"Miracles do not cluster. Hold on to the Constitution of the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands -- what has happened once in six thousand years may never happen again. Hold on to your Constitution, for if the American Constitution shall fail there will be anarchy throughout the world."

 --Daniel Webster

"Men must be governed by God,
or they will be ruled by tyrants."

- William Penn


The rEVOLUTION begins – emphasizing 90% of THE WORD:


PREFACE: rEVOLUTION co-ordinates:


These are the “geometrized” components to the capstone VISION of THE WORD
-- rEVOLUTIONARY ascent of sovereign civilization – with this declaration of independence in an interdependent “global village”.


It’s as simply yet profound as honoring the first principles of sovereignty by virtue of the enlightened self-interest that implements these first laws of INDEPENDENT conscience and INTERDEPENDENT community networks along more enlightened “lines” of “G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) to frame a process for culturing “The Great Spirit” (God-Love) “between the lines”.


“We are what we create, having become what we created;
the higher the concept of co-creation with a loving God,
the greater the results that are for~giving, not for~getting.”

Defining (“”), Refining (“”), Combining (“”) and Shining (“”)
the Vision (“
”) of Virtue (“”) in the Vow () for the Victory (“”)
in all archetypal “thoughtform” Dimensions of Self-creation.

“But if you have nothing at all to create,
then perhaps you create yourself.”
- Carl Jung

Self-Creation as “co-Creators” with a higher conscience of  is the prime directive
of sovereignty at the heart of self-governance, self-education, self-healing and the abundant life that naturally follows when the law of nature – natural law – is followed. This universal law -- the Constitution of
 – corresponds to the “biological model” of the human brain as corresponds “holographically” (holistically) to the archetypal thoughtform “codes” that frame the infrastructure of collective consciousness (Jung) whereby the first principles of sovereignty (Bill of Rights) are “upgraded” for our instant-everywhere “global village”.  

These natural “laws of correspondence” (universal law language) are the framework of the Constitution of :

  ~ Linear Left-brain Logic in the Law of -centric Self governance.
                      [We are what we BELIEVE, having become what we BELIEVED;
    Note: “Lock-step” (closed-minded) “BS” (Believe System) is tyranny over
                the hearts and minds of man; it subverts U.S. Founder’s intention to honor
                THE WORD -- FREEDOM OF RELIGION – in the rEVOLUTIONARY ascent of
                man kind as kind men in harmony with the laws of nature and “Nature’s God”.

 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS in this context – a free and open communication over the instant-everywhere Internet – recognizes the modern “printing page” today as desk-top publishing and desk-top video.  Denial of this capability to freely publish is the denial of the business of evolution.  By “default” (denial), it is subservience to the Machiavellian control matrix that would maintain tyranny over the hearts and minds of mankind.  The free-exchange of information and knowledge-power is the foundational principle of INFORMED CHOICE with a free “PRESS” that provides a universal interface whereby we are ALL on the same “page” that removes the “walls in the mind” between the actual frequency of compassion and the mind of G.O.D. (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).

  ~ Non-linear Right-brain Spherical Spirit of -centric Self education.
                      [We are what we KNOW, having become what we’ve KNOWN]
    Note: “Organized religion” is an oxymoron; the letter of the law kills the spirit.
                The Spirit that Matters is “between the lines” framed by

 FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY in this context – the free association of ideas for our self-edification and “self- elevation” (salvation) – is represented through “electronic town hall meetings” (TeLeConferencing) that can provide “real time” (live) interaction for local and global Netizens in the “community networks” over the network of networks --  the mother of all networks – the Internet.

 ~ “Crelative” Left-Right brainSynergy; the heart of -centric Self healing.
                     [We are what we THINK, having become what we’ve THOUGHT]

    Note:  This “crelative” learning~healing PROCESS is the heart of the MOVEMENT
               from lock-step “BS” to the Spirit that Matters… the WORD made physical via
               rEVOLUTION with CHECKS AND BALANCES that center “Higher Power” (mind of
.) with “Higher Conscience” (holy compassion).

