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by Christopher Rudy
     August 27, 2022


21 years ago, I worked with an inventive genius whose creative gifts were way beyond what most people believe exists.  Wayne has since died, and I'd like to honor his memory by sharing a little of his extraordinary contribution to the understanding of heart coherence, a technology of frequency healing that is so advanced, it is barely distinguishable from magic.
During the Depression, Wayne was raised by a shaman on a poor Northwest Indian Reservation.  His Mother took sick with a prolonged illness, and his father had to work, so "grandfather" and his Indian wife raised Wayne in a primitive hut adjacent to his parent's house from the time he was about a year old.  At age three, grandfather taught Wayne how to go directly to the 'Great Spirit' or 'Akashic Records', aka "Hall of Records", collective unconscious, universal mind, whatever.  Wayne simply understood it as "Source", and going there naturally changed him profoundly. 

Even though Wayne's father and mother were Jew and Gentile, respectively, he didn't fit in with white people very well.  He got kicked out of elementary school for daydreaming and outrageous behavior that made a joke out of conventional taboos.  So he became largely self-taught, spending a lot of time in the woods in his youth.
Wayne was beyond an oddball, having gifts of the spirit that grew out of his Source connection. He learned to see the auras around people and eventually -- after becoming a multimillionaire with his own airplane to fly between business operations in Canada and the U.S. -- Wayne turned his gifts towards healing.  He developed advanced techniques of healing with frequency medicine of numerous kinds.  He would research breakthrough healing technologies that have been suppressed, and then go to Source to gain further insight to perfect them.
Wayne had three holistic healing centers over his long life, and he utilized his advanced technologies as well as some exceptional nutrition and body cleansing disciplines.  But what he proved about quantum reality at the heart of healing -- the nature of everything as frequency -- is his greatest legacy.

This is the understanding of the power of heart coherence that is barely distinguishable from magic.

Most lightworkers are aware of Dr. Masaru Emoto's research showing how emotional frequencies alter water molecules.  This research proves that water molecules are actually structured by the frequencies of consciousness and "intention" -- emotional energy we infuse them with.  Itís really amazing to see Emoto's work that shows how water is structured, crystallized or otherwise geometrized by frequencies we bring to it.  The implications are profound; consider how our body is 80% water, holding frequencies that determine who we are and HOW we are.  We shape the molecules of our being with the frequencies we feed it and then these molecules shape our wholeness and health accordingly.

Healing frequencies that provide healing frequently
are at the heart of the science of healing.
The higher (holy spirit) the frequency,
the more frequent the results.

To digress a little more, making a case for Wayne's contribution, consider that one's DNA blueprint for life floats in a body of water that resonates with the frequencies we put into it.  Our DNA is the command center linking every cell in the body as a healthy whole, depending on the frequencies we feed our DNA with -- our emotions.   If you want more scientific evidence of this, go to "How Laughter Activates the Immune System" or listen to this YouTube audio of Gregg Braden on the immune system connection -- How Emotions Effect Our Health". 

By understanding the power of love for wholEness and healing,
the science of miracles is no longer a mystery.

Wayne understood the healing power of frequencies as few people could.  Having gone to Source many times, he checked out the subject enough times to get very serious about the subject.  Why?  To help as many people as he could.  The reason for this pure intention was more like enlightened self interest for Wayne.  He had gone to Source to check out his previous embodiments, and he realized he had some serious karma to balance.  He knew the blessing if he did, and that to do otherwise, for what he knew, wasn't an option.  By helping others, Wayne knew he was helping himself.
Since Wayne was a fearless kind of guy as well as a creative genius, he naturally progressed to extraordinary heights of practical spirituality by the time I went to work with him.  I helped him weld together a stainless steel lab on wheels where Wayne manufactured well water that was de-ionized and vaporized into steam that passed through glass tubes through two rows of Tesla coils where they were charged with three octaves of a violet frequency, utilizing more than a million volts of electricity to 'charge' the tetrahedronal molecule of water that condensed as "structured water".  He utilized three electromechanical frequency distributors that he finely tuned while watching the auras around them to make sure the color frequency was just right -- an art that Wayne had mastered.
I helped manage Wayne's office and worked the fork-lift loading skid loads if not entire truck loads of bottled water that we shipped around the country where Wayne had lectured.  His message was simple. He rarely went into the science of why the water worked, but instead was a master storyteller in the shamanic oral tradition.  And by the time Wayne told his true story of experiences he had with the water, usually with testimonials from his audience, you just wanted to try some of that stuff!

What Wayne accomplished with healing frequencies
will go down in the records of time as a miracle
barely distinguishable from magic.

Wayne helped heal thousands of people with that water, always recommending cleansing regimens to go with it.  Having had three holistic healing centers by that time myself, I wanted to understand the science of healing with frequency.  Wayne taught me in extremely practical ways, like taking me to see books and research papers on parasites at the University of Seattle Library.  This is while he taught me the whole history of parasitology. Not just the microscopic worms that people have in their bodies, but fungi, bacteria and viruses in general.  It was a real revelation to discover that the father of germ theory, Louis Pasteur, admitted (confessed) on his deathbed that the core health issue is not those microscopic bugs, but rather the body environment in which they live. We now know that the 'quantum energy' (frequency) of the bioenergetic terrain is the causal influence BEHIND the physical biological environment.

