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2015 Signs of the Times in a 'Love Sandwich'

Insight and Outlook for Understanding the 2015 Overview

By Christopher L. Rudy
Host of Cosmic LOVE
Sunday Dec. 6, 2015

A week of work went into the preface article 'love sandwich’ which begins with enlightened love and ends with love's enlightenment - the bread of life - sandwiching some “good food” (breaking news) in between for general enlightenment. Enjoy the full 'sandwich' HERE.

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day."
~ Thomas Jefferson to Dupont de Nemours, 1816

General enlightenment brings up all that is less than light for transmutation, and you have a front row seat for the big drama unfolding. Buckle up for a wild ride as you wake up, wise up and rise up in an upward spiral that is going viral with billions of global Netizens culturing social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.
The common sense of full-spectrum conscience is now defining, refining, combining and shining collective intention for universal sovereign rights in the public sphere. Indeed, it is pure intention that focuses attention with love's retention for conscious ascension in a high frequency dimension where sovereignty rules.

Are We In The Midst Of A Great Awakening?
Nov 23, 2015 /

Keep a sense of humor as you keep the faith in the power of wisdom at the interactive interface heart of global social networks.

Archie Bunker's Editorial on Gun Control and Terrorism

From the "All in the Family" Season 3 premiere, entitled
"Archie and the Editorial." It aired over 43 years ago
during the Vietnam War.

So there you have it in a laughable nut shell. The banksters want to take the guns away so they can control the terror they have created with an endless war of terror that profits from martial law tyranny by creating foreign and domestic terror with terrorists flooding the world to terrify citizens who naturally buy guns that the real terrorists want to take away. Got that?
But wait! The consequences have been just the opposite of what the real criminal bankster-terrorists intended:

Americans Have Never Tried To Buy So Many Guns In November... Ever
Nov 4, 2015 /
A good example of 'unintended consequences' that happen when
centralized abuse of power challenges decentralized security.

This is a personal and planetary sovereignty issue folks!

DEBRIEFING: Breaking News on the War Against Sovereignty

Most of the world's powers are now flying combat missions over Iraq and Syria against ISIS. Russia has set up a radar-missile shield around Syria, supported by China, Iran and allies. But any consensus on how to proceed has been thwarted by opposing policies of the United States and its European, Arab and Israeli allies who want to destroy the sovereign state of Syria as they destroyed sovereignty and civility in Iraq and Libya. Full debriefing HERE (scroll down to Breaking News)

Defense Contractors Cite Benefits of Escalating
Conflicts in the Middle East

Dec 5, 2015 /

US First Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution,
Now Officially Honors Them

Glenn Greenwald / Dec 5, 2015 /
Greenwald writes:
"The Obama administration has moved from
legally protecting Bush-era war criminals to
honoring and gushing over them in public."

Dick Cheney's company made over $39 billion dollars on the Iraq war; US-funded tax dollars for a war started with mass media deception over nonexistent weapons of mass estruction’. This corrupt collusion of big government with big media and big oil is in the 'cross-hairs' thanks to surging social conscience in global social networks.

Domestic terror fomented by false flag events of the security-industrial complex are just as egregious as endless foreign wars of terror that profit the military-industrial complex. They both require corp-media complicity that is more interested in profitable ratings and a martial law agenda rather than the public’s interest in truth.

The Foreign and Domestic War by Deception - Who Profits?

Media Mogul Murdock Behind Mideast Mayhem?
  Media mogul Rupert Murdock wants to bomb Syria
   because he's a major stockholder in Genie Energy,
    a new oil company that has discovered massive oil
  reserves in Southern Syria. He will profit big when
taking those reserves through war-by-deception.
So Murdock's Fox News and Wall Street Journal
 spin news (Allies Fighting ISIS) to fit the agenda.
  Stockholders will make a killing duping the public.
   Note how Cheney did the same, stealing Iraq's oil.

San Bernadino shooting story shot full of holes by patsie's attorney
Dec 6, 2015 /
Ten questions THEY don't want you to ask, such as "Who profits?"

Global judgment IS what global judgment DOES to check, balance and otherwise neutralize the 'Big Lie' with the 'Whole Truth'.

That’s a conscious CHOICE for global humanity.

Billions of global Netizens have awakened to a new social conscience that is more enlightened as to the opportunity for 'Global Shift from Crisis to Cooperation'.
This is the fulfillment of the computer/Internet revolution. It's a global affair. The Family of Mankind has arrived in a global village of ALL-connected capabilities for instant-everywhere and interactive CIVILITY.
To paraphrase Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention ratifying the American Revolution in self-determination... either we all hang together with self-governing capabilities of, by and for ALL global Netizens, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately.

       Either we unite with
LOVE or we’re divided by terror.

So chew on the 'Love Sandwich' for a check up from the neck up. Consider how global humanity now has a clear CHOICE between 'Global Cooperation or WWIII'. And keep your balance in tune with the holistic, healthy and holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that cultures the Power of Love at the coherent heart of global civility.

“Truly it is a time of peril in many places around the world. And yet, has it always been such in some way, through many ages, where the forces of darkness lash out at that which they may not fully control. For their control is only within the footstool kingdom of materiality. And they may never – in any way – control the lives, the hearts, the minds of the initiates whose purpose is to serve the one God, and to love all life in all realms as God loves the Creation itself. Therefore fear not in what you see manifesting in many areas around the globe in this hour. Put your trust, faith, hope and acceptance in the divine plan and in the initiatic path set before you as a conscious one to walk in - fully clothed in light, fully bathed in spiritual fire, fully ensconced in that higher reality of pure light, pure love, pure Beingness."
~ Excerpt from: Maitreya Raises Us into Higher Buddhic Beingness / Dec. 6, 2015 via David C. Lewis /

Take Heart with an attitude of gratitude for conscious evolution revolution revelations unveiling the divine plan of, by and for the United Sovereigns of Earth.

Keep the Faith in for Co-Creation,
and Network Freely to Make it So!


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 May your enlightenment be sublime
and your radiant networking shine
to put all sinister darkness behind
via Global TeLeComm for mankind.

"The human adventure has become the cutting edge of cosmic destiny...
Our minds will unite like the fragments of a 
~ Terence McKenna at: 'Timewave Zero'

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