2019 Global rEVOLUTION Updates

The rEVOLUTION We've Been Waiting For

Perception Correction for Disruption of Corruption

How to better understand the world so you can
better navigate yourself through it.

by Christopher Rudy / May 25, 2019

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The Crisis and the Opportunity

The path to holistic global healing for
sick civilization on the brink of war
begins when the 'patient' stops
warring in its own members.
Conscience Currency for
the Next Economy

When we know better we can do better,
but mass deception corrupts perception
and disrupts truth - the whole truth - and
and nothing but... to control us with lies.
Some things just don't change:
"When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility
of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing
the corruption and restoring its lost principles;
every other correction is either useless or a new evil."
~ Thomas Jefferson

The rEVOLUTION We've Been Waiting For
"It is at all times necessary, and particularly so
during the progress of a revolution, and until
right ideas confirm themselves by habit,

that we frequently refresh our patriotism
by reference to First Principles".
~ Tom Paine, citizen journalist who wrote
  that sparked the American Revolution
Consider the world-changing advances
 with American => global rEVOLUTION.
 This is a mini-history of the global
'evolution revolution revelations'
shaping profound world change.
History teaches that every government system has
entrenched special interests with a vested interest
in the social, political & economic status quo, and
has no incentive to change 'business as usual'. 
  Fundamental change requires a crisis.
  We're seeing an existential crisis now:

Witness monetary crisis - global economic reset.
History teaches that economic war is typically
the prelude to regional war and world war.
The Deep State wants endless world war.
The High State wants worldwide win/win.
Witness the global crisis with Deep State intent
   to create war with Venezuela, Iran, and thus with
their allies Russian & China - as detailed here.
No one in Deep State mainstream media
can report this without losing their job.
 Witness the U.S. media crisis with the civil war
between Deep State media (status quo), and
Internet trends to open & interactive systems.
Disruptive technology creates a crisis that
 convinces the public of need for change.

A hundred years ago, there were huge social, economic and political consequences as the U.S. led the world from horse-and-buggy to the horseless carriage Age of Automobiles. This disrupted the status quo.
Global innovation is part of
 America's divine destiny.
Back then, man was learning to fly, and America led the world in airplane technology. This also had profound social, economic and political consequences.
New technology disrupts the old
 but with new opportunity.
Just as clothes are an extension of the skin, and automobiles are an extension of the feet, airplanes virtually gave wings to humans.
This was a quantum leap.
Mankind took flight in every aspect of technological development pioneered in the West. Radio and telephones became an extension of the ear. TV became an extension of our eyes and ears.
Then came another quantum leap;
the computer/Internet revolution.
Computers are an extension of the brain, and the Internet is an extension of the global brain - the neural networking of our instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality.
It's a global village now;
 massive paradigm shift.
That's the reality as far as ALL-connected capabilities. But there has been so much paradigm shift - and so fast - that many of us are suffering information overload and cognitive burnout with Alzheimers-like disorientation.
The book Future Shock by Alvin Toffler was a popular best-seller back in the 70's, and it made a very astute detailing of the social 'dis-ease' characterized by the inability to process new information of an in-depth nature. In the business world, this is a classic synopsis of 'executive burnout'... or 'paradgm paralysis'.
It's was acute back then.
but it's chronic now.
This social dis-ease is exacerbated by the extremely polarized dissonance in mainstream media. On the surface, this may look like the normal conflict of ideas in the public commons, but below the surface, we see that the mainstream media and Internet 'commons' have been hijacked by giant corporate cartels - including Big Tech - with a vested interest in public mind control - NOT general health and enlightenment. 5G radiation insanity is a prime example. But I digress.
Unity in our diversity challenges
divisive warring among us.

As readers of 2019 rEVOLUTION know, the power elite cabal (Deep State), makes a killing on war, disease and unregulated corruption. These psychopaths naturally believe that population control through population reduction is a good thing!

