2018 Global Upgrade Series

Integrating the Ordained
Power of
As the inordinate love of power
acts out while disintegrating.

Nov 25, 2018 / Heartcom Network

Host of BBS Radio’s Cosmic Show
 for 11 years until the studio in Paradise CA
  was destroyed in a firestorm - article HERE.

    Reality Report:
Shift Debriefing

Rapid transformation; paradigm shift; software upgrades;
heartware innovations; enlightenment portents:
linking the light of lightworkers globally
for a revelations revolution with
the language of light.


Global transformation has accelerated. General enlightenment via the Internet has awakened the all-connected masses. Interactive capabilities of an instant-everywhere nature are connecting all of US’ – United Sovereigns of Earth.

The ‘Family of Mankind’
in a Global Village

This Deep Shift in perspective is disruptive to everyone’s same-old-same-old 'comfort zone' (normalcy bias). But it’s ‘interesting times’ for the young at heart who are blessed with existential optimism – the hero’s journey.

A lot of us are suffering ‘Future Shock’ – the inability to adapt to the accelerated rate of mass awakening from ancient historyBC’ – Before Computers.

The computer/Internet revolution is like an extension of each one's brain and nervous system just as clothes are an extention of the skin, cars are an extension of the feet, and TV is an extension of our eyes and ears.

Our new global Internet reality - with unprecedented knowledge power - has exposed ancient and modern power struggles as never before in human history. The whole history of empire tyranny naked aggression has been outed – big time.

Wisdom regarding the truth of all this has been long-censored by the giant corporate media conglomerates that dominate the news world. And over the last year, the largest social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been aggressively censoring the uncommon truths that once made those networks so widespread.

A new social networking model of
unbiased integrity is emerging.

Corporate lamestream ‘fake news’ media won’t touch the tyranny-at-the-top issue with the corporatocracy – institutionalized profits-before-people policies for power without Constitutional principle.

Mainstream TV has been running cover for the corporate Deep State every since the CIA foisted ‘Operation Mockingbird’ with embedded agents in all major TV networks. It’s a rigged game.

But the mold-matrix is broken. That game is ending. The mind control fix is failing. Independent Internet media is thriving all over the world.. The whole truth has been outed to challenge the Big Lie. The grand deception has been so BIG and so bold and so often told that most of us have been deceived.

As the light of truth shines in the deep state of dark deception, there's lots of ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

Their time is short – fear/anger is great
and we see losers acting out badly.

The last decade has seen an authentic conscious evolution revolution in revelations regarding the ordained power of truth and love that naturally neutralizes the inordinate love of power.

That’s the REAL game – 2018 Global Upgrade.

“We have it in our power to
   begin the world over again.”
~ Thomas Paine

New Rules for the New World Game

The new ‘World Game’ is a contemporary version of the World Game Studies Workshop pioneered by Buckminster Fuller in month-long workshops at the University of Pennsylvania in the 70’s.

This ‘game’ is a process that Bucky defined as ‘comprehensive anticipatory design science’ with an ‘interactive matrix’ that cross references an inventory of resources with design criteria objectives. Basically, it’s the creative process for designing anything. And it factors in the trending of timeline innovations for anticipating the future.

"In the context of constant inexorable change,
   the most valuable assets of man are his utterly
abstract, weightless ‘ideas’ which permit his
 swift recognition and adjustment to the ever-
    changing pattern. The most valuable ideas are
    those which not only comprehend the change
    but also the trending of the change in order to
 anticipate the next important change events
as does the good driver of a car, pilot of a 
    plane or captain of a ship – thereby enabling
  the safe and satisfactory dynamic, forward,
transformative processing of man in
evolutionary universe.”
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

I attended Bucky’s World Game in 1974 and was asked to give a lecture on my vision of World Game as a mass communications model, explaining how and why all our social, political and economic problems are communication problems; how we come into unity for REAL Community both locally and globally.

Making Virtual-Pseudo Community Obsolete

I explained how Cable TV stations in 1974 were wiring the nation with satellite downlinks with the potential of creating a global village of all-connected ‘unity in diversity’ – the ‘E Pluribus Unum' on the Great Seal of the United States.

This was a decade before personal computers and two decades before the Internet went mainstream. IBM mainframe computers the size of a room dominated the corporate world at that time, and IBM ‘mini-computers’ – small by comparison – were just coming out.

So I factored in the new CATV and computer capabilities in design of a communication system that would update our horse-and-buggy system of representation with an upgrade of Five Core Constitutional Freedoms – now technically feasible with the new interactive capabilities.

The FCC had just mandated that CATV systems provide three channels for local public access TV, and I explained how mini-computers at the head end of CATV public access stations could process touch-tone phone input from citizens. This involves the language of consciousness in the holodeck between our ears… inputting 3 numbers in sequence at any part of a local or global public access video… defining an x-y-z coordinate axis for a dot in a cube that represents each individual’s response in relationship to any stage of video evaluation.

A universal interface for global interaction
and a better experience of cooperative
co-creation of social Conscience in
our ubiquitous social networks.

