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Trump’s 1st 100 Days – Triumph or Tragedy?

Feb 7, 2017 / Heartcom Network


This week's compendium includes current articles, three videos and commentary.

A major internal SHAKE-UP has occurred in the giant U.S. federal bureaucracy that is infested by the corporatocracy. Trump is hitting the wall of deeply entrenched corruption.

If you follow current media, you know that chaos has been unleashed by corporate media attacks on Trump. Few are aware that the media billionaires behind this are on the same cabal team as the trillionaires who own the 'Fed' banking system. It goes that deep!

At the root of this divisive chaos is a systemic paradigm shift that goes with imminent global economic reset. But the old order oligarchy/corporatocracy cabal is challenged by this paradigm shift.

A new global order is emerging but the old order is 'acting out', ramping up chaos with saber-rattling for war.

The new paradigm wants to end the madness with enlightened initiatives for upgrade of core social, political and economic institutions.

The danger is enemies within the gate. Trump has surrounded himself with leaders of Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, and the Big War contractors who all want more of the same growth for their special interests.

President Trump's first 100 days will either set the matrix for global currency reset with comprehensive paradigm shift initiates - to upgrade the 'currency' of social conscience - or the "backlash" (blowback) from Americans and the world community will come fast and ferocious to challenge paradigm paralysis.

The business of global evolution
 and evolution of global business
  wants shift to more co-operation.

February Shift Portents:

A New Global Order is Emerging
But the Old Order is 'Acting Out'

 Just as an immature teenager may act out with rebellion to
assert their own identity independent from parents, so it is
   with humanity’s collective unconscious – the Global Mind
  that is immature with an indentity crisis - a Paradigm Shift
   from the ‘Old World Order’ paradigm to our new
Net reality.

"What may be impossible to do with the old paradigm
may be easy to do with the new paradigm."

~ Joel Barker, 
The Business of Paradigms [video]

      Trump is a businessman, and to the extent he implements
     a coherent paradigm shift for the business of government,
     the worldwide web will conceive it, believe it and achieve it.


    The Business of Paradigms is a highly evolved science
  advanced by organizational development leaders who
     found that the best solutions often come from out of the
     'box' (groupthink) of like minds on a management team.

       Sooner or later, a new paradigm order for the Quantum Age
      will define, refine, combine, shine, reflect and perfect those
       first principles of Unity In Diversity that were championed
     by U.S. Founding Fathers and are finally going global with
      our instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.

Conscious Evolution Upgrade
Five Core Internet Freedoms

  The Importance of Trump’s
First 100 days in Office
With common sense vision, the people thrive. Without it, perish the thought.
So either Trump’s team gets a grip on the
paradigm shift to global Net reality – and takes action to publicly recognize and optimize core paradigm shift initiatives the first 100 days, or by default, the chaos we can now see will be compounded by social disconnect, dissonance, dis-ease and divisive dysfunction between warring factions with conflicting self-serving interests.

This is an extremely volatile time with personal and planetary repercussions. It's important to know that there is no military solution to this crisis. The Russians and Chinese are NOT the problem. The foreign blame game is off the mark. The problem is domestic policy at war with itself.

President Trump either has public support in purging the paradigm paralysis in the vast corporatocracy bureaucracies of the Deep State… or the public will be complicit in aborting the paradigm shift that is pro-life for OUR lives.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures."
~ Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

With the rising current of consciousness that ‘floats all boats’ for the Family of Mankind as a kind whole, timing is everything. And the frequency shift of Earth’s ‘heartbeat’ (Schuman Resonance) affects human consciousness directly through resonance with higher frequencies of coherent brain waves.

As the following article explains,
we're all getting a wake-up call.

“Humans are Waking Up:
For First Time in Recorded History,
 Schumann Resonance is Jumping to 36+”

Feb 4, 2017 /

The powershift at the top – higher consciousness – naturally represents an upward-mobile powershift in the grassroots (Net roots) of Net reality for about 4 billion active global Netizens now.

