2017 Big Shift Series

Claim the Victory of the Republic:
5 Huge Deceptions to Overcome

How to identify and neutralize the
five major deceptions that have
subverted discernment of who
we are as a Republic of laws
in a United State of global


There’s a truism throughout history that
you can know who rules over you by
knowing who you can’t criticize.

Thanks to the American Revolution
core Constitutional freedoms,
you can criticize the government.

But you cannot criticize religion
because of freedom of religion.
People believe what they want.

 We all want free will sovereignty.
  That requires a framework of law.
Freedom requires boundaries.

That’s why the U.S. government
    is NOT a democracy. Never was.
    It’s a balance of freedom and law.

   The word ‘democracy’ is nowhere
    in the U.S. Constitution. It’s not in
    the Declaration of Independence.

   The success of the public fool system is
 public belief that we are a democracy.
      Only fools believe that. We’re a Republic.

What happened to the Republic?
Democracy happened

by Jon Rappoport / Nov 19, 2017  

The Republic has devolved to an oligarchy of power elite potentates who run the corporatocracy. The Constitutional Republic is hanging by a thread. Most Americans don't even realize how the Republic has been subverted as explained in this short video:


This deception is the root of psychology
  for subservience to tyranny; article here.

"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. " ~ Plato

 Why are so many Americans unaware
    of negative connotations of ‘democracy’
and actually believe that we are one?

   Guess who’s behind this deception?
Guess who owns and controls the
six mega-cartel media giants who
   publish the books for public schools
and publish fake news on TV and
 print media and over the Internet?

 If you know the answer then you are
 also aware of their covert agenda to
 dumb down the American people so
   they can be deceived via democracy
    NOT a Republic of Constitutional law.

At the Nov 22nd Collective Evolution blog, there's an exceptional article on the 'Deep State' which refers to a coordinated effort by career government employees and other individuals to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership.
EXCERPT: Democracy is popular because of the illusion of choice and participation it provides, but when you live in a society in which most people’s knowledge of the world extends as far as sports, sitcoms, reality shows, and celebrity gossip, democracy becomes a very dangerous idea. Until people are properly educated and informed, instead of indoctrinated to be ignorant mindless consumers, democracy is nothing more than a clever tool used by the ruling class to subjugate the rest of us.

  Democracy is a ‘fake religion’ that is
 believed religiously because it is so
   widespread as “BS” (Belief System).

     Since democracy is not a true religion
     you can criticize the perpetrators who
  would make us dumber than dumb.

       If you don’t know who those perps are
       then consider WHO you really believe
       you can’t criticize in good conscience.


'Christian Zionism' is a classic oxymoron.
There's nothing Christian about Zionism.
It's abject subversion of Christic values.
  Are you aware that the Zionist flag is the
 one Hitler allowed beside his Swastika?
 Or that Hitler was backed by Rothschild
   who also funded rise of the Israeli State?

Rothschild Trillionaire Status Quantified

Nov 27, 2017 / SGTreport

  If you are seriously pro-life for YOUR life
  you'll embrace the Whole Truth which is
  the end of the Christian Zionism Big Lie.
That Big Lie is so BIG and so bold and
   so often told that many people believe it.
  But the Whole Truth trumps the Big Lie.
ZIONIST Situation Debriefing - Priority:
End Game of Zionists Against America
Distinguishing between Judaism and Zionism
Judaism 'good' ~ Zionism 'bad')

Nov 29, 2017 quote from 'Destroying the Illusion':

"We in the United States have been under
attack by ideological subversion that is
not Communist; it's Zionist." 

~ Robert David Steele, former CIA trainer
for Open Source Military Intelligence.
- His Public Intelligence Blog HERE;
- Cosmic
interview HERE
(May 16, 2015
The Judeo-Christian alliance of American Jews and Christian Zionists are finally waking up as a unified whole to the fact that "Netanyahu is toxic and Zionism is toxic and Israel is not America's friend". That loaded quote by Robert David Steele is unpacked in two recent interviews:
November 29, 2017 interview HERE (video)

Interview with Jeff Rense HERE (audio)
   Synopsis in Brief - Zionist Subversion of U.S.
(now well known by Netizens worldwide):
   1- Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty (ship) by Israel;
2- Attack on the U.S. (9-11), Zionist planned;
 3- Rigging the U.S. Congress (AIPAC lobby);
4- Rigging State contracts for disaster relief;
  5- Las Vegas massacre by powerful Zionists;
 6- Zionist ownership & control of Big Banks;
 7- Zionist ownership & control of Big Media.

