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Twitter post via @POTUS / GLOBAL INTEL BRIEF: 
100 Day Window / Winning at Beginning / 5 Core Initiatives /

Long-Term Success /

Five Core Initiatives
The First 100 Days

by the host of BBS Radio’s
Cosmic LOVE Show


Jan 27, 2017 / NEW MOON
(Sun-Moon conjunct in Aquarius)
Opportune time for planning a
press conference announcing
 5 core initiatives with weekly
open source developments.

     Set the matrix for DIRECTION in our decentralized
     instant-everywhere and interactive Internet world.

       Sequence of persuasion with increasing disclosure.


   PURPOSE: Legitimize the U.S. as a global leader with
The Emerging Blueprint for Global Reset

(in spite of paradigm paralysis that persists)

 With Trump’s new administration now taking shape,
the whole world is watching what he actually does.

History has shown that new Presidents have about
100 days to confirm that they’re worthy of our trust.

Will Trump seize the opportunity
with these five initiatives?

 The future of the Family of Mankind in our Internet-
   connected global village requires the trust of all ‘
 as the
Unity State’ of ‘United Sovereigns of Earth.

What’s good for the whole world is good for US.

We are all ‘kin’ – the Family of Mankind in a
global village of instant-everywhere Internet
 connection that warrants abundant kindness
at the heart of prosperity consciousness for
  the Next Economy – Abundance Economics
  as follows from abundant social conscience.

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief architect of the Constitution,
James Madison

For Common Sense of the 2017 Opportunity:

  The whole world is sick of U.S. aggression and
      the provocation of aggression via corporatocracy
     collusion of big business with big government in
    a corrupt shadow government cabal that profits
 from the creation of conflict, war, disease and
    destruction of our planet’s life support systems.

       Trump must show us that he means BUSINESS:
     the BUSINESS of evolution as the evolution of
       the BUSINESS of ‘livingry’ rather than ‘killingry’;
pro-life for OUR lives.
 The win/lose paradigm is deeply entrenched in
   the West and the psychology of Trump, but our
  global village is clamoring to breathe free from
    win/lose conflict, prefering win/win cooperation.


   In principle, optimal health is our greatest wealth,
     but in practice, the vital signs of U.S. public health
  is ranked 37th in the world and going down fast.
   It’s the most expensive, with costs going up fast.
    The cause of this is simple as is a model solution.
    What we call ‘health care’ has been corrupted by
       corporate interests that profit from the creation and
   treatment of disease – NOT disease prevention.
  Wall Street makes a killing on disease, literally.
    Common sense has been turned on its head with
         a pound of cure worth 16x’s an ounce of prevention.
      The tail is wagging the dog – profits before people.
     The solution for this sick path to self-destruction is
     free online universal self care – Global TeLeCare
   for highly personalized analysis, prevention and
   management of one’s own health via desktop or
    palm-top computer. New empirical database info
      could now show anyone in the world which health
   modalities work best for one’s unique metabolic
    type and current symptom profile – returning the
       ability to own your own health for optimal health.
  Trump will show US that he cares for HEALTH
– pro-life for OUR lives –
      or he will show the world that he’s cowerd by the
        medical-industrial complex that is much larger and
          more nefarious than the military-industrial complex.

Just as the technology for curing all cancer with
  unique frequencies that rupture only cancer cells
     has been suppressed for 75 years, the technology
   for harnessing free energy power in the quantum
     field has been suppressed since Tesla’s discovery
   of clean, 'free energy power' about 90 years ago!

   Fossil Fuel Divestment Is More Vital Than Ever.
Jan 25, 2017 /
Insuring a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels
towards clean energy must remain a global priority.
"Simply put, those who are still trying to
 make money by overheating the planet
are failing the test of stewardship."

Trump will show that he wants to empower US
   - restoring clean energy power to the public -
     by liberating Free Energy Technology Innovations,
      or he will confirm the suspicions of his worst critics
     that he’s part of the problem – sustaining pollution
       that poisons our air, water, land and food supply by
        keeping clean power from the global public at large.