FREEDOM TO PETITION GOVERNMENT in this context – the interactive capability of the Internet – will provide an interactive process for “information’s ecology” – recycling knowledge power in the way that empowers wisdom with greater .  This is the process that will synergize our Divine RIGHTS () to Free Speech and Assembly in the public SPHERE ().  The key to this “real time” (live) mass-to-mass communications VISION -- for organizing all information IN FORMATION along more enlightened “lines” – is the “E-valuation criteria” (HEARTware™) that empowers wisdom through the holy Spirit of -in-action… at the heart of it.

~ “Integrated” WHOLE BRAIN “co-Ordination”; the wholEness key to the Abundant Life.
[We are what we DO, having become what we DID; wholEness is what it DOES]

    Note: There are universal law-language “frames of reference” ( ) for “spiritual practicality” (the Spirit to matters) in all archetypal 4-quad dimensions ()of Self and Civilization.  To the extent that we are centered in -- and connected to -- these natural laws of common-universal nature, we culture the common sense of meaning, value and purpose in our rEVOLUTIONARY ascent… creating a culture of sovereign Independence in our Interdependent world.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH in this context – the sovereign principle of self-expression
as would represent the pure intent of U.S. Founders today – would encourage and culture the independent origination and E-valuation of programming over an open-free and interdependent Internet.  The New World of “global village” reality today requires an electronic upgrade of anachronistic horse-and-buggy representation systems that have been hijacked and corrupted by monied powers that lack accountability to the highest good of, by and for ALL people. 

ALL THESE FREEDOMS TOGETHER create a holistic whole that is far greater than the sum of the parts.  It is the restoration of the first principles of the Constitution and the core Bill of Rights as will define (), refine (), combine () and shine () the God-given talents and gifts of people worldwide… as are most likely to culture Freedom, Opportunity and our evolutionary ascent through our core institutions of government (), education (), health care () and the economy (). Holistic Integration of these whol-keys to the holographic universe will empower wisdom with greater , raising the standard of cyberethics as will culture the Constitution of  at the heart of sovereign independence in an interdependent world.

This is the interaction of enlightened Netizens with the VISION of the 2-way interactive self-governing process of independent ORIGINATION and EVALUATION of communications that qualify, frame and otherwise “geometrize” divine ORDER in the interdependent public SPHERE. 

 May it begin with U.S.United Sovereigns in the United State of . - CR




The place where "Government 101" meets "Health Care 101" is the understanding that the best government is self-government even as the best heal care is self-care.  We all must "govern ourselves" with virtue even as we must all "care for health" or we get sick. 


When we lose the ultimate virtue in survival -- the survival of ultimate virtue -- we lose "immunity" in both government and health care.  Parasitic “cancer cells” proliferate that were once kept in check by virtue of our "immune system".  A parasitic pursuit of provocateur terror and dis-ease devours the health of civilization like cancer devours its host -- a virtueless death wish.


Without virtue, our systems of self-governance lose immunity to evil.  Selfishness devours public servants who become like fork-tongued, two-faced wolves in sheep’s clothing.  The love of power of, by and for selfish perks of prestige, profit and power-to-control prevails at the expense of selfless civility – the power of love of, by and for ALL people.


In the same way, the governance of health care becomes sick without virtue. A pound of cure becomes 16 times more profitable than an ounce of prevention. Organized greed makes a killing on the creation and management of disease with covert reasons – NOT “of, by and for the people” – but for population reduction.


In short, there is no security without virtue’s purity – the virtue in divine reason, harmony and order.  Free will -- without the Higher Power in God’s will --  sabotages the first principles of sovereign self-governance. When such self-sabotage is done the name of God and “Freedom for all”, cognitive dissonance destroys sovereignty with a Machiavellian “control matrix” that blocks the evolutionary ascent of sentient life.  Willful ignorance, cherished self-delusion, and self destruction becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The "body politic" becomes cancerous, devouring "the host" with disease and "warring in the members".  "Politically correct" becomes morally wrong.  Profit for virtue-challenged power translates to death for the populace.  Self-preservation with self-care -- the natural remedies for natural healing -- becomes illegal. 