Israel Lobby is Slowly Being
Dragged Into the Light

Nov 14, 2017 / CounterPunch.org
by Jonothan Cook

World Chaos Diagnosis: 
Acute Zionist Infestation
Nov 27, 2017 / Journal-Neo.org

Prince Charles' Letter From 1986
Blamed Jews for Mideast Unrest

Dec 6, 2017 / Haaretz.com
Surely some U.S. president will stand up
to the Jewish lobby.”
~ Prince Charles

Zionist Connection to the
Saudi Arabia Coup,
Imprisoning and Torturing

Billionaire Oligarchs

Nov 30, 2017 / Unz.com / Israel Shamir

EXCERPT: Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (or MBS) faced the problem of having a broke country, an empty treasury, and a lot of very rich citizens with full coffers. Trump faces a similar problem; in the US, the top dogs have the whole hog, while the state is in multi-trillion debt. Just three well-to-do gentlemen – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg – have as much wealth in their coffers as all the ordinary folk. The annual deficit is about $400 billion; the Rockefellers would not even notice if this paltry sum went amiss from their holdings, estimated at well over a trillion dollars, that is twelve zeroes after the first digit. Continued HERE.

The Dark Truth of Zionism
Nov 26, 2017 / ConsortiumNews.com
Excerpt: American Zionists seem willing to subvert their own constitutional protections in order to support a racist foreign state.

the U.S. banking system has been owned
 and controlled by Zionists, not the public?

Rothschild & Rockefeller ‘Robber Barons’
Run the Corporatocracy Pyramid Scheme

    Is it true that the U.S. economy is struggling?
   Are you aware that major reset is imminent?
Would you agree that the banking system
    must free itself from Zionist control policies?

 The ‘economics of scarcity’ is an oxymoron.
 The ‘value of scarcity’ creates debt slavery.

The Average U.S. Household $137,063 In Debt, and
38.4% of Millennials Live with Their Parents

Nov 21, 2017 / TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com

EXCERPT: A staggering 59.8 percent of younger Millennials (18 to 25) are now living with relatives, and an all-time record 38.4 percent of all Millennials (adults age 18 to 34) are currently living with family.

 An economics of abundance liberates one’s
  poverty consciousness that values scarcity.

   Abundance economics follow from
victory virtues.

    Scarcity economics result in
victim dictum.

The U.S. economy is now on ‘life support’.
The vital signs of the Republic are failing.
The system is rigged for 'banksters' who
 enrich corporatocracy at public expense.

  This is the real cause of wealth inequity.

A sure sign that the Republic is ailing is
the sick health care system in America.
The corporatocracy ‘makes a killing’ on
  sickness. They profit from our dis-ease.

Like mass deception of fake democracy
 and the mass deception of fake religion,
  fake health care is pushed by fake news
 using fake science to push Big Pharma
policies of drugs for whatever ails you.


"Over the past two decades the pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from its original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit, this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical profession itself." ~ Dr. Marcia Angell, former Editor in Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine [from: www.wanttoknow.info/healthcoverup]


From Nuremberg to California:
Why Informed Consent Matters

  The widespread ‘BS’ (Belief System) that
      vaccines are safe and effective is a Big Lie.

 It is well documented that half of Hitler's
  flight capital (gold) went to the giant drug
 company Merck for rise of the 4th Reich
    in America as part of Operation Paperclip.
   Merck seeded polio vaccines with cancer
      viruses when baby boomers were children.
     AIDS was created in U.S. biowar labs and
seeded into hepatitis B vaccines in the
      U.S. and for stealth depopulation in Africa.
    [search: Dr. Horowitz - emerging viruses]

   The politics and economics of health care
 are far more complex than true science.
     Drug industry profits lead the Fortune 500.
   As public health dies, Wall Street thrives.

 Mandatory insurance is the epitome of a
 system of health tyranny that claims the
right of government over your own body.
   That insurance gives very little assurance
  of optimal health to prevent and manage
  disease that is often caused by vaccines
and other well-known drug side effects.

