by Christos Lightweaver


"What is known for sure is that a large "Planet X" comet is coming in from behind the sun .  It is being covered up/blacked-out by the controlled media but SOHO photos on the web by independent astrophysicists show it to be highly magnetic and already causing massive solar corona ejecta when it passed between Venus and the Sun. When it passes the earth it could do the same, attracting solar ejecta with effects ranging from scorching “fire from the sky” to massive lightening storms and EMP pulses. It could also trigger the pole shift with 300 mile per hour winds, mile high tidal waves, massive earthquakes and unprecedented volcanism creating a “nuclear winter” effect (extreme cold) for years to come.
"I hear it all the time, "It just can't be true"... "I don't want to believe it"... "that's more information than I want"... and of course, "there no scientific proof or the experts on TV would tell us." 
"Truth as this is stranger than fiction.  It's easily unthinkable, unspeakable and therefore unbelievable.  Contributing to this credibility problem has been the thorough debunking of any such “warnings” as "last days" madness.  On top of that, we've had so many disaster movies the last several years that people have been inoculated (desensitized) against the real thing."
--------------- article follows:

Dear Friend of Truth and Honor:

Did you see the movie ARMAGEDDON?  Bruce Willis was great as a very human (imperfect) man who rose to selfless sacrifice of his own life that others might live.  To what extent would you sacrifice to save your own?  What if you knew that a giant comet  was inbound that the government had made illegal to report in the controlled media (to avoid mass panic), but would in fact create massive Earth changes in the Spring of 2003? 

Would you sigh, cry, lie (to yourself) and die? Or risk your life to warn others to prepare?

Did you know that laws have been passed to forbid observatories from reporting inbound comets until they are passed the Earth?  It's to avoid "terrorism" of course... the kind of terror that collapses the economy from people fleeing the coastal areas for the mountains.  Think about that.  What kind of leaders would protects us from panic in order to keep the markets from collapsing until the last minute when it is too late? 

They are the kind of leaders who orchestrated the set-up and management of every major war of this century and have likewise created an El Quida boogieman who, like the Scarlet Pimpernel, is everywhere.  These are the leaders who would create enemies to save us from, sabotaging our freedoms to "protect us", creating war "for peace", and generally do evil that good may come of it.

If your real agenda is population control and reduction, the ends justifies the Machiavellian means. But I digress.

Fact is, Planet X is inbound.  There's two excellent books on the science and empirical evidence of this reoccurring 3600 year nightmare.  Don't expect to read about this on the evening news.  And be cautious whom you share this with if you don't want to be considered a conspiracy nutcase on the lunatic fringe.  Or as Gore Vidal recently wrote in an article, ENEMIES WITHIN THE GATE, "Apparently, 'conspiracy stuff' is now shorthand for unspeakable truth." (full quote at conclusion)

Planet X is an object roughly 5 times the size of earth, and EXTREMELY DENSE with high gravity, called a 'Brown Dwarf star'.... and is to pass close enough to the earth to cause MASSIVE 'earth changes' and cataclysms!  As the Bible says,  "Lest those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved."

There apparently appears to be a built-in RESET button built into the solar system clock. This object comes by just as man has developed high technologies and a haughty attitude where he THINKS he's as god!  This makes sense as causing Noah's flood from a 'POLE SHIFT.' The Bible says the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard. This thing will affect our earth gravitationally, and with storms, massive earth changes, likely asteroid impacts and perhaps a "memory wipe" as the Morphegenic gird of the planet goes down with a magnetic pole shift.  The brain magnetics could go like a computer program crashes when the power goes off.

A Google search using both "planet x nemisis" yielded 1130 hits. "NIBIRU" another name for this 'planet' yielded 10,300 hits. These are all names that have been used by different cultures for centuries! There are 34 names listed in the book on Planet X by Mark Hazlewood.