Witness CAFTA legislation that will make natural health supplements and self-care illegal under the tyranny of a corrupt medical-industrial complex. Witness the Patriot Act legislation that is creating a police state under the tyranny of a corrupt military-industrial complex.


And consider where it’s going if the Higher Power in  virtue is not honored with a turn-around strategy that is most likely to heal civilization with a global MOVEMENT to resurrect the first principles of self-governing sovereignty.



We live in a dramatically different world today.  Not just dramatically different from the New World of the 13 American colonies that declared their independence from mercenary codependence on the British Empire.  That's old history but with core lessons of timely relevance -- the Spirit that Matters1-- in the New World of Internet-connected "global village" unity today.


The dehumanizing forces "making merchandise out of people" (materialism) have become just as insidious today, if not more.  The creation and management of endless "dis-ease" (terror) and "WAR" -- prominently featured on the altar of the Skull & Bones Satanists -- has become the economic engine of big business collusion with big government.  Not just a self-serving military-industrial-CIA complex whose intent was once understood as "fascism", but also, an equally pathological medical-industrial complex with vested interests in the creation and treatment of "disease".


Many people have gotten used to it - a "health care" system that is 97.5% disease care -- caring more for treatment with drugs than prevention with natural living. Foodless "food" that is nutrition-stripped and chemical-laced has bankrupted the bodies of Americans, adapting to lower levels of resistance to disease and war until they are so sick and tired of being terrorized and war-mongered that they are too sick and tired to resist any more.  They just get along by going along, going through mindless routines and escaping to boob-tube propaganda that sells them endless war, junk food and drugs for the mind-body stupor afflicting them. Duh!


America needs a check-up from the head up. 


Indeed, the common sense of an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure has become uncommon.  War making -- called "Defense" -- and disease treatment -- called "Health Care" -- have become 16 times more profitable than the ounce of prevention.  The virtue of natural laws of health and virtue that culture peace and prosperity have been inverted, subverted and outright perverted by the prostitute press that propagandizes profits before prevention. In this bizarro world of Wall Street worth-ship, the bottom line is shareholder profits of giant self-serving corporations in collusion with huge self-serving government bureaucracies that are cannibalizing health and well-being… like a cancer devouring the host.


What does it take for the American public and people worldwide to realize that the greatest threat to our safety and happiness -- ALL people in our global village of instant-everywhere connection -- is the same special interests of self-serving profit and power that US Founders constantly warned us would destroy the Republic if not kept in check by "public opinion" (free press / open Internet) and a legislature "of, by and for the people."


"Public opinion sets bounds to every government,

and is the real sovereign in every free one."

--James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution
and 4th U.S. President from 1809-1817


Every self-serving "solution" of, by and for this sick system will only compound the self-sabotaging "side-effects" of more drugs, more "dis-ease", more terror, more war, etc.  Without reference to the holy whole in the public SPHERE – accountability to the Spirit that Matters – the common sense of virtue, wholeness and healing will suffer more of this plot out of hell propagated by provocateur prevaricators and outright Satanists who want everyone as miserable as they are with fork-tongued, two-faced evil. 


It is well-established corporate law -- that whenever profits are at stake, the shareholders come before the public.  Precedence was set by the courts back when Henry Ford was mass producing Model-T's and wanted to lower the price for the common man.  The stockholders sued him and won.  Think about that, applying this "profits before people" precedence in the "legal system" to the military and medical industrial complexes that "make a killing" on war and disease.


What was once called evil is now called "good business".  U.S. Founders considered this to be the greatest threat to the Constitution of "God Government"… that special interests with a vested interest in the power to profit without principle would subvert the first principles of "best for all" under representative government "of, by and for the people". 


The aristocracy of power and privilege dies hard.


