2022 Great Turn-Around Series

  The laugh it or leave it legacy of
 the 2022 Zeitgeist -- virtually a
     Mad Magazine for mature adults.
WHAT….ME WORRY - The Burning Platform

If this genocidal business model is
'far left insanity'
then global healing TeLeCare is
'far right sanity'.

Love Wins In 'Good' (God's) Time

  This compendium has something for everyone:
newbies, normies and initiates with
eyes wide open.

  Remember folks: the last stage before a
 systemic paradigm shift in civilization is
  typically chaos as divisive dystopia and
 corrupt institutions self-destruct under  
  the Great Awakening influence of mass
      public 'upwising' (general enlightenment).

  This is what is now occuring globally in
the time-ordained 'heavenly cycle'
 (Source Field sector of Aquarius)

   when first principles of Cosmic
   naturally matriculate the 3D matrix for
     Internet upgrade: 5D core freedoms.

  The New American rEVOLUTION is now
 a global affair of Great Awakening to
First Principles".

"It is at all times necessary, and more particularly so
during the progress of a revolution,
and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,
that we frequently refresh our patriotism
by reference to First Principles".
~ Tom Paine, citizen journalist who wrote
  that sparked the American Revolution

Enjoy the New American rEVOLUTION
Now Going Mainstream Worldwide:
From downward descent - 'dystopia'
(AI matrix of transhuman cyborgs)

To upward ascent - 'utopia'
 (5D Golden Age TeLeComm).
  Clear vision of how that 'TLC' works
is something to celebrate July 4th.

   So claim the vision of virtue & valor
  for the victory of the
Big Shift from
  3D => 5D in '4D time' (nw): -point.

That's the 'whole point' of the
2022 Great Turn-Around.

June 14, 2022 / Full Moon in Sagitarius

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Celebrating rEVOLUTION
Skip to the bottom for a Holy Spirit
message of Universal Love, plus  
a 'Meta Message' for our families.

Keynote: Frequency of Heart Coherence
   For optimal benefit from this compendium,
listen to the music in this following video
while doing the first read of the contents
   to survey the big picture for well-informed
     creation of your custom multi-media show.

June 8, 2020 / Music for Body and Spirit
528 Hz Positive Transformation, Emotional & Physical
17+ million views

The January 6th Commission Show Trial:

June 2, 2022 / J6truth.org
   An orgy of Satanic inversion, subversion,
 and perversion of the 'Whole Truth' and
'Nothing but the Truth' - God help us!  

Must Read and Watch Videos:
The Real Victims of the January 6 Capitol Event
June 12, 2022 / TheNewAmerican.com
 The Masses Who Went to the Capitol to Stand for
Freedom in the Face of Encroaching Tyranny...  
And How Democrats and Big Media Prestitutes  
Program the Mass Mind with 'What to Think'    
(social engineering), with mind control tactics,   
 using the Capitol protest to launch a war of lies,
abuse and terror against the ambushed victims
and an incredulous world watching this drama.

Problem => Reaction => 'Solution'
(tyranny dialectic)


Compared to Non-COVID Vaccines, 8,000% Increase in Strokes,
44,000% Increase in Heart Disease, 6,800% Increase in Deaths
March 29, 2022 / GlobalResearch.ca
  The greatest threat to the national security of the US today
is our own government, with Wall Street Billionaires and 
   bankers funding Big Pharma who seems to have Fed-Gov
agencies in their pocket, including both political parties. 

Meet Your New Biotech Overlords;
How Covid Has Ushered in the
Next Phase of Digital Control
New Dawn Magazine / Dr Tim Coles
  A few years ago, commentators argued that "data is the new oil":
a precious commodity that makes the world go 'round.  Instead of
  wars for control over natural resources, as in Iraq, Libya and Syria,
the new battles will be fought across informational landscapes by
  tyrannical tech monopolies with intent to own and control our lives.

June 9, 2022 / Sorelle Amore Finance
A short but definitive exposure of Klaus Schwab's
character... and his World Economic Forum.

Facebook Slapped With 8 Lawsuits Over Algorithms
That Hook Youth And Ruin Their Lives
June 9, 2022 / technocracy.news
Facebook and Instagram have been hit with lawsuits claiming 
 their programs are addictive, especially to young persons, and
   cause psychological and emotional harm that can last a lifetime

 O-point Judgment Time is Nigh;

 To BE... or Not to BE... 5D.

It's about time; 4D conscientious judgment
- with 5D compassionate -in-action -
to transform, transcend and to translate

  3D 'matrix mania'
(Stuck In Negativity),
with the gold standard for civility.

   linear 3D matter => 5D nonlinear spirit


June 13, 2022 / Futurity
Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Klaus Schwab
And the World Economic Forum.
Elon Musk has faced many threats to humanity,
but he could be in for his biggest challenge yet.

