Reality Report / Shift News / March 16, 2015

Myths that Blind - The Big Lie, and
Truth that Heals - The Whole Truth

 by Christopher Rudy
  Heartcom Network

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The Urgency of Global Paradigm Shift

Let's face if folks.  A free and open Internet has changed the Big Game of Big Media Mind Control.  People worldwide now know the whole truth about crisis management in America through false flag terror and orchestrated crisis.  That's why the newly Fed-regulated Internet is now under attack with 18 Congressional legislation bills already sponsored by K Street to regulate the openness out of the Internet. Congress is being flooded with big money promises from the big media lobbies who write the bills for Congressional endorsement.
Are you aware that Big Pharma and Big Insurance lobbyists wrote much of the Affordable Care Act, just as Big Bank lobbyists wrote much of the 2008 bank bailout bills after the banks crashed the housing market with fraudulent loans that made a killing for Wall Street?
Is it true that Big Media likewise wants Internet legislation that will 'regulate' truth-tellers who expose the lies in media and make our leaders look like criminals? And that the worst reps in Congress want this 'regulation' also?
A Patriot Act for the Internet?
Rep. Marsha Blackburn gets a lot of money from the companies trying to kill the open Internet, and she's paid them back by introducing the so-called Internet Freedom Act, which would kill the FCC's landmark Net Neutrality rules passed JUST TWO WEEKS AGO!
Do you see what's going on?
The Big Lie of mainstream media "Belief System" (BS) called 'news' has been thoroughly ousted by a free and open Internet.
Now there is a feeding frenzy of corporatocracy lobbyists who are swarming like sharks around the 'raw meat' of new federal regulatory powers over the Internet. They want CONTROL, not a free and open Internet.  Their agenda is Internet CONTROL by covert means.
Are the matrix managers waiting for the right crisis to ram through their Internet Freedom Act? 
And why do they want CONTROL over ALL media?

Who would have thought that the patriotic sounding 'Patriot Acts' would end up with endless terror war and a 'Homeland Security' surveillance society with police state policies that brand patriot activists as domestic terrorists? For that matter, who would have thought that the innocuous sounding 'Affordable Care Act' would end up threatening heavy fines if not prison time for those who can't afford it or want nothing to do with it?
The myth of Big Government control for security blinds us.
About two weeks ago, Feb. 26th, the FCC officially took over regulation of the Internet with supposedly 300+ pages of rules. A few days ago, these rulings were released to the public with 400+ pages of rules. At this rate, with the help of telecommunication lobbyists, there will be thousands of pages of regulations in another year... creating 'solutions' to problems that don't now exist. Watch this March 13th video if that concerns you.

We want to believe in government policies because we want 'normalcy'... as if politically correct subservience was normally morally right. Or as my favorite humorist said, "It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare." ~ Mark Twain
I'm not saying that 'normalcy bias' is always a bad thing. But in excess, when driven by mindless fear, it paralyzes clear thinking, narrowing one's paradigm of 'normal' to nationalistic 'group think'. That paradigm paralysis makes sheep out of otherwise intelligent people. Or as Mark Twain quipped about pathological group think: "We are discreet sheep; we watch which way the drove is going, and then we follow the drove."
Why do you think Congress authorized the Patriot Act right after 9/11?  It had already been written for the occasion by neocon war hawks and duel-citizen Israelis who had worked with the Pentagon for years developing their Mideast war agenda.  Under 9-11 crisis, thousands of pages of Patriot Act legalese got railroaded through Congress almost unanimously without time to read it... like the bank collapse crisis and new bank regulations that immediately followed because they had already been prepared to reinforce the Wall Street insider trading Ponzi scheme.
Sometimes we see 'mindless faith' behind normalcy bias which can be just as dangerous as mindless fear. For example, Obama leveraged his initial election mandate of mass support by pushing through health care takeover by Big Pharma and Big Insurance. The Clintons attempted this when Bill was first elected President, but failed. The legislation was 'upgraded' for Obama to effectively destroy the rights of citizens to own their own health.
The Affordable Care Act trounces health freedom by giving the Internal Revenue Service the right to heavily fine individuals who do not purchase federally approved insurance policies, canceling millions of individuals' insurance policies, entitling the Health and Human Service Department to outlaw many low-cost health insurance options, and compelling individuals and businesses to subsidize other people's abortions and contraception.
The truth about this reality is the beginning of healing.
There is no healing of a sick condition until we get past denial of the problem. Normalcy bias may blind us temporarily, but Net reality has challenged all of us to wake up to collective evil called 'normal'. That's half the problem. The other half of the path to solution is a clear vision of it.
For a clear vision of the future of public health care, read 'Global TeLeCare'... free online public health care that honors the innovative capability of the Internet to provide the public option of well-informed choice for the analysis, prevention and treatment of all disease. That's the real capability. And of course, it would sooner or later make the current pathological disease care monopoly obsolete.
While running for election, Obama promised the 'public option' of health care with well-informed choice. But as soon as elected, he pushed through an allopathic (drug-based) medical monopoly with mandatory insurance laws rigged to serve Big Pharma; a toxic pill for every ill. That's not health care folks. That's disease care, and there's a big difference.
If you don't understand Obama's public option 'bait and switch' for the betrayal it was, you believe the myth of 'health care' that blinds. 640,000 Americans per year are dying from MD-directed conventional practices. The side effects of drugs and unnecessary medical procedures are often worse than the condition they are treating. The collusion of MD practices with 'disease care insurance' only insures that the monopoly of MD-directed drug-pushing will continue no matter which political party is in power.
If you don't know the 'Truth About Vaccines', you are likewise blind to the myth of vaccines that kill more babies than they help, seeding pathologies in millions of children for life with auto-immune problems, autism, cancer and other degenerative diseases. That's what a disease care system does, no matter how much you call it 'health care'.
Many well-meaning parents have given their children vaccines and refuse to believe they may have done more harm than good. The truth has become self-evident to others who have lost healthy children to SIDS, autism or auto-immune diseases following vaccines. But normalcy bias is a powerful thing, and modern medicine in America still runs on classic "BS" (Belief System) that worth-ships the high priests of medicine with their drug sacraments for whatever ails them.  That too shall pass as Global TeLeCare goes mainstream.
Healing the myths about a healthy economy are also being challenged by Internet capabilities.  Wall Street metrics for health are based on short-term profits from the creation and management of war, disease and austerity for Americans. The incentives are backwards. Wall Street thrives as Main Street dies. There's no money for Wall Street in the absence of disease, war and plunder of the public treasury for the corporatocracy.
Congress has never audited the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. The FED has actually threatened economic collapse if they do. "For the record, a major, global, financial collapse is now underway. Its not impending; its here. Forget about the happy talk propaganda from the US government and the lame stream news media in the Western countries."  Read more HERE.


