POWERSHIFT:  American Public Mobilizing / Big Oil Fascists Exposed

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"When the government fears the people, there is freedom.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."
- common sentiment of U.S. Founders

"Our government has in the past, and is right now, suppressing the truth across the board regarding a wide range of matters that affect the lives of all of us.  That stops when we as American citizens put a stop to it.
"In short, the people that were in the Cheney Energy Task Force were the same people that stood to gain if we attacked Afghanistan and took the deal away from the Taliban and Bridas Corporation.  They had spent years getting the deals, invested billions into drilling and could not turn a dollar of cash flow or profits until that pipeline was under US control.  That is Economics 101.
"How much oil is in the Caspian Basin?  More than 200 billion barrels, a thirty-year supply and worth over $12 trillion dollars and climbing every time they increase the price of oil.  For every day of 30 years, that is just shy of 10 supertankers full of 2 million barrels of oil.  That is right - 10 supertankers a day for every day the next 30 years.  That is the single biggest "motive" for any crime I have ever seen and was the probable reason that 9-11 was engineered so certain parties could take over that pipeline and that colossal oil and gas deal.
"How much natural gas? Reportedly as much as 12 trillion cubic meters, or about $3 trillion worth of natural gas on top of the vast oil reserves.
"The Republic is now led by a dishonest government that will tell any lie to carry out any objective where it involves money, greed and power.  They care not at all what they do in our name or what they do to undermine our freedoms and what this nation has always stood for.
Following is a keynote article regarding the current American Crisis.  Largely due to the effect of the global Internet and Netizen journalism, Americans are coming out of denial that there is a crisis, and the pendulum of power is swinging back to accountable checks and balances on the overt abuse of power in the Executive Branch of government.  There are many movements across America that are uniting for this cause.
That makes the wolves in sheep's clothing dangerous.  Their fear is tangible, time is short and wrath is great.  After all, they are now being exposed worldwide as being corrupt as hell but they are so corrupt they would try to make Americans pay even a greater price for their treachery and treason.  Someone has hell to pay and the BUSHwhackers are notorious karma dodgers.  Their game is charging the public for wars they create and then blaming dissent for being unpatriotic.  DUH!
There is extraordinary exposure of treasonous treachery in this article, so I do not recommend unsupervised viewing by immature children or weak-minded sheople who prefer to die stupid.  The former thrive on mature supervision but the latter are likely to make you feel as miserable as they "think".
As the Piscean Master said, "The poor in spirit will always be with us"  God loves 'em or he wouldn't have made so many of them.  The challenge of this Crisis is for those who have the vision, fortitude and courage to do what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do.  Please, at least, network freely.
The core virtue in this piece is its ability to instill the core intent of the American people to right the wrongs, clean house in Congress and the White House.  And do it now before secret subterfuge by the same domestic enemies behind 9-11 are allowed to perpetrate an even worse tragedy on Americans.
Unbridled greed is behind this corruption.  It is centered in the petrochemical industries -- oil and synthetic drugs -- spawned by Rockefeller interests in collusion with the Bush Dynasty since Prescott Bush did the banking for Hitler's military-industrial complex.  It's always tied to the international banksters and the phoney "FED" which is no more "federal" than the Federal Express.  The current economy on war steroids may profit the banksters but it is bankrupting all that Americans hold sacred, including the underpinning economy.
This article is a shocking wake-up call for many slumbering Americans.  If you also read the excellent recent article on chemtrails -- www.heartcom.org/chemtrails.htm -- you will see how covert government "seeding" of pathogens across American have been literally setting up the American public for the kill -- either "making a killing" for the medical-industrial complex or the spraying of Bird Flu for the type of national emergency these fascists want in order to force a fascist police state on American just as they used 9-11 to force Mid-East intervention.
The author of the article is running for President on a "Truth platform".  Of course, the elections are fixed now by rigged electronic voting machines, but that MUST change also.  And at least we're getting the truth now.
Never forget who the REAL terrorists are.  Realize that the only power they have is the power "We the People" give them.  The POWERSHIFT must come, sooner or later. 
If not now, WHEN?  If not US - United Sovereigns - WHO?
By God's Grace, Truth and Love Will Prevail,
- Christopher
"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
 -- Mahatma Gandhi

Preface Note from Barbara Hartwell,  Legal Defense & Research Trust PO Box 7487 Ocean Park, Maine 04063:
Here is an update from Karl Schwarz, 2008 presidential candidate, The American Patriot Party, an Independent Third Party.
I am familiar with some of the issues Karl writes about here, having been involved in a CIA operation and corresponding lawsuit against the Government of Iran, for which I served as a consultant in the time frame after the Shah was deposed.   I do not wish to elaborate on this further until such time as I make my part in the case public; however, I was well aware at that time (1985-6) that skullduggery was afoot in the U.S. government regarding political manipulation in connection with corporate oil deals.