   JFK challenged the Deep State big time.
 He was going to end the Vietnam War.
 He was going to end fiat money fraud,
  and expose the secret space program.
  Thanks to the Internet, global Netizens
   know who killed him, and why they did.
The Family of Mankind is now waking up, wising up and rising up in a global village with 'Common Sense' of ourselves as United Sovereigns of Earth. Quantum science has pioneered unified field concepts of connection and co-creation that have unprecedented social, political and economic consequences. And '
Wisdom of the Crowd' - an advanced form of 'UI' (Unified Intelligence) - is advancing the Currency of Conscience with the Power of Love on a global scale.
Computer technology, nanotechnology,
and quantum technology have arrived.
This is the age that they have been waiting for. Technology has advanced with capabilities far beyond what we are told is possible - from outer space (secret space program) to inner space (quantum healing).
The rEVOLUTION We've Been Waiting For:
Discerning what's true and making it you
This is the time of Revelations regarding massive social, political and economic consequences - accelerated 'karma' (cause & effect) for the use or abuse of advanced technologies that could FULFILL the 'best for all' intention of U.S Founders with a new global COMMON SENSE:
 - Upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms;
  harnessing 'Wisdom of the Crowd'
(Universal Netizen Interface).
- Holistic Healing with Global TeLeCare;
  harnessing 'Well-Informed Choice'
(Univeral Health Care).
  - Global Economic Reset for ReValuation;
    harnessing 'Conscious Gold Standard'
(Universal Law Language).

Conscience 'currency' with cyberEthics
can define the new 'gold standard'.
High Tech without 'High Touch' (cyberEthics) is 'DUH' - Dense, Unconscious & Heartless. It's like 'smart without heart' or IQ without 'EQ' (Emotional Intelligence). That form of spectral autism is taught (conditioned) with achievement testing via left-brain dominant IQ metrics, i.e., linear logic at the expense of intuitive right-brain knowing.
East Meets West with 'Heartware'
- The Genesis Project -

for Hemispheric Balancing
Western civilization is naturally left-brain dominant. The English language evolved with the writing of symbols (letters) of symbols (words) from left to right on a page. We read from the left because we're left-brain dominant.
This ability - in excess - is a weakness.
The most common failing of Westerners is to think that the limit of our perception is THE LIMIT of all there is to perceive.
 Why the Oriental mind is 'inscrutable':
Eastern hemispheric civilization is naturally right-brain dominant. The Chinese language evolved thousands of years ago with the writing of pictograms (calligraphy) of a nonlinear, holistic nature. They read from the right on a page because they are right-brain dominant.
Right-brain dominance does not compute
to a left-brain dominant person,
and visa versa.
This is the paradigm shift that is now rocking the foundation of global civility. The world is going round - nonlinear - with instant-everywhere and interactive connection of the Family of Mankind as a balanced whole.
A new balance of powers is
matriculating the matrix.
But the linear, logical left-brain dominance agenda of the West is forcing it's way of thinking on a world that would rather cooperate with more intuitive win/win agendas of 'good trade' without sanctions or tariffs or taxes or threats of military intervention if the other hemisphere doesn't submit to dominance.
Perception Correction for
Disruption of Corruption
Western media rarely reports how the rest of the world views the West after it seized the oil in Iraq and Libya, laying waste to their countries with millions killed and millions more refugeed. Imagine how the civilized world looks at the same domination agenda now moving on Venezuela and Iran for a war that would seize their oil. And the same 'war criminal' - John Bolton - leading the charge.
But this too shall pass into history;
the last gasp of the Deep State.
The power is moving East. The West is forcing the East - and the BRICS nations worldwide - into an alliance of trade partners that cooperate for good business. They are going to an asset-backed 'gold standard' that represents more win/win rather than win/lose.
The prime example is
The Silk Road Economic Belt and the
21st-century Maritime Silk Road
China's 'Belt & Road' initiative - a 'Co-op'
of win/win trading partners
If America is to be an innovative world leader that shines for the world as American ingenuity once did, then it's time to embrace a new dimension of win/win with an ethical gold standard of virtue and morality that restores the Currency of Conscience at the heart of the Republic.
Common Sense would say that a global upgrade of core Constitution freedoms will update our horse-and-buggy legislative system with current Space Age TeLeComm capabilities. And that advanced info-tech capabilities could provide free online universal self care with well-informed choice for the analysis, prevention and management of all disease.
This is the 2019 Global rEVOLUTION.
Ready or not, the Earth is in rebirth, and the birth pangs are intensifying even as the Schumann Resonance is spiking in the frequency range that lifts the veil on human consciousness to a higher state of heart coherence for 5D Unity Conscience.
One for all and all for
The Aquarian dispensation of Freedom-in- is for the whole world - beyond divisive disconnects of nationalism, racism, sexism, etc. We are the Family of Mankind in principle, and the next phase of human evolution will see the use of technology for communication, community and communion with the High State that naturally neutralizes the Deep State.
So Keep the Faith - See the Good
and Make it So!

Full Spectrum

(Genesis Project)
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