Rebooting the Divine in 2009


Dimensional Power Shift to Greater  


by Christos Lightweaver


HEARTcom Network™ / 1-1-2009


The Great Joy of lightbearers and lightworkers is that the consciousness of global humanity is rapidly awakening -- a New Enlightenment -- with all the prophesied portents of the "Great Purification" that inadvertently brings with it the "Great Tribulations" as more light-as-conscience (color-coded) brings up all that is less than light for healing transformation through up-wising and up-rising with "Ascension Light".  Indeed, it is the holy spirit "joy flame" that takes heart -- in full conscience -- that global freedom and opportunity in the power of love is a Higher Power with an overcoming spirit of "more light".


"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love
 has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they
seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi


The alchemists of old understood how the refiners fire melted metals to skim off the impurities that rose to the top... just as the fire of pure desire -- pure intention -- transmuts the dense "lead elements" of consciousness into the pure gold of enlightened conscience.  And so it is in our world today wherein the full-spectrum white light of a New Enlightenment in our new all-connected instant-everywhere-interactive "Net realty" is melting hardened hearts and the dense consciousness that seeks security without purity.  Those impurities are naturally rising to the surface to be skimmed off.  And it is the golden rule/law language at the heart of every golden age that is doing the skimming.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides, 
but when he can harness the
power of love
then for the second time in the history of the world, 
man will have discovered fire." 
- Teihard de Chardin

This is the full-spectrum "dimensional power shift" that is now rapidly transforming our personal and planetary consciousness.  This rapid-fire "quickening" or "awakening" of all-connected conscience is not a mystery when understood, but it is a paradox.  Only the whole -- that conceives and believes wholEness -- can be made whole.  One must step into the circle of wholEness to achieve the holy whole for holistic healing in all dimensions of BEING... whole.

"We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For"
~ from the book by Alice Walker with that title
(excerpt at )

The white fire of a New Enlightenment in humanity's collective consciousness is indeed the "Power Shift" we have been waiting for.  It is like the crystal fire mist of white fire purity in a new fallen snow, blanketing the slumbering earth in winter.  And so it is with massive snow storms across America since winter solstice on 12-21-08.  A white Christmas has brought full-spectrum purity to the hearts of many. 


As with Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol", some have even overcome the fearsome ghosts of Christmas past, present and future as the Ebenezer Schrooge moneychangers of our day bail out themselves with no apparent regard for millions losing their homes.  Yet this Christmas story is rarely reported with a happy ending, except in the web that lightworkers weave -- conscience of the divine for 2009.  This is the web of light -- all the good that was, is, and will be divine.  And this mediating influence for mass-to-mass interaction is reaching critical mass known as the "2nd Coming" (Christ-like virtue) in the web of planetary consciousness.


This New Enlightenment is indeed "quickening" as the Christ Mass Conscience of kind men awakens in mankind.  But to repeat for emphasis, this Christmas story is rarely reported nor understood.  As fast as the veil of 3-D "space" and 4-D "time" is thinning on the 2012 timeline to "-Point" (5-D conscience), the few who "get it" are reluctant to "give it" -- the gift of gifts as the emerging blueprint for a golden age.


We can't give what we don't have, and understanding the blueprint
-- framed by the
Model --
 is the gift we give ourselves in the spirit that is
for giving.


It's been said that the Laws of God are written in our heart of hearts... and that what the world needs now is love sweet love.  Common sense would say that the greater the love in our hearts and our global social networks, the greater the results as the power of love in our social conscience.  This process is the natural evolutionary ascent of humanity in an all-connected instant-everywhere-interactive world.  This is the world that is now emerging with a New Enlightenment that reflects the gold standard for our Net reality... the cyberethics standard for healing transformation of our Net reality... the fulfillment of the Christ-like virtue that gave birth to the Constitution in the New World of America, and would finish what the Founders began in a New World of "U.S." --United Sovereigns in our global village.


"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
- Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


Few people are aware or otherwise appreciate how Thomas Paine authored the most successful political pamphlet in history.  His Common Sense sparked the American Revolution.  He coined the term "United States" that gave currency to the concept of a self-governing Constitution -- the first in the world.  Today that Common Sense would once again address the egregious core issue "taxation without representation" that we see in the "bankster bailout". 


But the solution would be different.  It would recognize that all problems are at heart communication problems -- how well we come into unity.  Common Sense II would emphasize a Space Age infrastructure upgrade of our horse-and-buggy representation systems.  That infrastructure would naturally reboot our core Constitutional freedoms with a common sense standard for mass-to-mass communications... the gold standard for interactive real-time mass TeLeComm (emphasizing the TLC... the golden rule/law language of light, framed by the Constitution of universal , and mediating interactive social networks with a universal interface for culturing the holy spirit of -in-action


The cultural DNA, cyberethics, heartware, model "connection":

Global consciousness is rapidly shifting from left-brain predominance of a 3-D "outer sense" reality towards greater right-brain
spherical consciousness -- the "inner sense" of the Law of the ""ne --the whol-
point of "-point" on the accelerated 2012 timeline.   A higher understanding of 4-D consciousness -- in time -- is assembling the components to the "capstone" () in the 4-quad dimensions of "universal law language" ()... which leads to 5-D VISION.

Is is pure intention as the
frequency of compassion that centers the "Language of the Angels of
" at the heart (capstone) of the 4-D frame of reference for "The Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).  This “Movement” -- REALizing all that “IS REAL” in higher conscience – is metaphorically the “gathering of the tribes of “IS~REAL among the “I AM RACE” (anagram for “AMERICA”) in the New World of “global village” (Internet) reality.


