Thanksgiving and the Attitude of Gratitude

It’s not aptitude but attitude that determines one’s 'altitude';
whether we soar with eagles on thermals of gratitude,
 or scratch with the turkeys on bugs of begrudge.

 Heartcom Network
Nov 23, 2016

For those who have returned to a semblance of philosophic calm after the elections, consider that not just Americans, but global humanity also has reached a critical mass of angst over electoral systems that fail to represent ‘We the People’ at large – the Family of Mankind as an ALL-connected whole.

Indeed, the rate of global change has been accelerating due to the computer/Internet revolution that now connects about 4 billion Netizens with instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities – a global village in principle, but not in practice.

We still have horse-and-buggy legislative systems
 that are out of touch with Internet Age 'Net reality'.

Without some kind of massive ‘reset’ of the economy – with public representation in the change process – we’ll see the same cause and core disconnect behind social dysfunction and distress.

The current Trump transition team is either hopeful or depressing, depending on which media filter you see it through. And this last week we saw different media filters accusing each other of ‘fake news’. It's a clear case of mainstream versus alternative media.

See the article, THE REAL FAKE NEWS, to see the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple bogus wars. These are the news sources that told us, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." They told us that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning the election. They tell us in a never-ending loop that "The economy is in great shape!".

This is why free-open Internet news is winning the hearts and minds of global Netizens.

The problem seems daunting for the titanic ‘Ship of State’ that turns very slowly. Call it the ‘Deep State’ or ‘shadow government’, there is an enormous lugubrious bureaucracy and ‘corporatocracy cabal’ that has been steering the ‘ship’ into an ‘iceberg’.

Wall Street is still betting on Big War, Big Oil, Big Media,
  Big Pharma and Big Banks underwriting Big Government
  with the Big Lie of 'scarcity’s value' – scarcity economics.

Be grateful that, “This too shall pass.” An economics of abundance is emerging. Global economic and geopolitical reset has reached the tipping point. It will be disruptive for awhile, but HOLD THE VISION – where it’s going:

 Abundant knowledge power with the Internet is driving this vision home. Billions of global Netizens are now aware of abundant solutions to the systemic corruption that operates on the oxymoronic ‘value of scarcity’ whereby 1% ‘wins’ with prosperity at the expense of austerity for the 99%.

Abundant 'win-win' cooperation trumps 'win-lose' competition.

Abundant, clean-renewable ‘free-energy systems' are going into production worldwide; the demise of petrochemical pollution poisoning the environment.

Abundant, free-online ‘Global TeLeCare’ is being developed for the prevention and management of all disease; the demise of toxic drug pushing for whatever ails you.

Abundant 3-D printing technologies will bring manufacturing back to America in a new and improved form that revolutionizes production – from car parts to body parts.

Abundant breakthroughs with the ‘Internet of Things’ will upgrade social conscience in social networks with “real time” (4-D) mass-to-mass interaction that makes government more accountable to the public purpose it serves.

Abundant disclosure of the secret space program with ET’s will provide many advanced technologies for quantum healing, teleportation and conscious evolution.

So get a grip on the paradigm shift to systemic abundance.
Realize how ‘Net reality’ is making the old order obsolete.
And consider why a new order of the ages is emerging:
The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

The cause and core of global stress and distress can thus be seen as a major disconnect from our new Net reality. Most people don’t yet see where it’s going or how the current dysfunctional system of ‘public service’ has been privatized by the corporatocracy cabal that is ruled by corporate law which puts stockholders before the public when profits are at stake. Note how corporatocracy thrives at the expense of Constitutional democracy... like a parasite in the body politic.

This has caused ‘class warfare’ economically and politically for the last 100 years since the US Treasury was privatized by the Federal Reserve Bank which is not ‘Federal’ and has no ‘Reserves’. The result is obvious in the following chart:

The class war started long before Trump's election.

This Class War is illustrated by this chart of the
financial & political elite - the top 1/10th of 1% -
     who now owns more wealth than the bottom 90%.

This is the elephant in the room - the most critical stress factor that is ignored by corporate media but FELT by Americans and Netizens worldwide.

The 'Second American Revolution' is now a global affair. The whole world has watched the takeover of America by the same empire hegemony of Deep State corporatocracy that maintains the same 'chains of slavery' which deny freedom and opportunity for billions of global Netizens... and it's high time to wise up and rise up for all of 'US'...

The United Sovereigns of Earth.

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

Patrick Henry's historic speech, "Give me liberty or give me death..." rang out on March 23, 1775. Cherish those words and the tremendous courage of the man who in speaking them knew his life could be forfeit as a result. This excerpt is taken from the 1936 short film 'Give Me Liberty', starring John Litel as Patrick Henry.

