The Light Force Wins / Dark Side Loses

by Christos Lightweaver

Big Shift notes from the timeless continuum:


For a decade before the 2011 Galactic Alignment -- and for a decade afterwards -- the transformation of Earth with a massive infusion of intensified light has rebooted the DNA and Conscience of global humanity.

This rEVOLUTION from the inside-out is quickly remaking human beings in the image and likeness of the Creator's energies at the heart of global/galactic/universal intelligence.

Did your really think that our prevailing linear lock-step, left brain-dominated civilization could withstand the right brain's non-linear intuitive connection to the intelligence of billions of stars systems at this time?  Is it true that we live in quantum field of energy that has always affected our DNA and consciousness thereby?

Would you agree with quantum science that provides ample evidence of change in our DNA as the consequence of change in the quantum field of our emotions, thoughts and 'spirit'?

Consider how the 'spirit' of our times -- the GREAT LIGHT of the BIG SHIFT -- has changed us and our Net reality with a global grass-roots (Net roots) rEVOLUTION in all-connected social Conscience.

Consider the quantum reality whereby Cosmic Light carries intelligence with "photon carrier waves" of an extremely sophisticated nature analogous to a single strand of fiber optics as a vehicle for laser light carrying thousands of digitized e-mails, phone conversions or YouTube Videos.

Consider the light-carrying intelligence of 'Great Cosmic Intelligence' in the heavens above, ALL in alignment for creating a New Earth during this time. Consider how the quantum reality of this Great Cosmic Intelligence is 'aligning' our energies by rebooting our atoms, cells and DNA with the blueprint for divine harmony and order as framed all creation and continues to frame all creation. 

This time is, indeed, a great Cosmic drama.  The light of a vast cosmically-aligned spiritual intelligence -- approximating our most enlightened concept of "Universal God" -- is being intensely beamed to Earth at this time, creating a classic 'judgment' on the prevailing momentums of all that is less than "THAT light"
I Am THAT I Am), etc..


This is the time of the “Great Purification” (Hopi prophecy) which is the “Judgment” (Christian prophecy) as  the purifying judgment of DISCERNMENT which makes obsolete the sense of separation and suffering from the collective karmic habit of "DUH" (Dummies, Unconscious & Heartless), which is also known as 'paradigm paralysis' or 'stinking thinking'.  That too shall pass.

Consider your responsibility in the unified field at this time -- beyond 'DUH' -- as though you are one with 'God' for wholeness and healing of Earth.  God knows that a unified field IS what Unity Conscience DOES:)

Consider how the advance of Net reality and wireless technology brought us all to the threshold of a new Effective Sensory Perception that makes external networks obsolete.  Indeed, the veil has thinned that much. The all-connected nature of
quantum Conscience is going mainstream.

Call it the gift of the holy spirit as DISCERNMENT, the unified field of
quantum Conscience has given us plenty of evidence that the light of LOVE – when sufficiently resonant in our DNA and Unity Conscience -- truly heals the morphic grids of the Earth holodeck.

Consider how Effective Sensory Perception is the full-spectrum intelligence which is self-organizing and self-regulating as a cybernetic 'light-feedback' system as cultures awareness of HOW we are conscious, i.e., with a 'heart' (God-Love Conscience).

Consider how the "carrier wave" of Galactic Alignment at this time has been infusing our Conscience with the universal law/lanuage of the angles/angels of "G.O.D.~
" (Geometrically Ordered Divinity as the Constitution of LOVE for the angels of our better nature).

Obviously, the higher the concept of "God is Love" and for giving, not for getting, the greater the results for personal and planetary unity in our diversity, i.e. conscious evolution as our divine destiny.

If it is true that we balance our individual and collective
'karma' (bad habits) in a process of atonement as atONEment in the unified field of Cosmic Love, than it is also true that our divine destiny or 'darma' (good habits) will fulfill the prophecy of the Aquarian Dispensation of Freedom-in-Love.

This is the 'test that's best' for all souls during this unprecedented time of global transformation... so please forward this e-mail freely to your 'loved one' list as I have. One for all; all for
Unity Conscience.

Some will 'get it'.  Some won't. So what?  In the grand scheme of things, those who give others more opportunity for freedom in the
Spirit that matters will themselves be giving more opportunity for freedom in the Spirit that matters.  There's always "NEXT" in the eternal progression of the soul.

In the end, all that matters is the
Spirit that matters, above all, for a new beginning.

So welcome the New Economy based on the currency of
Unity Conscience. Make it so!

Pray and Prepare for Evolutionary Ascent -- Freedom-in-Love -- Worlds Without End,

~ Christos


 "This is a test to see if your mission on Earth is over.
If you are still alive, it's not."
 ~ Sir Francis Bacon


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