KoF 9

Initiating "Initiate Affiliation"

The "office" of "officers" in the
Light Core
of, by and for a global
evolution revolution

To be initiated as an "Initiate" is to
pay attention because attention pays
to the extent that pure intention
focuses attention with love's retention
for your/our evolutionary ascension
into a higher dimension of, by and for
Unity Conscience.

To initiate is to make the VOW to make it so...

Vow of the Vision (pure attention to pay attention),
by the Virtue (focused attention of
and for the Victory (evolutionary ascent) for
wholEness, unity consciousness, global healing, etc.
by networking for the Net worth of Net reality
as the Light Core at the heart of rEVOLUTION
via mass-to-mass TeLeComm with heartware.

For officer training in the Light Core, in support of
on-going lessons, please contribute
$33 dollars.
Network the KoF Series to other lightworkers,
and when two of them give you credit for your
networking to link the light of lightworkers...
you get your
$33 dollars back; go forth 2 x 2.

For each two free affiliates who thus become
"Initiate" (officer) affiliates, you get
what goes around, comes around in the
Great Circle of
is for giving.

Please contribute

~ Christos