If you read the article link above about the BRICS nations, you'll discover that half the world's population is breaking away from the petrodollar-backed currencies of Western countries. And they want their own free-and-open Internet.
Is this the imminent crisis that will be orchestrated to lock-down the West's Internet?  No one in the Big Media Mind Control Matrix will tell you the truth about this. It could cause panic, a run on the stock market. Independent journalists as myself could be branded as domestic terrorists.
Could this be why the Feds want control of ALL media? To 'disappear' dissent?
Don't get me wrong, we need some normalcy - I don't advocate anarchy.  Transformation of scarcity economics begins with abundant truth. There's no security without the currency of conscience -- the moral imperative -- that underwrites good economics. As it is now, the 1% super-rich and their  political elite sycophants have virtually hijacked the law-making process in their favor. Witness the pathological plundering of public prosperity in this exceptional 6 minute video (16 million+ views):

This is a global crisis that requires global solutions. The American people are as much a victim of the international corporatocracy cabal as are the people of Greece, Ukraine and the Mideast. Civility is extremely strained worldwide. It's going down if we don't turn it around.
Yes, parts of the economy are making a killing, literally. The medical-industrial complex is thriving, but only because the U.S. is the sickest industrialized country in the world. The U.S. has more cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disease and autism increases than any other modern country. And biotech companies like Monsanto are thriving with GMOs and glyphosate, a popular weed-killing chemical and the active ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup that is sprayed on food deemed healthy for public consumption. It's not. Many studies show that GMOs and glyphosate are another primary cause of the increase in cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disease and autism. If you don't see the connection, see this link on GMOs

If a rapid reboot revival of Conscience in America succeeds in the immediate future -- a thrival prerequisite -- history will show that it was a combination of self-destructive habits stemming from Empire hubris that put immoral profits above public service. But I digress.
The Big Lie of ideological mind control through mainstream media "Belief System" (BS) has been thoroughly ousted by a free and open Internet. The path of truth for healing the vision of the blind-leading-the-blind is becoming self-evident to people worldwide. 
Hitler was infamous for saying that the public would believe the Big Lie if it was big enough and bold enough and told enough.  It's the same with the Whole Truth of an optimal future that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when it is properly positioned, packaged and promoted. But that causes disruption of status quo corruption. That's why the Feds want to 'sanitize' the Internet of those pesky patriots who would liberate the public from mass deception. 
The whole truth challenges moral cowards who would rather rationalize and justify surrender of core freedoms for government 'security' until we have neither freedom nor security.
"Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and
what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't.
You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your
conviction is to be an unqualified and inexcusable traitor,
both to yourself and to your country."

~ Mark Twain
Be clear on the vision that heals rather than destroys. Global social media (web 2.0) is maturing towards an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm (Web 3.0). The vision alone -- how that works -- is providing the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy of global wholEness and healing.