The young idealist who penned the Declaration of Independence believed in the "natural aristocracy of talent and virtue".  Jefferson once said that America would need a Revolution every 20 years.  He was referring to the purging of those self-serving parasitic forces that worm their way into the fabric of government… the "banksters" (money changers) and their corporate cronies who make organized greed their ticket to a monopoly on power and privilege.


"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money,
[Federal Reserve Bank -CR]
first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations
that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property
until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
-Thomas Jefferson


Jefferson understood how fast people forget the "first principles" on which self-government is founded.  Most people just want to raise their families without worrying about intrusive government, leaving the running of government to those they elected.  People want to believe the "system" is good and that it is working… even when it isn't.  And intelligent people today know that system is broke.  Not only were our last election "choices" between a Skull and Bones Kerry and an equally corrupt Skull and Bones Bush, the election was "hacked" from front end to back.


"80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S. The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers. The chairman and CEO of Diebold is a major Bush campaign organizer and donor who wrote in 2003 that he was 'committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.'  Republican Senator Chuck Hagel used to be chairman of ES&S. He became Senator based on votes counted by ES&S machines. Hagel, long-connected with the Bush family, was recently caught lying about his ownership of ES&S by the Senate Ethics Committee."
- details at


Clearly, there is a disconnect between what many people want to believe -- the backwards "BS" (Belief System) in corrupt governance practices -- have been co-opted by mercenary codependence on a new empire madness that threatens the core virtue in Freedom and Opportunity for ALL people on Earth.


It's not so much that most people don't see the whole solution,
even though it is "self-evident" - the core
requirements of sovereignty.
It's moreso that they don't see
the big problem

-- the denial that the blind are leading the blind with the
victim dictum of sovereignty-challenged "BS" (Belief System)
that erodes our freedoms in the name of security
until we have neither freedom nor security.


The place where "Government 101" meets "Health Care 101" is the understanding that the best government is self-government even as the best heal care is self-care.  We all must "govern ourselves" with virtue even as we all must "care for health" or we get sick.  When we lose the ultimate virtue in survival -- the survival of ultimate virtue -- we lose "immunity" in both government and health care. Cancer cells once kept in check by our "immune system" proliferate.

 Collectively -- when virtue's immunity is lacking -- the "body politic" becomes cancerous, devouring "the host" with "warring in the members".  "Politically correct" becomes morally wrong.  "Profit" for virtue-challenged power translates to death for the populace.  Self-preservation with self care -- the natural remedies for natural healing -- becomes illegal. 


Witness CAFTA legislation that is being steam-rolled through Congress as will make natural health supplements and self-care illegal.


Ever so gradually, it has happened - this "cancer" has spread.  The banksters infiltrated the infrastructure of monied power when the privately owned Federal Reserve took over the banking system of the US early in the 20th Century.  This empowered the banks and corporations around them to bankroll and profit from every major war since then.  And these same special interests are behind the drugging of America, making "walking pharmacies" out of many Americans, especially the burgeoning "market" of seniors as the baby boomers hit the wall of mortality as their immune system naturally weakens.


Is it just a matter of "good business" or is it a plot out of hell that betrays the soul of America for 20 pieces of silver? 


There are good reasons why loving families and enlightened "Netizens" in our instant-everywhere InterNet-connected world see honor and virtue with "different eyes" than the corporate CEO whose job is to show a profit in the war industries, the media CEO who is largely owned and controlled by the arms merchants, and the food and drug CEO's who are likewise committed to "make a killing" on the indirect cause and direct treatment of disease.


Net worth has different E-valuation criteria in an ALL-connected world.  Or as business guru. Tom Peters said, "If you want to own your own life, create your own network".  And the ultimate product in the "global village" networks of  instant-everywhere connection is the "business of evolution" itself.


That product is a process.  It is THE MOVEMENT of, by and for our evolutionary ascent.


Something is terrible wrong with a sick civilization whose business is primarily the business of profits before people.  It's just such a sick civilization that surrenders the sovereignty of people and nations to the corrupt collusion of big business with big government that creates Big Brother fascism under the cover of nationalist Church-State sloganeering for "God and Country".

