Quantum Earth Rebirth

by ‘Dr. Christopher

Host of the BBS Radio Show
Cosmic Love’ for 5 Years

Time of Transition for Planet Earth

Beyond time as we have known it

Judgment Time… Judge Wisely

There is a divine destiny for Earth at this time,
and it’s all in divine order, believe it or not.

 Once you know the up-side for humanity,
you have the power of wise dominion

to love enough, and make it so!

  This is our ‘time of judgment’.
Co-create wisely in time.

For the justice that
‘just is’, enjoy

 What will a reborn higher dimensional Earth
look like to global humanity as we wake up,
     wise up and rise up in higher consciousness?

Here's a clue: http://youtu.be/VcGv_3-fmyo
10 min. YouTube video)

       Are you ready for worldwide conscious rEVOLUTION
  from predominant left-brain lock-step 'linear logic'

to prevailing open-minded, whole brain BALANCE of
          'spiritual power', 'discernment' and '
heart coherence'?

Would you agree that a balanced '3-fold flame' of
spiritual power, mental wisdom & coherent love
is the quintessential HEART of global civility?

This is where the 'business of evolution'
meets the 'evolution of business'...
reinventing civilization with
an evolutionary climax.

The world is a struggle for conscientious souls,
and that struggle is reaching a climax.

If we ask the important questions,
  we can find important answers.

So when will big business bank on
global conscious evolution,
Power of Love, and
Cultural DNA?

When does the global evolution revolution
higher consciousness ‘break through’
  paradigm paralysis and cultural dysfunction
  that suppresses
free energy technology,
suppresses holistic health capabilities,
      suppresses mass TeLeComm opportunity,
    depresses public health and common wealth,
  and degenerates to disintegration of civility
     as inverts, subverts and perverts wholEness
  and healing in our core social, political and
economic institutions?

Is it true that good conscience will ask,

This means good business for those of
good conscience.

 Believe it or not, a new ‘stock market’ is emerging
 where people actually “take stock” (
pay attention)
  to new standards for new industry and Net reality
 as networks for Net worth (
attention pays) with
  intention, retention and ascension in a dimension
where common-universal
 always rules
  for a ‘win/win’ on Earth as in Universe-at-large.

Consider what the ‘Next Economy’ will look like
 when the privately owned ‘Fed’ banking system
disintegrates with all debts forgiven and a new
‘Net reality’ integrates along more enlightened
‘lines’ of
 that liberates conscientious
  common sense;
Effective Sensory Perception.

There are those who will make this win/win happen…
and those who will wonder, what happened!

 So ask yourself, do you CARE to be part of the solution
 and network for the Net worth of a new Net reality?

Is it true that global Net reality via the Internet has
matured enough to now utilize ‘Cultural DNA’ for
  involving and evolving our individual and collective

 Would you agree that global humanity will be liberated
if enough good people do enough to make it so?
Based on your response, do a check up from the neck up
and REALIZE (real eyes) that the future is in your hands.

Cherished illusion or willful ignorance will not serve you well.

Something 'BIG' is happening for those who
conceive, believe and achieve the change
that the pure in heart want to see.




The Unveiling

      Discovering 'fire' for the second time: 

     Pure Intention for the 'Will of Source';

Focus attention on the Mind of G.O.D.;

    Serve retention of a heart in ;

And achieve ascension...'in common';

    A 'fiery dimension' of Unity Conscience,
United Sovereigns of Earth.


I didn't say it would be easy.
It's a 'Razor's Edge'.

~ Christopher

PS:  The good news is that all the insanity we see
      with endless war & disease profiteering
     and all the despair and depression
   the abuse of power causes,
is about to finally end,
one of two ways:

1- The easy way...
take heart.... Effective Sensory Perception,
2- the hard way... "
DUH" (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).

Shift happens. Make the best of it. ~CR


"Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks,
and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing."

~ Thomas Paine

"The human adventure has become the cutting edge of cosmic destiny...
Our minds will unite like the fragments of a 
~ Terence McKenna at: 'Timewave Zero'

"I do not speak lightly or idly.  Yet I cannot and must not reveal all that is to come,
but only caution you in the preparedness of the spirit and the soul and
the mind and the heart - and, above all, in the physical body.
 Gautama, via E. C. Prophet,  2-28-82

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