Persuasive Evidence of Imminent Earth Changes


Mass dying of life on Earth conveys urgent signs of the times.

Re: 2012 Predictions


If you've been reading and wondering about the recent mass dying of birds and bees, fishes and other creatures, you're not alone.   Some say it is the effect of toxic chemicals being released by industry or chemtrails.  Others say it is the microwave radiation from cell phone towers and/or HAARP generators. Still others say it is the methane gas being released as tectonic plates move around the skin of the planet.  Earth is in travail, to say the least.

There's no question that life on Earth has been burdened by the DU radiation circulating the Earth from Mideast war zones... and the toxic genetic pollutants in food, air and water... and the EM radiation from a vast global network of microwave transmitters.  All of these affect the immune systems of living organisms, while making crap out of our DNA.  There's no future for healthy life in that trend.

Massive underground concentrations of methane gas, as so clearly evident in the BP oil blowout, are also being released from fissures in the Earth worldwide. It concentrates in clouds, especially under cold conditions, and can kill birds or fish quickly.  But birds are much more sensitive to a combination of cold, EM radiation and/or methane gas than humans are. That's why canaries where used in coal mines to warn of methane gas.

Mass global bird deaths, whole flocks falling out of the sky, are a serious warning sign.

People need to know the serious portents for imminent Earth changes.


2012 will be remembered as the time when a critical mass of people worldwide awaken to the common cause of the exponential increase in global volcanism, the frequency and intensity of earthquakes, extreme weather worldwide, and the heating up of the Earth's core behind global warming.


There is persuasive evidence for a common cause behind accelerating Earth changes.


Back in 1916, a geologist called Alfred Wagoner proposed what was, at that time, considered to be an outrageous hypothesis. He said that it looked to him like the continents floated around on the surface of the Earth over very long periods of time as indicated by the way the West Coast of Africa and the East Coast of South America fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Wagoner proposed the theory of 'Continental Drift', and for doing so, he was ridiculed by his colleagues and widely considered a madman by geological orthodoxy in 1916. But by 1960, the theory of Continental Drift was being taught as orthodox geology in all our schools. Wagoner was right - the skin of the Earth periodically moves dramatically.

Wagoner's example illustrates how geology is about theories and theories change. But reality will not budge. Shift happens!  Theories of 'reality' are no match for scientific evidence that goes beyond the confines of political correct or socially accepted ‘truth’.

Sometimes that which seems outrageous gets supported by later evidence, like the evidence of Planet X which the mainstream masses will witness in 2011.  Most of those reading this are already convinced of the
well-documented evidence of Planet X, even though any evidence is considered 'outrageous' by politicized science and blacked out by the highly controlled corporate media.

Continental Drift and Crustal displacement

In 1953, another outrageous geological theory was proposed by Charles Hapgood, a professor in America.  He suggested a very intriguing possibility which is that the entire outer crust of Earth can slip in one piece around the core of the molten Earth below. It's interesting that Hapgood received endorsement of his theory from one of the greatest minds of our century, Albert Einstein, who liked the physics of his theory of crustal displacement on a global scale.

This theory of crustal displacement explains how the mythical continent of Atlantis disappeared with global Earth changes about 12,000 years ago. It explains how Antarctica could have been Atlantis in a warmer climate. According to the evidence of Hapgood, a massive crustal displacement shifted Antarctica 2000 miles south dead center over the Antarctic Circle, covering it with 2 miles of ice since then.

Atlantis surely suffered cataclysm, and whether it sunk or was displaced across the Earth's surface is debatable. But dramatic Earth changes, at the time of previous Planet X returns – as the time when Atlantis disappeared -- have been well documented in ancient writings as well as geological records. The Einstein-endorsed theory of Charles Hapgood has been amply validated, and the implications for the 2011 fly-by of Planet X could demonstrate global crustal displacement to a greater or lesser degree than the Atlantis cataclysm.

Crustal displacement = tectonic plate movement = extreme pressure on trapped pockets of methane gas = release of methane gas from the bowls of Earth through fissures opening worldwide

2012 will be remembered as the time when a critical mass of people worldwide awaken to the common sense of 'unveiled mysteries' regarding the common cause of the exponential increase in global volcanism, the frequency and intensity of earthquakes, extreme weather worldwide, and the heating up of the Earth's core behind global warming.

Unorthodox signs of the times are coming from many sources, ranging from giant sophisticated crop circles to Internet news like ZetaTalk which provide off-planet debriefing of tectonic plate movements, the sinking of some areas and the rising of others. Of course, the mainstream media's status quo mind control matrix will not touch this subject, but the IP addresses registering on ZetaTalk websites show a high percentage of Pentagon and NASA addresses who are 'secretly' monitoring a reality they don't believe the public has a right to know... like the hundreds of "DUMBs" (Deep Underground Military Bases) that the elite have built in America and worldwide in preparation for Planet X which they've been observing with infrared telescopes since 1983.

Survival of the fittest has translated to a massive cover-up of survival preparations for the elite who have stripped trillions of dollars out of the economy for covert purposes of survival for the few at the expense of civil defense for the masses. Although it's true that this cover-up prevents panic and social chaos in the short term, allowing a relative few to prepare up to the last hours before cataclysmic Earth changes, the time for preparing now is extremely short for those reading this.

All things are made known as the veil thins with revelations.

If there's one thing we've learned from WikiLeaks, it's just how much our government is lying to us.  If you've seen the excellent (short) YouTube video, 'Economic Hitmen', a summary of the message of John Perkins, you know what's behind the terror and tyranny tactics of sociopathic parasites with an 'end game' agenda. The 2011 fly-by of Planet X puts a wholly different spin on the fear-driven predatory policies of power elite giants who are ethical infants. When the inordinate love of power eclipses the ordained power of love, it's truly time for the end of that world... ready or not.


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