The 2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

Summer Reading & Viewing Compendium
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July 16th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

- July 14, 2019 / -
And the ordained use of power

 This is the theme of this compendium.
For those who want a 'vacation' from
mainstream media mind control that
tells us what to think about "
(of, by and for power elite agendas),
you'll find much of this compendium
 to be both enlightening yet disruptive
  to your normalcy bias (comfort zone).

Revelations as conscious evolution
 revolution can be disruptive to one's
 prevailing perceptual paradigm.
There's something here for everyone.
Scan the content to find something 
 that most intriques you - to augment
authentic intelligence.
Common sense may be uncommon
but it still beats artificial intelligence.
 An ounce of authentic intelligence is
  worth a pound of the artificial variety 
much as an 'ounce of prevention' is 
  metaphorically worth a pound of cure.

 The greatest freedom and opportunity
  we now have is to know better and do
better with well-formed choice at the
heart of
authentic intelligence as will
wake up, wise up and rise up for the
2019 Global rEVOLUTION.
So here's some food for thought with
  another 'love sandwich' that combines
  some 'light veggies' and 'strong meat'.
Whatever flips your switch for
summer enlightenment!


Skip to the bottom for the 'Light Stuff'.

The ordained Power of Love - victory vision
the inordinate love of power - victim dictum.
The Global TLC Connection:
TeLeComm, TeLeCare & TeLeCommerce

"DUH" (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless)
with 'high touch' (
TLC) at the
heart of high tech.

Now it's a global issue for all of '
United Sovereigns of Earth)
with '
AMERICA' as an anagram for
the '
I AM RACE' (worldwide).

America is a Divinely Sponsored Nation of
Freedom, Justice, Equality & Opportunity.

July 15, 2019 / The Hearts Center Community

Excerpt: "A righteous economy is one steeped in the
sacred freedoms enumerated by our founders,
especially freedom of religion - freedom to
pursue one's innate spirituality, which 
encourages its citizens to follow the
 golden rule - the moral trademark
of the '
~ El Morya

Big Media Is Matrix Management
- Social Engineering -

 Master 'M' on the Media Mind Control Matrix:
El Morya on Big Media mediation of, by and for
a global elite agenda... at 5:55 minutes HERE.

 Consider the High State vs. Deep State:
The moral imperative of Divine Direction for
self correction and perfection... and then,
 know the enemy as disinformation agents.


How America's Most Powerful News Media
Works Hand in Glove with the CIA
July 2019 /

Victim Dictum versus Victory Vision:

Is it true that the mainstream media has an agenda
that runs interference - mass mind control -
of, by and for the corporatocracy?
Are you aware that the covert intention of the MSM
is to create cognitive dissonance, dis-ease and
dysfunction that is subservient to tyr
Would you agree that we must muster the courage
to recognize the danger of encroaching tyranny
and seize the opportunity for freedom?

Authentic intelligence is the
 (CIA High State)
that cultures wisdom with  

Central intelligence - without - is DUH,
giving us just enough pseudo-intelligence
to innoculate us against the real thing.

July 2019 /

Special Report: Breaking News
Urgent Alert re: the Big Shift
from 'Deep State Patriarchy'
(inordinate love of power)
to 'High State Matriarchy'
(ordained Power of Love).
Two Articles published July 7, 2019
Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed
and Jeffrey Epstein
by David Wilcock /
The Dark Patriarchy's War with
The Goddess
These two articles provide some profound insight
into global transformation dynamics that are

Excerpt: There is a crisis in the Western world. Both in terms of domestic affairs and foreign policy, Western nations are showing all signs of impending collapse. This is despite the fact that the flagship of the Western world, the United States, continues to expand its empire across the globe. At the same time, the world is witnessing the 'rise of China'. an empire in its own right though no one seems to have any interest in calling it what it is.
     The American empire has come to terms with itself to some extent. Through all the claims of support for 'democracy' and 'freedom', the United States has transitioned to an authoritarian state at home and a rampaging military of conquest abroad. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, Somalia, Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria, Venezuela, Chad and Mali all serve as hot battles for the American military (in cooperation with other Western militaries, including Australia) in service of forcing governments into accepting the rule of private central banks, big biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical and industrial corporations, while forcing those nations into providing raw materials for major industry centered in the Western world.
     This says nothing of the American military bases in place across the globe. The US military posture of aggression coupled with threats of invasion against sovereign nations who are not compliant is well-known the world over and only the willfully blind do not see it.
But the US is definitely not alone in this.
China is also an empire and... Continued HERE

The Forever War Is So Normalized
That Opposing It Is 'Isolationism'

June 28, 2019 /

Beware of Big Tech subservience to
Big Brother
"People will come to love their oppression,
to adore the technologies that undo their
capacities to think."
~ Aldous Huxley

Dawn of the Reduction of Human Thinking

July 23, 2019 /

Snowden: It's Now In Place...
"The Most Effective Means Of Social Control

In The History Of Our Species"
June 1, 2019 /
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said that
people in systems of power have exploited the
human desire to connect in order to create the
systems of mass surveillance and censorship.

