2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

From On the Path to Global TeLeComm
And a Preview:
What a universal law-language interface
looks like - how it works - and what
this means for global netizens.
Realize that I've been at this for 55 years:
"I don't learn fast but I learn gooood."
~ Forest Gumpism
My backstory is a near-death experience and
soul contract that I made with God.

by Christopher Rudy / June 7, 2019

Most people don't know that I made a deal with God at age 15, when I overheard the doctors behind the screen discussing how they would amputate my foot below the knee before gangrene set in. There was no circulation in my foot and my toes were turning black.
This was after two days of surgery, picking bone splinters out of my shattered ankle that was crushed between the bumper of a car and the frame of my motor scooter. I was coming out of the sun and the car driver didn't see me, turning left for a head on collision. I crushed the hood of his car, internal injuries - blood coming out of my mouth.
My figure skating coach was a few cars behind with a doctor who tried to straighten my mangled foot but when he let go, the toes flipped backed to my knee because the ankle was shattered. Everyone was in shock, and my voice was shaky when I tried to make a joke saying, "I guess I won't be skating for a while coach."
Anyway... I'm laying there in the hospital bed, drugged half out of my mind with a new painkiller supposedly 3 times the strength of morphine, and I hear these doctors discussing amputation of my foot.
My response was swift and absolute. I made a deal with God right there. If He would save my leg, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for Him. Then I went unconscious.
The next thing I knew it was morning and my foot hurt like crazy. Apparently, they had taken me off the painkillers and I went through withdrawal with them finding me thrashing around on the floor.
But I thrashed circulation back into my foot. Nine months later I was running with the cross-country team again. Hurt like crazy, breaking down the bone spurs. But since then it's like a having a normal foot again.

I'll always remember my contract with God.
Whenever I can't think of anything better to do, I ask God, 'What do you want me to do?" And when I'm in my right mind (right-brain), I get intuitive flashes of what I call 'spiritual real estate' - the highest and best use of "the land" (gifts and talents) I've been developing over the years.
My Father was a home builder who developed five community subdivisions and built hundreds of homes in my home town of Troy Ohio. I grew up building houses, working concrete and laying pipelines for water and storm sewers. I even got my real estate license. Both my parents were real estate brokers.
But my passion was 'spiritual real estate' and I saw myself as a community builder that would focus on the highest and best use of breakthrough global communication technologies that were trending towards a global village for the Family of Mankind.  

So I published a 40 page booklet - The Troy Model
and gave a presentation to City Council on it.
Later I lobbied city council for a community owned and regulated cable TV system with public access studios for originating and broadcasting local content, including city council meetings.
I also developed a community storefront co-op in downtown Troy, receiving the 'Community Beatification' award for the remodel, and providing the first natural foods store and eatery in Miami County.
That was the first of four holistic health centers that I developed over the next four decades.
As a 55 year developer of light language and Law, I've gone through an on-going 'born again' metamorphosis as photographer, architect, naturopath and 'MetaPhysician' in his 12th year as producer and host BBS Radio's Cosmic Show.
So when I share my personal REVELATION of
a universal interface for global
in our ubiquitous global social networks,

  you now know where I'm coming from.
A Vision for the Future of Humanity
Call it 'Heartware' or 'Web 3.0 CyberEthics' or
interactive interface for mass
a Universal interface will upgrade

our Five Core Constitutional Freedoms.
All Ways ... Always,

Full Spectrum