After I refused to fly to Paris for the trial because I did not want further involvement on the case (I had discovered some disturbing factors and so also refused to cooperate in other ways) an attempt was made on my life by an arranged car crash in which I was seriously injured and from which I am blind in one eye to this day.  (In fact, I still have in my evidence files a postcard from Christian Bourget -- French attorney involved in the Iran hostage negotiations as well as the lawsuit I mention here -- thanking me for my work on the case and saying he was looking forward to meeting me at the trial in Paris.)
I also know that what Karl says about Homeland Security and the Patriot Acts being drafted long before 9-11 is true.  In fact, the information I was privy to in the past suggests that these treasonous plots were actually spawned many years before the time frame Karl refers to here.
In any case, what we are faced with in this country today -- the devastating greed of multinational corporate entities (many of which are fronts for government operations, most notably CIA); corruption, and corresponding cover-ups, which have reached critical mass- - can only be countered by the type of SERIOUS political activism Karl Schwarz outlines in his report.
I also find it significant that Karl Schwarz has been heavily targeted by the COINTELPRO operations -- and attempts to discredit him by the very same government disinfo agents and their minions who have targeted many legitimate government whistleblowers, sincere patriots and Christians.  These are those who, for many years, have been on the front lines of the battle for Liberty -- exposing government corruption and defending human and Constitutional rights.  I have discussed this at length, especially over the past year, with all persons mentioned here, including Karl Schwarz.
I am working on a lengthy report, a comprehensive analysis of the COINTELPRO, also focusing on the Denver Connection to the Bush/Clinton/CIA/Mossad Crime Empire involving drugs-for-weapons deals, Iran Contra and much more, which I have covered in past reports (1995-2005) and on radio and TV programs.  Stew Webb (a contributor to my report) and I spent most of Thanksgiving Day on the phone going over the details and facts which will be published in the upcoming report.  For some of us, there are no days off, holidays included.
As my primary area of expertise is psychological operations, I am not nearly as well-versed as Karl is on some of the topics, such as corporate/financial, etc.
However, I do understand the larger picture he describes and I do agree wholeheartedly with Karl Schwarz's main thesis: That it is of utmost importance to expose "bogus policy on bogus facts" (including the Vietnam and Gulf wars and 9-11); demand full disclosure of suppressed information; and hold the criminals in government accountable for their lies, their treachery, their betrayal of the American people. The treason by which they have overthrown our Constitutional Republic from within.
Barbara Hartwell November 26, 2005

Defending our God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

-------------- article follows:

From Karl Schwarz, November 26, 2005

We Do Not have Clean Hands in Afghanistan

To all members of the Email Update List,

A scant percentage of Americans know that ten days before President Kennedy was assassinated, he made a speech at Columbia University, during which he made the following statement:

"The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight." -John Fitzgerald Kennedy May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

I have given a lot of thought to those words, his assassination, and what he was prevented from saying to America.

One of the things most noticeable to me since 1963 is how the Office of the President of the United States has been used to create and push bogus policy on bogus facts.  History has shown that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that escalated the Vietnam war was staged by the United States. I have repeatedly seen this nation invent enemies or even arm enemies to create a war in the future for massive defense spending initiatives.  I have also seen them implement policies based on lies just so the wealthy elite can make a lot of money, stained with the blood of dead American soldiers.  Yes, they also use policy by gun point to steal what belongs to others and then hold themselves up high as Great Americans when they are mere thieves.

One of the coming email updates will address how the past three presidential administrations have undermined our national security by breaching every level of common sense when transferring high technology to the People's Republic of China.

Knowing what I know about Washington, D.C. (my office was there from 1989 to 1996), when I see our government act I look behind the scenes for what the real motives were.

