Global Transformation Series
Heartcom Network

Global Equinox - 2014 Grand Finale

 Day and night are now equal in both
  northern and southern hemispheres.
  Light & dark energies are balanced.
"As above, so below".

  This is a time of energetic balance in
   the upper and lower hemispheres of
   both the Earth AND the 'brain field'...
    a good time to contemplate the 2014
    paradigm shift, personal & planetary.

Reaping What We Sow

In Three parts:
Mass Awakening / Law of ONE / Atlantis Rising

1- Mass Awakening: Over the last year, I've reported on the global enlightenment process with a new Net reality emerging as social conscience surges in global social networks. This 'divine destiny' for Earth has been in synch with the surge of photonic light in the quantum field as explained at 'Galactic Alignment'. This is the most important cosmic phenomena of our time that heralds initiation of the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-LOVE.
2- Law of ONE...  Those who know of the history of Atlantis through the trance readings of Edgar Cayce, synopsis HERE, the genesis of that Golden Age is now emerging with pure intention for atONEment with the frequency of universal heart coherence as the "first law" (gold standard) whereby discernment of the other first principles of "Cosmic Law" (Quantum Reality) becomes self-evident. 
3- Atlantis Rising... Since the first of 2014, I've been saying that global civilization is on the cusp of dramatic transformation with breakthroughs in (1) clean energy to replace petrochemical pollution,  (2) holistic healing with free online Universal Self Care, and (3) global TeLeComm with instant-everywhere and interactive conscious evolution capabilities.
The Internet 'genie' is out of the bottle, and a new social conscience is rapidly emerging in our new web 2.0 social networks. The next generation of web 3.0 with quantum computing puts Earth on a course for a global golden age we can barely conceive or believe, but the ancient records of Atlantis as revealed by Edgar Cayce (HERE) gives us a good preview of global conscious evolution capabilities that humanity can aspire to... Atlantis Rising.
Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Make it So!
~ Christopher
PS: You can now hear the last two Cosmic LOVE talk shows with Dr. Kathy Forti where she shares her astounding story behind invention of computer/crystal technology for quantum healing.
                1st show
HERE and 2nd show HERE. ~CR