A unique VISION of ‘Consensus Reality’

Freedom of Assembly would thus be upgraded with electronic town-hall meetings. Freedom of Speech would be upgraded with public access studios for origination of videos and then public evaluation of those programs with an interactive interface – the holodeck model – that provides real-time consensus criteria as involves and evolves the language of consciousness for culturing social conscience in social networks.

Freedom to Petition government would be upgraded with the ability to originate programs that ‘highlight’ public consensus established within the context of the conscious evolution process defined and refined by this interactive communication process.

go HERE.

"Planetary revolution is here:
but there are options:
a hot-headedly conducted, bloody revolution
that everyone loses... or
  a cool-headedly conducted, design science
computer-enhanced and wealth accounting
 revolution whereby all humanity wins."

~ Buckminster Fuller

Forty-four years later and we have hand-held smart phones with more computing power than those mainframe computers the size of a room. Bucky saw this coming. He called it ‘ephemeralization’ – doing more with less. He coined the word ‘synergy’ to explain how this was possible – combining innovations into new wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts.

We can see TeLeComm synergy in the way that the emphasis on IBM hardware morphed into an emphasis on Microsoft software… and how hardware platforms and software operating systems were synergized to develop netware whereby the computer became the network of computers.

That was Web 1.0. – the shift from personal computing to personalized mass communication with basic functions such as e-mail.

Web 2.0 saw the integration of hardware, software and netware into a higher order of synergy, creating social network platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Personalized mass communication went exponential.

Each of these innovative stages of synergistic integration have matured as from baby to teenager. Billions of Netizens worldwide are now connecting with each other. The global mind is maturing to the next level… an upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms... with a heart.

Heartware is Web 3.0. This is a quantum leap in the computer/Internet revolution. Trying to explain heartware in 2018 is like trying to explain the Internet ‘BC’ (Before Computers). It requires synergistic integrations of new concepts of conscious evolution with new technologies that represent the gold standard for heart coherence and mind congruence.

  As Buckminster Fuller might say today,
   this TeLeCommunication whole system
    (World Game) is a model of Co-Creation

  for upgrading the systems integrity and
perating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

CyberEthics IS what Heartware DOES.

Social conscience will rapidly mature in social networks with heartware. A systemic paradigm shift to the Family of Mankind in a global village is the natural progression of the computer/Internet revolution – a higher level of civility that synergistically integrates the language of consciousness for personalized mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

Just like YouTube made it possible for millions of people to watch an online video at the same time, so will heartware make it possible for millions of people to EVALUATE any part of that video at the same time… with a unique interface window into this real-time read-out 'cloud' of collective conscience... giving new meaning to 'cloud computing' and the 'ritual of the cloud' that energizes one's divine RIGHTS- in the public SPHERE- and TRINITY- of personal/global CO-CREATION-.

Netizen journalists will then create new videos
that highlight the consensus in other videos.

As thus will heartware provide a high state of consensus reality – a high form of representative government – that involves and evolves our individual and collective CONSCIENCE with the language of consciousness at the heart of this universal interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

Personalized RIGHTS- in the Public SPHERE-
centered and INTEGRATED-
with checks & balances
for a WHOLE that is greater than
the sum of the , , and parts.

In 2016 I wrote about this in The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age.

In 2017 I took it to the next level with The 2017 Big Shift.

And since the 1st of 2018, I’ve been synergizing revelations from 2016 and 2017 in The 2018 Global Upgrade.

That brings US United Sovereigns of Earth – to the global crisis and opportunity we are facing today.

The Big Problem and Self-Evident Solution

“If we can really understand the problem,
the answer will come out of it, because
the answer is not separate from the
~ Krishnamurti

Common sense unified field social conscience may yet be uncommon, but in the larger scheme of conscious evolution, Effective Sensory Perception naturally matures to right the floundering ship of global civility.

In one's heart-of-hearts we can agree that the higher the concept of Natural Cosmic Law - - the greater the results with heartware's universal interface for Global TeLeComm.

With as the rule for the New World Game,
naturally rules.

So Keep the Faith - See the Good
And Make it So!

Establishing ‘The Foundation’
with full spectrum

“The many steps that will build that foundation cannot happen quickly, and there will be confusion and wariness as governments, legal and justice systems, multinational corporations, mainstream media and all other organizations and agencies that impact life on Earth are purged of corruption and are reformed by wise individuals with moral and spiritual integrity and leadership ability.
After the new global economy is established, the primary undertaking will be ending impoverishment, rebuilding war-torn countries and facilitating the return of the millions who fled. Because people have been kept ignorant of factual history and science as well as their beginnings in Creator, accurate textbooks for all ages will be written in all languages and distributed to educational systems worldwide.
Industries that turn out the machinery of war will manufacture products designed for a healthful, peaceful world, and the millions in military service or whose jobs have been lost due to technologies will receive training in fields that will open or expand to accommodate all who want to work. Extensive infrastructure will be built or modernized wherever needed; commerce, the medical industry and transportation, information, communication and energy systems will change. In short, everything Gaia envisioned for Earth’s Golden Age will come to fruition.”

~ Message from Matthew, Nov 17, 2018
excerpt from the full article HERE

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