Predictions for 2012 and What You Can Do

#1 -- Mass dying of life on Earth conveys urgent signs of the times;
    #2 -- Food inflation and food scarcity will become a top crisis in 2011;
           #3 -- The rate of change in the quantum matrix accelerates for a purpose.

by Christopher Rudy

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                 “Predictions for 2011 and What You Can Do


Prediction #1 -- Mass dying of life on Earth conveys urgent signs of the times:

If you've been reading and wondering about the recent mass dying of birds and bees, fishes and other creatures, you're not alone.   Some say it is the effect of toxic chemicals being released by industry or chemtrails.  Others say it is the microwave radiation from cell phone towers and/or HAARP generators. Still others say it is the methane gas being released as tectonic plates move around the skin of the planet.  Earth is in travail, to say the least.

There's no question that life on Earth has been burdened by the DU radiation circulating the Earth from Mideast war zones... and the toxic genetic pollutants in food, air and water... and the EM radiation from a vast global network of microwave transmitters.  All of these affect the immune systems of living organisms, while making crap out of our DNA.  There's no future for healthy life in that trend.

Massive underground concentrations of methane gas, as so clearly evident in the BP oil blowout, are also being released from fissures in the Earth worldwide. It concentrates in clouds, especially under cold conditions, and can kill birds or fish quickly.  But birds are much more sensitive to a combination of cold, EM radiation and/or methane gas than humans are. That's why canaries where used in coal mines to warn of methane gas.


Over the last few weeks, it's widely being reported (google for yourself) that thousands of dead birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky and Illinois. Ten thousand birds fell from the sky in Manitoba. Thousands of Turtle Doves fell from the sky in Italy. Similar reports are coming in from South America, China and Sweden.  

Mass global bird deaths, whole flocks falling out of the sky, are a serious warning sign.

People need to know the serious portents for imminent Earth changes.


2011 will be remembered as the time when a critical mass of people worldwide awaken to the common cause of the exponential increase in global volcanism, the frequency and intensity of earthquakes, extreme weather, and the heating up of the Earth's core behind global warming.


There is persuasive evidence for a common cause behind accelerating Earth changes.

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--------- Prediction #2:


           Food inflation and food scarcity will become America's top crisis in 2011:

According to the National Inflation Association (NIA), food inflation will become the top crisis in 2011: "The days of cheap food in America are coming to an end.".  NIA guarantees that Americans will see double-digit food inflation in the first half of 2011.

Of course, this conservative estimate doesn't factor in the persuasive evidence for imminent Earth changes. As soon as the masses see the unmistakable signs and/or feel the crustal displacement of the Earth, panic will empty food stores overnight and survival will be the issue.


When Americans realize that they can no longer take food for granted, we will likely see the outbreak of an all out food price panic with everybody rushing to the supermarket to stock up on food at any price. Multiply that 'food scare' by ten when the persuasive evidence of imminent Earth changes becomes self-evident in 2011.

Whether food inflation or food scarcity, there are things you should know
about the causes and future of coming food shortages.

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--------- Prediction #3:

The rate of change in the quantum matrix accelerates for a purpose:


"We must give up the life we planned in order to
 have the life that is waiting for us."
 ~ Joseph Campbell

Will the consequences of Galactic alignment in 2012 be spiritual transformation that mitigates global catastrophe?  Will the inordinate love of power (power elite oligarchies) continue to milk the masses for their own wealth and power... or will the ordained power of love (heart of humanity) wise up, rise up, and raise the quantum shields (morphegenic grids of light) to mitigate the portents of imminent Earth changes?

It's been said that mankind has free will so anything is possible... even the systemic 'awakening' of unity consciousness along more enlightened lines of divine order and harmony framing the universe, galaxy, morphic grids of Earth and the resonant energies in our atoms, cellular DNA, and consciousness of divine mercy as resonates with – and warrants -- divine intercession.

Modern science is now proving the all-connected nature of quantum reality -- a unified field of 'cosmic intelligence' -- whereby matter doesn't exist as we believe it does, but because of a conscious intelligent mind that is linked energetically to the all-connected divine matrix of all matter.  This divine matrix of intelligent non-conventional energy is now becoming understood as indigenous cultures have intuitively understood -- a unified field of cosmic intelligence in resonance with cosmic cycles of a vast nature as epitomized by the 2011 Galactic Alignment. The 6th sense of "Effective Sensory Perception" (intuition) tells us where we came from, why we are here and what we are supposed to do... and this "quantum intuition" (revelation rEVOLUTION) will go mainstream in 2011 as the evidence for ‘get serious’ becomes compelling.


If quantum reality has taught us anything, it is that the all-connected quantum field is in a symbiotic relationship with our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, and the morphic grids of the unified field.. The health of our DNA mirrors the health of our consciousness.  And when our actions support our DNA in resonance with universal energies of LOVE-in-action, one's 'dream' goes mainstream with the whole, healthy and otherwise holy Spirit. Such a global rEVOLUTION -- a prayer field in resonance with Higher Power – will raise the morphegenic 'shields' of Earth to prevent the worst case scenarios in 2011.

Ask yourself, what serious ‘trigger event’ will it take for you to
pay attention with pure intention for ‘greater service’?


Will you have to have the Earth move under your feet before
you get serious and get right with your Creator?


Would you agree that it is better to be proactive now
rather than reactive later?


There is a science to miracles in the quantum matrix.
(See "2011 Mass Awakening - THE SCIENCE")

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