Afghanistan -- and why our President ordered our military to invade it -- is just such a instance of bogus policy based on outright lies. I have been following this matter since 1999, well before the attacks of 9-11, due to someone I met in 1999.  That person gave me information regarding a lawsuit in Texas and I followed it because I have been concerned for many years about the energy policies and foreign policies of this Republic.  What you are about to read below is not my word against George W. Bush; it is a matter of public record in our U.S. Courts.

The military training for the invasion of Afghanistan started less then sixty (60) days after Bush was sworn into office, and waiting only for 9-11 to happen to justify the invasion.  I also suspect that the drafting of the Patriot Act and the formation of Homeland Security started at about the same time.

If I were in a position to appoint the Real 9-11 Commission, it would start by investigating the four energy companies that have electrical plants in Pakistan, all attendees of the Cheney Energy Task Force and the list of Foreign and American names found by whistleblower Sibel D. Edmonds.  In short, I would see to it that the investigation started off with those that stood to benefit the most by attacking Afghanistan and taking over that pipeline and the list of names found by Sibel Edmonds to determine if they were the real perpetrators of 9-11 to put such policies into action. 

Our government has in the past, and is right now, suppressing the truth across the board regarding a wide range of matters that affect the lives of all of us.  That stops when we as American citizens put a stop to it.

One of the missions of American Patriot Movement will be to remove the U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and conduct a full investigation of 9-11 with a panel of ten qualified, disinterested experts.  Such a panel would also investigate the Cheney Energy Task Force and every person who participated.   That is a pretty bold move, but I explain below why I would make it plus open up landmark investigations aimed right at the heart of the problem.

It is my goal to find out the truth and present it to you. The major media outlets-television, print, radio and even many websites- are withholding information and entire stories that our current government does not want the citizenry to know.  I look at it this way: - if you or I can find trails and answers, so can the major media outlets with their much finer investigative apparatus and greater resources. 

The inescapable conclusion is that those media either do not look, or they know and do not tell.  I have put many in the media on notice and they ignore the facts; they look the other way and refuse to put the truth before their American audience.  It is also an inescapable conclusion that the U.S. government has withheld this information as well and for what I believe is cause to cover up their crimes.

What you are about to read (if for the first time) was not heard from the U.S. government or major media.  It is time all Americans stand up and demand straight answers to straight questions about the conduct of certain people in this Republic.

In the email update of November 19th, I introduced you to a Neocon that I have been watching for quite some time.  In the email update of November 26th, I introduced you to a chapter in Neoconned Again that exposes the writings of Mr. Edward Luttwak.  He is Jewish, ultra-conservative, a military advisor, and was an advisor to Reagan. If you stop to ponder that George H.W. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and others were also involved in the Reagan Administration, the dots start to connect.

I have been following a court case through the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas since 1999 when I was first told about it by employees of the corporation involved.  Long before 9-11 happened, I was looking at this corporation and the actions surrounding it, and everything I have found suggests I was on the right trail.  Even after I started making these matters publicly known in my book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, executives of this corporation approached me discreetly to advise that I was not only on the right trail but the matter was even more complicated and serious than I knew. U.S. government officials were engaged in activities they did not disclose to the American public. Furthermore, those officials sought to hide information about those activities.

Some of you may know that I sent a demand letter to George W. Bush for the truth about seven hours before the first debate with John Kerry.  You may not know that I also sent that demand letter to DNC and the Kerry campaign headquarters at the same time Bush received it at the White House.  The following is from that Demand Letter - available at the following link - http://www.karlschwarz.com/letter.html

You would have to read that Demand Letter to appreciate that Kerry and DNC just rolled over and were given the information to rip Bush to shreds.

Excerpts from the "Demand Letter" to Bush:

1. I demand as an American citizen that you lift the "gag order" on Sibel D. Edmonds
and let Americans know what foreign names and what AMERICAN NAMES she uncovered in her FBI translations that were involved in drug trafficking, money laundering and the financing of 9-11. Her facts and your"official story" lies do not add up. Americans demand the truth on that matter before the election.

