Oct. 21 is 8 weeks to 'O-Point' Dec. 21, 2012

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Oct. 21 (updated) REALITY REPORT:

Fact Checking the "BS" (Belief Systems)
in the Presidential Debates


 No one in the prostitute press nor the 'corporatocracy Congress'
 is reporting that Mitt Romney's family has controlling ownership
   of the e-voting company that will be used in swing-state Ohio and
      in states nationwide. Will it determine who owns the White House? 

    Read: 'Does Your E-Vote Now Belong to the Romney Family?'
  Almost the entire Bush Administration's cabinet is preselected by
     Mitt Romney to run the White House as Romney's new cabinet, and
          Bush's Carl Rove has been flooding national airwaves with attack ads
         on all candidates Democratic, thanks to the Supreme Court decision
          'Citizens United' which is dividing to conquer for the corporatocracy.

 It's time for the American people to wake up, wise up and rise up
with a better understanding of the CHOICE we all face between:

The Comfortable Illusion and the Hard Reality.

by 'Dr. Christopher'

"If the shadows appear to be getting darker, it's because
the light that casts them is getting brighter."

~ Daniel Pinchbeck

PREFACE: Watch 'The Freedom Movie'
(skip the 1st 'heavy' 12 minutes for the 'light' stuff)
"The Veil of Secrecy Has Been Lifted"

This YouTube video is a compendium of priceless freedom truths
that weave the whole fabric of the larger context of mankind's
conscious evolution at this extraordinary time when we are
becoming conscious of HOW we are individually and
collectively conscious: the whole point of
with comprehension of 'natural law' fulfilled via
the golden rule/law language at the heart
of all of Creation as can now be seen
in the short, powerful video on the
common order of the universe:
 "The Fingerprint of God":

Universal-cosmic law thus frames the order of the universe
with the nature of "G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity),
and the common 'language of light' of 'Lightworkers'.

Lightworkers are thus makers.
casts out fear.

2012 LOVE Unveiled


Article follows: 

Fact-Checking the Political "BS" (Belief Systems)

  In general, the comfortable illusion (normalcy bias),
is that the American public has a choice between
 two distinctly different directions for the Republic.

Believing that this is true doesn't make it true.  See:
40 Points That Prove That Obama And Romney
Are Essentially The Same Candidate

  Common sense may be uncommon or 'abnormal', but 
at heart -- the heart conscientious common sense --
  unity in diversity begins with one's
fearless faith in the
    power of love of a highly proactive nature representing
Effective Sensory Perception' with 'Cosmic '
      as natural law and a universal common sense language.

In another sense, at the lowest level of one's brain function
- the "R-Complex" (Reptilian Brain) at the base of the brain -
the heart-mind connection goes unconscious - reactive -
and lacking
Conscience, the mind "shapeshifts" (shifty)
based on 'fight or flight' instincts of a reactive 'dimwit'
nature that characterizes one's lower reptilian brain.

Obviously, the consciousness of humanity is driven
 into the lower brain when inordinate "
faithless fear"
the 'dark side' as terror-for-tyranny policy) 'feeds'
  the base human instincts of the 'Reptilian Complex',
incessantly programmed in the mainstream media
to make a killing on war, disease and deprivation.

Stop Being 'Food' for the 'Reptilian Complex'.

Whether we refer to the talking heads on TV or
the two Presidential candidates, all of these
fork-tongued, two-faced 'shape-shifters'
talk out of both sides of their mouths
so we'll buy what their corporate
sponsors are 'ruling' for us:
that banksters profit 1st;
war is big business;
disease is good;
deceit is thus

Believe It Or Not...

The 'Upward Spiral' is the CHOICE for 'Evolutionary Ascent'.
United Sovereigns of Earth are on the threshold of

from Depression to inspiration
from Devolution to evolution
   from Degeneration to regeneration
 from Disintegration to integration
   from Destruction to construction

for a more enlightened 'Universal Sovereignty' with
Effective Sensory Perception.
(BEYOND 'technology' as we've known it)

The world is going to be transformed.

The '
spark of divinity' will blaze.

This time is foreordained.


From tyranny and austerity
To liberty and prosperity.

"The only thing that really matters now is whether man
  can climb to a higher plane of consciousness
~ Carl Jung, the Father of Transcendental Psychology

The world wants the pineal gland model of intuition that KNOWS
pure intention will focus attention with love's retention for
conscious evolutionary ascension in the
5th dimension
where the order of universal rules naturally rule.

