2018 Global Upgrade

As Mass Illusion Disintegrates
(Fake News Exposed)
 Social Conscience Integrates
(Whole Truth Disclosed)

The Next Phase of Planetary Civilization

Deep Insights

 Global civilization is going through an ascension process,
and the ‘
CAPstone vision’ of this upward-mobile event
is the ‘
Creative Ascent Process’ that will make it so!

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Waking Up, Wising Up & Rising Up

Keep the Faith - The VISION of Freedom-in-
                           (Awake in the Power of )
See the Good - The VIRTUE & VALOR of
                            (Aware in the Wisdom of )
  Make it So! - The VICTORY of -in-action
                         (Arise with the Divine Feminine)
  This is the 3-fold spirit (frequency)
  of divine power, wisdom and love
- frequencies of light language -
balanced in the ascent process
with synergy in the whole trinity.
Unpacking These Three Parts
For KoF (Keepers of Frequency)

1 – Faith in Power – United Sovereigns:
 You bring about what you think about.
Energy flows where attention goes.
Affirm the power of the ‘Presence

‘I Am’


2 – Vision of Wisdom – Wise Dominion:
 When we know better we can do better.
 The higher our vision of
Universal Law,
 the greater the globally applied results
 for ‘wisdom of the crowd’ -
‘We Can’.

3 – Determination for -in-action Will Do:
Claiming the victory of global transformation
as determined by the holy spirit of

  in action at the heart of Global TeLeComm.

 Global civilization is seeing rapid metamorphosis,
  and out of the disintegrated old order (caterpillar),
 a golden age ‘butterfly’ emerges and takes wing.

Transcending Mainstream Media Deception,
 Cognitive Dissonance & Paradigm Paralysis

Our core social, political and economic institutions are going through a major upgrade - a 'reboot' from domination by Deep State policies.

This is known in the 5D Community
as the ‘Ascension Process’.

This is a necessary upgrade. Billions of global Netizens are aware that our governments and media have been lying to us and we’re sick of it.

Disclosure of the Big Lie and Whole Truth
compels conscientious Netizens to
wake up, wise up and rise up.

The 'peer-review' process for authenticating truth-with-honor has been breaking down in America. Big Pharma is the classic example. It's now well documented - search 'peer reviewed research broken' - that Big Pharma finances research that they 'package' (manipulate the data) and then pay big name medical peers to publish for FDA approval. It's bogus - fake news with often lethal side-effects.

99% of modern scientific papers are nothing more
than politically-motivated pseudoscience,
warns science pioneer

August 9, 2018 / NaturalNews.com

Big Media is paid billions to incessantly push drugs that often do more harm than good. It's a criminal policy this is outlawed on TV in most civilized countries of the world.

Fakestream media oversight of war profiteers is likewise broken. By now we should all know how the military-industrial complex wags the dog by creating endless wars with major false-flag deception and embedded media war shills who follow the script of war or lose their jobs.

This criminal agenda is brilliantly explained in a short video which just came out August 4th called: Debunking A Century of War Lies (Corbett Report). If nothing else, watch the one minute CONCLUSION at 23:20 minutes.

Public awareness of this perception deception is the best preemptive policy to prevent future wars. This is the most effective disruption of Deep State corruption. Their time is short and fear is great. That's why Deep State 'Big Media' has virtually gone 'mad' by overtly censoring independent Internet voices who are most outspoken about Deep State corruption. See the updated: ‘Info-War Has Gone HOT!

Keep in mind the Prime Directive for Earth's evolutions at this critical time.

The better one's attunement with the High State power of wisdom with love, the greater the results for Global 5D Transformation.

Upgrading the Constitution of Conscience

In a world flooded with fake news, it's better to believe nothing and either KNOW or not KNOW; discernment for sure trumps "BS" (Belief Systems).

"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he
whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."
 ~ Thomas Jefferson

It's one thing to declare independence from Deep State tyranny, and quite another thing to co-create with High State sovereignty principles and processes that frame the Constitution of Universal Rights- in the Public Sphere- for Co-Creation- of the High State-.

"A Constitution is not the act of a Government,
but of a people constituting a government,
and a government without a constitution
is a power without right."
~ Founding Father Thomas Paine,
Author of 
Common Sense, 1776,
        that sparked the American Revolution
(quote from
Rights of Man, 1791)

By framing the Constitution of Conscience with the processes of consciousness at the foundation of 'self-governing sovereignty', the High State of balanced power, wisdom and love naturally thrives with open systems of well-informed choice for self-government, self education, self-healing and personal-planetary self determination with self-elevation of an evolutionary ascent nature.

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard
to remain stupid."
~ Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin was well known in Europe and American as a wise statesman who guided the American Revolution from Independence to the Constitution. And if he were alive today, he would be guiding the world from Deep State tyranny to High State sovereignty.

Understand the corporatocracy
behind Deep State tyranny:


"Those who want the Government to regulate matters of the mind and spirit are like men who are so afraid of being murdered that they commit suicide to avoid assassination." ~ Harry S. Truman

Centralized Big Government is counterproductive for decentralized personal sovereignty. The more of the former, the less of the latter. When propaganda is State sanctioned and actually legalized, the mask comes off tyranny, and a better system is demanded.