2. I demand to know what energy companies were in that Cheney Energy Task Force meeting and what discussions there were as to the steps that would be taken to remove the Taliban and Bridas Corporation as the last remaining obstacle to the United States controlling the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. I met that company in 1999 and have known since then about the Bridas v Unocal, $15 billion interference of contract lawsuit in US District Court, Southern District of Texas. I also know about the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on September 9, 2003 that upheld the Bridas $500 million arbitration settlement and the March 22, 2004 denial of Writ of Certiorari at the United States Supreme Court, Case 03-1018, Turkmenneft v Bridas.

3. I demand to know how many prisoners are being held at GITMO and other places that are either BRIDAS EMPLOYEES or are persons that know all about Bridas Corporation and what your administration did to get control of that Trans-Afghanistan pipeline.

When that letter was received, I got a "thank you" from federal investigators that suddenly had all kinds of people freaking out and contacting each other that this had surfaced.  In sending that demand letter, certain people made the mistake of sending emails, telephone calls or scheduling meetings to discuss what they supposedly knew nothing about. In time the truth will be known by all.

Our freedoms and civil liberties -- and effectively the power of Constitutional checks and balances -- have been altered because of 9-11 and the 9-11 Commission that was suborned by the Bush Administration and Congress.  They have even covered up the Cheney Energy Task Force, in which I suspect that it was discussed that the landlocked oil deals in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan would not be landlocked much longer,
since Cheney and Bush intended to take control of the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, or TAP as it is called, with military force.

The TAP was under contract from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, through Pakistan to the ocean with an Argentine oil company named Bridas Corporation and its parent Bridas S.A.P.I.C.  On September 9, 2003, Bridas prevailed at the Fifth Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals on a $500 million interference of contract lawsuit.  That lawsuit was then taken to the U.S. Supreme Court and on March 22, 2004 the high court refused to hear the case or consider reversing the Fifth Circuit decision.  See US Supreme Court, case 03-1018, State Concern Turkmenneft v. Bridas S.A.P.I.C., et al.


Bridas Corporation signed contracts with Turkmenistan in 1992 and 1993, long before our oil companies were welcome in these former Soviet satellites. Suddenly, after our presence started there, the Turkmenistan government issued on order blocking Bridas from exporting the oil and gas they had found from Turkmenistan.  That was after Bridas had the foresight to start laying the groundwork for the pipeline across Afghanistan to get that oil to markets around the world.  Bridas signed the agreement with the Taliban in 1996 and in 1997 a full court press was put on Pakistan and Afghanistan to get the deal into U.S. hands.  They cut off the north end of that pipeline (Turkmenistan) and then the south end of that pipeline (Pakistan) and isolated the remaining element to Afghanistan / Taliban / Bridas Corporation.

The Bush Administration does not want any American knowing the truth about what happened in Afghanistan or that we breached a commercial contract with military force to take over a deal that was denied to US oil companies, because there was already a deal in place. Under the Clinton Administration they upended the Pakistan government to cut off that part of the Bridas Corporation deal.  Under the Clinton Administration, they compelled Turkmenistan to breach its agreements with Bridas, hence the judgment award of $500 million for interference of contract.  Clinton does not want you to know what actions were taken under his administration, and there were many.

The only remaining obstacle on 9-11 was the remaining agreement between the Taliban and Bridas Corporation.  The Bush Administration, Congress, many in our major media, and even the 9-11 Commission and Cheney Energy Task Force all know about Bridas Corporation because that Argentine oil and gas company was standing in the way of our US oil companies and UK oil companies.  The Caspian Basin oil is landlocked and there are only so many ways to get that oil out of the ground, to the ocean ports and into your gas tanks or home heating oil tanks.

There is the direct route from Turkmenistan across Iran to the ocean, but that is not politically popular since the overthrow of the Shah of Iran many years ago.  There is: 1.) the route across the Caspian Sea westward, which is extremely costly; and through Azerbaijan through Turkey to the Mediterranean; and 2.) from Turkmenistan through Georgia to the Black Sea; and 3.) through the Ukraine to Europe; and 4.) the Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ocean. 

Until one of those solutions was in place, the holes being drilled into the ground by British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon and others could not go anywhere and could not produce revenues for those companies. A route northward through Russia would put US oil companies at risk to changes in Russian politics and the Eastward route through China was not deemed secure enough since China is soon to become the second largest user of petroleum in the world after the United States.