WHY have globalist participating governments been building underground bunkers and stocking them to the hilt? I've followed this story for year.  It's a fact.  World War III also provides the excuse for the globalist money controllers to gouge us one last time for oil and everything else we need. To BLEED US DRY and sap our resources before this thing hits. Same goes with destroying the FOOD SUPPLY!  These controllers know they will have a better chance of surviving if the masses don't.

The globalist news masters have done a good smokescreen job keeping this buried while diverting out attention with terror tactics that paralyze open minds, closing them to such unthinkable "conspiracies"... to keep the FRAUDULENT economic system intact until the last moment. These fallen ones are unconscionable.  Ever heard the phrase: "Kill em all and let God sort em out!"???

It seems history has been rewritten with collective amnesia of the global terror from Planet X's periodic return that paralyses remembrance as thoroughly as it has destroyed civilizations, over and over.  Politically correct was never more wrong morally than in this denial of impending poleshift, Earth changes and violent cataclysm on a scale with no precedence of believability.  It not only makes orthodox geologic evolution history wrong, but also challenges the Earth-evolution experts with huge ego's who have built  their careers writing about and teaching the gradual-change thesis in the "best" schools.

Yes, I've read the books, attended the Earth Changes Conference by Atlantis Rising Magazine, followed the threads on e-news groups.  Having been an Eagle Scout and worked in the preparedness industry for two decades, I've never seen a situation so dire yet virtually unknown... or otherwise denied.  It just can't be true or... well, one's already fear-traumatized comfort zone would be extremely threatened.  It demands an almost complete lifestyle change to prepare.

I hear it all the time, "It just can't be true"... "I don't want to believe it"... "that's more information than I want"... and of course, "there no scientific proof or the experts on TV would tell us." 

Fact is, truth as this is stranger than fiction.  It's easily unthinkable, unspeakable and therefore unbelievable.  Contributing to this credibility problem has been the thorough debunking of any such “warnings” as "last days" madness.  On top of that, we've had so many disaster movies the last several years that people have been inoculated (desensitized) against the real thing.

Movie-scripted unreality has already brought our worst fears upon us so often that the real thing is likewise unbelievable. Fantasyland mentality...  what we want to believe...  prevails with religious conviction.  The sheeple’s mind is made up and doesn't appreciate fear-mongering that would disturb their comfort zone, thank you very much!

The timeline for immediate action is NOW… before coming events make it far more difficult if not impossible.

Some people fled Hitler’s genocidal culture, seeing the obvious “handwriting on the wall”.  Others denied these signs and resisted what they considered the “run-away” extremism of the “survivalists” fleeing the country.  Many German “moderates” remained loyal to their cherished illusions even up to the time they entered the gas chambers of the death camps.  They just could not see/believe the evil intent of wolves in sheep’s clothing among them.  Fact is that they willfully chose NOT TO see/believe what was REALLY happening.  Their willful ignorance blinded them to their own fate.  Without vision, the sheeple perish… like lambs to the slaughter by the millions.

There are many signs and prophecies that this is about to happen again.  Most Americans have bought the lies of the controlled media that are so big and so bold and so often told that the sheeple just can’t believe they are being set up for the kill on a massive scale.  Mind control of the masses has become so pervasive that common sense has become uncommon.  And the most powerful special interests in the world have a vested interest in keeping it that way.

How is it possible that an entire nation could be duped into a virtually self-destructive course?  How has the law of the land become abortion on demand?  How can America be protected by God when we have sacrificed 40 million innocent babies on the altar of materialism via the prevailing cults of money/success, sex/pleasure, glamour/illusion, and politically correct policies that are morally wrong?  How long oh God before the mercy of the Great Law purges the earth of this evil that calls itself “good”, and uses technology to keep checks and balance on power and control FROM the people rather than “of, by and for the people”?

