Believe it or not…

If you want to understand what’s going on…
on Earth as it is in heaven…
then understand what’s going on
with Galactic Alignment now
as happens twice every 25,800 years when
our solar system crosses the Galactic Plane;

This is what’s going on now with the
Surge in the Source Field
(Galactic alignment)

This is the 'Big Picture of 2013' folks!
 As the veil thins with 'O-Point Shift',
Nonlinear Perception will 'reboot'
consciousness with the priceless
value of 'Source Code' for our
conscientious common sense
as '
United Sovereigns' in a
United State of '
  on Earth as in Cosmos.
This is why the rate of change has been accelerating,
not just with Internet breakthroughs
and InnerNet revelations,
but also the frequency and intensity
of earthquakes, volcanism, severe storms
anomalies in the magnetic fields of Earth
with 'global warming' also seen on other planets
in our Solar System, completely debunking the
junk science that says it's from CO2 emissions.

Earth is about 2/3rds of the way out from the massive
Great Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy which
has 280,000+ BILLION solar systems that are
relatively similar in size to our own;

compared to the Great Central Sun.

The Sombrero Galaxy, similar to shape of our Milky Way Galaxy

Our Solar System orbits around the Great Central Sun
as does the billions of other solar systems, and
as it orbits around, our Solar System is also
orbiting across the Galactic Plane in a
sine wave curve as seen in this
short animated video:


Or continue with:

Fly-by of the ‘PX System’;
   the Sun’s ‘binary dwarf’
as explained HERE.