In short, the people that were in the Cheney Energy Task Force were the same people that stood to gain if we attacked Afghanistan and took the deal away from the Taliban and Bridas Corporation.  They had spent years getting the deals, invested billions into drilling and could not turn a dollar of cash flow or profits until that pipeline was under US control.  That is Economics 101 and when one considers that there is over $12 trillion in oil at stake and over $3 trillion in natural gas, that also might be Prime Motive Number 1 for 9-11. 

They probably could have joint ventured that pipeline with Bridas, but then Argentina would have been raking in billions in hard cash and not hanging on for dear life as they are now. [Economic tyranny by IMF banksters has been punishing Argentina every since. -CR]

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security advisor to Carter and Foreign Intelligence advisor to Reagan even wrote a book titled The Grand Chessboard , American Primacy and It's Geostrategic Imperatives about the grand adventure to take over the Caspian Basin and its mother lode of oil and natural gas.  In case you are wondering, Mr. Brzezinski, as well as John Sununu, Nicholas Brady, James Baker, III and many other former Reagan and Bush I Administration people are also involved and have been for years.  See: http://www.wanttoknow.info/brzezinskigrandchessboard

If you are like me, you see no "geostrategic imperative" about sending your sons or daughters, wife or husband, off to some far away place just so a few elite insiders can make billions in oil in a deal they have conspired to take over for at least the past three presidential administrations. 

That is exactly what they have done and exactly why they suppressed the investigations into 9-11 and the Cheney Energy Task Force.

Consider for a moment Condoleezza Rice, who used to sit on the Chevron Board of Directors at that exact time that Chevron made the decision to invest billions into oil and gas production in the Caspian Basin and without any way in sight to get that oil to ocean ports.  You cannot convince me that Ms. Rice was unaware of Bridas Corporation and that they had beat US and UK oil companies to the punch way back in 1992 and 1993 when they starting signing oil and gas deals with the Turkmenistan government.  You cannot convince me that Ms Rice was not completely aware of the geostrategic imperative of that oil pipeline across Afghanistan.

If I had been a 9-11 Commission member, Ms. Rice would still be answering questions. I have many serious questions for her, and I am sure qualified, disinterested investigators would grill her, too.

The law firm of Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw was the firm that kept Bridas tied up in court at Fifth Circuit and at the U.S. Supreme Court.  Senior partner of that law firm, while these lawsuits were in progress, is Richard Ben Veniste, 9-11 Commission member.  He put on quite a show at the 9-11 Commission while his law firm kept Bridas tied up in court and not a word said that someone else had beaten the US and our oil companies to the contracts.  This is the same law firm that helped Andy Fastow at Enron set up all of those bogus offshore SPE [Special Purpose Entity] that were "special" just to steal from investors.
Details at http://www.mayerbrown.com/news/index.asp?page=12&archive=Y&nid

The Republic is now led by a dishonest government that will tell any lie to carry out any objective where it involves
money, greed and power.  They care not at all what they do in our name or what they do to undermine our freedoms and what this nation has always stood for.

I have given much consideration to the steps necessary to remedy this situation. Here are but a few:

1.Removal of all troops from Iraq, possible relocation of those armored divisions to Palestine; and

2. A series of Executive Orders that would shred the veils that this government hides behind.  All investigations would be thrown wide open to public view, and all persons that deserve to be prosecuted would be prosecuted; and

3. Dismantling and re-defining of the Patriot Act so that it focuses on the problems, and not be used as a tool to undermine the Constitution and our freedoms; and

4. Fiscal sanity would start by reigning in the wasteful spending and the National Debt curve would start heading the other way; and

5. Possible price controls and definite investigation, prosecution of market manipulations; and

6. Barring of AIPAC from Capitol Hill due to them being a foreign lobbyist that is decidedly pro-Israel; and

7. Deregulation and breaking up the media monopolies and other monopolies that threaten this nation and the wellbeing of each and every one of us. None of us can make good decisions in a vacuum or when lies are being spoon fed to us as the news.

8. Appointment of a 9-11 Commission that would cut through the D.C. nonsense and get to the bottom of who to prosecute for the crime of 9-11 against this nation with possible charges filed against the past 9-11 Commission members on a wide range of legal issues.

Those would just be for starters to commence the clean up in D.C.