Consider how the prevailing “scarcity economics” has reverse-engineered the abundant life with a “health care” system that is 97.5% disease care… an “education” system more concerned with what to think (politically correct) rather than how to think (higher consciousness)… and a system of “God Government” that has taken God/prayer out of the schools, out of government, and even taken the sin out of sin (relativistic situation ethics).  Government  “of, by and for the people” has in fact been sold out at the highest levels of, by for the power elite.  Absolute power has absolutely corrupted this international elite who pay off their U.S. lobbyists and lackey minions with perks of profit, prestige and the preferred currency of the power elite, the power-to-control.  Whereas we get to vote for representatives every year or so, the well-paid lobbyists (whores) of the power elite are in the ear (or pants) of our reps 365 days of the year. 

These corrupt power elite minions have been corrupting the mass media/mass mind with godless as hell sitcoms and Hollywood scripted subversion of higher consciousness/spiritual values for a simple reason.  There’s no way their behavior modification techniques can work if people are tied to God.  God Vision is antithesis to the attempt by the power elite to mold the State as God with everyone co-dependent as virtual slaves.  Politically correct group think; the mechanized man "Borg" mentality.  Indeed, no one is more enslaved than those who THINK they are free when all their “choices” are highly prescribed and orchestrated within very limited parameters.  

1. GLOBAL ECONOMY MELTDOWN:   The stock market will plummet on cue, when the pension funds, portfolio stocks of institutions, Social Security Funds and personal savings of the masses have been vested in the stock market.  When everyone wants out, few will recover investments; the big boys with insider knowledge will strip the market, profiteering all the way down.  Expect draconian political measures to save the banks... like seizing gold and property under any number of stealth laws buried in the Homeland Security Bill.
ACTION:  Get all equity out of your house that you can for food, water, shelter (retreat/back door), and medical supplies while interests rates are still low.  Buy on credit while there’s still an economy.  Cash will be king for awhile.  Get liquid, out of the market and into preparations for YEARS of tribulations.  Get real, move fast and work smart.  Remember the 4 G’s: God, Guns, Gold & Grub.  Do all that can do to prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
“The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”
      -- Proverbs 27:12

2.  POLITICAL EXPEDIENCE VIA TERROR:  Be “wise as serpents” as the scripture says.  Realize that the banks will need Martial Law to override banking laws and limit withdrawals while resurrecting “know your customer” policies that invade your privacy.  Bush  will want a national emergency to justify these draconian unconstitutional measures. He’s already set the stage with Middle East warmongering with transparent intent in controlling the oil fields there. This has infuriated Muslims and Soviets to the point of nuclear/biological threats of retaliation. The point is that the same BUSHwhackers that set up the 9/11 attack with at least prior knowledge, is now virtually setting up WWIII.  The whole world watches, knowing that a power mad U.S., bristling with weapons of mass destruction and a history of using them, is not just behind the provocateur terror, Palestinian genocide, Afgan carpet bombing and Iraq attacks in the Middle East... but also is capable of a far worse evil even against their own people.

Consider that the recent criss-crossing of America with toxic genetic poisons (chemtrails) to test our susceptibility to low-grade biologicals (blacked out by the controlled media), is the prelude to plans to secretly (middle of night) dust major cities across America with anthrax, smallpox or some other plague that could be blamed on Middle East terrorists and/or the domestic variety that fall under Bush's "enemy combatant” category.  The Plan?  Eliminate THE RESISTANCE  to their New World Order agenda sending “suspected terrorists” to the concentration camps without trial, as will be legal under the "Patriot"and "Homeland Security" Legislation.

