There's no time like the fully conscious 'present'
of your Presence... the gift of gifts at the
heart of Christ Mass Consciousness. 


The Gift of Gifts in Our Heart of Hearts;
   Pure Intention Reboots our
Global Village 'Operating System'.


Deliverance is needed - a reboot of our global village 'Operating System'.
 Necessity is the mother of invention... and now is the time ordained for an
  evolution revolution in higher consciousness via the network of networks,
 the Mother of all networks -- the 'Inner Net' --at the heart of our Net reality. 

HEARTcom Network™ / Winter Solstice, 12-21-2008
(upgraded 11-30--2012)


A new world of all-connected Net reality is being born in our heart of hearts.  This gift of gifts is awakening a vision of wholeness for healing – a new Social Conscience – in our new social networks.  The Mother of all networks – the Internet – has given birth to this inner sense which embodies the innocence of 'Christ mass' in the collective Conscience of global humanity.


"The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect
of intelligent and active understanding,
and the potency of a trained and alive public opinion,
which desires the greatest good of the greatest number
are beyond belief.
This dynamic power has never been employed.
 It can today save the world."
~ Master Djwhal Khul


Net reality is, at heart, Net neutrality – a sense of balance between the extremes of left and right, as above, so below.  It’s like the spirit of Good Will that mediates man’s will with God’s Will for Peace on Earth.  In that sense, the Internet has come of age – the age of conception that is, at heart,  immaculate with pure intention at the heart of Net neutrality reality.  Indeed, the Internet as a web of global consciousness is about the same age of the adolescent Mother Mary when she gave birth to the Christ Child as a way-shower at the beginning of the last (Piscean) Dispensation. 


Now we are seeing the Grand Finale' of the Piscean Dispensation
  as a process of 'Metamorphosis' that will initiate the Aquarian Age;
Aquarius, the Water Bearer, brings peace and harmony to earth.


                           Butterfly Man Crop Circle                       da Vinci's 'Man Squaring the Circle'


The birthing of a new mass consciousenss – Christ Mass 2012 -- heralds the emerging patterns of perfection as the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom in the Spirit of Universal Love.  The divine Mother gives birth to our new 'Net reality' in the spirit of unconditional love that raises the newborn Conscience of “All That IS REAL” – the Family of Man in our instant-everywhere-interactive global village.


As difficult as the birthing may appear, with no room in the Inn for the Mother of Christ Mass, it is an easy birth this Christmas – a natural birth in the manger of our ALL-connected heart of hearts.  The Spirit of Great Love – that is for giving – doesn’t have to “push” too hard.  It just lets go and lets love simply be the fulfillment of the moment… from moment to moment… on the 2012 timeline to realignment of the poles of consciousness on Mother Earth.


As imperfect as this world is, one doesn’t have to be perfect to see the pattern of perfection being born in the consciousness, BEING and worldviews of global Netizens.  Everyone of Good Will wants to see a new economic order based on the currency of conscience rather than corruption of that conscience.


Indeed, the whole world is watching as both “community organizer” Obama, and “Internet organizer” Google, appeals to the grass roots locally -- and Net roots globally – to come up with the best ideas for the world.  For Christ’s sake, you be the judge.  Voting begins on the Google website, “Best Ideas”, about the same time as Obama’s Inauguration.  The timing heralds a new linkage of the light of conscience in our self governing social networks.  And the “best ideas” reflect and perfect the universal laws of light-as-conscience.  More “light” – less corruption.


That’s not by coincidence – there’s a synchronicity here.  Self government at a global level can no longer deny self governance through enlightened Net neutrality reality.  The immaculate conception of that “gathering of the tribes of IS REAL” – Christ Mass 08 -- creates an inner sense in our social networks that reflects and perfects a networking environment in which divine love can thrive as social conscience.  That’s how the best ideas are ultimately “recycled” to organize all information IN FORMATION… as an upward spiral of higher consciousness of Higher Power in our collective conscience… with the “best ideas” rising like cream to the top of the milk of kindness – kind men among mankind. 