It is the "I AM Presence" of Higher Power that is mediated by the pure geometry thoughtforms of the Model, serving as exquisite metaphor for the parallel universe of "as above, so below"... as "within", so with all... the "KINGdom" conscience whereby "all" (om) are sovereign "K-IN-G" with the "Keys to INternalization of G.O.D.~ consciousness:


v     REALizing “one-dimensional consciousness” () of the JUSTICE that “just is”: All that IS REAL… Centered and Connected… the “ne Eye LVE”… the heart of each one’s religion that is the heart of ALL religions… the “I Am Presence” of each of us that is the same “I Am Presence" of ALL of us… the  ne for ALL that’s all for ne The “spherical” consciousness that is truly Spiritual. The Law of the ne  -- the heart of HEARTware™as the frequency of compassion that can be referenced with the biofeedback connection with a clip-on mini-microphone over the heart, plugged into the universal port on your computer and processed by software that includes a little window on your screen which shows (and makes customizable biofeedback sounds) when the heart beat patterns are in resonance with the golden ratio algorithm that indicates when you are “centered and connected” in the actual frequency of compassion, holy spirit, divine love; the Spirit that matters on Earth as in heaven.

v     REALizing “two-dimensional consciousness” () that is centered in the Spirit of the ne while understanding the letter of the “aw of the Two-in-ne” (polarity) that frames the eft-brain, inear etter of the aw -- the Constitution of Universal aw-anguage regarding mastery of 2-D's duality, division, diversion and denial of  -centric reality on the 2012 0-Point timeline.   "Smart with a heart" rather than intellect with no heart… Higher Self connected to “I Am” rather than “little me” (ego)… higher self image in the image of Christ-like … identification with the risen-Ascended Christ rather that the suffering-crucified Jesus… taking oneself off the cross with pure intention and focused attention on Christ-like ascension... fulfilling the pure intention of core Constitutional freedoms for the Family of Man in a global village with the Constitution of .

v     REALizing “three-dimensional consciousness” () that is simultaneously referencing the first two dimensions with greater integration of both perspectives (the creative-learning process) in reference to where your attention-“” is going with pure intention-“” with a heart -“”.  This is the key process of “synergy”- ” of the + whereby the combined whole is greater than the sum of the parts, not just individually in a balance of -power, -wisdom and -love within one’s heart, but also the wholeness that comes from a balanced “3-fold flame” of the Executive (Power), Judicial (Wisdom) and Legislative (Love) branches of self-governance at the "cyberethics heart" (social conscience) of our ALL-connected "social networks" (Net reality).

v     REALizing “four-dimensional consciousness” (): This is the understanding of timeline perception in the 4 archetypal (Jung) correlates to
4-dimensional time:
- a "linear" timeline that connects past memory to present awareness as relates to a vision of the future, i.e., "linear" as in "ogical".
- a "nonlinear" timeline with a more expanded sense of the fully present moment, i.e., a free spirit that lives for "more light" in the moment".
- a "creative" timeline that combines lessons of the past with an insightful vision of the future, i.e., creating the best of worlds here and now.
 - an "integrated" timeline whereby the "greening of conscience" creates an even greater "holistic healing whole" through synergistic
         timeline integration of the
, and in the
-- the components to the archetypal (Jung) 4-quad dimensions of Self and Civilization.

Every 3-D moment in space is a "snapshot" of the 4th dimension we perceive as "time".  It's like the single frame of a "motion pictures" -- as they used to call movies -- which give the illusion of time-as-motion when sequenced with other "space-framed snapshots".  Another analogy is a single tone of a musical instrument that makes music when combined with other notes over time.  How we "keep time" with music is a natural function of one's 3-D memory of the sequence of experience from one frequency of sound to the next.  It's the same with a 4th dimensional understanding of one's soul as an over-all memory matrix that naturally acts as a lens for viewing the world through one's habit of believing, thinking,
feeling and acting.  Each moment is filtered through that "habit".  One's "vision" is thus a natural function of one's spiritual attainment, mental lucidity, emotional maturity and cellular-physical memory-habits. We all have "selective memory" in that regard.  We all have free will to believe what we want to believe, think what we want to think, feel what we want to feel and do what we want to do... at least, when freedom (free will) is healthy at a whole-holistic 4-D level.  That's when one's holographic window into the heart and mind of universal G.O.D.~LOVE -- in form and frequency -- balances and heals all the bad habits that are trauma-linked to bad memories. For every soul on the path of the business of evolution, this is what is called, "Healing the timeline".

v     REALizing “fifth-dimensional consciousness” as the violet flame of the holy spirit "joy flame" – the key to higher integrity -- through integration of all 4-quad  components to the CAPSTONE VISION.  This is the “Key to the KINGdom" (conscience) whereby "all" (om) are sovereign “K-IN-G” with the "Key to INternalization of G.O.D.~LOVE" conscience Mastery of human consciousness naturally follows divine commeasurement with this universal law language.  No one is perfect in this dense octave of incarnation, but you don't have to be perfect to have pure intent for the Power of LOVE in your world and the world-at-large.  Pure intent in what you REALLY want is not seldom the prelude of the revelation.  Energy follows thought and thought follows WILL in a free-will universe.  Those who are free to BE -- or otherwise fulfill their highest and best service to humanity -- are operating at a 5th dimensional level.  At this level, there is no disconnection from what is good for yourself and what is good for the Family of Man in our global village.  The key to integrity that distinguishes this level is naturally the integration of 5-dimensional conscience.  In our social networks, 5-D conscience naturally results from --and is represented in -- a cyberethics upgrade of our core Constitutional freedoms.  This "ethical bailout" of our institutions will culture the Holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action that liberates full spectrum opportunity in our social networks.  This is one's free-will opportunity -- a choice -- through holistic mastery of the unified dimensions of one's consciousness. It's also our free will choice of, by and for enlightened conscience in our social networks.



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