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Seize the Vision:
Abundant ‘Currency of Conscience’ for Abundant
Eness, Holistic Healing and Prosperity

As self-evident as it may seem, the rise of a free-open and decentralized Net reality has been challenged by the deeply entrenched monopoly forces of predatory capitalism – the ‘dark side’ – that prefers highly centralized, top-down ‘perception management’ as if it owns and controls public opinion.  It doesn’t, but it does own and control ‘top-down’ corporate media that represents the highly centralized top-down corporatocracy which wants to keep monopolizing power with Big Oil, limiting knowledge power with Big Media, diminishing health with Big Pharma, and expanding government subservience to Big Money. 

But those predatory practices are about to end.
If you want to see evidence of that, watch this video:

Imminent Televised Event:
2012 Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members

The illusion of freedom under the tyranny of corporatocracy is disintegrating.

That illusion could not be further from the vision of a free and independent press
which today is the web of common sense in an open interactive Internet
as is maturing to the fulfillment of
freedom and opportunity with a
system of interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm that involves
and evolves our conscientious common sense through
abundant truth-telling with informed choice:

The public wants only the freedom to know the truth of all the ABUNDANCE
that will be liberated by simply knowing the truth
with the freedom to self-correct!

"Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks,
and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."

~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

An abundance of Truth in media is the fertile ground in which the currency of Conscience will thrive, and
ALL ABUNDANCE FOLLOWS when the ‘Currency of Conscience’ is centered and connected by way of the Power of Love in ‘form” (Law of the Angles) and ‘frequency” (Language of the Angels as in frequently).

When we ‘Occupy Conscience’ we naturally ‘Occupy Thrive’

The dynamics of the global evolution revolution at this time is rather obvious to intelligent people by now.
The more that highly centralized forces of monopolized power attempt to manipulate the mass mind,
the more the public turns to highly decentralized Net reality for free and open conscious awareness.

The Whole Truth wants to be free and abundant.
It’s making the Big Lie expensive and scarce.

 To better understand the nature of this global power shifting paradox,
go to and read
   the first chapter introducing the book, “The Starfish and The Spider”. 
   It’s a short read but it makes a powerful case for the current shift from
   the paradigm of ‘computing’ as merely a network-web of our brains…
   to the paradigm of ‘conscious computing with a heart’; a

As the Big Lie becomes more blatant, the public becomes more aware of truth’s betrayal.  The more that Big Media tries to create co-dependence on Big Brother polices, the more that decentralized Net reality thrives with migration of “eye balls” (attention) to Internet newsgroups, blogs, interactive social networks and online videos.

Where this naturally leads – the response of ‘open systems’ to ‘closed systems’ --
is a new interactive decentralized world. The capability of all-connected Net reality
is rapidly organizing all information IN FORMATION along more enlightened lines
empower wisdom with a heart, the ‘gold standard’ for cyberEthics.

‘Computing’ with a Conscience

The pure intent of this new 'World Game' is to provide tools and processes which culture the currency of Conscience in our omnipresent social networks. This World Game is win/win rather than ‘the 1% win and the 99% lose.’  That game is over when the masses stop playing it; it’s not fun anymoreL We all want to winJ

Abundant Conscience wants only the freedom
to manifest the Abundant Life.

In a decentralized global village where people worldwide are connected as never before in history,
Net reality already claims a reformed ‘State of the Union’. Global governance with a heart-mind connection
is not something that the
United Sovereigns of Earth aspire to at some future date – they are already there!  They know that the current state of decentralized ALL-connected Net reality is maturing the collective Conscience of global humanity with a clear and compelling call to champion the VISION of global freedom by VIRTUE of the unprecedented opportunity to make it so!

Embrace the Virtue:

"When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility
of remedying any of the growing evils but by
 removing the corruption and
restoring its lost principles;
every other correction is either useless or a new evil."

~ Thomas Jefferson

Believe it or not, the accelerated rate of change will now see a systemic metamorphosis and ‘reboot’ with restoration of core Constitutional freedoms in core social, political and economic institutions.  Behind the scenes, it has been happening, but it’s about to go mainstream, recalibrating our inter-active standard of mass-to-mass communications to culture social Conscience in social networks.

The Law of Love is universal-cosmic law at the heart of the
 Power of Love healing the ‘energy veil’ (evil) in the world,
and that ‘veil’ in thinning - the Source Field is surging -
and ‘more light’ is winning with dark ‘e-veil’ purging.


The ‘Light’ of God-Love-Source never fails to ‘bring up’
  all that is less than ‘Light’ for ‘discernment of spirits’.


