Nov. 25, 2015 / Full Moon

What World Changes Are You Thankful For?

Seven Reasons for Global Gratitude

Thanksgiving 2015 podcast on Cosmic LOVE

Dear reader of this upbeat Thanksgiving Shift Update. I've been doing Shift Updates all year, emphasizing dynamics on the Full Moon, as today.
These are extraordinary times of global enlightenment with surging social conscience in our global social networks. The bright light of Internet search capabilities for wisdom is the final judgment on dark-side special interests that have a vested interest in cherished illusions and willful ignorance.
Enlightened social conscience naturally checks and balances inordinate fears with ordained faith in conscientious common sense of the greatest number in the most enlightened way possible.
Personally, I'm grateful that you're still reading these 2015 Shift Reports of optimism and hope amidst dismal world news of economic contraction and rumors of WWIII. I maintain that it's all in divine order as obscure as that may appear on the surface.
Here are seven world changes you may be thankful for:
1- Clean free-energy technology is rapidly going into mass production worldwide. Not just cost-effective solar tech but also the new Keshe tech breakthrough that utilizes inexpensive 0-point energy for cars, homes and industry. This is why the future's market for oil is so dismal; a bright 'clean power' future is ahead of us. Decentralized public power is naturally disruptive to centralized economic and political power, but that future is inevitable as these six others points make self-evident.
2- Internet technologies have cultured general enlightenment as a new 'Net reality' in our global social networks. This interactive decentralized connection between global Netizens is disruptive to centralized programming by one-way broadcasting media, but cooperative win/win models in social networks are replacing competitive win/lose models that profit 1% at the expense of 99%. Universal Rights in the Global Sphere are naturally emerging with social conscience of humanity as a unified whole.
3- New 'blockchain technologies' are going mainstream on the Internet with profound implications for all our core social, political and economic institutions. See the video '
From Competition to Cooperation' half way down HERE. To quote: "Blockchain technologies offer a new approach, allowing us to achieve large-scale and systematic cooperation in an entirely distributed and decentralized manner... more participatory decision-making." This will be disruptive to global forces of oligarchy, fascism and tyranny, but it's good for democracy with social conscience.
4- Well-informed choice for global holistic healing is going mainstream with emerging Internet social networks such as Global TeLeCare. Free online 'crowd source' databases will provide highly personalized health information regarding one's unique metabolic type and symptom profile. New research and user feedback will show what modalities works best for the analysis, prevention and treatment of all disease.
5- Consensus-driven social networking is rapidly maturing from "The Computer is the Network" (Internet 1.0), and "Platforms for Social Networking" (Internet 2.0, like Facebook), to "The Network' has a Conscience" (Web 3.0 via Heartware). This emergence of cyberEthics at the heart of global TeLeComm may be disruptive to lockstep 'linear' top-down hierarchies of control over humanity, but it will liberate free and open social conscience in the decentralized "grass-roots" (Net roots) of our new global social networks.
6- Global political power is rapidly shifting from linear-logical left-brain dominant Western civilization -- that 'reads' from left to right -- towards a more balanced conscience with respect to the nonlinear-intuitive right-brain dominant function of Eastern civilization that reads right-to-left. This 'hemispheric' check and balance -- as 'East meets West' in a free and open global village -- may be disruptive to closed systems of communications and commerce, but it is the beginning of global peace and prosperity in a balanced 'Unity State' of 'United Souls' with a "Unified Sense" (common sense) as 'Universal Solidarity' of, by for the 'United Sovereigns' of Earth.
7- Spiritual science is being unveiled, qualified and magnified in the collective conscience of global humanity as at no other time in recorded history. A full spectrum conscious evolution revolution is going mainstream with a new understanding of 'light language' and the 'Seven Hats for Full-Spectrum Conscience'. The ancient history of extremely advanced spiritual science -- see new article by Dr. Forti HERE - is being validated with humanity’s new understanding of quantum science and the power of love for global enlightenment and holistic healing.

Regarding this 7th point, I'm grateful to be hosting
Dr. Kathy Forti at a local event; details below.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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