With the currency of conscience underwriting this infrastructure upgrade of Net reality, divine love rules.  It rules the upgrade of our core Constitutional virtues through the angels of our better nature.  With this universal law language of LOVE as the rule – the HEARTware™ heart of this infrastructure upgrade -- the gold standard of, by and for universal LOVE rules as cultural DNA in the social networked conscience of humanity.


The “best ideas” obviously come from the Inner Community – our heart of hearts – where the inner sense of innocence thrives.  Such innocence has no connection with the systemic culture of corruption that created the systemic problems we see in the world.  We won’t heal those problems with the same consciousness that created them.  We need the same inner sense of the of U.S. Founders who envisioned the capstone vision of the Spirit that matters for spiritualizing the great pyramid of civilization, as seen on the Great Seal of the United States.


“Voting” on Google’s system for selecting the “Best Ideas in the World” is still at a rather primitive level – considering the capabilities of the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet – but it takes a while for the body of Christ-like virtue to mature as a communications infrastructure for global humanity.  The “nervous system” of that newborn concept in our social conscience is immature – like a perfect “latent image” on film that has not yet been developed and imprinted into our cultural DNA.  But this emerging blueprint for a golden age model of our TeLeComm “nervous system” – emphasizing the TLC -- is getting there – all nervousness in the corrupt “outer world” aside.


The higher the immaculate concept of Net neutrality reality – what that will look like as it matures -- the greater the results.  Imagine what this mature Net reality will look like as a definitive soulution – for all souls – in our global village.  Consider what that will feel like – the spirit of universal love, peace and good will in all our social networks.  How else will our humanity heal the culture of corruption afflicting the economy, sickening the health care system, dumbing the mainstream media, and ignoring the Spirit that matters at the heart, mind and soul of worldwide love!


It is Net reality time folks!  Time to agree that the best idea is the gift of gifts in our heart of hearts – the new born Spirit of Christ Mass 2008.  Some will get it.  Some won’t.  But those fiery souls who do humbly receive and honor this gift of gifts will spark the currency of conscience at the heart and soul of an infrastructure upgrade for global “TLC”; TeLeCommunications; TeLeConscience; TeLeCommunity.


It’s the natural birth of Christ Mass 2008… the natural consequence of maturing global consciousness… the natural “high road” to celebrating the birth of enlightened TLC that centers the Power of Love at the heart of prevailing global village conscience.  That roadmap naturally initiates the golden rule/law language at the heart of the prophesied millennial Golden Age of Aquarian Freedom in Universal Love.


Heaven knows that this is a tall order, but the fiery Spirit of Aquarian Love is consuming all that is unlike the pure intention of Good Will that pays attention with conscientious ascension -- an upwising upgrade of social conscience in our social networks.


Time to reboot, and there’s no time like the "present"… the gift of Christ Mass 2012.


A new order of the ages is rebooting the “OS” (Operating System) of, by and for our all-connected social network – the Internet Mother of all networks – that is naturally giving birth to a new awareness of itself as a holy whole.  We saw gestation of that newborn awareness with the evolution of the concept of personal computers as an extension of each one’s brain… just as the car is an extension of the feet and clothes are an extension of the skin.   The gestation of Net neutrality reality then evolved to the concept of the “computer” as a network of computers, just as the brain is a network of nerve cells.  Now we see the birth of the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet revolution from “the computer is the network” (Internet) to “the network has a heart” (conscience).  In other words, the self-governing potential of our global brain is rebooting with the pattern of perfection in our mass-to-mass communications infrastructure – our cultural DNA brain cells – with the Spirit of Christ Mass 2012.


More light of a higher Christ Mass conscience is naturally neutralizing the dark-side agenda of stinking thinking behind a New World Odor that stinks to high heaven.  Economic matters are coming under the dominion of moral matters – the Spirit that matters – at the heart of our social networks.  As that happens, the natural consequence of upgraded “checks and balances” acts like healing homeostasis in the body of our newborn conscience. 


This awakening process is accelerating on the 2012 timeline.  The public in general is getting their mind around the Spirit that matters, the spherical conscience that is truly the pure intention of Good Will on Earth as in Heaven. It’s a global village now.  What goes around, comes around.  By embracing the vision for culturing virtue at the heart of our all-connected Net reality, universal love mediates global conscience.


Take heart.  Worldwide is what we make it.


May the Gifting Begin!




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