Cosmogenesis and Return to Source

 Reframing ‘Success’

As the veil thins with the surge in the Source Field*,
   and full disclosure of hidden truth goes mainstream,
solutions to world problems become self-evident.
  Conscious evolution to a better world demands it.

 by Christos Lightweaver

 If we consider ‘success’ as the on-going realization of a worthy goal,
the cosmic ‘window’ now opening with ‘
Source Field Alignment
empowers wisdom with the same love of freedom behind
the flame of
Conscience that sparked the American
Revolution and will fulfill global rEVOLUTION
with the same
conscientious common
meaning, virtue and purpose
intention, attention and
retention of the Spirit
that matters…

"We are bound, you, I, and every one, to make common cause…
 to maintain the common right of
freedom of Conscience."
~ Thomas
Jefferson, 1803

The Family of Man has arrived at the time ordained for our global village. 

For millennia, human evolution has prepared for this time beyond our prevailing awareness of space and time in a ‘linear’ sense; the Big Shift from the inside-out.

The preparation going mainstream now is the understanding of the nonlinear
quantum field that comprises the ‘Source Field*.

Cosmogenesis and order in the Universe
follows natural laws that also govern
the disclosure process as the
veil thins and suppressed
knowledge is finally

This ‘unveiling’ has become self-evident to anyone who follows the amazing phenomena of crop circles and increasing UFO phenomena.  This has become
so widespread that well-informed people worldwide no longer deny their existence.

Public disclosure of UFOs (unveiling)
is happening all over the world,
but some countries still
fail to report this.

The public wake-up call regarding the truth of the ET presence is now happening more frequently with increasing media exposure.  Take for example this recent 25 second YouTube clip of jet planes escorting a flying disk.  If you think that video was faked, you need a check up from the neck up.J

  [Click to watch this full length YouTube video at…

UFOs and Cosmic Dimension Series

EBE Award Winner! ‘Best Historical UFO Documentary’ ~ International UFO Congress. This film is one of the most complete profiles on the UFO subject and exopolitics ever released to the public… exploring the history of secret advances in science, explaining why and how world governments have limited the flow of information to the public regarding the truth about UFOs, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity Technology... plus a fantastic collection of interviews from top scientists and researchers from around the world, stunning computer graphics and amazing photos and videos of UFOs in flight. 

Obviously, it doesn’t require “official” recognition for the divine destiny of Earth’s rebirth to proceed from the inside out… as the surge in the Source Field* naturally accelerates mass awakening.  Heaven knows that extremely advanced civilizations from other dimensions of space/time have been visiting here for a LONG time, monitoring human evolution for millennia.

Why? Because in the vast Source Field* continuum,
 advanced beings can visit us freely and easily.

That is a big paradigm shift for humanity,
but it’s just ‘
reality TV for the ETs’
who have patiently watched
and waited for this time
of, by and for the

Indeed, there is nothing more exciting for extremely advanced civilizations than to watch emerging planetary civilizations awaken in the unified source field of universal sovereignty with solidarity for that purpose.

The timing now is of the essence.

We are reminded of the genius behind the pen-name ‘William Shakespeare’ who had a way with words as true today as hundreds of years ago:

"There is a tide in the affairs of man, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and miseries;

We must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.

~ Julius Caesar [William Shakespeare]


The Source Field* surge is the Current for Success

Fact is, the current surge in the Source Field* is flooding the Earth with the
‘currency of cosmos’
– the source of coherent “light” (energy, intelligence and ‘cosmic connection’) that represents the congruence of multi-dimensional (full-spectrum) Conscience – in the prevailing awareness of humanity.

This congruence is a convergence… a process of conscious evolution that is now  progressing from its inception with pure intension to its fulfillment with evolutionary ascension into a dimension that represents a higher level of ‘co-Creation’ in terms of human/divine collaboration and convergence.

This provides extraordinary opportunity for every soul
to connect with every other soul’s unprecedented
opportunity whereby the power of love

In fact, this power has always ruled in “

Affirmation of Alliance Affiliates with
Decision via Definitive Determination and
Effective with Enlightened Evaluation for
Participation with Principled Precipitation in
Time as the Totality of nonlinear Temporal
Service to “Save Our Society” (SOS).

Reframing Success with the Currency of Conscience

‘Reframing’ is a psychological term meaning that the reaction to any situation is found in the frame of reference from which it is viewed. This is another way of saying that we can't solve our problems with the same frame of reference that the problems came from.  