The common sense of that conscious evolution powershift may yet be rather uncommon, but that’s what the new global unity consciousness paradigm shift is all about.

The ‘Good News’ is that the Internet has already cultured general enlightenment in the Global Mind. The whole world is now connecting with the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet. Billions of global Netizens are watching and wanting enlightened direction for self-correction.

The ‘Bad News’ is that Trump has surrounded himself with power elite banksters and military-industrial expansionists who ramped up terror war since 9-11… and now they are ‘tempted’ to orchestrate social chaos and Martial Law if not WWIII as a cover for ‘controlled demolition’ of the economy for the same reason as controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers – to consolidate control through ‘war powers’.

The ‘Good News’ is that the paradigm shift has hit critical mass in the Global Mind. Global Netizens have had it with MAD policies of false-flag terror-for-tyranny tactics. Our new Net Reality wants freedom from totalitarian "dystopia dysfunction" (paradigm paralysis).

The ‘Bad News’ is the wholesale rejection of 'Good News' by those who are "Stuck In Negativity" (SIN as paradigm paralysis). The light of Creator-God-Love-Source shines in the darkness, but "DUH" (Dimwit, Unconscious & Heartless) doesn't get it. That includes sociopaths and psychopaths in positions of power who prefer power OVER people rather than "of, by and for the people".


Paradigm Paralysis vs. Paradigm Shift

Synopsis of Trump’s Foreign Policies so far:

Published Feb 3, 2017 (4 minutes)

Trump's Muslim Immigration Executive Order:
If We Bombed You, We Ban You

ASK YOURSELF: Is this to ban revenge attacks from the main target of the Mideast 'War on Terror'? Are you aware of the core sovereignty issue here with the U.S. agenda to 'take out' those countries who challenged the U.S. policy of petrodollar domination in the Mideast?

Would you agree that Trump is trying to stem the
blowback from devastation the U.S. has wreaked
on the Mideast with millions dead and refugeed?

This video nails the issue in just two minutes!

Controlled Opposition – We’re Being 'Played'.
It’s making everyone crazy and that’s the plan.
Witness a classic case of divide-to-conquer.
 This old dialectic of ‘crisis management’
- consolidating power via chaos -
is 'old paradigm' fear-based reaction
  that surrenders sovereignty for security
   until we lose both freedom and security.

Paul Craig Roberts: "Trump's presidency is a paradoxical alliance of the ruling oligarchs with what purports to be the 'liberal/progressive/left'. It is amazing that the 'liberal/progressive/left' are aligned with war and not with peace and are aligned with the OnePercent against the working class, whom they despise as 'Trump deplorables'.
"Readers share my amazement that there are large numbers of people so stupid as to think that a ban on Muslim immigrants is far worse than murdering Muslims in seven countries for fifteen years. Bush and Obama conducted genocide against Muslims over the course of four presidential terms, and no protesters sought their impeachment for what are most certainly war crimes and crimes against humanity. But Trump's perfectly legal immigration action is alleged to be grounds for impeachment!"
~ from: The War Against Ordinary Americans

See also, ‘From MAD to Madness
 by Paul Craig Roberts

The sooner that Trump introduces the "GCR" (Global Currency Reset) with the new Currency of Conscience -- a global upgrade of 'Five Core Global Internet Freedoms' -- the sooner we'll see social conscience mature in global social networks.

Common sense would tell us that enlightened social conscience will optimize geopolitical self governance with ordained power, wisdom and love balanced to culture wholEness and healing globally.

Upgrading Conscientious Common Sense

The Family of Mankind has awakened to Net reality capabilities for general enlightenment. Now it’s time to focus on action for optimal results.

The real PATRIOTS are coming from behind
against all odds in the global ‘Superbowl’,
co-creating personal/planetary win/win.

