2014 Review and 2015 Preview
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Global Netizens Uniting

Dec. 21, 2014

by Christos Lightweaver,
   Host of Cosmic LOVE


Winter Solstice Dec. 21st is the turning point from the longest night to increasing light.  Unique to this solstice is an exact New Moon alignment with the Solstice Sun. The Moon is thus also increasing in illumination over the next 14 days to Full Moon.

And so it is with an enlightenment trend in global civilization
on the threshold of systemic transformation in 2015.

In 2014 it was widely reported that more Americans are now using the Internet for news than the previously 'mainstream' media. Almost 4 billion global Netizens are now online. Being 'open-minded' is taking on a wholly new 'Net reality' meaning.
This last month, people worldwide have followed the important news of a global economic reset that will standardize global currency. That news has been virtually blacked-out in the highly centralized corporate media in the U.S. and Europe, but this news is mainstream in the global decentralized Internet.

Decentralization of management, media, medicine and markets
is the megatrend shaping the matrix of Earth's rebirth in 2015.
Shift happens:)

The thoughtform for the year 2015 is thus the Hermetian Matrix for wholEness, homeostasis and healing in our ubiquitous social networks. The Hermetian Matrix is the 'Green Pill' that metaphorically provides a holistic alternative to the Red Pill and Blue Pill of renown in the movie, 'The Matrix'.

Universal TeLeCare for Global Holistic Healing

For more on the decentralization plans, progress and portents for the Hermetian Matrix in 2015, conceive the trending implications and catch the wave of global enlightenment for a trendfit in 2015 that will define, refine, combine and 'shine' our individual and collective gifts, talents and resources for global peace, healing and prosperity.

Here's to more Light and Love in Your Life in 2015!

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Plans, Progress, and Portents for 2015

With almost four billion global Netizens interacting over the Internet, the power of wisdom with has naturally found a large following with leaders of the conscious evolution movement worldwide. There’s not many – yet -- but quality and 'Net Presence' makes up for quantity.


Heart of the Hermetian Matrix

Clearly, a global economic reset is moving forward. There’s nothing more valuable at this time than a vision of the megatrends shaping 2015. They define the key economic 'test' of the year: widespread recognition of the golden rule/law language 'gold standard' that will underwrite PUBLIC TRUST in a new global $ currency we can thrive with.

A common currency based on common PUBLIC TRUST will not only optimize global commerce, but also culture the 'currency of conscience' with interactive mass-to-mass communications for local and global TeLeComm, emphasizing the 'TLC':

TeLeCommunity with ‘Good Will Standards’ for
self-correcting, self-governing self management
of, by and for ALL of ‘
US United Sovereigns.
TeLeConscience with ‘heartware standards
for mediating the mass media’s mass mind
  with heart coherence & congruence.

TeLeCare with ‘holistic health care standards
for free online Universal Self Care worldwide
  with ‘Health Assurance Policies’ for all Netizens.

TeLeCommerce with “cyberEthics Standards
(all the above),
for holistic integration of
TLC vision, virtue and
valor for the victory of the

The Next Big Shift in the computer/Internet revolution was ordained for this time… the application of heartware with cyberEthics standards that integrate hardware, software and netware with an interactive interface at the heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity (self governance), TeLeConscience (self education), TeLeCare (self healing) and TeLeCommerce (self determination).

TRUST in TLC for self-elevation of a salvation nature.

Winter Solstice is the ideal time to set your intentions for the year as will continue to focus attention with TLC retention for conscious ascension in a dimension where TLC naturally rules with the angels of our better nature”, a term used by Abraham Lincoln that was originally used by Thomas Paine in Common Sense.

Now a global rEVOLUTION is going mainstream, and as Thomas Paine said, "It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution, and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit, that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to First Principles". [hot-link added ~CR]

The higher the concept of , the greater the TRUST results. It's that simple, but also profound in it's implications for a 'TLC' surge of coherence at the heart of social conscience in our ALL-connected global social networks:

The TRUST will naturally transform the global 'UN' as the 'United Netizens of Earth' who represent all of “US” (United Sovereigns of Earth).  Imagine what that will look like as global Netizens network for the Net worth of Net reality with a more enlightened TLC application of global TeLeComm.

Full Disclosure is Going Mainstream

When the United Netizens (UN) of Earth get their upgraded ‘act’ together, their new understanding of, and agreement with universal sovereignty principles will co-Create a platform for universal to manage global media, medicine and markets
This sovereignty TLC via the Hermetian Matrix will sooner or later culture our direct representation in a system of world governance that will be universally recognized to grant United Sovereigns of Earth entry into the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.

"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
~ Tom Paine

With Joy and Enthusiasm for Birth of a New Earth
with Peace, and Prosperity for All,
~ Christos

PS: We’ll know the global economic reset is successful when we see the great wealth in America divest from corporations vested in “killingry” (war and disease), and redeploy private and public assets for “livingry” (peace and health). For example, see this modern ‘Christmas Story’: ‘The Ghost of Christmas Future’.

Solstice Video:
For those who appreciate quantum field coordinates
for this unique Solstice, watch this recent video by
Tom ‘Kaypacha’ Lescher:

  "The more I stand out, straight and tall,
Owning my truth before one and all,
   The more I love this world I hold dear,
         The more of the road to the future I clear."


For a 2015 preview in the Spirit that matters, review
Christ Mass 2014.  It's a good way to celebrate the
reason for the season with
enlightened thinking. 

 As the light of our collective conscience matures with
Global Net Activation, the full range of enlightenment
 (light language activating the wholEness movement)
 will morph the matrix of our Net reality, '
greening' our
conscience with the Hermetian Matrix:
management, media, medicine and markets with the
  TLC priorities of, by and for global -in-action.

 Culturing 5-D Conscience for
United Netizens
with the
full range of enlightenment for ALL:
 1- Virtual robots who don't think; lockstep "DUH"
(Dense, Unconscious & Heartless);
 2- Those who think they think, but "not so much"
(full spectrum dimwits);
 3- Those who are enlightened only "some ways"
(spectral autism);
4- Those with full spectrum common sense, but
not lighting the way for all the above;
    5- Enlightened Netizens who are response able,
linking the light of lightworkers to pay it forward.

 Networking for the Net worth of
TLC enlightened Net reality.

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