As we reframe our way of thinking about
the processes of consciousness
- their constitutional integrity -
we naturally involve and
evolve currents of

That ‘currency’ is the foundation of the Next Economy… but don’t expect that currency to be recognized or validated by those who have monopolized public currency along with core social and political institutions for ownership and control of global resources... fearing disclosure of the truth as would set us free. 

Not just with free-energy technologies or
breakthrough healing technologies or
anti-gravity technologies, but also,
knowledge of cosmogenesis
with the ‘CAPstone vision
of the ascent process;

 "We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time."

~ T.S. Eliot

 The foundation for worldwide  is a holistic process of
self-governing, self-correcting self-elevation and
evolutionary ascent” (salvation) nature…
as a
self-fulfilling prophecy.

Cosmogenesis has ‘rules’

Be reframing or otherwise repositioning our concept of ‘community’ as a ‘come-into-unity process – for culturing social Conscience in our global social networks – we can see that the  we Co-Create (with the Source Field*) is the  we get as a natural consequence.

This is a natural cause-and-effect relationship

BE the change you want to see... BE-CAUSE.

It's YOUR world, YOUR Universe, YOUR

So take response-ability, the
CAUSE of our Alliance.

You have the ability to respond… responsibly…
and the rewards are indeed ‘timeless’.

The ‘rules’ of the Source Field* naturally apply whereby

These rules of
 in the continuum have been
winning from the beginning… worlds without end.

Now is the time for Earth’s rebirth thereby.

 Take Command and Make it So!

~ Christos

 PS: Always remember that the greatest improvements in our world have
         all ways been inspired by a relative few fully conscious-enlightened
ADEPTS and by public resonance with the Source* they represent.
AIM truly for such ‘Attainment In Motion’, and join ‘The Alliance’. 

* Source Field Footnotes:  Your own ‘Source Field Investigations’ will paint a "big picture" that is quite an adjustment for the average person... but the ordained process for reframing your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and action is nonetheless backed up by extensive evidence:

* DNA is a product of the quantum energy of the Source Field, and is written into the basic laws of the Universe. Support your DNA to support a healthy connection with the Source Field as adapts to the Big Shift with a strong immune system;

* The Source Field laws that govern the formation of life on Earth also govern the transformations of mind over matter, and Spirit over mind. It's all in divine order;

* The human design is intrinsic to this galaxy, and disclosure of the ET presence will reveal this human design to be consistent in the Universe as a ‘chalice’ for the evolution of souls on Earth as throughout Cosmos;

* Earth is a unique platform for the evolution of souls, many of which have incarnated on Earth from throughout the universe to be here now at this extraordinary time of collective awakening as a unified whole;

*Many souls have progressed much, much farther, spiritually and technologically,
than we have, embodying ‘cosmic love’ with the highest respect for all manifestations of this ‘prime directive’;

* Many advanced souls incarnated on Earth in the times of Atlantis, the last major surge in the Source Field as is happening now with Galactic Alignment;

* Full disclosure of the Source Field’s nature, our cosmic progenitors, and the cosmic ‘genesis process’ now surging (cosmogenesis) will naturally follow the intention of humanity to make it so… transforming and transcending false-flag fears with fearless faith as will define and refine our divine destiny as the ‘United Sovereigns of Earth’, representing Universal Co-Creation with the Source of ‘All That Is’.

* There is nothing to be stressed or worried about unless your Belief System is out of order with the divine order of the Source Field.  In other words, when you are in 'alignment' with the nonlinear sense of "spherical" (spiritual) accountability and response-ability, you KNOW that what goes around comes around to the same universal laws of, by and for eternal progression of the soul - evolutionary ascent;

* We can change our Belief Systems and behavior to reflect, perfect and direct our Co-Creation with the Source-Creator of the Source Field.

* As we ‘awaken’ with pure intention for atONEment – at ONE with the pure intention of cosmogenesis along more enlightened lines framing universal law as
 language – we naturally involve and evolve our individual and collective Conscience, ‘ascending’ with singular vision that encompasses multi-dimensional unity in our diversity.  In the process, full 'disclosure' is unveiled.

*Global humanity is now discovering that the true meaning of ‘source field surge’, ‘cosmic convergence’, ‘unity consciousness’, ‘universal co-creation’, and ‘common sense’ are ALL referring to the same purpose and plan that ADEPTS know and serve, i.e. our conscious evolutionary ascent HOME to a more enlightened world of divine harmony and order.

This is the pure intent of ‘The Alliance’. 

One-in-Source represents a majority. 

Return to Source is our one destiny. 

And now is the time ordained to
make it so


May the Source be with you. J