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The Cosmic Clock Strikes High Noon

Catch the change wave and ride it ‘home’.

"The truth is a tsunami.  We surf it or we die." 

~ David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD 

Utopia or Oblivion
and Selective Judgment

 Our Individual and Collective
‘Judgment’ is an Ascension

Prophetic moments in cosmic history - as in 2012 -
are a choice opportunity (entirely new territory)
for navigating the “InnerNet” (inner space) at
the heart of the quantum ‘Unified Field’…
not only for your conscious evolution,
but also for global metamorphosis.

by Christos Lightweaver

DNA Activation for Ascension is a Choice;
Be Free to Ride the Change Wave.

“Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.”
~ Terrance McKenna, from 'TimeWave 2012'

The accelerated rate of global transformation has come to this
‘Choice Time’ of alignment with the Galactic Plane and the
surge in the Source Field as is naturally stimulating
our DNA and activating spontaneous conscious evolution for a
global holistic vision of wholEness and systemic healing. And if
you are up to speed on these three links for comprehending the
‘Big Picture’, you are well aware of the ‘Change Wave’ whereby
DNA Activation for Ascension is a Choice.

This choice awakens a greater sense of ‘community’… our ‘unity of
purpose’ as ‘Co-Creation’ with a Higher Power within us, around
us, and permeating all of Creation… FOR FULL DISCLOSURE…
unveiling the quantum mysteries of the universal ‘Source Field’.

Earth humans are not the ONLY rational
thinking beings alive in the universe…
   and all life in the universe springs from
     one common unified field of Creation…
the ‘Source’ of ‘The Force’…
“the divine God intelligence force”
(quote from the following 35


Excerpts from the video:

“This [energy] is your SOUL, your spirit,
     what you are, what I am, what we all are.
Our human bodies are made of atoms;
our spirit is made of [energy]…

 “When physicists in your world get to
   know and understand this field of science;
when they’re thoroughly convinced that
    the soul of the human body is a part of God,
made solely and exclusively of [energy]…
then they’ll have to define God as a great
positive energy; an intelligent FORCE
pervading the entire universe.”
~ Pleiadian message

So what is the MESSAGE the Pleiadians want to convey?

“It is time for the people of Earth to become sovereign

“The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by
martial law. It is the control by the psychological
manipulation of consciousness, through which
reality is defined so that those who exist with it
do not even realize that they are in prison…
You have been controlled like sheep in a pen
by those who think they own you – from the
government, to the world management team…

“Understand that you create your own reality
  and that every other person creates their reality.
   Everyone has the opportunity to wake up at any time.
When enough people create their own reality
-- consciously create it --
you will create a NEW planet…!

“This goes back to the idea that the world is not solid.
It is constructed of energy, and that energy takes
form through the thoughts of those who
participate within the world.”

Or as said by David Icke in ‘Children of the Matrix’:
“ Most of the human race is so utterly indoctrinated by
the externally implanted ‘norms’ that bombard their
  minds from the cradle to the grave that they have no
comprehension that their ‘normal’ thinking is their
own individual and collective prison…”

So what is the ASCENSION CHOICE of souls in 2012
  according to the Pleiadians representing Source?

Awakening to our unlimited spiritual
potential is the primary MESSAGE!


The flame of ascension is like a burning candle; one’s solid core
of pure intention is liquefied by the flame and rises up the wick
with attention to retention of the power of love's fire, and thus,
ascension via the flame’s transmutative effect… just as spiritual
fire of Source morphs DNA and conscious evolution via Co-
Creation in “form" (genesis of DNA via Source connection) and
“frequency” (Cosmic
-in-action)… activating our DNA
'transceivers' for navigating dimensions of G.O.D.~
  ‘Source’ as few have yet wholly conceived, believed or achieved.

2012 LOVE Unveiled

 The opposite of evil is actually in-formed love consciousness,
and doing what's necessary to culture greater
with all one’s heart, mind and resolve.

 By organizing information IN FORMATION… with ,
  the boundaries of cosmic law language are internalized and
‘geometrized’ for pattern recognition and affirmation of the
quintessential meaning, value and purpose at the heart of
a vision that has found its time with 2012 LOVE Unveiled.

“This is a Cosmic Moment in the evolution of this planet, and all of us
who are on Earth at this time have been preparing for lifetimes to
 assist in this vitally important facet of the unfolding Divine Plan.”
~ Patricia Cota-Robles, Aug. 8. 2012,,

Matching the frequency of ascension requires a
  frequent frame of reference for activation of the

reative Ascent Process” (CAP).

This ‘Co-Creation with Source’ process synergizes
the archetypal G.O.D.~ components to the


    - inear ogical aw of the Angles of G.O.D.
Geometric Ordered Divinity)

- Nonlinear Spherical- 'Circle of wholEness'
          (Language of the Angels of
 -  Co-Creation Synergy of the and the
         (the creative learning process)
- Integration of the four -trinity synergies
            (CAPstone integrity of

      ...For Lifting of the Veil

 The sacred path of the Ascension
is not a mystery when known.

    When pure intention to Co-Create with G.O.D.
focuses attention with retention of
  conscious ascension into higher dimensions
   naturally follows in both form and frequency.

“And it will come to pass that, with the accomplishment of the
capstone crowning man’s achievement, the civilization of
the golden age, the permanent golden age, will begin.”

~ Serapis Bey via the Messenger Mark Prophet in the
       ‘Dossier on the Ascension’, The Story of the Soul’s
Acceleration into Higher Consciousness on the
Path of Initiation


 May the force of the Source be with you,
   may the currents of Ascension raise you,
and may your allegiance to the Alliance
    bless the
United Sovereigns of Earth with
the golden rule whereby

~ Christos


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