People worldwide watched as the United States sold it's sovereignty to international treaties like NAFTA that began the great hemorrhaging of jobs and trade deficits to the cheapest labor markets on Earth.  This was a mixed blessing that -- in a materialistic sense -- has raised the standard of living for 3rd world countries but lowered the standard of living for mainstream America.  It has profited giant corporations like Walmart and sustained the Golden Calf of Wall Street…but at what price to freedom and opportunity for everyone?


Now we see the same lies being propagandized for another international trade agreement -- CAFTA -- that will further erode US Sovereignty with stealth legislation which will destroy the Health Right of Americans -- the ability to choose nutrition concentrates that build health -- surrendering that freedom to drug companies and their medical minions that push drugs for whatever ails you.


Behind the scenes you have the most powerful corporate and banking special interests in the world who have a vested interest in ownership and control of the physical and human resources of Earth.  If you study the true history of these power elite potentates, you'll find that they set-up and took advantage of World Wars I, Pearl Harbor and World War II, plus 9-11 and the Iraq Attack… consolidating global power in the process.


Each time these power elite special interests profited hugely from the creation and management of giant government monopolies.  The privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system made a killing on every war since WWI.  The CIA was created out of the Pearl Harbor "inside job" just as Homeland Security was created out of the 9-11 "inside job".  Big Brother government has become a massive growth industry, cannibalizing the security of Americans in the name of security.  They profit from endless terror and war creation, destroying civilization while professing their intent to save it.


Ironically, since these same interlocked special interests own and control the mainstream media in the U.S., more people in the rest of the world know the truth of this betrayal of U.S. sovereignty than Americans themselves.  It's just such complete inversion and subversion of the truth in the monopoly media that gets Americans believing that the invasion and destruction of sovereign nations like Iraq has no correlation to the inversion and destruction of sovereign freedoms in America.


v     What does it take for people to realize that ALL this could be changed in the twinkling of an eye of instant-everywhere "Internet time"? 

v     How long will otherwise good people embrace the lies and corruption that enslaves them?

v     Why do people suffer the insufferable "value of scarcity" in a system of scarcity economics that denies abundant LOVE and the abundant life for ALL people?


It's one thing to become aware of the core bankrupt values of institutionalized greed that is destroying civilization.  It’s another thing to understand and apply  the abundance of virtue in service to our most sacred beliefs -- the Spirit that Matters -- in the New World of Internet-connected "global village" unity today.


But I repeat myself -- for emphasis.  What does it take for "enough is enough"?


What does it take for "We the People" in our global village to realize that "representative self-government" no longer serves the purpose for which it was created if the public is so spiritually and mentally SICK (bankrupt) that material security can be held hostage to endless war insanity for the profit of a war economy that is cannibalizing culture and civility in the name of saving it?


"Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded
because it comprises and develops the germ of every other...
No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare." 
- James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution, April 20, 1795 


The are a zillion ways to address the "symptoms" of systemic disease in the body politic that is devouring civilization like a cancer devours the host. But revolving all the issues with attention to only "the symptoms" does little more than make the public feel like victims of a cancerous disease if we don't address the cause and core pathology - the root of the problem.


"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil
to one who is striking at the root."
- Henry David Thoreau, Walden


Half of the core solution is coming out of denial of the root problem.  The whole Truth of ways and means for resurrecting the core virtue of "Self Governance" has never been more "self-evident" to enlightened Netizens worldwide.


"It is only when the People become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty. Let us, by all wise and constitutional measures, promote intelligence and virtues among the People, as the best means of preserving our liberties."
--James Monroe, 5th U.S. President, 1817-1825


The huge drama of accelerating change in recent history -- just one generation since the '76 Bicentennial of the American Revolution -- has been so overwhelming that all of our institutions are extremely challenged by the instant-everywhere implications of our Internet "connection". 


The Internet has eliminated time and space in principle -- the principle of "We are One".  But unity in our diversity has been subverted -- divided and confounded --by a new empire madness that once again takes Freedom and Opportunity FROM the people even while pretending to represent the best interests "of, by and for the people."  