See: ‘Five Core Internet Freedoms

   Here we are in the Internet Age – an ALL-connected
  world on the cusp of the Quantum Age of Aquarius,
   yet we still operate with outmoded horse-and-buggy
   representation systems that poorly serve all of ‘

    All open-minded people want more of the WHOLE truth
    and nothing but the truth, and now that global Netizens
  are able to communicate through universal translation
    capabilities – at least major languages – consider what
   will happen as our global interactive social networking
  matures with real-time mass-to-mass decision making
     that is optimized for global ‘consent of the governed'.

Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics with

 Heartware will liberate the suppressed science of
conscious evolution revolution revelations...
 creating an intelligent dialog with creative-Creator
    Conscience (conscious of HOW we are conscious)
  for empowering wisdom with
 of conscientious common sense re: 'best for all'.

The two hemispheres of our global village holodeck
– from far West to far East –
  are like our two brain hemispheres from left to right.
  The West is left-brain dominant, reading left to right.
 The Chinese read right to left; right brain dominant.

Co-Operative co-Creation of the Hemispheres
Defines the Currency of Conscience for both
Personal and Planetary Evolutionary Ascent.

  The key power brokers of our world at this time are
      the U.S. and China with Russia largely in the middle.
    These three global powers are now represented by:
Donald Trump of the U.S.
Xi Xinping of China, and
Vladimir Putin of  Russia
 who are now responsible for the proper
 leadership to guide humanity forward.

 The challenge is to balance this trinity
for an optimal cooperative 'synergy'
 that is greater than sum of the parts.

These three world leaders understand well that
  having a level playing field is important for their
respective national interests, and essential for
 global benefits of a superpower win/win/win.

That level playing field is Global TeLeComm
 with a simple universal interactive interface
  as upgrades mass communications worldwide
    with the language of consciousness as cultures
    social conscience in our global social networks.

   Upgrading global communications as ‘currency’
   for enlightened social conscience is the fastest
     and easiest path to economic reset as reflects
    balanced synergy in the trinity of superpowers,
     creating stability like three equal legs of a stool.

are synergistic via cyberEthics:
the moral Internet highground.

This whole system synergy is greater
than the sum of all the components
to the CAPstone Vision known as
Creative Ascension Process.

As for the paradigm paralysis that resents and resists
the new Trump administration, be aware how that
negativity affects the collective field of potential
 for optimizing conscientious common sense.

“Hope is a key to our divine destiny.”

“We have to have hope. There’s a lot of people who are
  reacting to the incoming administration, and they feel
    they don't have hope for what they desire to manifest,
and those of us who may understand things a little
 differently just have to
hold this field of hope and a
 bright future
rather than a dark future because the
'doom and gloom' consciousness is self-fulfilling.
When we live in the sunlight of our Presence, and
      hold that field of hope, and beauty, joy and radiance
   it does illumine the world and helps co-create that
   which we hopefully collectively co-create this year
      and beyond, so
hope is a key to our divine destiny.”
  ~ Great Divine Director
via David Christopher Lewis

  Jan 19, 2017 recorded podcast replay

 Without hope, we suffer victim dictum
 with 'separation anxiety' as in 'fearful'
 - like praying for what we don't want -
   which brings our worst fears upon us.


Love of uncommon beauty
 is the beauty of uncommon

Why Beauty Matters [VIDEO]

BBC documentary on why we need beauty.

 So claim the vision of victory for overcoming
with a BEautiful ATTITUDE - 'BE ATTITUDE'.

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE...
Geometric Ordered Divinity:

See how the next phase of the Internet's evolution
(with ) will end the 'Tyranny Two-Step':

The dire reality is that America's 25 year march of left-right
  neocon-neoliberalism has been great for the top 5% and an
unmitigated disaster for everyone else in the U.S. and the
   nations it has targeted for intervention. Common sense as a
 Unity Conscience will concede that highly organized greed
   and criminal cabal policies have stripmined the bottom 95%
  and laid waste to entire nations abroad. This is madness.
 Trump will either make an ethical stand to break this cycle
  of tyranny from the top, or see it metastasize like a cancer
   in the body politic worldwide. These are big stakes folks!

