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The Mystical Tradition of the Founders

52 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were either Rosicrucian (Franklin & Jefferson) or Masons, with Washington being a 33rd degree Master Mason.  Those who have studied these ancient mystical orders understand the common language the framers of the Constitution shared -- a higher understanding of the Geometry Of Divinity (G.O.D.) that frames the universe with universal laws we are all subject to.

My rendition of the LOVE Model (HEARTware™)
is merely a simple
frame of reference - pure geometry:

for framing these first principles of "natural order" (cosmic law)
at the heart of all creation (creative process) as defines and refines
co-creation with G.O.D.~LOVE at the interactive interface heart of:
" - the self governance (cognition / mediation process),
" - the self-education (learning / mentoring process),
" - self-healing (homeostasis / medical process),
" - the self-reliance (sovereignty process) 
that integrates all the above in the way you
own your own life, learning, health and business.

I was a student of the ancient mysteries (Rosicrucian order) and attended Rose' Croix University (AMORC) in San Jose. I had a classic experience of "cosmic consciousness" (enlightenment, nirvana, etc.) while in Architecture and Design at Ohio State University (Jan of 1970) which led me to the Rosicrucian Order.  And since then have been a long-time student of the modern day mysteries of God through progressive revelation via the preeminent Messenger of the Ascended Masters of the 20th  Century, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. 

My 33 year journey conscientiously "outpicturing" the Blueprint For A Golden Age can be seen at .

In short, I have a personal testimony from long experience that the intent of the Founding Fathers was to establish a higher understanding of the laws of G.O.D. (Geometry Of Divinity) from the beginning.  They coded this archetypal understanding of the mysteries in the Great Seal of the United States with the pyramid and capstone of God Vision being the role/goal of their endeavors.  Codemap timeline at .

Clearly, there have been those of the Illuminati/Satanist and Christian zealot-fanatic bent who have inverted and subverted the original intent of these symbols from their left-handed "dark side" perspective, saying that that the Founders were as dark and deluded as they are.  The poor in spirit will always be with us as the Piscean Master told us.  But let's not forget the Founders intent.

The pyramid is a symbol of self and civilization with the four sides representing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimension of self, which translate to the quintessential organizational institutions of civilization in government, education, health care and the economy... with media being the capstone that mediates the four sides with, ideally, God-Love Vision.  The intent being to spiritualize the great material base of the pyramid with a higher vision of Higher Power via Higher Christic Conscience that is Love-centric.  And the higher the centering vision of God-Love (The LOVE Model), the greater the results.

This "Great Shift" of self and civilization to a higher VISION was intended as the "2nd Coming" of Christic Consciousness in the hearts and minds of the masses represented through God government.  And the revolution needed now in the Space Age (Information/Communication Age) is a revolution in higher consciousness whereby wholEness and healing can accelerate to harmonize a "New Order of the Ages".  Without fearless faith in that capstoneVISION, the people perish.

Of course, this is "God Government 101" but it bears repeating to anchor this foundational understanding of geometric thoughtforms as a frame of reference for the laws and language of consciousness at the core-foundation of "self-governance"... so we can become conscious of HOW we are conscious, individually (private RIGHTS - "L") and collectively (public SPHERE - "O"), and HOW we can define, refine and combine (synergize - "V") our God-given gifts and talents under an integrated (LOVE-centric) "E"-system of
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The "E"-valuation criteria that would mediate the mass media in an enlightened "Golden Age" would clearly assemble the 4-sided components to the capstone of G.O.D.~LOVE VISION.  The technological means to do that now exists.  All we need to do is re-affirm the intent of the Founding Fathers.  And do the morally right thing.

The resurrection of the Constitution of God government is the choice at hand. It's not rocket science.  By God's grace, enough good people will do enough to make it so, and finish in our global village what the U.S. Founders began as the "Great Experiment" in representative God government.


"Know then, ye who are counted as
the capstone of the pyramid
that is the symbol of America,
that you must provide the balance...
that you must understand the equation of life:
that the flame that burns within your heart
is the Holy Spirit (
that this Spirit is the living Christ
- the potential of God within you -
and that one manifestation of that tiny flame is able,
as in the heart of David,
to slay the Goliath
of teams of fallen ones
who destroy all that is good
and holy and righteous,
all that embraces the flame of liberty upon Earth."

Dictation of the Holy Spirit (Maha Chohan) via E.C.Prophet
at FREEDOM '93, A Global Conference Dedicated to
the Spiritual Transformation of the Planet