The hypocrisy and outright betrayal is more than the "silent majority" can handle.  Some "cope with it" through abject denial.  Others deal with it though angry denunciation of those challenging their blind subservience to cherished illusions of political correctness that is morally wrong.  And those who pass this "test that's best" are waking up -- beyond the problem -- to self-evident solutions.


Enlightened Netizens understand the prevailing paradigm paralysis and cognitive dissonance for what it is -- how a new adolescent culture growing up with global  Internet civilization has hit the wall of resistance from old values of the old order.


The "wall" is ultimately "walls in the mind" that divide us.  And like the Berlin Wall that came down when communications across the wall exposed and disposed the "walls in the mind" separating people… so it is that the Internet is bringing down the "walls in the mind" worldwide.  That's a real challenge to otherwise intelligent people who haven't connected to core intent of U.S. Founders as would finish what they began… worldwide.


Call it "parental paralysis" -- as with the American colonists who were tied to the apron stinks of "Mother England".  The true blue loyalists to the parental "Crown" of that day -- the Tories -- where just as staunch in their resistance to change from the mercenary values of powerful special interests who had a vested interest in owning and controlling the physical and human resources of the public.  The "Tories" of today are just as resistant to change their allegiance from "parental figures" (authorities) who talk the talk of "Liberty for All" but walk the walk of encroaching Police State tyranny at home and abroad.


Growing up requires cutting those "apron-strings".  The Internet is no longer a child, yet it is not fully adult.  It has been 20 years now since the 3rd wave of the computer/Internet revolution reached critical mass worldwide as a new standard for "knowledge power" -- the Freedom to know better and the Opportunity to do better.  But the full implications of global Freedom and Opportunity have been held back by "parents" (authority figures) who just don't "get it", committing virtually child abuse.


We all saw how "dot com" went "dot bomb" as the new kid with new ideas was "bought out" or otherwise coerced by "Mother England".  The prime example is the AOL takeover by Time Warner.  The "free and open" Internet was abused with invasive pop-ups, commercials and surveillance "bugs" that profile subscribers for target marketing… to make better merchandise of them. 


Since 9-11, fear of government "parents" has further eroded faith in the Freedom and Opportunity the "kid" once championed.  New "Patriot Act" laws were steam-rolled through Congress without legislators reading them or public comment.  A huge new "Homeland Security" bureaucracy with uncanny parallels to Hitler's GESTAPO -- the German acronym from their words for "Homeland Security" 


The independence of Netizens to know better and do better has been increasingly challenged by government surveillance (NSA and DARPA) as well as cyber-attacks on conspiracy websites -- traced back to government hackers. 


Like the military-industrial complex and medical-industrial complex, the "intelligence-industrial" complex has been creating and managing propaganda with a sycophant media that is largely controlled if not owned by the military and medical special interests. 


In short, the promise and virtues of an open Internet have been coerced and compromised by the values of a closed-minded mentality that puts profit and control by a power elite few above the Freedom and Opportunity of global Netizens.   The "kid" hasn't been allowed to "grow up".  The computer/Internet revolution has stalled.  The politics and economics of the military-medical-intelligence complexes have become far more COMPLEX than the science that could bring peace, healing and real intelligence to our warring, sick and LOVE-challenged world.


Cutting the apron strings that bind the revolutionary internet media today is no less important than it was for the young idealists who authored the Declaration of Independence and "grew up" writing the Constitution.


If we don't use the computer/Internet rEVOLUTION in ways that are most likely to insure our safety and happiness, it will continue to be abused.


If we don't affirm the intent of U.S. Founders with a new Declaration of Independence from the power trips of the power elite, we betray the Spirit that Matters at the heart of "God Government".


And if we don't "grow up" or otherwise evolve with an electronic Space Age Internet upgrade of our core Bill of Rights at the heart of the Constitution, we surrender our sovereignty to sinister forces that have infiltrated the horse-and-buggy legislative process that was the Founder's only option.


