Food inflation and food scarcity to be
America's top crisis in 2011


Double-digit food inflation by mid year.
Crustal displacements by November.

2011 Predictions

According to the National Inflation Association (NIA), food inflation will become the top crisis in 2011: "The days of cheap food in America are coming to an end.".  NIA guarantees that Americans will see double-digit food inflation in the first half of 2011.

Of course, this conservative estimate doesn't factor in the persuasive evidence for imminent Earth changes. As soon as the masses see the unmistakable signs and/or feel the crustal displacement of the Earth, panic will empty food stores overnight and survival will be the issue.


When Americans realize that they can no longer take food for granted, we will likely see the outbreak of an all out food price panic with everybody rushing to the supermarket to stock up on food at any price. Multiply that 'food scare' by ten when the persuasive evidence of imminent Earth changes becomes self-evident in 2011.

Whether food inflation or food scarcity, there are things you should know
about the causes and future of coming food shortages.

Starting a few decades ago and accelerating in recent years, America has seen a boom in non-productive service jobs, mainly in the financial sector. Most of these jobs were made possible by inflation, those economic bubbles which strips equity out of the markets with high frequency trading, stealing the purchasing power of the incomes and savings of goods-producing workers.  Indeed, the majority of the jobs on Wall Street would not exist today and our country would be in much better financial shape without the rigging of markets for the benefit of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street America.

Many Americans in the last decade have sought non-productive jobs in the financial services sector because that is where they could access the Fed's cheap and easy money, but very few Americans sought jobs in the farming and agriculture sector. In the 1930s, approximately 28% of the population was employed in the agriculture sector, but today this number is less than 2%. Agriculture currently makes up only 1.2% of U.S. GDP, compared to the services sector, which makes up 76.9% of U.S. GDP.

There is currently a major shortage of farmers in the U.S. and a lot of land that was previously used for farming has now been developed with Real Estate and chemical-dependent agribusiness. To make matters worse, agricultural products now trade on the international market and Americans must now compete against citizens of emerging nations like China and India for the purchasing of food.

What we don't read are the reports of massive quantities of food commodities being purchased to stock the giant underground civil defense complexes in China, Russia and the DUMBs in America for the military-corporate power elite.

The urgency now

Prices of goods and services do not rise equally when governments create monetary inflation. Inflation gravitates most towards the items that Americans need the most and there is nothing that Americans need more to survive than food and agriculture. As the U.S. government prints money, the first thing Americans will spend it on is food. Americans can cut back on energy use by moving into a smaller home and carpooling to work. They can cut back on entertainment, travel, and other discretionary spending. However, Americans can never stop spending money on food - the final 'economic bubble' the elite are creating to milk the masses while they prepare for what's coming.

Don't expect another warning before it's too late
Shockingly, nobody in the mainstream media is doing anything to warn Americans about the food emergency crisis that is ahead. In fact, left-wing groups like Media Matters (funded by George Soros) have been working tirelessly to try and discredit even NIA's conservative research on imminent food inflation. The truth is, when Americans realize that they can no longer take food for granted, we will likely see the outbreak of an all out food price panic with everybody rushing to the supermarket to stock up on food at any price.

Multiply that 'food scare' a hundred-fold when the truth of Planet X goes mainstream in 2011.  The likely consequence will be food riots, Martial law, and empty store shelves.  Connect the dots for yourself, and if you’re honest, you’ll take responsibility for the future… now.

Your best hedge against food inflation, foot riots and food scarcity

If you want to thrive as well as survive with the health insurance that comes from food assurance, long term food reserves at today's prices are your best investment.  You can't eat gold or silver, and conversion of gold and silver to food reserves now will see the same ‘bubble market’ for Wall Street ‘fixers’ who use high frequency computerized trading to strip equity out of the bubble on the way up and on the way down. We’ll see the same exponential ‘bubble valuation’ we've seen with gold and silver the last several years, which will be lackluster by comparison. The insiders KNOW that food will be their big ticket to obscene profits this year. Indeed, the bottom-line, short-term profits-before-people culture of corporate law has no allegiance to Constitutional law of, by and for the people at large.  Special interests of a powerful few have eclipsed the prosperity and welfare of the masses… but that too shall pass.

Keep in mind the fly-by of Planet X in 2011.  No one in the mainstream media will report this for obvious reasons of panic and chaos that would result. This gives the elite more time to prepare and stock hundreds of 'DUMBs' (Deep Underground Military Bases) in America and worldwide.  Of course, the owners of the giant corporate media complexes have a place reserved for themselves and their families in these massive underground shelters. Watch the YouTube video by Jesse Ventura who interviews one of the architects of these shelters, while touring one giant complex that he built.  Realize why the giant corporate media owners don’t want you to know about their secret shelters.

To bad that many of those families won’t come out of the shelters after the crustal displacement gets severe.

If we do indeed see food riots and food scarcity, the stress of survival will put inordinate stress on everyone's immune system.  Core security values will put a premium on long-term food reserves, and the best 'health assurance premium' will come from high quality food reserves. Most food reserves companies keep their prices competitive by bulking with low grade food sources which approximate 'animal feed' your pets wouldn't eat.

Buy heritage seeds for survival gardens and quality long term food reserves before prices jump and availability diminishes.

Alpine-Air Food Reserves at provides the best quality per price ratio of any U.S. company, and has a long history of supplying outfitters, Himalayan expeditions, and families with quality long term food reserves.  Their palatability is exceptional, utilizing quality sources for prepared meals flavored with herbs and natural ingredients like turmeric, a powerful anti-oxidant. Prices are holding for now.

An ounce of preparation now is worth a pound of survival cure later

While that common sense is yet uncommon, the price of long-term food reserves will remain relatively low.  But this too shall pass.  As Planet X becomes clearly visible, and the cover-up becomes transparent, and even more severe Earth Changes become self-evident, all bets are off for getting food reserves.  The consequence will be skyrocketing food prices as availability diminishes.

Don't get caught with your pantry down! 

Continued with Prediction #3:
The rate of change in the quantum matrix accelerates for a purpose”