Global TeLeCare Development History

Brief Summary by Christopher Rudy
Having worked in THREE MAJOR INDUSTRIES that now make Global TeLeCare possible, I'm well aware of both the challenges and timely opportunity for global holistic healing. 
MEDIA: I addressed ten agencies on Capitol Hill in 1974 regarding the revolutionary capabilities of global telecomm as you can read at And now the Internet is fulfilling those capabilities.
MEDICINE: While developing 4 holistic health centers over more than 3 decades, I learned the respective strengths and weaknesses of dozens of holistic healing modalities. And as quantum science matured, I witnessed a paradigm shift from the mechanistic 'chemistry of disease' paradigm to the holistic 'energies of health'paradigm. In 1990 I pioneered use of one of the first computers for quantum healing, documented at 

MARKETING: Global TeLeCare is a self-funding model for self-healing that is profitable for the thrival of 'crowd healing' - a vision that goes viral in an upward-mobile spiral when sufficient social conscience is generated in our new global social networks. So network for the net worth of net reality with the currency of conscience that underwrites the economics of abundant health and prosperity.
The synergy of current capabilities in these 3 industries is far greater than the sum of their separate strengths... for our blessing and sealing in wholeness and healing,