The Secrets of Silicon Valley:
What Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Know
July 5th, 2019 / Corbett Report
Once a sleepy farming region, Silicon Valley is now
the hub of a global industry that is transforming the
economy, shaping our political discourse, and is   
changing the very nature of our society.

Artificial Intelligence:
Elon Musk's new idea is to hook your noggin up
to an AI - but is he just insane about the brain?

July 18, 2019 /
We ask top boffins if the plan is good enough for
'skull drilling'

Google whistleblower says the company
IS politically biased;
'algorithms don't write themselves'
July 24, 2019 /
Google whistleblower says the company IS politically biased and
says bosses' claims that they are neutral are
'ridiculous', warning
 algorithms don't write themselves. It's digital fascism writ large.

"We are having conversations with machines that are
designed purposefully to learn how to persuade us
 with personalized information."
~William Ammerman

July 23, 2019 / Sarah Westall inteviews William Ammerman
William Ammerman, the man who coined the term psycho-technology, is joining the program to discuss his latest research on the specific ways artificial intelligence, or AI, is not only being used to manipulate us, but also being used to actually change us. He discusses the methods that are being used, by who, and what to look for. His philosophy is to educate everyone on the good and the bad. To not take sides, but to educate. It's a debate that is vital to be had in order for us to benefit from AI rather than becoming useful idiots for those looking to dominate and control society. You can learn more and purchase his book "The Invisible Brand" @

July 1, 2019 / /span> Truthstream Media
Excerpts: "The once unknowable blackbox of the brain is easily read, infiltrated and modified. Why did God supposedly knock down the Tower of Babel exactly? I thought all this convenient technology was just good, with no drawbacks, no consequences and only benefits. Can you even see the road ahead?"
     "The technology is here or it's arriving soon, and so it might be time that we thought about what is being planned for us, and what we think we're going to do with a system that is being very rapidly built."


April 26, 2019 / talkRADIO
David Icke discusses theories and politics

regarding fake news, mass surveillance,
5G and the endgame of AI.

Social Engineering with AI
'Sovereignty Optimization'
Technological Dependence And
The End Of Freedom

July 6, 2019 /, by Brandon Smith 
Technology can be dazzling but also debilitating to real human progress, and when I say "progress" I do not mean advancements in the world of machines but advancements in the world of people, and one does not necessarily lead to the other.

How To Create A Country With No Heart
June 20, 2019 /

Excerpt: Take a lesson in the ultra-radical anti-human, 'green agenda': It is the identical story in every nation, as seen in Australia. It is not Communism or Fascism, but rather Technocracy, the "science of social engineering." ~TN Editor      

Globalization Is Destroying The
'Great American Middle
July 19, 2019 /

In this article, Sen. Hawley has correctly nailed the big picture, except to name those who created weaponized globalization with social engineering in the first place. TN readers can start with The Trilateral Commission and its version of international economic order that exacerbates concentration of profit and power away from mainstream Americans.

Excerpt: Those in the bottom half have nothing. The top 10% have 70% of the wealth. Between the second quarter of 2010 and the second quarter of 2012, the bottom 50 had negative combined net wealth. Here is the same chart in dollar terms.


July 17, 2019 /
 And the most powerful special interests in
 the worldly world have a vested interest in
keeping us from wising up and rising up. 

The Implications of a Secret Space Program
June 12, 2019 /
R E S T O R E D 'Above Majestic' [VIDEO]:
Produced by Corey Goode & Jordan Sather,
 Directed by Roger Richards, and Summary
Review by Robert Steele

Keep It Light:
as Law and Light Language

Consciousness Is Everything
July 13, 2019 /

The way we think about our lives dramatically changes
the quality of our lives. Consciousness is everything.

Ascension to the 5th Dimension
July 14, 2019 /
The Twelve Levels of Evolutionary Ascent

Effective Sensory Perception (ESP):

July 6, 2019 / Rupert Sheldrake
Deep diving in the direction of quantum field perception

Edge of Wonder / July 16, 2019
How positive intentions manifest good outcomes,
and why the most difficult thing in the world is
to remain non-attached to worldly thought,
 feelings and inordinate Belief Systems.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Unwrapped
How to Receive the Empowerment of
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
- Video HERE

July 20, 2019 / Hearts Center Community

When enough good people become aware that
humanity faces an existential survival crisis
for survival of the moral imperative as
pure intention for our ascension
with cosmic love retention...
they will keep the faith,
see the good and
Make it So!

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