This is the ‘judgment’ that requires good Conscience
along more enlightened ‘lines’ framing ‘Source Code

for mastering the personal and planetary ‘holodeck
as a platform for the conscious evolution of souls…


"Where love rules, there is no will to power. 
And where
power predominates, there love is lacking. 
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

That’s why LOVE is the path of least resistance. What you resist persists. What you resent presents itself to you.  That which goes around comes around.   That's why the kind man of God-Love sees God-Love in all mankind… and in all things.  Indeed, everything 'comes around' with that vision of virtue and valor for the victory of our humanity. That's why love is for giving...  to make right any wrong. If we forget to forgive -- thinking that true abundance is for getting rather than for giving --
we are just plain selfish. 

Just because the selfish 'powers that were' have tried to hijack the global economy,
that doesn't mean there will be any solution through the same greedy, arrogant and
self-serving poverty consciousness that caused these problems.

So ‘Embrace the Virtue’ with confirmation of your affirmation to ‘Seize the Vision’ of global freedom and opportunity.  Once you affirm your pure intention for co-Creation with GOD-LOVE Conscience… and confirm your focused attention for co-Creation with the 3-fold flame of Power, Wisdom & Love
it’s time to show a little determination for
love’s retention with the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action.

"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect of intelligent and active understanding,
and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion, which desires the greatest good of
the greatest number are beyond belief. This dynamic power has never been employed.
 It can today save the world."
~ Master Djwhal Khul

That formula for global win/win rEVOLUTION can be summed up thus:

1-    The massed power of goodwill; pure intention at the heart of it.

2-    The dynamic effect of intelligent and active understanding;
focused attention
to be smart with a heart.

3-    The potency of a trained and alive public opinion,
which desires the greatest good of
the greatest number.

That’s what will naturally happen when United Sovereigns of Earth
Seize the Vision’ for upgrading core Constitutional freedoms, and
Embrace the Virtue’ for self-correcting, ‘self-elevation’ of a
salvation nature as
can today save the world."


Commit with Valor:
(enthusiasm and courage)

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility
against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

~ Chief Author of the ‘Declaration’ - Thomas Jefferson,
 as inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial

Or as a more enlightened LOVE-centric rEVOLUTION 
would convey in our all-connected global village today
with an upgraded ‘Declaration of Interdependence’:

“I have sworn upon the 3-fold flame of  in my heart of hearts...

To love with all my mind ~  , eft-brain inear-ogical etter of the aw,
and all my heart ~  , right-brain nonlinear-intuitive spirit of the law,  
and all my strength ~ , balanced brain of a power-wisdom-love nature,
  and my Netizen neighbor ~   local/global "wholEness" (whole brain synergy)
 as myself ~ , interdependent TLC Co-Creation

          Our new 'Net reality' in a global village is declaring interdependence
            as a "
Unity State" (United Sovereigns) embracing ‘United Status’, i.e.
Universal Solidarity’ upholding common rights in the public sphere
       of ‘We the People’ (worldwide Netizens) representing our common
    'Source Connection' as above, so below, on Earth as in Cosmos...
empowering the wisdom of global freedom and opportunity with
the cosmic-universal law-language of interdependent

Interdependence with unity in our diversity;
Interdependence as freedom in

Interdependence through the ‘golden rule/law’ framing of
the Constitution of enumerated power(s) for representation by the
Executive (), Judicial (), and Legislative () branches of
self-governing,  self-correcting,  self-determination
3-fold  synergized and centered in the ,
 the 4-sides of the pyra-mid (fire in the middle)
with the
fire of Conscience underwriting
the Currency of Conscience at the
‘heart’ of the Next Economy
based on the capstone
vision of universal


Vision at the heart of the Universal Rights of Mankind
as frames the ‘
Law of the Angles of G.O.O.D.
Geometrically Ordered/Ordained Divinity
with the ‘
Language of the Angels of
, the Angels of our
better nature
… with the
 Spirit of

It is the sense of separation from Unity Conscience-in-Love
behind the ‘suffering sinner/saint syndrome’ (split psyche)
   for the same reason that the bright light of Unity Conscience
  shines in the darkness even though the dense 3-D paradigm
    of 'non-unity' - the darkness of duality - comprehendeth it not.

We are all world citizens beyond dualism or nationalism or
an 'ism' that divides rather than unites all of '
United Sovereigns of Earth.

The healing of the dis-ease caused by ‘evil’ as an ‘energy veil
- healing the sense of separation from
'G.O.O.D. Conscience' -
is the rEVOLUTION in conscientious common sense as will
make it so… our ‘Declaration of Interdependence’.

The healing of "dis-ease" (imbalance) in our core social institutions
will naturally follow
Conscious Evolution in our social networks.

The higher the
Conscience, the greater the healing results.

These healing megatrends will upgrade our social networks with
integrated application of five core Constitutional freedoms

for the purpose of social Conscience
in our core social networks.

Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison

The core Be free with TLC keys for interactive mass TeLeComm
will define, refine, combine and shine our individual and collective
CONSCIENCE  in our all-connected global social networks:

DEFINING ‘cyberEthics’ for mass-to-mass interaction
                       with an interface for holistic public integrity
                       through integration of core freedoms at the
                             heart of the rule of law whereby

   REFINING the ‘Currency of Conscience’ gold standard
                          for ‘information’s ecology’ as will ‘recycle’ the
                        origination and e-valuation of content with the
                       common sense
power of wisdom in .
            COMBINING (synergizing) hardware, software and netware
                                         into heartware tools and processes for culturing
                                          our individual and collective
Conscience through
                                 co-Creation with the 3-fold flame of

        ‘SHINING’ full spectrum evolutionary ascent
with the ‘Light’ of God-Love-Source that always
                      involves and evolves ‘more Light’ to SHINE
Conscience in our new social networks.

This is the rEVOLUTION in CONSCIENCE for homeostasis and healing
with the ‘Currency of Conscience’ as will culture the Next Economy
through TeLeComm upgrade of our Five Core Social Freedoms:

anagement: TeLeCommunity mediation of Conscience.

   Media: TeLeCommunication networks of Conscience.

   Mentoring: TeLeConscience culturing of Conscience.

  Medical: Universal TeLeCare healing of Conscience.

     Marketing: TeLeCommerce abundance of Conscience.

These "
M-5" Management, Media, Mentoring, Medical and Marketing
 ‘megatrends’ are a ‘trend-fit’ – optimizing the opportunity of, by and for  
The Declaration of Interdependence for the United State of "US"
United Sovereigns in a Unity State of Universal Solidarity)
 ~ from ‘The MegaShift MegaTrends’

So get ahead of the trends and see where it’s going to make it so!

See the Wave of Opportunity – Seize the Vision of 2012 Shift.

Catch the Wave for All it's Worth' – Embrace Virtue in the New Paradigm

Build the Wave for 'Self Worth – Commit Valor with Courageous Enthusiasm.

Ride the Wave for 'Net Worth'; Claim Victory to Restore the 'Common Wealth'

Claim the Victory of the Alliance!

There are only divine solutions to our systemic human problems.
Human solutions only compound human problems.

    AFFIRMATION:  We claim the POWER to create our own reality… to own our own lives.
                         The divine directive for Earth is our divine destiny to
make it so!
CONFIRMATION:  We claim the WISDOM to discern the truth that liberates all of ‘US’.
                                The ‘
Alliance’ IS what the Alliance DOES for our wise dominion.
DETERMINATION: We claim the POWER of WISDOM with LOVE for conscious evolution.
                                      The balance of this 3-fold flame is the

INTEGRATION: We shape our communication processes, and then they shape ‘US’.
                              The next phase of the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION will naturally
                               integrate our individual and collective
pure intention as focuses attention with love’s retention for our
evolutionary ascension into a ‘Unity Dimension’ for all of ‘US’, the
Common Sense of VICTORY for the United Sovereigns of Earth.


ACTION PLAN  for ‘Big Love’ in 2012!

"Labor to keep alive in your breast
that little spark of celestial fire
~ George Washington,
The Rules of Civility, Circa 1748

Do it now – Here’s How
Spring Equinox Launch of the Alliance

The whole world has become united with
instant-everywhere and interactive
capabilities to come into unity,
but divisions still persist
when we resist our

"We have it in our power to
    begin the world over again."
   ~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Do it for Free – Pray Fervently
Co-Creating a ‘Prayer Field’;
The ‘Source Field’ Connection:

The 'divine spark' that ignited the American Revolution
    is now igniting hearts and minds for global rEVOLUTION.
 A new common sense
Unity Conscience is firing up to
   fulfill the Founder's intention in our global village today.
  Pray fervently and unceasingly for Freedom-in-

Do it for Your Benefit
Health/wealth opportunity with
advanced DNA ‘adaptogens’
for optimizing cellular ‘shift’
to ride the wave of ‘more light’
(surge in the
Source Field)
for whol
Eness, holistic healing
and abundant life benefits:

Realize that Your wholEness with
the Ordained Power of Love
'Floats All Boats' on the
'Sea of Light'.
"There is a tide in the affairs of man, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and miseries;
 We must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures."
~ Julius Caesar [William Shakespeare]

Do it for Greater Service
The Power of Love is the purpose
and plan that devotees of freedom
know and serve conscientiously.
The greater the
 in form
and in "frequency" (frequently),
the greater the RESULTS for
“The Aquarian Dispensation”
(holy Spirit as LOVE-in-action):

Time is of the Essence. Shift Happens
It’s Your World – Your Life…

Always … Always,

~ Christos

“So long as space remains, so long as sentient beings remain,
I will remain, in order to help, in order to serve,
In order to make my contribution.”

~ from 'The Open Heart' 
by the Dalai Lama