Wall Street has savaged Main Street America for profit without Constitutional principle. Self-serving special interests have obviously betrayed what is best for the public at large. It’s revolting that those who profit from war, disease, disinformation and public austerity want more of the same… while 99.99% of global Netizens want world peace, health, truth and reconciliation with public prosperity for all – the Next Economy based on abundant enlightenment of HOW TO DO THAT.

So now, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING the transition of power to a new system of government in America.

Did we elect a wholly new system?  Not so much. But there was a powershift to ‘white hats’ in the Deep State of Intel groups and military command. In fact, a major purge of ‘black hats’ is clearing the way for a wholly new system. That reality has gone global over the Internet, but it doesn't fit the Big Media fake news narrative of status quo normalcy.

There are many 'seniors' like myself who have witnessed
 the evolution of the computer/Internet revolution from the
  early days that emphasized mainframe hardware (IBM)...
  to emphasis on desktop computer software (Microsoft)...
     to emphasis on netware for networking all the computers...
(Web 1.0 via Marc Andreessen's Netscape)...
 to emphasis on Web 2.0 with social network platforms...
(Facebook, Linkedin, Indiegogo, etc.)
 to the Emerging Blueprint for Web 3.0 with heartware
(Heartcom Services).
    Consider that one's desktop, laptop or palmtop computer
  is an extension of your brain, just as the worldwide web
   is an extension of the global brain, and
heart coherence
    biofeedback extends resonnance with the frequencies of
universal love in the Global Mind - the TLC conneion.

This is the natural direction of media progression just as surely as cars were extention of the feet, telephones were extension of the ears and television extends our eyes and ears.

Whole systems integrity is following a natural progression of social enlightenment with the computer/Internet connection of our minds and 'nervous system' - a biomimicry revolution that is guiding us HOME to conscientious common sense paradigm shift with Net reality tools and processes that culture social conscience in our global social networks.

Obviously, global tensions are high – JUDGMENT IS NIGH – with unprecedented opportunity to reset, reboot or otherwise re-invent the whole system along more enlightened lines of ‘Jubilee’ with the holy spirit of -in-action whereby interactive is for giving at the interface heart of global social networks.

The Big Shift to a Gratitude Attitude

Global communications are defining a global community. We can go kicking and screaming with wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or we can get with the program: co-Creation with our new Net reality.

Lose the fear. Keep faith in the vision - what this movement is about. Understand the shift away from centralized top-down one-way media and towards highly decentralized Net-roots interactive Internet media.

The opportunity is unprecedented - a 'global village' emerging.
We're ALL-connected in principle. A practical unified field is maturing, involving and evolving our individual and collective-unity Conscience with the language of light representing full spectrum consciousness.

The GOLD STANDARD for global economic RESET
has universal law language at the
heart of it…
defining, refining, combining and ‘shining’
 universal rights in the public sphere;
global holistic healing direction,
 enlightened self-correction,
and perfection of our
vision of victory
 in .

After two near-death experiences in adolescence, I recovered with an experience of 'cosmic consciousness' and uncanny ‘future vision’ that led me to the Rosicrucian Order and another big initiation as explained in my short photo-documentary, 'On The Path'.
As for Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age, it's a free online e-book I recently finished with dozens of embedded videos and contemporary article links for 'grounding' the current 3-D reality show as context for appreciating the accelerated 4-5D shift in consciousness now occurring according to converging cosmic cycles as explained in Chapter Twelve.
Other key chapters are on the Prime Directive, Chapter One, and the Divine Feminine, Chapter Six. Those chapters are the Alpha and Omega of BEINGBE IN God--Source – which IS the Emerging Blueprint.

The higher the concept of G.O.D.~ coherence and congruence – in both hemispheres of the personal and planetary holodeck – the greater the results for interactive, “real-time” (4-D) mass-to-mass TeLeComm, emphasizing the “TLC” for 5D CAPstone Conscience” (Creative Ascent Process); Chapter 10.

The flow of 5D TLC Conscience through any system
And when that is a
Whole System of, by and for
Operative commUNIcaTIon co-Ordination,
 wholEness manifests with holistic healing.

Note the references to 'Global TeLeComm' and 'Global TeLeCare' throughout the Emerging Blueprint. These two Internet infrastructure upgrades are also the ‘Alpha and Omega’ of the Spirit that Matters on a global scale of service-to-others.

All Ways , Always.

~ Christopher

Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity
(Law of the Angles of G.O.D.)
centering and connecting
with the
heart coherent
 Language of the Angels
of Universal Love.

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Nov 22, 2016 / Kathy J. Forti /

The New American Revolution in Higher Consciousness

  What can go right with shift from the left is much more important than
  what can go wrong IF enough good people seize the vision, embrace
the virtue, make the vow and claim the victory of the latent blueprint
  for the Aquarian dispensation of global freedom in universal .