Christmas Letter to Family and Friends

Gifts of ‘The Present’... 2014 to 2015

From Christopher Rudy

Highlights of 2014 and the year to come are the ‘gifts’ I share from my heart of hearts this Christmas.

Thanks to all for putting up with my 100+ articles sent to you this last year. It was more information than you probably wanted, but hopefully you found some gifts in there somewhere :)

Extended 'family' with friends on my email list has grown to about 9,000 this year. There's no way of knowing how many people are reading forwarded e-mails or my articles on newsgroups, Facebook, and blogs that ‘link the light’ of Heartcom Network and my Cosmic LOVE show on BBS Internet Radio.
A heartfelt thanks goes to all who support this ‘Master Mind Alliance’ with your positive thoughts, prayers and contributions with pictures, videos, articles and volunteer editorial skills for copy corrections on the Heartcom Network blog.

Following are both some personal and Heartcom Network highlights of 2014 in review and 2015 in preview.
But first, with this brief tribute, I'd like to honor the memory of my Father, Robert Lee Rudy, who died December 14th at age 90.

2014 in Review

It's been an amazing year of exceptional guests on Cosmic LOVE.
One of my favorites was Dr. Kathy Forti, Author of 'Fractals of God' and the inventor of 'Trinfinity8', a breakthrough quantum healing technology. Kathy's just released Trinfinity & Beyond Blog shares her recent experience in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Whow!  Makes you wonder what amazing revelations are in store for 2015.

My Identical Twin Sisters

Here's a December picture of my Sisters Linda and Lisa at the Seattle Symphony where they perform for children and adults. They write the shows, sew their own costumes and keep the attention of thousands of children with sing-alongs and other entertainment; about a hundred shows since 2000. PBS TV had plans to broadcast their show until Bush cut the PBS budget, but their show has continued in high demand locally. Their DVD's and CD's are available at Let Your Music Shine.

Here's a selfie from Son Jeremy with Heather Hazzan who visited the Capitol together as well as New York, London, Berlin and Italy in 2014. Jeremy's work for Pearson E-college has also taken him to South Africa and many places in the U.S. this last year. Heather works internationally as a model and photographer of models. After six years together, these Millennials are actually considering marriage. Kudos!

Heartcom Network Year In Review

In early 2014, I wrote several articles on the 2014 Transformation underway regarding Internet trends, Net neutrality, and a new social conscience going mainstream in global social networks.
Over the Summer, I reported on global developments with the satellite 'Outernet' which went online with a global library for 'Global Net Activation' of almost four billion Netizens worldwide.
In the Autumn Equinox article, I wrote about the 2014 Grand Finale with 'Mass Awakening', the 'Law of ONE', and 'Atlantis Rising' as the InnerNet matures with mainstreaming of enlightened social conscience. 
In the Winter Solstice article, I emphasized the Global Shift to Internet decentralization of core social institutions with emergence of global Net reality of a more enlightened nature.

Thoughtform for the Year 2015
The Hermetian Matrix for
 Global TeLeCare

This 'future article' on Global TeLeCare is being published in the Jan-Feb issue of Natural Life News and Directory. This is a bi-monthly publication I founded back in 2000 which is now distributed in Montana and neighboring states.

In Summary:

A special tribute also goes to another giant in my life, Wayne Rowland, who died in early December. His amazing life can be seen at 'Meetings With Miraculous People' at the bottom under 'Wayne's World'.

So cherish your loved ones with the gift of your fully present love. We never know when our time or their time will pass.
Here's to the 'Gift of the Present' to you and loved ones in the year to come. Each moment is a priceless time, especially for the young in heart. So cherish this time, moment-to-moment, buildiing a momentum of cosmic to fulfill your highest and best calling, mission, soul contract, etc. That's the fully present 'gift' of the spirit that matters for conscious evolution ascension with:

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in
the present moment wisely and earnestly."
~ Buddha

"Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, non-judgmentally,
in the present moment"
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn
Getting the picture, rather than agreeing or disagreeing, liking or not liking. Then, uninfluenced by fears, responding consciously rather than reacting.

"Living in the moment means blessing the past and future
with LOVE, aware that each moment you co-Create with
 GOD-LOVE is the gift that is
giving." ~ Christos

For culturing our 'InnerNet Reality' in 2015
with more , easier and faster,


PS: It's been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it,
  so create a spectacular 2015 to tell your grandchildren about. 

Fully 'Present' as the Gift
In the Moment with Love
Gifting the Present with
The Spirit that Matters.