If you think that sounds fanatical consider that evil is what evil does and Bush has clearly demonstrated his capacity for high crimes and treasonous evil with his sale of weaponry to Israel that is sold to the Red Chinese if not used for genocide against Palestinians.  China is being set up for WWIII just as the banking for Germany's military-industrial complex was managed by Prescott Bush.  U.S. tech transfers to Red China has empowered them to target nuclear bombs at American cities with pinpoint accuracy.  My previous posts have exposed the secret Sino-Soviet alliance whereby they are planning a nuclear/biological first strike on America. They believe WWIII is winnable and are prepared with both civil defense and strategic defense.  America is virtually disarmed with no defense in both cases.
ACTION:  You need to “know better” and realize the population reduction plots out of hell that are planned by wolves among us or you may not believe the need to prepare.  Fact is that the power behind the Bush throne, Trilateral Commission Founder David Rockefeller and cronies, have been aggressively arming China, Korea and the Middle East for WWIII just as surely as his Father, John Jr.., armed and supplied Japan and Germany before and during the war (Standard Oil); like father, like son.
 After WWII, Rockefeller agent, Henry Kissenger, brought over Hitler’s top virologist  to U.S. bio-war labs from where the original polio vaccines were seeded with cancer retroviruses into the baby boom generation (like biological time-bombs triggered by weakening of the immune system).  Note how Kissenger was the first choice to head the "independent" 9/11 Commission (cover-up).

This part of their “population control” agenda has stricken 1 out of 3 adults.
  Dr. Len Horowitz details all this [] as well as the creation and deployment of AIDS into the homosexual community and Central Africa via tainted vaccines. Indeed the power trips of a corrupt power elite have always made a killing by creating and managing conflict, disease and death on the planet; go to for the modern history of this.  This godless elite KNOW what is coming (asteroid/earth changes) and are counting on this crisis if not WWIII to reduce population to “sustainable” (controllable) levels, eliminating all resistance to their total control agenda in the process. (Dr. Horowitz has a definitive expose’ set of audio tapes on this.) These power elite control freaks believe they can go underground for a couple of years into their semi-luxurious shelter complexes to survive come what may, coming out to build their totalitarian New World Order from the ashes. 
"War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."  -- John Stuart Mill

Astrophysicists are warning that the sun has broken all records this last year in “going maxim” with massive solar corona ejecta, solar flares and energy storms increasing in frequency and intensity with an unprecedented peak cycle that keep rising.  Solar storms have been known to blow out entire power grids (Province of Quebec) and could even blow out above ground computer chips and sensitive electronics as predicted by seer, Gordon Michael Scallion.  Note the factors following that compound the “energy overload” beyond anything in recorded history.

Frequency and Intensity of Earthquakes and Volcanoes Increasing Dramatically

This could be more serious because the geomagnetic field “shields” of earth have become very unstable, decreasing in intensity with magnetic anomalies that include a “wandering” north pole and magnetic flux variations analogous to a fibrillating heart beat. This “heart beat” (Schuman resonance) has always been a constant used to set the frequency of military communications but it has increased dramatically the last decade.

Some geophysicists are emphatic that all these signs indicate that the earth is about to go through a “pole shift” that will likely be accompanied by 3 days of darkness (as the spin is reversed), 3-400 mile surface winds, cataclysmic crustal displacement, etc. Deep core samples show that pole shifts have occurred many times in earth’s history.  Other astro-physicists agree that we have entered the “photon belt” in our galaxy where repolarization “shifts” of planetary energies happens like clockwork as our solar system orbits the galaxy every 25,800 years (procession of the equinoxes) in a figure 8 flow through this nexus. 

"What is known for sure is that a large "Planet X" comet is coming in from behind the sun .  It is being covered up/blacked-out by the controlled media but SOHO photos on the web by independent astrophysicists show it to be highly magnetic and already causing massive solar corona ejecta when it passed between Venus and the Sun. When it passes the earth it could do the same, attracting solar ejecta with effects ranging from scorching “fire from the sky” to massive lightening storms and EMP pulses. It could also trigger the pole shift with 300 mile per hour winds, mile high tidal waves, massive earthquakes and unprecedented volcanism creating a “nuclear winter” effect (extreme cold) for years to come.

“Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds and spread over the entire earth.  Storms, bad weather, thunderbolts and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days. An uninterrupted rain of fire will take place.  All this is to prove that God is the Master of Creation.”    -- Revealed by our Lord to Padre Pio of Pietrelcina,  Feb. 7, 1950
ACTION: Make haste to prepare and STOP WORRYING; just do everything you possibly can NOW while you can.  Worrying is a waste of energy that “worth-ships” a God of fear rather than faith.  Fact is that anyone who is pro-life for his or her life doesn't have a minute to waste, as this post should make clear.  You would ideally seek a retreat home/shelter far from the cities in a safe part of the U.S. where the coming challenges are likely to have minimal impact (5000 foot elevation and a good distance from the ocean as a general rule).  Ideally your shelter will have air filtration (furnace filters plus HEPA filters), plus years of food, water, fuel and medical supplies.


Since so few folks are prepared for what’s coming down, those who do are likely to be targeted by those who don't.  Which is the main reason “survivalists” move to a community where preparedness folks are in the majority.  There are a few of such communities and they aren't advertising their existence for obvious reasons.   I live in one community in the Northwest that has dozens of group shelters, some for hundreds of people.  Go to to see how some of them have been constructed.  If you are serious about a shelter space or a retreat home designed for 300 mile per hour winds, let me know at If you have “mobility consciousness”, there’s still time.

History has shown that people resist change from their cherished unreality until they are either forced to change by painful circumstances OR willingly come into alignment with their “Right Mind” via a Higher Vision that compels action along more enlightened lines.  Pray for discernment!

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom."

Said many times, and more true today than ever. The reason? Tyranny is the norm. And it's on the march. An unwatched government becomes tyrannical.  All signs indicate tyranny on the horizon.
“...The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone. It is to the vigilant, the active, the brave... Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry
ACTION: You can DO BETTER only as much and as well as you KNOW BETTER.  You can't expect people to be responsible for their lives without response ability… the ability to respond via informed choices.  Denial of opportunity to know and do better is not a choice when survival is at stake unless you harbor a subconscious death wish.  Or as Moses said, “Choose life that you and your children might life.”  It’s a CAN DO if you WANT TO (faith + works = spiritual practicality).

“If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family,
he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
-- 1 Timothy 5:8


There is going to be a new world order.  The nature of that order is the only question because big changes are coming.  And the Internet has accelerating the issue like ten Protestant Reformations and Industrial Revolutions rolled into one huge Mother-of-all-networks.  The nature of this “Mother” is to nurture (network) the spirit of freedom (to know better) and opportunity (to do better) with free and open communications that are intrinsically flexible along win/win cooperative lines.  This is creating a wholly new global culture with an electronic upgrade of our horse-and-buggy Bill of Rights.  Freedoms of Speech, Assembly and the Press have transcended time and space with the global/local omnipresence of the electronic printing page/computer.  Desk top video can make anyone a producer, director and creator of their own multi-media programs.  And real-time interactive chat capabilities bring people together of like interest in virtual communities worldwide.  This is the biggest non-sectarian “religious movement” in history with millions of people worldwide moving onto the Net because they believe religiously in the spirit of freedom and opportunity it provides.

Inadvertently, this global freedom movement is the judgment on all the close-minded, tyrannical, control-freak institutions and their power elite sponsors who would rather use brutal force through provocateur agendas that create and manage win/lose competitive scarcity of every commodity of value, including the abundance“LIGHT” (AWARENESS of this conspiracy of darkness), abundant “LIFE” (abortion of life spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically), and abundant “LOVE” (the divine spark of holy compassion that is universally embraced at the heart of all true religion). 

Indeed, the Internet-inspired spirit of FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY has sparked a global groundswell upward-mobile fire of desire for the archetypal expression of “Light, Life and Love” in human affairs THAT IS THE JUDGMENT on the power elite control freaks who have always sought the cover of darkness to conceal their deadly agendas and anti-love modus operandi.  When backed into a desperate corner, as Bush, Putin and Red Chinese dictators are now with global Net consciousness threatening their lock-step control agendas, these dark, deadly forces of anti-love would prefer a bloodbath at home or abroad rather than relinquish political control. 