   There are more health care lobbyists who
 bribe Congress critters than the military-
industrial and Big Oil lobbies combined.
  Here’s one racket that is making a killing:

The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive

July 26, 2017 / truTV

 Vaccines inject toxic poisons into babies
 at levels that are toxic to mature adults.
 That can seed pathologies for life which
    result in premature death sooner or later.

This vaccination insanity is
 finally coming to light.
How the FDA Responds When Asked
To Prove that It Is Safe to Inject

Mercury (Thimerosal) Into Babies

Nov 16, 2017 / Collective-Evolution.com
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Since fear of death is a leading motivator,
   the pretense of drug care for health care
 is the most persistent illusion killing us.
   The War on Cancer is another false flag;
   about half of Americans now get cancer.

 That’s why the cancer-for-profit industry
makes about $200 BILLION $’s yearly.
This kills two birds with one evil stone.
  It provides the moneyed power to sway
Congress to endorse legislation that is
   written by and for the Big Pharma cartel
     of eight giant pharmaceutical companies.
   AND it reduces population according to
   eugenics policies of John D Rockefeller
 who created the drug pushing industry
in 1913 by financing legislation which
   made it community standard medicine.

  Natural healing was virtually outlawed
and vilified as the ‘quack alternative’,
    while Rockefeller parlayed his massive
oil profits into 1,100 medical schools
      who then taught drugs for what ails you.

   Doctors made more $’s pushing drugs
       and druggists got a fraction of the action.
    Their AMA lobbies on Capitol Hill grew.

Rockefeller began buying controlling
 interest in major media TV networks.
TV drug pushing is outlawed in most
  civilized countries, but not in the U.S.
Guess who lobbies this to be legal?

    104 years later, and look at the results.
      U.S. public health metrics are abysmal.
     Sickness is sucking the life out of ‘US’.
  Drug ‘cures’ are often far worse than
       the actual disease. Chemo for example:

Dr. Glidden:
“Chemo does NOT work 97% of the time!”

One hundred years ago, only about 1% of
Amercans got cancer. Now it's 50 percent.
That's not due to 'genetics'. It's because of
  toxic overload from vaccines and chemical-
   laced 'food' weakening the immune system.

You might say chemo is a waste of money.
 The only real benefit is the ‘Placebo Effect’.
 That’s for believing it helps while poisoning
you with toxins similar to the mustard gas
 used in trench warfare during World War I.

  It’s so toxic it destroys the immune system.
  Chemo’s intent is to kill enemy cancer cells
  before it poisons the whole body to kill you.
 This ignores that cancer is a symptom of a
   sick body needing immune system support.

  Immunologists worldwide now use the only
natural superfood (SPX) in drip IVs for the
treatment of cancer patients, usually after
their immune system has been wiped out
by chemo & radiation. If the patient is still
on insurance, it helps to bring them back,
 so the bill can be padded out some more.

  SPX can be taken orally to build immunity
 but the big money is in disease treatment
for the medical-industrial complex which
   values stockholders more than the public.
    That's corporate law of the corporatocracy.

 For there to be healing of U.S. health care
  it must escape the clutches of Big Pharma
 and the Rockefeller’s oligarchic control of
 Big Media & Big Government in collusion
 with Rothschild’s dynastic ownership and
control of Big Banks and corporatocracy.

That is the real enemy of the Republic folks.
 It’s THE source of the divisive dialectic that
polarizes the public rather than our uniting
 to throw off the fetters forged by deception.

 Many worldwide are wising up and rising up
  but many only see the scope of the problem,
  believing they are powerless to do anything.

There are ways to transform our world
for the good… very quickly


‘The 2017 Big Shift Culmination’
Getting ready for Christ mass awakening

It’s the weeks before Christmas
with consumerism happening
so it's high time to shape up
 for Christ mass awakening.

The shape of Christ-like ''
  frames the holographic universe
  with a
heart coherence standard
  for upgrading planetary stability.

The Heartware ProjectTM

Upgrading five core Internet freedoms with
TeLeComm & Global TeLeCare
for global 
TLC coherence mediation.

The Co-Operative ‘OS 
(Operating System)
TLC Co-Creation:
Full Disclosure

(for those few but powerful
  cultural creatives who hold
     the balance for the masses).

