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Ride the Wave  for 'Net Worth' with
Conscientious Common Sense

      A new Net reality is emerging with a new  Common Sense of our
    instant-everywhere and interactive communication capabilities
for unity in diversity as will come-into-unity through abundant
Conscience in our new global social community networks.

Here's the 1st of several videos by Terrence McKenna
 at '
TIMEWAVE 2012'... explaining how the accelerated
     rate of change is now reaching "
O-Point" (Omega Point).

  "The human adventure has become the cutting edge of cosmic destiny."
~ Terence McKenna at: 'Timewave Zero' (2nd video down from the top)

The implications for 2012 are indeed profound.
Disclosure is going mainstream very quickly.
   Mass awakening is arriving where we began...
as if discovering '
fire' for the 2nd time!

In that very moment, when free energy (zero-point energy) will be given away to Humanity,
it will not only be meant to use as an absolutely free, environment friendly, perpetual
working energy to use in each and every industry, transportation, or private homes,
but much more; chains of Humanity will be broken FOREVER. A New Era of Freedom,
Friendship, Understanding and Love will rule, opening a New Golden Age
for people of the Earth and beyond..."
~ Nikola Tesla

"If these new energy technologies were to be set free world-wide, the change would be profound;
  it would affect everybody: it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely
the most important thing that has happened in the history of the world."
~ Brian OLeary, Physics Professor, NASA Astronaut

"This information coming out would completely change geo-political power
more than anything in human history.
      ~  Steven Greer, Disclosure and Orion Projects

 "We would have universal abundance."
     ~ Adam Trombly, New Energy Inventor


This is the Omega Point or 'O-Point' Perception - the 'Mother' of all Invention
as nurtures or otherwise 'raises up' our
'Abundance Consciousness'
to make the limited perceptions of poverty consciousness obsolete.


    As our abundant Common Sense goes mainstream,
common wealth is restored to fulfill the
  'Global Evolution Revolution in Higher Conscience'.

Launch of the ALLIANCE for ‘Big Love’ in 2012!

Meet the 'A-Team':

Acutely Aware Affiliates of
Accelerated Ascent ALLIANCE
- light-bearers, light-weavers, light servers -
Appreciate the Appeal of universal-cosmic

at the
heart of global social Conscience
cultured through
 mass TeLeComm based on
whole-brain wholEness disciplines
to involve and evolve our
individual and collective Unity Conscience.

This will culture a meritocracy based on
our talents and virtues nurtured by
the ordained power of love.
A meritocracy will naturally emerge with
a mass TeLeComm upgrade of our
core Constitutional freedoms.

It is a meritocracy that will check and balance
the abuse of power by the corporatocracy
the inordinate love of power -
behind economic dysfunction due to
the oxymoronic '
value of scarcity'
(scarcity economics).

A new Economics of Abundance will naturally make scarcity's value obsolete.
This is the purpose and mission of
The Alliance... the vision of abundance
that transcends the poverty consciousness which maintains scarcity
for profit and power without the first principles of, by and for a
 'Net reality' upgrade of our core Constitutional freedoms
whereby global Netizens create the Next Economy
with an abundant 'Currency of Conscience'.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution


Big Picture Overview Follows:

[skip to the bottom for the ACTION PLAN ]

A wholly new world view is evolving due to forces
beyond the control of the concentration of power
by militarized corporate government monopolies
that have tried to keep power FROM the people
rather than “of, by and FOR the people”.

We have entered a time of great change, 
not only for our hearts and minds, 
but perhaps for our very souls.

"It's as if man had been suddenly appointed managing director of the 
biggest business of all, 
the business of evolution… He can't refuse the job. 
Whether he wants it or not, whether he is conscious of what he is doing or not,
he is in point of fact 
determining the future direction of evolution on this earth.
That is his 
inescapable destiny, and the sooner he realizes it and
starts believing in it, the better for all concerned."
~ Julian Huxley (Anderson 1987, frontispiece)

The whole world now faces this greater reality – our Net reality in
 an instant-everywhere worldwide
web-connected earth wherein
"the business of evolution" is our "inescapable destiny".

The flame of freedom that sparked the ‘Arab Spring’, the ‘US Tea Party Movement’,
and the international ‘Occupy Wall Street Movement’ can also be seen in
the phenomenal growth of the global ‘Thrive Movement’.  And now,
the web of light surging in the Source Field is IGNITING the
flame of freedom and opportunity to finish, globally,
that which U.S. Founders began locally…
the global business of evolution.

 This is the ‘Surge of Higher Power’ IGNITING the global ’grid of consciousness’
- the web of light infused with the ‘Cosmic Fire’ of Spring Equinox.

If you’ve been waiting to BE the global victory you want to SEE,
now is the time to claim the victory of Earth and Her ‘rebirth’.

“Either we all hang together, or most assuredly,
we’ll all hang separately.”
- Wise old Ben Franklin in 1787, right before  the Constitution was ratified,
followed by the First Amendment guarantee of
Five Core Constitutional Freedoms

Let’s be Honest and Honor Our Core Freedoms

An Internet Age upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms
will naturally culture an economics of abundance which
makes the tyranny of banksters and their oxymoronic
“value of scarcity” (scarcity economics) obsolete, i.e.,
the end of corporatocracy as we have known it.

The greatest power that ‘We the People’ have in a web-connected,
 instant-everywhere world is the power of choice - the freedom to 
know better and do better.  That's what free men do when 
the highest virtue in the 
Spirit that Matters is honored.

Let’s be Peaceful and Honor Non-violent Traditions

Non-violence has a noble tradition with timely significance now
as global ‘Occupy’ movements fire-up with Spring Equinox.

If you thought the ‘Arab Spring’ and the global ‘Occupy’ movement was ‘Big’,
hold onto your hats in 2012! 

All conflict is caused by mismatched expectations
as the result of poor communications.

How we communicate to ‘come-into-unity’
is how we culture unity-in-diversity
to make conflict obsolete.

All social problems are communications problems.
By culturing social
Conscience in social networks,
conscientious common sense naturally prevails.

The VISION of How That Works to Make it So
is the VISION that has found its time…
at the ‘end of time’ as we’ve known it…
the end of poor mass communications
and the end of systemic ‘
DUH’ as in
Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless.


  and this is naturally a challenge to '

   The thing about smart, conscientious ‘heart people’
is that they seem like crazy people to
Dumb, Unconscious and Heartless people.

The great mysteries of Source are veiled in paradox;
when fearless faith transforms faithless fear,
ordained power of love transcends
DUH’ (inordinate love of power)
love rules with the 
rules of universal

Mainstreaming the message of ‘The Masters’
- the great lights of 
LOVE throughout cosmos -
is to demonstrate our 
Source-given right to
for a new global rEVOLUTION in Higher
Conscience as will fulfill and thus finish
 globally that which the U.S. Founders
 pioneered for unity in our diversity.

   The true patriots of ‘God and Country’ ultimately share the
same pure intention of the United Sovereigns of Earth,
claiming the common sense of 'united we win’  and
winning from the beginning of ‘
The Alliance’ with
intention and attention with love’s retention
to make it so.


Seize the Vision: Abundant ‘Currency of Conscience’ for Abundant
Eness, Holistic Healing and Prosperity