"While there is certainly nothing wrong with watching football and the Super Bowl, complacency and ignorance should be resisted. A well-informed society is far less likely to descend into tyranny than one who cares more about a pigskin than their own skin." ~ from: 5 Major Stories Americans Missed While Consumed by the Super Bowl, Feb 5, 2017

There’s no moving forward with faith in the future
until we get past the old paradigm policies that
betray the public trust – a shocking expose:

Obama Administration’s Child Trafficking,
Drug & Gun Running, Money Laundering


Feb 4, 2017 /
Listen to the recording above if you want to discover
WHAT the 'Deep State' is doing behind the scenes,
WHY Trump is trying to drain this swamp, and also
WHO the ‘black hats’ and ‘white hats’ actually are.

“Treason doth never prosper: What's the reason?
Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”
~ Ovid
Consider the very serious ‘purging’ happening now
 within the massive federal government bureacracy.

(Not recommended for political neophytes or willful
ignorance regarding the deep systemic “swamp”
of Fed corruption that Trump is trying to “drain”)

Since the first of the year – as documented in the 2017 ‘Big Shift’ SeriesI’ve published a full spectrum of timely videos and articles that provide a backdrop for the current opportunity of global economic reset with an upgrade of social conscience in the now-mainstream media – our global social networks.

Consider how theCurrency of Consciencecan thus represent an economics of abundance that defines, refines, combines and ‘shines’ conscientious common sense at the heart of the Next Economy.

What This Paradigm Shift Looks Like

Basically it’s an upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms that will finish – globally – what the American Revolution began locally.

That vision of virtue and valor for the victory of all of ‘US’ as ‘United Sovereigns of Earth’ is now an opportunity to jump-start homeostasis and healing in our social, political and economic institutions.

This is a ‘global village’ issue now. The Internet has brought down the walls in the mind globally. The divide-to-conquer paradigm of fear versus faith is naturally neutralized by the paradigm shift to faith in universallight languagefor global mass-to-mass interaction as will involve and evolve enlightened social conscience in our global social networks.

This is a time to be proactive rather than reactive,
bringing intelligent order to the chaos; bringing
  peace to the conflict, and healing to the dis-ease.

Just as it can be said that all social problems are communication problems – the ability to come into unity with REAL community – so it is true that unity in diversity is the U.S. Founders' standard for culturing conscientious common sense paradigm shift to win/win co-creation that makes divisive win/lose conflict obsolete.

The vision alone – how Global TeLeComm cultures common sense as unity consciousness – can indeed be the catalyst for a self governing, self-correcting and self-healing process of “self-elevation” (collective ascension) as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

An Upward-Mobile Grassroots Movement:
Ascending Conscience in the ‘Net roots’

Care to Share this ‘TLC’ Vision – the heart of Global TeLeCare as well as Global TeLeComm. Use social media to network for the Net worth of Net reality that upgrades the Currency of Conscience for the Next Economy.

You can post this article – archived at – to your e-mail lists and social media networks. If everyone did this, with their personal message to pay it forward, pass it on, or otherwise network freely, then over the next 3 months there could be sufficient intention to focus attention with retention for our mass ascension in an enlightened dimension of 'US' comprehension - United Sovereigns of Earth.

The future is what we make it – how we shape it – so seize the vision of global paradigm shift, embrace the virtue of evolutionary ascent, network with valor to make it so, and claim the victory of United Sovereigns as 'US'.


  Is it true that divestment from old paradigms
and investment in new paradigm initiatives
   will optimize global systemic 
paradigm shift?
 Are you aware of the Five Trump Initiatives
 proposed for his 1st 100 days that promise
  an enlightened paradigm shift GLOBALLY?
 Would you agree that well-informed choice
 for ALL of ‘
US United Sovereigns of Earth
     will prosper with enlightened
paradigm shift?
  Resolve to evolve; on the way up in frequency
  (the holy spirit of
-in-action frequently)
is on the way out of the old paradigm matrix.

So Welcome the Aquarian Paradigm Shift.

Keep the Faith, Claim the Victory and

 Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

 To  with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.


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