IN CONCLUSION... The Twilight of Tyranny and Dawn of Freedom:
People worldwide are closely following the process of accelerated global conscious evolution thanks to our new Net reality with the Internet.  Be aware that there has always been a divine destiny for global Internet enlightenment just as it was the divine destiny of Gutenberg's printing press to initiate European Enlightenment and the American Revolution.

Now the enlightenment is a global conscious evolution revolution.

The FCC has become the official ‘gate-keeper’ of the Internet, and as that gate-keeper role evolves with the goal for enlightened public Net reality, the principle of representative self government naturally matures beyond politically appointed gatekeepers towards social network representatives who are elected with Web 3.0 processes for their contributions to social Conscience - an interactive TeLeComm process that will make it so!

The flame of freedom and opportunity is now, and ever shall be, the fire of our Spirit potential to wise up and rise up for self-determined self-elevation -- evolutionary ascent -- of a 'salvation' nature. The FCC may have the best intentions in the world, but the truly divine potential of universal rules for an optimal global telecomm infrastructure may be BEYOND what is conceived, believed or achieved by the FCC.
If you watched the first part of the video on the new FCC rules above, at about 11 minutes you will learn how the FCC has retrofitted the 1934 Communications Act and overhauled the 1996 Telecommunications Act.
It was 1996 when the Internet was going mainstream globally (Web 1.0), and the new FCC rules refer only to high speed Internet capabilities. In 1996, with only Web 1.0 perspective, the next generation of the Internet with interactive social networks (Web 2.0) was an obscure subject, just as Web 3.0 with mass-to-mass interactive capabilities is beyond the scope of FCC vision of incentives for infrastructure investment today.
In other words, the new FCC rules are retro... going back to what has worked with old communication paradigms that are out of step with current and future infrastructure capabilities for optimal development.
So can we expect the FCC to be farsighted? Or are they nearsighted with eyes glued to the rear-view mirror? And how does that serve almost 4 billion global Netizens who would like to know HOW we are going to navigate the big fork in the road ahead. War or Peace? Shift happens:)
Mark my words. The path to enlightened social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks will more likely come from private infrastructure investment rather than from a government agency that tries to harmonize the present with an incongruous past at the expense of an optimal future.
The more that Congress pushes the issue of regulating the Internet, the more that global TeLeComm will be recognized for its true potential as a self-correcting, self-regulating model of, by and for free and open self-determination as represents ALL of "US" (United Sovereigns) of Earth.

Organizing all information IN FORMATION

The capability now exists for the use of information technology to ‘recycle’ general knowledge in the way that empowers wisdom with love. The process that achieves this -- mass interactive crowd sourcing of and for a network's collective Conscience -- is what heartware does as the next phase of the computer/Internet revolution after the maturing emphasis from hardware (‘70’s) to software (80’s) to “netware” (Web 1.0) in the 90’s.
By the grace of a new common sense - unity Conscience - a universal standard for heartware TeLeComm will gain momentum for the mass awakening of global humanity with enlightened
TLC fire at the heart of our networked TeLeCommunity (self governance), TeLeConscience (self education), TeLeCare (self healing) and TeLeCommerce (with a heart).
So take heart.  Global conscious evolution has methods.  A process of global enlightenment with universal light language at the interactive interface will eventually define and refine the Spirit that matters for optimized Net reality. More light => less depravity in the world.

~ from The Urgency of Global Paradigm Shift
(previous article)

So Keep the Faith, See the Good, and Forward Freely!
Network this article for the Net worth of a more enlightened
  Net reality that represents the Truth, the Whole Truth,
and nothing but the Truth in Good Conscience.
See 'Truth Is Our Country' (March 12th)
by Paul Craig Roberts

Every soul who embodies the fire of
freedom and opportunity raises
the standard of living with
greater love for all.

Cultural DNA Coordinates
for Global 
  Global TeLeCare,

Global Netizens Unite for

"Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan, and let us go with it big time. 
Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here and little groups there, 
thinking they know what to do when you have to have MasterMind 
conscience that you are going to transform not only a nation 
but a world. This is a global situation and nothing less, 
so you must think globally and you must realize... 
This is a pivotal moment... There will never be 
a greater moment, a greater opportunity 
to solve the problems of Earth..."

~ Saint Germain, Jan. 1, 1997, via E. C. Prophet 
(as the Internet revolution went global)

For the true story of Saint Germain's founding of America
 watch at least the first 13 minutes of the following video.
Note that George Washington was that a 33rd degree
 Mason. Both Jefferson & Franklin were Rosicrucians.
 52 of 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence
were either Masons or Rosicrucians. Here's why:

May the truth of America's history and future be unveiled
for all of 'AMERICA', the anagram code word for the
'I AM RACE' - The United Sovereigns of Earth.

   All Ways ... Always,


PS: See also, 'On the Path of God and Country',
    my true story, as incredible as it may sound,
    that led to development of heartware for the
   global rEVOLUTION in consciousness. ~ C