In a more honorable age, such obvious betrayers of God-Love as we see on the world stage today where expeditiously shot or hung by the neck until dead.  Today they are setting up or otherwise covering up “Armageddon” on the way.  Consider that the same Middle-East enemies that the BUSHwackers have set up with their provocative attacks on Middle East targets have a long history of eye-for-an-eye holy war jihad against those infidels who so blatantly talk righteousness while acting like the anti-Christ.

The Internet has thus shed sufficient light on the fork-tongued, two-faced snakes out of the pit to make them feel extremely threatened.   These old paradigm/power elite kingpins on the world stage know that their time is short with the Internet masses waking up to their control-freak abuse of “righteous dominion” in all our social, political and economic institutions.  People worldwide are quickly learning the treasonous history and treacherous malintent of our power elite “leaders”.  Like cornered animals, these exposed and naked kingpins know that if they do not soon CREATE AN ENEMY to save us from, then the mainstream sheeple or "useless eaters" (as they consider the teeming masses with arrogant contempt) may soon turn on them for their "war crimes against humanity". 

Control-freak tyrants readily frame such challenges to their total control in terms of, ”It’s them or us.” After 9/11, Bush said emphatically, "You're either with us or against us", rephrasing that later as "You're either with us or with the terrorists". And typically value their own lives to the extent that they sacrifice the lives of others on the “altar” of their own sociopathic self-justification… the psychology of subservience to tyranny perpetrated by predatory tyrants.

What we are seeing on the world stage today is just an extension of the cold war “MAD” policies of Mutually Assured Destruction that have held civilian populations hostage to the nuclear weapons of both the U.S. and Soviets pointed at each other. The difference now is that the U.S. has dramatically downsized its missile force and military.  And the Soviets have been upgrading their Rocket Forces while building secret underground bases and a formidable military infrastructure with one last hope of leveling the playing field with a preemptive first strike against a physically disarmed, spiritually demoralized, politically dysfunctional, culturally degenerate and vigilance-blind United States.  And the U.S. is extremely vulnerable with the karma of 42 million abortions hanging over us like a Damocles sword about to drop.  Will God punish us through our enemies as indicated by the Vision of George Washington at Valley Forge?

Now is the time that freedom fighters and lovers of God and country worldwide will see the great need to “hang together” with a Declaration of Independence from the power trips of the power elite.   “Or most assuredly”, as Franklin said at the outset of the American Revolution, “we will all hang separately.”  In short, now is the time to affirm the first principles for which we stand.

"99.9999% of what affects our reality will be undetectable by our senses.
Man must learn to think for himself, rather than follow blindly what he has been taught."
- Buckminster Fuller

“The idea that God is actively nurturing us so that we may grow up to be like Him brings us face to face with our laziness.  Laziness is love’s opposite.  So original sin does exist; it is our laziness.  Each of us represents the whole human race; within each of us is the instinct for godhood and the hope for mankind, and within each of us is the original sin of laziness."  by Dr. Scott Peck from his bestseller, THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED    

"For, beloved, God does not open the kingdom of heaven to you unless he also open the depths of hell.  Understand, then, beloved, that those who truly love will not fear the embrace of Christ or the challenge of Death and Hell."-John the Beloved via E.C.P. - Vol. 33 No. 24 - June 24, 1990


"Apparently, 'conspiracy stuff' is now shorthand for unspeakable truth. It is an article of faith that there are no conspiracies in American life. Yet, a year or so ago, who would have thought that most of corporate America had been conspiring with accountants to cook their books?'" -Gore Vidal
“All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough; surrender the rest 'for the best' - God’s grace” -Christos

PS -  For the cosmic history behind the 12th Planet and Earth's evolution of humans, click here.