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy
of pure love and reverence for all of life will counter-
balance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who
calibrate at the lower weakening levels." 
~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests 
utilizing behavioral kinesiology, documented in 
 - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology

Count Your Blessings and Pay It Forward

As we learn to love with a spirit that's for giving,
humor can laugh at a past once called living.
A cooperative spirit transcends domination as
the veil thins and grins at human subjugation.

As all things are revealed with search capacity,
informed choice will shape global Net reality.
No matter what happens, may it truly be said:
Freedom-in-love is how we all move ahead.

Our freedom to BE is our sovereign authority,
harnessing the power of love for inner reality;
transforming outer illusions causing inequity,
and replacing divisions with unity in diversity.

This singular connection with intuitive direction
centers love within, and when we all enter in,
we find a unity state with one clear mandate:
Either we come into unity or we’re insensate.
The door to enlightenment for a long golden age
language of the angelsthe heart of a sage.
Law of the Angles thus frames a new page
to write on, to journal, our conscious ascension
into Co-Creation realms of the fifth dimension.
So enter the door where conscience is freed
for upward mobile souls who have all agreed
to advance up the 
stairs with common creed:
wisdom as serves all need.
Unity Conscience, Effective Sense Perception,
is coherent intent of and for  Direction,
and in that light, every parent, sister & brother
will take heart and wise up to help each other.

In the soul's journey of eternal progression
spiritual laws will govern without exception.
One's soul knows, with humble confession,
the invisible guidance of divine intercession.

We get what we ask for in the larger scheme 
of cause and effect that only love can redeem.
As goes around comes around, sooner or later,
and this cosmic law applies for lover or hater.

By perspiration we strive to optimize aptitude.
By inspiration we wise up with better attitude.
By grace we rise up to a much higher altitude.
As each soul ascends, it uplifts the multitude. 

Global evolution is a revolution now beginning.
Golden age vision is a cause for much grinning.
Cherish this time since the veil is now thinning.
Hell may be disturbed but heaven is winning.

Ready or not there are options now revealing
choices to be made that are quite appealing.
Mysteries are unveiled, no longer concealing
soul soaring with new opportunity congealing.

As heart wisdom matures, elitism will crumble
thanks to pure intent of the meek and humble.
So take heart and realize that external authority
is increasingly accountable to spiritual reality.

It's now rather clear for those living beyond fear;
cherish love's vibe in how you see and hear.
If choice is a challenge, we lose if we snooze;
it's time to honor what the free-at-heart choose.

We can upgrade the change we all want to see
by culturing Conscience with sincere humility;
Co-Creating in unison as pure hearts take flight
above as within us and from left brain to right.

Our intuitive knowing can no longer be hindered
as sovereignty's flame is judiciously rendered;
the 'Source' of our knowing is now taking wing
as love rules the nature of each one as '

"Keys to the INternalization of G.O.D." ()

The golden age thrives due to those who begin
their wholEness and healing on the path within.
The keys to the 
KINGdom are clearly available
whereby liberty's flame is no longer assailable.

KINGdom conscience is 'blessing' when known.
There is universal truth as masters have shown.
Follow your heart to find your way for initiation,
On the Path ascending with great expectation.

The greatest mysteries are veiled in paradox.
Paradigms shift, transcending the 'linear' box.
Co-Creation unites in the Circle of WholEness.
Miracles happen with quickening of holiness.

Realize the rule whereby Creator's intention
is self-evident to all who thus focus 
above as below with Great Love's 
wising up to rise up for conscious 
in a unified field of co-Creation's 

  ~ excerpt from: Evolutionary Ascent   

Full Spectrum
Global TLC

The Model is a universal interface
  for interactive mass-to-mass
Its core is the universal language of light
  to involve & evolve global enlightenment.

"Man can harness the winds, the waves
and the tides,  but when he can harness
 power of love,
 then for the second time in the history of
the world, man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin

 So claim the victory of the Republic
and the justice for which it stands.
One world under universal

with abundant conscience for all.

Keep the Faith, See the Good,
and Make it So!
~ Christos Lightweaver

PS: In the continuum of nonlinear time,
the future of 5-D Christ-like awareness
  has already happened. It’s a done deal.
   The choice for ascent will sooner or later
    raise up mankind as kind men with more
     heart, mind and soul in good conscience.

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with Synergy of the Trinity-
via the "CAPstone" in the
(Creative Ascent Process)

 To   with all your strength, mindheart and soul,
and your global Netizen neighbors as thyself.