The State of California, liberal bastion that it is, should support me for one simple reason.  I would force the 21 energy companies that plundered the rate payers of California to reimburse that $5.5 to $7.5 billion they stole and Bush did nothing about it but dole out miniscule fines compared to the crime. 

That some of those 21 firms are involved in the big Caspian Basin oil deals is something that deserves a full investigation regarding the light nature of their fines These are the same firms that sat in on the Cheney Energy Task Force that the Bush Administration does not want anyone to look into.

I would also have the executives of four energy companies that were involved in this fleecing of California called before a legitimate 9-11 Commission for one very simple reason.
They have electrical power generation plants in Pakistan and we would get to the bottom of who (what company or what name) was talking to them about cheap natural gas supplies after the Taliban and Bridas Corporation had been eliminated from the picture.

I would wager that the name of that person is not Osama bin Laden. I would also wager that the person or company knew all about 9-11 coming.

Neither the Bush administration nor the Clinton Administration wants Americans to know about Bridas Corporation or that it had signed major oil and gas development agreements with Turkmenistan as early as 1992 and 1993.
Bridas then signed agreements with Pakistan and Afghanistan because the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is one of only a few routes to get the landlocked Caspian Basin oil to the ocean and distributed around the world.  The folks at Bridas Corporation are not stupid.  They knew full well that they needed a pipeline to the ocean to get their part of the oil and gas out to the world markets.

As mentioned earlier, one of the other routes is through the former Russian state of Georgia.  The leader of that nation, Georgian prime minister Zurab Zhvania decided he was against the oil pipelines coming through his nation and he wound up assassinated shortly after he made that fateful decision. Our press painted the picture that he was killed due to his coziness with the "West", but the fact is he was against our pipelines coming through Georgia.  You do the math.
Details at http://english.pravda.ru/world/20/92/371/15532_zhvania.html

Both the Bush and Clinton Administrations do not want Americans to know that Bridas was interfered with in Turkmenistan and Pakistan to isolate both the Taliban and Bridas Corporation regarding the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, a pipeline that we now control through use of military force in Afghanistan. This raises serious questions about our true motives in attacking Afghanistan following 9-11.

We deserve to know why the Bush Administration does not want Americans to know that Bridas Corporation and their parent Bridas SAPIC, prevailed in our Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding interference of contract in Turkmenistan.  That decision was handed down from a US Court on September 9, 2003, while the 9-11 Commission and Bush Administration were in cover up mode on 9-11.  Bridas SAPIC v. Government of Turkmenistan, et al., No, 02-20929, 5th Cir   The original lawsuit in Texas was Bridas S.A.P.I.C., Bridas Corporation v. Unocal, Turkmenneft, et al and was a $9 billion interference of contract lawsuit. http://www.asil.org/ilib/ilib0620.htm

We deserve to know why the Bush Administration does not want Americans to know about the U.S. Supreme Court decision handed down on March 22, 2004, while the 9-11 Commission was still playing "Where's Waldo?" that the High Court denied the Writ of Certiorari and let the Fifth Circuit decision stand.  Case Number 03-1018, Turkmenneft v Bridas S.A.P.I.C.  See Certiorari Denied at this link: http://supreme.lp.findlaw.com/supreme_court/orders/2003/032204pzor.html

You did not hear of this from Bush, Congress or the 9-11 Commission, and it is time you started asking why you did not hear about this from them.

You did not hear about this from the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, CNN or FOXNews, but it is about time you started asking why you did not hear about this from them.  It is time for Americans from every state start demanding to know why their Senators and US House representatives have been mum on this matter of what was in Afghanistan that we now control by use of military force.

How much oil is in the Caspian Basin?  More than 200 billion barrels, a thirty-year supply and worth over $12 trillion dollars and climbing every time they increase the price of oil.  For every day of 30 years, that is just shy of 10 supertankers full of 2 million barrels of oil.  That is right - 10 supertankers a day for every day the next 30 years.  That is the single biggest "motive" for any crime I have ever seen and was the probable reason that 9-11 was engineered so certain parties could take over that pipeline and that colossal oil and gas deal. 

How much natural gas? Reportedly as much as 12 trillion cubic meters, or about $3 trillion worth of natural gas on top of the vast oil reserves.