The higher the appeal to conscientious COMMON SENSE in the intrinsic virtue of this "growing up" MOVEMENT  [ ], the greater the results.

Higher Conscience in the Higher Power of greater LOVE follows naturally from the holistic integration of heart and mind in all archetypal dimensions of Self and Civilization.  The higher the understanding of these "first principles" of, by and for SOVEREIGNTY via the Constitution of  at the quintessential FOUNDATION of self-governance -- the core processes of consciousness whereby we govern ourselves -- the greater the results for Self and Civilization.

This is the MOVEMENT towards self-governing SOVEREIGNTY in an interdependent global village where an InnerNet at the heart of the interdependent Internet will culture a more balanced -centric nature that empowers the living "Spirit of the Law" with the Golden Rule/Law "Language of " whereby divine RIGHTS () in the public SPHERE () are checked and BALANCED () in all archetypal DIMENSIONS () of personal and planetary SOVEREIGNTY.


The "turn-around" of disintegrating civilization will follow
integration with the first "golden rule" principles for civility.

An individual or civilization can rise no higher than
  their concept of
"GOD is LOVE" and is "for~giving".

Or as the coach for one of the most remarkable
business turnarounds in history said,
"When you appeal to the highest level of thinking,
you get the highest level of performance."

- Jack Stack, CEO of Springfield ReManufacturing Co.


It's as simple yet profound as "the business of evolution" as the "Next Big Thing" in the computer/Internet revolution cultures SOVEREIGNTY in global civilization. 


"It's as if man had been suddenly appointed managing director of the
biggest business of all,
the business of evolution…. He can't refuse the job.  Whether he wants it or not, whether he is conscious of what he is doing or not,
he is in point of fact determining the future direction of evolution on this earth.

"That is his inescapable destiny, and
the sooner he realizes it and starts
believing in it
, the better for all concerned."

- Julian Huxley (Anderson 1987, frontispiece)


Put another way (detailed at, it's all about centering and connecting the "well-ROUNDED" (-Spirit of the Angels of Love) at the heart of "Divine RIGHTS" (- Law of Angles of "G.O.D." - Geometrically Ordered Divinity) at the interactive Internet "INTERFACE" ( -Checks & Balance of  and  "powers") as will culture the SOVEREIGNTY () of global Netizens that is "for-giving" -- the holy spirit of -in-action.


The selfless  of self-governing homeostasis and healing in the body politic "of, by and for ALL people" is a higher good than the self-serving selfishness of corrupt special interests making a killing on disease, terror, war and hell on Earth.  And if this higher good is not centered in the Higher Power of Higher Laws that frame the Constitution of Greater , then, by default, we'll do what we've always done and get what we've always got -- subservience to big business collusion with big government using terror and tyranny tactics.

How else do you resurrect God-Love Government without utilizing modern "representation systems" (communications) that frame a higher standard of natural-universal law-language principles at the heart of it?  What better way to unify people worldwide than provide common ground with the common sense of a simple yet profound  that connects the heart, mind and soul of ALL global Netizens with universal principles for co-OPERATIVE "commUNIcaTIon" (come-into-UNITY) co-ORDINATION of, by and for greater ?


If the "2nd Coming" of Christlike love in the hearts and minds of the mainstream masses means anything, consider how "We the People" (worldwide) can "make it so" with recognition and implementation of a -centric system that honors the heart of each one's religion that is the heart of ALL religion. 


Any global movement at this critical stage of global awakening must embrace the universality of spiritual laws framing the representation process for self-governance.  The more pure and simple the "frame of reference" (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) that centers the process, the more likely it will succeed.  And yet for the more enlightened, it must provide a unified field theory for the universal laws of the holographic universe whereby each part holistically represent the whole.  That's "strong meat" for "children of God" but dietary fare for mature Sons and Daughters of God who ready for their "inheritance" (Kingdom Conscience).  I like to think of the Constitution of  as the "Operation Manual for the Holodeck of Earth Reality".