The paradigm paralysis that resists and resents progress
 in the direction of our highest and best social conscience
  is ‘
Stuck In Negativity’ – the stinking thinking that focuses
with fear and doubt on the problems that divide all of
rather than focus on the opportunity for uniting all of US.

Be aware of psyops operations to divide the world.

 For example, look who has been funding and organizing
the massive protests against the Trump administration:

Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50
'partners' of the Women's March on Washington

Jan 20, 2017 /

     George Soros' History. How He Gained Political Power
Jan 26, 2017 /

      As Nazi collaborator, Rothschild collaborator and then
    Hillary collaborator to make her President, Soros has
     funded numerous revolutions across the globe for the
      globalists who seize power through deceptive policies
     of the corporatocracy aristocracy 'cabal' (Deep State)
 also known as the 'shadow government', including:
 Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Phama, Big War profiteers,
    and the oligarchs and plutocrats running this racket.

     Historically, Presidents are typically the pawns in this
      'world game', but the world has changed dramatically.

(4+ billion global Netizens now connected)

  Realize that there is wafare now going on between
  white hats and black hats within the CIA and many
     govermnent agencies under Trump's administration.
This is the spirtual and psychological warfare that
    we see spill over with 'fake news' as disinformation.

"This (warfare) is clearly evidenced in the current internal conflicts of the 17 federal intelligence agencies that have arisen from the new Russian 'Trump blackmail' scandal and the DNC hacking scandal that was an attempt to derail the presidential election. These scandals happen again and again and involve warring federal agencies who are theoretically supposed to be protecting Americans. Instead, there is open warfare between the three different factions of the CIA and their enemies who are considered the 'lesser agencies': the NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, National Intelligence Agency, and the other redundant twelve U.S. intelligence agencies. Even the mainstream media, with all of its state sponsored legal propaganda, admits that this conflict is going on."
~ excerpt:
The Millennium Report
, Jan 14, 2017

   Most Americans have no idea what's going on here.
  They just want to raise their kids or live their dream.

    Even fewer Americans know how we've been duped
 which this rather shocking video makes self-evident:

Published Jan 20, 2017
(Not recommended for immature audiences)

Note September 8, 2017: This video was removed by Google.
It was very specific about Trump's alliance with the same
    Zionist powerbrokers governing the Big Bank [Fed], Big Oil,
Big Media, Big Pharma and the corporatocracy "swamp".
~ CR

The most difficult challenge for Trump's world view
 may thus be
his 'tribe' versus common sense of, by
and for everyone else.  In others words, a strength
  of one perspective - in excess - can be a weakness.

 The Business of Paradigms is a highly evolved science
advanced by organizational development leaders who
  have found that the best solutions come from out of the
       'box' (groupthink) of similar minds on a management team.

"What may be impossible to do with the old paradigm
may be easy to do with the new paradigm."

~ Joel Barker, The Business of Paradigms [video]

So pray for the open-minded discernment of Trump.
 Paradigms get narrow under the influence of stress,
 and Trump had a lot of it for 70 years and 7 months.

 Let's hope and pray that Zionism isn't the closet life
 of Trump like Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood.
 Pray that his team is truly enlightened and open to
 'impossible' good that is easy with paradigm shift.

Affirmation of a common sense moral highground
 is moving forward with these five global initiatives
  through determination of hearts and minds united.

 Keep the Faith, See the Good and Make it So!

'In United Sovereignty We Trust'.

 Seize the Vision - A Higher Standard of
Virtue, Valor and the Victory for the
Health, Peace & Prosperity of

Universal Solidarity of, by and for
Sovereigns of Earth

Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age


Forward Freely. There’s no going back.
Time to wake up, wise up and rise up.

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