embrace the virtue; the power of unconditional love.

Make the vow with valor; network this vision of virtue.

And claim the victory – crowd-funding for a video documentary on ‘crowd healing’ with Global TeLeCare.

This documentary will raise the standard of
global holsitic health opportunity for all.

So far, the Global TeLeCare crowdfunding campaign has struggled. I’ve wanted to believe that enough people care for an open Internet, universal self care applications, and global holistic healing capabilities; a 'can do' if we care to.

Perhaps I’ve been asking for too much. Or not asking the best way. Or believing naively that more people would ‘get it’ and care enough to help.

Restoring the care in ‘health care’ with truth and reconciliation won’t be easy, but it sure beats the alternative - no choice. Medical tyranny is not an option.

So I’m not giving up. The Emerging Blueprint’ for a golden age will highlight health assurance policies for all of ‘US’: United Sovereigns of Earth…

On a ‘platform’ of, by & for global
wholEness and healing
with well-informed

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

The TLC conneion to global interactive
TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience,
TeLeCare and TeLeCommerce
with heart coherence intent.

For some TeLeCare answers to 
questions frequently asked,

For development history regarding
Global TeLeCare, go HERE.

 For a new way of looking at 'TLC' at the heart of
global holistic healing self determination, see:

Global Co-Creation with 'Coherence Code'

by Christos Lightweave

  Universal Self Care and Global TeLeCare healing
  prefers health freedom, an 
Alliance of the willing.
   Energies of health trump the chemistry of disease
    thanks to 
quantum medicine for true healing ease.

       Politics of profit are more complex than the science.
      Unfortunately the Constitution has lost our reliance.
       Corporatocracy has 'overruled' the 'Citizens United'.
        Corporate media keeps us misinformed and divided.

      This may sound like the cause for major disruption,
   but thrival begins as we end systemic corruption.
  Endless war for peace is propaganda's profanity
   for our devolutionary demise with abject insanity.

       The issue boils down to inordinate walls in the mind
       that must finally come down for benefit to mankind.
        This mission is now possible when we all can agree
       via terms of Alliance - 
United Sovereigns now free.

             The genesis of freedom for the Alliance means survival
              when in good CONSCIENCE, we rise up for our thrival.
              The economy must pivot on a moral compass with love
              whereby our CONSCIENCE matures, below as above.

           CONSCIENCE is the currency for the Abundant Life.
           It's not a mystery when known, for reducing all strife.
            The ACTION PLAN we have long been waiting to see
             is co-Creation with Source Code, the cyberEthics key.

        The source of all ethics and true spiritual reverence
         is access to the Source Field with
heart coherence.
         Co-Creation with Creator is an ethical consideration
        when inspiration is ‘sourced’ via heart applications.

        The more you work with nature’s source field code,
       the more ‘resource full’ is your conscious abode.
        CyberEthics qualify our conscientious co-Creation
        with a coherence standard for self-determination.

          The currency of Conscience is for giving, not betting
        on self-serving interest that is stuck on
for getting
         Man doesn't live on bread alone, but on the leaven
 heart coherent virtues here/now as in 'heaven'.

        Such knowledge is power with wisdom in
           ascending in consciousness as on wings of a dove.
           Holy Spirit is no longer great mystery veiled in awe;
-in-action will fulfill the Great Cosmic Law.

         Unity in diversity is common sense, pure intention
          for self-fulfilling prophecy as we now pay attention
         to tools and processes for true  retention
          as empowers common sense for evolving ascension
          in prescient realms of G.O.D.~ dimension.

           Here's to a new way of looking at things because
             if we do what we've always done, life is on pause.
               A new age is dawning for
Sovereign wise dominion
                as we wake up and rise up for continuum's reunion.

More at: Continuum News


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