August 14, 2018 / Ben Swann 

GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA represents the golden calf idolatry of the Deep State. How else do you maintain the mass deception and actual worth ship of a monetary system based on a 'Federal Reserve' bank that is NOT 'Federal' and has NO 'Reserves', just creating money out of thin air, and taxing the public to pay interest to the moneychangers for this grand deception.

 But that game is ending thanks to
  mass awakening with the Internet.
   Net reality is now going global with
   the Currency of Conscience that
     evolves self-regulating sovereignty.

Sooner or later, Net reality will mature with a universal interface for mass-to-mass interaction that involves and evolves our individual and collective conscience.

More heart to quality 'smart';
 coherence => congruence.

This process of general enlightenment is, at heart, public education with conscientious common sense; culturing social conscience in social networks; education of the heart.

Heart coherence is nature's biomimicry model for congruence mentally - a golden ratio algorithm of the heartbeat when in the frequency of joy and compassion. This is harmonic equilibrium in the fractal fabric of the holographic universe. And this universal standard for 'high touch' high tech can define, refine and 'shine' the language of light-as-consciousness for enlightened Net reality.

 As the veil thins and 5D conscience wins,
a High State transcends the Deep State
high touch TLC harnesses high tech.

Consider how the computer became the network of computers – the mother of all networks – the “Internet” (Web 1.0). Then we saw Web 2.0 evolve with interactive social media platforms. And with Web 3.0, we’ll center and connect with the coherence factor – the heart of collective 'smart' – to raise the standard of the Divine Feminine to check and balance inordinate patriarchal policies.

 More 'TLC' at the heart of 'TeLeComm'
TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience,
 Global TeLeCare and
  via blockchain cryptocurrency security.

A whole systems TLC upgrade of public communications will bring light to dark places, and fearless faith to faithless fear. This ‘best friend’ of the High State is the quintessential antidote for Deep State psychopathology.

As the light surges, the dark side purges,
a classic example of “spiritual warfare”
for the hearts and minds of all of ‘
as the ‘
United Sovereigns of Earth’.

   Darkness Before the Dawn of Global
Community with Unity.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious,
  it will direct your life and you will call it fate."
~ Carl Jung, Father of Modern Psychology


PedoGate – A Systemic Deep State Problem as is
Neutralized by the High State of Web 3.0
Big Media, Big Pharma and Big Government
‘Good ole Boys’ can no longer protect their
‘high priests’ of high profile betrayal re:
Truth, Health and Public Service.

 The ‘Me Too’ movement (rise of the Divine Feminine)
  is waking up, wising up and rising up to condemn the
Deep State policies of sexploitation and unabashed
“SIN” (Stuck In Negativity) for power without .

An Epic Scandal Consumes the Vatican
and Consumes Pope Francis

August 2018 / TheMilleniumReport.com

Reconciliation is bringing light to dark places.
Above all, the Power of Love is
for giving.

 Divine direction as approximates perfection
  is aligned with natural order in the reflection
 of the 
ne Law – atONEment – atonement
for neutralizing divisive negativity with the  
Law of the Angles & Language of Angels:

Left-brain  Right-brain  Left-Right  Whole Brain
 Linear      Nonlinear      Synergy     Integration
Polarity   neness      Trinity       Pyramid 
   Logic       Intuition    Co-Creation  WholEness

 "Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of
perspective to see something familiar
in a totally new light."
~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

The more information we have, the greater is the
need to get it ALL in order. is the key
to this process via Web 3.0 Heartware.

Witness the long-prophesied 'Revelations'
 as the rate of change accelerates with
instant-everywhere & interactive
Internet capabilities as are
culturing global social

Full Spectrum Enlightenment
for Conscious Evolution

 “For millennia, mankind had wandered in the darkness…
but now, as had been prophesied, 
there was a change coming.
  After hurtling blindly through history,
 mankind has reached a crossroads.
 This moment had been predicted long ago, 
prophesied by the ancient texts, 
by the primeval calendars, 
and even by the stars themselves.

The date was specific, its arrival imminent.
 It would be preceded by a brilliant explosion of knowledge…
a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness 
and give mankind a final chance to veer away 
from the abyss and take the path of wisdom."
~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol


Bottom Line Perspective

(from ‘Ascension Wins’)

Conscious Evolution Revolution Revelations
For Understanding the 'Unified Field' of

The process of enlightenment throughout the
ages is now at the cusp of the Aquarian
Quantum Age of Freedom-in-.

"Humankind is standing precariously on
the edge of its destiny.
It will either rise to a paradigm change or
experience decline and possible destruction.
  This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and
 the choices will be made."

 ~ from Jesus Speaks - Love Without End
by Glenda Green
 Well-informed freedom of choice is the best way
to process the options and opportunities we have.

This opportunity is optimized with upgrade of
Five Core Internet Freedoms
to come up higher in 
frequency with grace
- holy spirit as 
-in-action, frequently.
 This is the primary benefit of Heartware as
     a universal interface for global interaction on
      a mass-to-mass scale in our social networks.


 1-  Link the light of this message to “lightworkers”
     (cultural creatives, truth devotees, initiates, etc.)

2-  Let your light shine with your “sacred labor” 
(inspiring others with your 

3- BE the conscious revolution your intent is to  
      SEE - how  is 
for giving, serving others
   rather than
for getting, serving only yourself.

So link the light to let it shine the divine.

 with all your strengthmind and heart,
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village
as your higher conscientious ‘Self’. 

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~ Christopher