‘Hats’ worn when responding to my communiqués

By Christopher Rudy, HEARTcom Services

For all ‘A-Team’ respondents:

Please qualify your feedback with the specific ‘color of the ‘hat’ you are ‘wearing’ when responding… an affirmation of your understanding of ‘light language’:

White Hat… pure full spectrum ‘light’ with pure intention to focus attention with loves retention for conscious ascension in a common dimension of greater ‘’ as ‘law’ and ‘language’.

I’ll be wearing the
White Hat in most of my communiqués, but I’ll let you know when I’m wearing other hats for specific emphasis.  This discipline distinguishes the ‘light language’ criteria of HEARTware™, highlighting the color frequencies of 'full-spectrum awareness'… to culture conscious choices based on greater awareness of HOW we are conscious… an enlightened ‘Roberts Rules of Order’ to better qualify ‘conscious light’ in the dialogue process.

Black Hat… devil’s advocate; cynicism that sees through the ‘looking glass’ darkly, expressing the denial, denigration and depression that represents stages of grieving from loss of ‘Source Light’, i.e. the quantum connection to the ‘white whole’/’black whole’ torus fields of the unifiedSource Field’.  Enlightenment includes a process for making the dark side of us conscious… to make it obsolete with more ‘light’.  Black Hats may repudiate the perspective of White Hats, but Black Hats have an important role to play in a dialogue that represents all hats.

Blue HatYellow HatPink Hat(the three ‘primary’ colors) combine to form Green Hats and Violet Hats with unique specificity of intention behind feedback E-valuation of communiqué content.

Color codes for 7 Hat Dialogue Process explained HERE.