It is not my word against Bush and Clinton.  The historical facts and U.S. court records say all that needs to be said about the possible taint on our real motives of heading towards Afghanistan.  If our government's motives for invading Afghanistan were a lie, just like Iraq has been, the matter needs to be looked into and charges brought against certain people.  Just consider that Afghanistan and our actions there are directly tied to 9-11. I have met very few people that think the 9-11 Commission was doing its job rather than covering it up.

Did you know about Bridas Corporation?  Did you know about Mr. Ben Veniste's law firm being involved the Caspian Basin and keeping Bridas Corporation tied up in the court case while he was sitting on the 9-11 Commission?

These 9-11 Commissioners all have vested financial reasons directly and indirectly to see 9-11 covered up as it was:


Thomas Keane, 9-11 Commission chairman and Amerada Hess -- tied to Big Oil and major deals in the Caspian Basin region.  Several Saudi oil companies are involved and Amerada Hess is in bed with at least one of them Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia.  Delta Oil was one of the parties after the Afghanistan pipeline.

Fred Thompson, former Rep governor of Illinois -- sits on the board of FMC and the oil equipment subsidiary doing well in the Caspian Basin.  Afghanistan pipeline needed to get that landlocked oil and natural gas to the oceans and huge amounts of drilling is in progress.

John F. Lehman, John F. Lehman & Company, Rep, former Secretary of the Navy -- now a private equity firm directly involved in Big Defense, known Neocon.

Fred Fielding, Rep, served on Bush transition team.  Also sits on a board with Diane Allbaugh, oil industry lobbyist and wife of Joe Allbaugh, Bush Cheney 2000 campaign manager.  Mr. Allbaugh was appointed head of FEMA and shortly before the Iraq Invasion in 2003 left to set up NewBridge Strategies, LLC, a consultant in getting into the big money Iraq Reconstruction projects.  NewBridge Strategies, LLC is directly connected to the following well known and not so well known Republican entities.

Joe M. Allbaugh, Chairman and Director Joe M. Allbaugh -- CEO of The Allbaugh Company, LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based corporate strategy and counsel firm. A native of Oklahoma, Joe served as the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under President George Bush until March 2003. Prior to moving to Washington, D.C., he was Chief of Staff to then-Governor Bush of Texas and was the National Campaign Manager for the Bush-Cheney 2000 presidential campaign.

Ed Rogers, Vice Chairman and Director Ed Rogers is Vice Chairman of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, Inc.--  the firm he founded with Haley Barbour in 1991. From January of 1989 until August of 1991, Ed served as the Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States and Executive Assistant to the White House Chief of Staff. Additionally, Ed was the Senior Deputy to Bush-Quayle Campaign Manager Lee Atwater, from February of 1987, through the general election in 1988. Ed also worked in the White House Office of Political Affairs during the Reagan Administration.

Jamal Daniel, Advisory Board Member Jamal Daniel -- a Principal with Crest Investment Company, which invests in a wide-range of business ventures and is based in Houston. Prior to his work with Crest Investment, Jamal was a Director of the Uniteg Investment Company, Inc., providing U.S. and international investors with comprehensive real estate services ranging from acquisition and construction to financing and sales. Additionally, Jamal has extensive experience in structuring investing in energy and oil and gas projects throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

For those of you who do not know this yet, Crest Investments is where Neal Bush acts as an advisor for $60,000 a year for about 3-4 hours of work a week.  It is this "hogs at the feed trough" matter I addressed in a prior email.


Richard Ben Veniste, senior partner Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw.  Formerly was the lead counsel for Enron and all of those fraudulent offshore entities set up by Andy Fastow, and Mayer Brown used to share an office with Enron in Uzbekistan. Now Enron is Primus Energy, Cayman Islands, all former Enron International and former Halliburton people as management.  Mayer Brown also kept Bridas tied up in court prior to, during and following 9-11, and while the 9-11 Commission was conducting a mock investigation.  The name Bridas Corporation never came up publicly in any Congressional hearings or the 9-11 Commission.

Jamie Gorelick, sits on the board of Schlumberger -- firm is raking in record profits from Caspian Basin business.

Tim Roemer, has taken political donations for years while in Congress from Carlyle Group (Big Defense), Chevron (Big Oil and heavily involved in the Caspian Basin and Condoleezza Rice as former Chevron board member), and Van Scoyoc & Associates, major foreign lobbyist for Big Defense and Big Oil.