The Common Sense of the Family of Man
  in a Global Village of our New 'Net Reality'
demands up-wising and uprising at this
   unprecedented 'new time' in Earth's history.

This is the CHOICE facing global humanity
at this time of the U.S. Elections.

Most of the enlightened world now KNOWS
  that both Obama and Romney are front men
 for the corporatocracy at the expense of the
freedom-loving vision of virtue and valor for
  victory of all respective 'parties' with the one
Spirit that matters at this unique time for an
evolution revolution on Earth as in Cosmos.

  For too long, spaceship Earth has been like a
ship without a rudder, warring with itself and
   murdering millions with insane policies that will
  destroy civilization if not ended, as seen here:

French researchers secretly studied GMO's for two years,
revealing the deadly consequences for eating them.
More information at http://www.gmo-global-alert.net.

The politics of profit behind GMOs and dirty power
 must end or mass culling of population will result.
 THE ILLUSION is that Big Oil and Big Coal and Big Nuclear industries
are good for the economy so we will thrive. That's the BIG LIE.

THE REALITY is that they are all poisoning us and the Earth
   while clean virtually
free energy technology is still suppressed.

     Watch this video on Fukishima, and ask the Japanese people
if they are grateful for GE's development of the three nuclear
reactors THAT ARE STILL IN MELTDOWN... and poisoning
  half of their population with lethal levels of radiation that is also
  soaring on winds to America and poisoning the Pacific Ocean.

Are you aware that 30% of the British Crown's stock portfolio is in
the nuclear industry, depleted uranium for war industries, etc.?

Believe It Or Not - Mankind is meant to THRIVE.

It's time for liberation from those corrupt 'dark-side' reptoid
special interests that have a vested interest in technology
that is obsolete and killing us for no other reason than it
profits those who have been suppressing virtually free
clean energy technology since Tesla pioneered it.

   THE ILLUSION that the health of America and the world can
   prosper with GMO foods, fluoridated water, chemtrailed air
     and toxic genetic drugs for whatever ails you is the BIG LIE.

   THE REALITY is, GMO foods mutate or kill humans faster
  than the Fukushima radiation streaming across American,
    and Obama and Romney have both been huge supporters
and promoters of Monsanto leading the GMO industries,
    just as Donald Rumsfeld orchestrated FDA approval of the
     neurotoxin aspartame for diet drinks and for wide use in the
       public food industry, causing mainstream disease and death.

   Aspartame is now owned by Monsanto under many names
    to deceive the public that it is not still aspartame, so it is no
surprise that other giant corporations like Coca-Cola and
  Pepsi do NOT want honest labeling of toxic GMO's either.
 This is classic 'dark-side'
collusion in deceptive dishonor.

Believe It Or Not - Romney and Obama
 both represent Monsanto
... Not You!
See for yourself at:
'The Monsanto Connection'

Obama has placed former Monsanto officers
in key regulatory posts in his administration
-- unabashed conflict with public interest --
as is well documented in this article HERE.

"If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well
put a skull and crossbones on it."
~ Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto,
quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 7, 1994

It is the epitome of hypocrisy that Monsanto's cafeteria
only serves organic foods, and that both Obama
and Romney eat only organic foods, and yet,
neither of them want you to know what
foods have GMO's with labels to
warn you of the danger.

The 2 minute video Monsanto does NOT want you to see.

According to this breaking news in Veterans Today,
Romney has used Bain Capital to 'launder money'
of the drug cartel - a 'tool' of the corporatocracy
to drug people with toxic genetic poisons that
compound dis-ease in the body-mind-spirit
connection of optimal health as is aware
that this nefarious 'dark-side' agenda
making a killing for Big Pharma
and the corrupt

Believe It Or Not...

Both Obama and Romney are 'fronts' for the
 medical-industrial complex that kills far more
people than the military-industrial complex.

See this important video by health leader Gary Null:
The GMO Ticking Time Bomb'

"The campaign of ignorance that is currently being waged by
the FDA is so insidious that the FDA actively opposes
the honest labeling of Genetically Modified Food."
~ Mike Adams, Natural News

Believe It Or Not...
Americans eat their entire body weight in GMO's every year.
~ article at Natural News, Oct. 18, 2012

Every independent study of GMO's has found that they are
mutating and disrupting the DNA integrity of the body
- virtually destroying the body's biological future -
faster than any other factor, next to vaccines,
which inject genetic poisons directly, but
not in the quantity of GMO food.