With a holistic VISION, the wholeness, healing and evolutionary ascent of civilization begins. The "3rd wave" (Internet) will evolve through the full implications of the 4th Wave of an "instant-everywhere, ALL-connected world" to the "5th wave" (5th Dimension) that integrates the 4 archetypal "sides" to the "capstone vision" with understanding of these "keys to the "KINGdom" whereby ALL (from the Latin "om") may be sovereign "KING" ("Keys to the INternalization of God-Love conscience).  The "Mind of G.O.D." will center and connect our individual and collective conscience in the frequency of holy compassion.

It's that simply basically.  Selfless service of the REAL "servant leaders" (representatives) serve or otherwise represent the highest virtues of a God of Love.  Conversely, the self-serving selfishness -- that values things more than people and power more than principal -- forgets what for-giving means.  The love of lesser power is for-getting. It "for~gets" (clueless) with materialistic values that subvert spiritual virtues


"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where
power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."

- Carl Gustav Jung, Father of Modern Psychology.


All the assaults on the U.S. Constitution we see today are symptoms of this same cause and core problem.  Common Sense today -- as sparked the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence -- would address this global issue… that the resurrection of the Constitution of Freedom and Opportunity follows -- at heart -- the resurrection of the power in greater  that is for-giving with…


…the holy Spirit of -in-action that
defines, refines, combines and shines
our individual and collective attention
with pure intention for greater

at the heart of the inter
active Internet
as could culture civility and civilization
with Higher Conscience and Real Community.


We can't legislate morality or otherwise enforce love with the letter of the human law that kills the spirit of divine Rights.  As long as 90% of man's law -- represented through scarcity economics -- emphasizes ownership and control of things and people, the Living Spirit of God's Law of LOVE-in-action will be inadvertently compromised, denied and outright betrayed. The best we can do is to create an environment in which the holy Spirit of greater -in-action will survive and thrive… the InnerNet at the heart of the global Internet.

This is the CHOICE that enlightened Netizens worldwide take seriously.  This is the INTENT for personal/collective SOVEREIGNTY that inspired Founders of the United States took seriously.  This is the MOVEMENT to finish worldwide (globally) what US Founders began in America (locally).

It's time to think globally while acting locally - resurrecting those first principles of personal, national and planetary sovereignty that "make it so".

The Constitution of  for global Netizens -- an idea that has found it's time.


"More powerful than standing armies
is an idea that has found its time."
- Victor Hugo


May it begin with USUnited Sovereigns in the United State of .



PS - There will always be those who love things more than people, privilege more than "1st principles", personal profit more than what is truly best for ALL.  There will always be those who confuse the love of power with the power of love, lacking the DISCERNMENT or intent to transcend lesser loves that are self-serving, egocentric and self-sabotaging in an ALL-connected world.

In other words. the poor in Spirit will always be with us.  It is the
response ability of those who "get it" -- the business of evolution -- who are ultimately response able (responsible) for upholding the Spirit that Matters in the matter spheres of influence shaping our personal and planetary sovereignty.

The bottom line is thus the "top line" that began this "overview".  As above, so below. Greater
 is what greater  does.  A Living God of  -- the Common Sense of Spirituality at the heart of ALL Religions -- is alive and well in the hearts and minds of those who "make it so".  So do what the poor in Spirit are not able or willing to do.  Become a priceless asset to the "A-Team" -- self-Actualized Activists for the Accelerated Ascent of worldwide

Claim the Victory of Sovereign Freedom.  Care enough to share with those you Love.  Network freely for the holistic health of Self and Civilization.  What goes around, comes around for spiritual health (greater Love), mental health (higher conscience), holistic "physical" health (that follows from spiritual and mental health) and financial health -- The Abundant Life -- that is naturally grounded with spiritual, mental and physical wholness.  On Earth as in Heaven.

All Ways Victory When We  Enough - CR



“Work is love made visible.”- Kahlil Gibran


"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

 -- Mahatma Gandhi 



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“The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
…We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

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