Liberals Turn On Trudeau As "Massive Majority"
Want Him To End COVID Mandates
June 11, 2022 / The Pulse [VIDEO]
According to an article in The Hill Times, multiple Liberal MPs
   have told the outlet that there's a massive majority of MPs who

 do not support Justin Trudeau's remaining COVID mandates.

The long march of socialism/communism
through the Institutions:

The following article looks at the radical ideologies which  
  have arisen in institutions since the 1960s based on ideas
such as identity politics and cultural revolution, and how 
  these are impacting the policies being implemented today
in cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago.    
 By taking control of educational and cultural institutions, 

    capturing and transforming schools, universities, churches
     and the media, the consciousness of society has gradually
       been 'down-sized' over many decades - moral degradation.
Ascension out of that dystopia is our Aquarian destiny. 

June 13, 2022 / Imprimis reading / 5 million+ subsribers
David Christopher Lewis reads an article from Imprimis at: 
"Imprimis is the free monthly speech digest of Hillsdale
College and is dedicated to educating citizens and      
promoting civil and religious liberty by covering         
cultural, economic, political, and educational issues."

Unvaccinated Had Lower Hospitalizations,
Lower Rates Of Severe Disease
June 9, 2022 / technocracy.news
This study shows further evidence that if the Big Pharma
 medical cartel had just left the world alone, the health of
   people around the world would have been a lot better off.

Technocracy's High Tech War Is Just As
Effective As Rockets, Bullets, Tanks

June 7, 2022 / technocracy.news
 The object of war is to kill or maim as many people as possible,
by whatever means. But outright killing is often less efficient    
than wounding because more of the enemy's resources are    

  consumed in caring for the wounded than burying dead bodies.
  That is how the pharmacidal medical complex 'makes a killing'.

Klaus Schwab's 'Great Narrative' For The Global Borg
Feb 13, 2022 /  technocracy.news
  You will own nothing but you won't be happy. Instead,
   you'll be assimilated into Dr Evil's version of the Borg,
    whereby injected nanoparticles replicate and combine
     to hack your DNA, connecting to the AI Cloud to make
 you a 'docile servant' (transhuman cyborg), that is   
remote controlled by the technocratic 'master race'.

Global Governance War For The Future!
A Tale of Two Timelines - Our Choice:

June 11, 2022 / Catherine Austin Fitts
"If you're poisoning the population and destroying
 productivity, nothing is going to work."
Response from CR:
Nothing except public subservience to government

 'solutions' that compound The Crisis, until enough
 good people wake up, wise up and rise up to claim
   the victory of United Sovereigns of Earth, and finally
This is a global affair. We're at war for sovereignty.
And if you don't think this war determines whether
  we are free or slave... then either you haven't been
paying intention or just don't want to 'go there'...  
the response ability and account ability heart of
personal/planetary sovereignty.

The Urgency Now Is Rather Self Evident
(if you've been paying attention with pure intention)

As referenced in the video above:

Former Assistant HUD Secretary and Wall Street Dillon Read & Co. Partner Catherine Austin Fitts returns to the Dark Journalist show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and transaction tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity physically, financially and spiritually. Catherine sees this as a time to choose between freedom and tyranny and suggests we have a limited window to restore the US Constitution and Rule of Law. (emphasis added ~CR)

There's a method to the madness folks.    
A Pattern to the Mass School Shootings.
Here is a 4 1/2 minute 'Must Watch':         

June 1, 2022 / Greg Reese

Believe it... or Not...

Everything Is Being Weaponized for
Authoritarian Remote Control:

June 12, 2022 / lewrockwell.com
The U.S. Government Is Waging Psychological 
Warfare Against Americans

June 9, 2022 / Awaken with JP
Tonight's top stories are Biden's anti-gun speech, pride month,
more stuff on why you should have no right to gun rights, and
   what has the rage mob raging surprisingly hard, even for them?


June 6, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org
  The Maha Chohan, as the representative of the Holy Spirit,
  comes with the 2022 Pentecost message. He releases the 
       sacred fire and holy breath of God into our midst. Pentecost
       is an opportunity to experience the culmination of the fire of
        resurrection and ascension light burning brightly within Self.

June 13, 2022 / The Hearts Center Community
 Meta comes to imprint the energy of Godly love in the hearts
of grandparents, parents and children. She says this is the   
  solution to all problems that we perceive in our world. This is
      God's love and light within us that we can assimilate and shine
   as part of the solution to these problems. One of the greatest
      roles of a parent is to help their children retain within them the
    innate light of God in which they were created. Meta issues a
    warning that everything a child is exposed to influences their
  consciousness and parents must be careful what they allow
 their children to experience, especially in the entertainment
and music world, as well as in the educational field.            


‘To Your Health’

Nature’s Ultimate SuperFood?
You Decide