Children who receive the flu vaccine have three times
the risk of hospitalization for flu
"People at 55 years of age who receive the flu vaccine each
year for five years in a row, increase their risk of developing
Alzheimer's disease a whopping 1,000 percent."
~ article at Natural News

This is all very profitable for the medical-industrial complex
that is virtually 'making a killing' with the creation and
management of public disease via psychopathic
values that see a pound of drug treatment
worth 16 x's an ounce of prevention;
that's common sense inverted
with health subverted...
 and life perverted.

Watch this video to understand how giant corporations have made
population reduction polices highly profitable.

Believe It Or Not - This predatory pathology of psychopaths
running the medical-industrial complex is about to end
before a far greater evil comes upon humanity.

The Whole Truth is being unveiled at this time
and the Big Lie is thus being neutralized.

To wake up BEYOND the 'Reptilian Complex'
is to resonate with the 'light side' of
'the force'... of Source.

THE ILLUSION is wearing thin as the veil thins to O-Point.

is that energy medicine breakthroughs
makes drug-based pharmacology "retro" (obsolete),
and all those who are vested in the old paradigm of
 the chemistry of disease... for profit
rather than
the new paradigm of healing energies,
will soon be out of business with the BIG SHIFT
to a non-profit model of
'Universal Self Care'.



Just because the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have ‘free speech’
rights as individuals doesn’t mean they have a soul.  Corporate Law is
that stockholders come before the public when profits are at stake.
This is why the corporatocracy has ‘overruled’ the Constitution,
and the ‘Citizens United’ Supreme Court decision now finds
citizens divided and conquered by power elite policies
as make a killing on war, disease, disinformation
and destruction of all that was once sacred.

When your 'fact checker' finds that you were honestly mistaken
about Obama, Romney, and the corporatocracy behind both,
you will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.

Give yourself a check up from the neck up. Ask yourself:

Is it true that the collusion of big business with big government
has created an Orwellian nightmare that profits from terror,
war, disease and destruction of life on Earth?

Are you aware that definitive solutions to global problems are
waiting for the up-wising and uprising of enough good people
in good Conscience to champion Truth and make it so?

Would you agree that IT'S ABOUT TIME - VERY SOON
for this COMMON SENSE to go mainstream for the
abundant light, life and love that distinguishes the
Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-Love?

 The evolution of business is the business of evolution,
and throughout recorded history, the ‘currency’ of
conscious evolution on Earth continues to be the
AWAKENING of the 'Currency of Conscience'.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

Awakened Ascent Affiliates):


1- Realize that the 'Source Field' is surging through to
Dec. 21st, 2012... and WHAT THAT MEANS.

Nature's Law of Spiritual Geometry
2- Understand the pure geometry "Source Code"
      (Geometric Ordered Divinity) for '
Awakening' of
     the '
Alliance' of 'Accelerated Ascent Affiliates'.


3- Support the 'A-team' with your pure intention and
    focused attention for conscious ascension in the
     united common
G.O.D.-LOVE-Source dimension
     whereby LOVE WINS... on Earth as in Cosmos.


4- Get the Vision, Embrace the Virtue, Act with Valor
     and Make the Vow for the Victory (go HERE)... to
     understand and appreciate '2012
LOVE Unveiled':
The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age...
a 'documentary' that is well documented HERE.


5- Conscience is the 'currency' of the next economy,
 so NETWORK FOR NET WORTH whereby we
 are all
winning from the beginning when you
PAY IT FORWARD by caring enough to share
 this 'REALITY REPORT' with your loved ones.


For the United Sovereigns of Earth,

~ Christopher Rudy

Notable Quotables:

"Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of
celestial fire called
~ George Washington, The Rules of Civility, 1748

"The world is a great struggle for souls of Conscience
and that struggle is reaching a climax."
~ Christos Lightweaver

Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.
~ Terrance McKenna, from 'TIMEWAVE 2012'

"The truth is a tsunami.  We surf it or we die." 
~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD
 "The earth that you once knew is no longer; there is a new vibrational pattern that has permeated
the blueprint of the planet and you now exist as members of the galactic community,
cousins to the enlightened citizens of your galaxy."

~ Pleiadian High Council (from: 'Selective Judgment')


2012 LOVE Unveiled