Any way you cut it, a 7 to 3 majority by people who have
direct conflicts of interests is still a majority on the 9-11 Commission and makes it easy to cover up what really happened.

For those Americans that think Clinton - Gore had nothing to do with the lead up to invading Afghanistan over a pipeline we could not otherwise get control of, take a look at what Max Boot, senior fellow Council for Foreign Relations had to say in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor: The Neocons tried for years to get Clinton to act and felt they could get Gore to act in the event he won in 2000.

"What type of foreign policy/security strategy would an Al Gore administration have set after Sept. 11? How different would it have been from the one that emerged from the Bush White House?
I think it's likely that the Gore administration would have invaded Afghanistan after 9/11. I think it's unlikely they would have invaded Iraq. That's the big difference."
Gore was under the control of the same special interests that control George W. Bush. [Gore's father was the political front man for Armand Hammer who set up oil monopolies in Russia for Rockefeller. - CR]

They had been planning the takeover of that Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline for many years. If you understand that the same wealthy elite special interests own both parties in D.C., you understand the gravity of the problem.

Bridas started signing contracts with Turkmenistan, the north end of that pipeline in 1992 and 1993.  That is a provable and documented fact and it was also long before any of our oil companies were welcome in the region.  Bridas also saw the strategic importance of having a way to get the landlocked oil and gas to the ocean and the shortest route to do that is from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan and Pakistan to an ocean port.

Max Boot also does us all a service by having a Neocon provide a definition as to what a Neocon really is at this link:
http://www.benadorassociates.com/article/180 -- What the Heck Is a Neocon? by Max Boot Wall Street Journal December 30, 2002

I have been called many names in my career -- few of them printable -- but the most mystifying has to be "neocon." I suppose I get labeled thus because I am associated, in a small way, with the Weekly Standard, which is known as a redoubt of "neoconservatism."

But what the heck is a neocon anyway in 2003? A friend of mine suggests it means the kind of right-winger a liberal wouldn't be embarrassed to have over for cocktails. That's as good a definition as any, since the term has clearly come unmoored from its original meaning.

'Mugged by Reality'

The original neocons were a band of liberal intellectuals who rebelled against the Democratic Party's leftward drift on defense issues in the 1970s. At first the neocons clustered around Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson, a Democrat, but then they aligned themselves with Ronald Reagan and the Republicans, who promised to confront Soviet expansionism. The neocons, in the famous formulation of one of their leaders, Irving Kristol, were "liberals mugged by reality."

They were never conservatives, only pretended to be.  The resistance against Russian expansion is now a US driven expansionism of corporate interests, at the end of a gun and wrapped around it is a bogus War on Terror that has the United States being the world's foremost terrorist.

The only solution I can see to restore America is to consolidate the third parties, the disaffected Republican and Democrats who have figured it out, and Take Back America before we have nothing left worth having to take back.

I cannot stress enough that no single person can take these people on and win.  It will take a grassroots effort that equals or exceeds either the DNC or RNC.  It will take money and lots of it to get the media and air time needed to get the message out to America.  The 2004 presidential mock election was a $1 billion show between Bush, Kerry and their wealthy elite / corporate backers.

If Americans want change, they have to be prepared to match RNC and DNC at least dollar for dollar to make that change happen.

The Campaign Website is up and open for contributions at www.karlschwarz2008.com
[Good luck if those rigged election machines are still in place! -CR]

It is time to Take Back America and that will require that all of us be in the front lines and not sitting back and watching the show.  If you have the time, please forward this email update to all that you know, for their futures are at stake too.


Karl W. B. Schwarz

KARL SCHWARZ FOR PRESIDENT 2008 The American Patriot Party, An Independent 3rd Party Wake Up, End The Lies & Take Back America



"Those who vote decide nothing.
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The corporations run the country
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Is it media or mind control
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Who will tell the people...
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"Tyranny hates reason! Tyranny hates honor! This is because Tyranny is overcome by REASON and HONOR.
  It is Folly and Fear that is the food of Tyrants. Tyranny thrives in a climate of dishonor and
tolerance for dishonor.  Turn on the lamp of truth and justice and tyrants flee to hide."
- Reinhold Sommerstedt

"When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth,
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