Millions of Americans have died because of suppression of 'frequency medicine' going back to Royal Raymond Rife early in the 1900's. The drug-based medicine monopoly has succeeded to the point where it colludes with Big Tech to suppress bio-energy sciences that show how the cause of so much disease is not so much a bio-chemical imbalance to be cured with drugs as a bio-energetic imbalance that is balanced with healing frequencies.



I was virtually dying when I went to work with Wayne. I needed his help and was willing to help him in return.  I was a devastated mess physically from family and work stress that I won't go into.  So I wasn't surprised when Wayne read my aura and explained how the grey patches over much of my torso were pre-cancerous.  I had seen him work miracles with people years earlier, and I didn't hesitate drinking copious amount of his water which he offered to his staff via 5-gallon water drinking water dispensers.

Did you ever hear how Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding party?  He 'blessed it', charging it with frequency.  Wayne told me the story of how the frequency calibration of his water once got a little off the violet with too much pink in it, getting his staff so happy-drunk and fun-loving that they didn't get much work done.  The pink "joy flame" (frequency) will do that.  Great for freeing up weddings, but contrary to disciplined work.

The technology of molecular 'structuring' or 'charging' with frequencies is not a huge secret. Professor Sam Lentine (deceased - Math Dept. Rennsalaer Poly), was blind with no eye sockets since birth, yet demonstrated that his visualization of wave function math was so clear, that his field projections into water moved their spectral emissions half way to that of alcohol. (See: Water into Wine - 'Introduction to Psychotronic Biosynthesis').  That's far more sophisticated than what Wayne was doing with hard physics, and I later learned of other physicists who used carrier frequencies on laser beams to put the "violet flame" into water.  But I digress. 
Wayne's water worked by slowly but surely killing pathological parasites in the body.  Parasites go dormant in the body when there is a holy spirit (violet) frequency in the body. They go into hibernation.  We jokingly called it parasite paralysis. The 'bugs' don't breed under the influence of that frequency.  And since all parasites have a very short life span, it only takes a few weeks of drinking the water and they just die off.

Current biological science now recognizes that the microbiome of microscopic fungus, bacteria and viruses in the body - mostly in the gut - actually outnumber the healthy cells in the body. When the checks and balances of the immune system is weak, parasites proliferate. Raise the frequency in the biological terrain, and parasitic overgrowth dies off. Homeostasis restored; immune system recovers.

In my case it was dramatic - I conscientiously drank a lot of that water.  Within a month, I was coughing up endless catarrh (phlegm) with the carcasses of billions of dead microorganisms.  It was disgusting but cleansing.  Wayne then did a carrot juice cleanse with me, juicing  a large glass each half hour for about 5 hours, including powerful enzyme supplements that Wayne had formulated with each glass.  Overall, I lost about 20 pounds - mostly parasite carcasses - coughing them out from the lymphatics around the lungs.
Wayne may have saved my life.  I know he helped if not saved the lives of thousands of people.  Mark Twain once said, "There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded."  Wayne is one of those unsung heroes from the first group, and I owe it to him to tell his story and emphasize his legacy... the understanding of heart coherence that is barely distinguishable from magic.

If you are familiar with the HeartMath Institute, or more specifically the
heart coherence research of Dan Winter, you already know what I'm talking about.

The brilliant mind of Dan Winter pioneered the science of
   heart coherence and has developed an
iPhone application
- Source Field Biofeedback for Iphone / Ipad -
to link the light of quantum field heart coherence, not only
 in the torus field around one's heart, but also as relates to
 the frequencies of quantum field connection with all the
hyperlinked torus fields from atomic to galactic... whereby
the force of Source may be with us!

The frequency of love and the holy spirit of love-in- action (pink + blue = violet) -- as in frequently -- have the power to heal the heart, mind and soul of global humanity.

Thanks to Wayne, I witnessed the healing miracle of love-in-action -- the cleansing water of forgiveness -- whereby LOVE is for giving and the body temple of the living-loving spirit that matters is made whole with the violet frequencies.

This video by Gregg Braden sums it up:
Something Big Is About To Happen

Gregg Braden clearly explains in this video how "Earth's heartbeat" (Schumann Resonance) has been changing dramatically in recent decades in resonance with Galactic Alignment's surge in the Source Field. This is HUGE in its global impact -- the Big Shift in our collect Conscience of, by and for heart coherence with the wholEness spirit of universal LOVE-in-action. And the higher the concept of cosmic-universal LOVE, the greater the results.

Planet Earth is going through a serious cleansing ritual called 'The Great Purification' by the Hopi's.  As the veil thins at an accelerated rate, many are those who will pass this big test of souls with the flying colors of the violet flame, discovering what heart coherence really means -- the surge in the 'Source Field' with the whole/healthy/holy spirit at the heart of the millennial Aquarian dispensation of freedom in the power of love
If that's what you want to incarnate now and in the future,
take heart.  Courage is, at heart, the power of loveWe go to where we're coming from, so pray, prepare and pay it forward with the currency of Conscience on the path of wholEness and healing with the global 'POWER SHIFT' to conscientious common sense of a wholly new 'Unity Conscience' nature.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls butterfly."
~ Richard Bach, Author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull



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