The 2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

Flashpoint in the rEVOLUTION
Kind Men Unite Among Mankind

Flashpoint: Remembering Our Soul Contracts
   An urgent appeal to angels of our better nature
   at a time when we may appreciate how a good
   definition of THE PROBLEM naturally compels
    sincere intent for a comprehensive SOLUTION.
It is pure intention that focuses attention with
  retention for conscious ascension in
5th dimension; Law of One comprehension.
Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Vow with Valor and Claim the Victory.

Producer and host of BBS Radio's
Cosmic Show, 12th year

 June 22nd Cosmic  Show podcast HERE
     including the following compendium:
A perceptual Window in the Quantum Field
from June 17, 2019
Full Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius
(cosmic fire 'trigger' for enlightened cognition)
to June 21, 2019
Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere
[longest daylight of the year]
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I like to finish with a beautiful thing,
as beauty unites us in our
divided world.
"Either we all hang together, or most assuredly,
we will all hang separately."
~ Benjamin Franklin at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.
This is when the American Revolution was fulfilled with
  a horse-and-buggy representation system that TODAY 
is being upgraded with Five Core Internet Freedoms.  
A big picture overview of the
If it wasn't for the Deep State, we would
take the High State for granted.

 Pleasure/pain, loss/gain, fame & shame
are all the same name of the 'game' for
eternal progression; conscious ascent.
(political corruption on steroids)
(global homeostasis and healing)
 Two very controversial articles
 and video on the CORE issue:
   - The hijacking of Big Government;
- Understanding the Deep State;
  - Flashpoint for the rEVOLUTION.
"The Ego is a veil between humans and God."
~ Rumi
If you boil down the systemic chaos in the world to its root cause, you will find the Deep State egoic matrix that will do anything for survival of its inordinate love of power at the expense of the 5D High State - the ordained Power of Love.

The leaders of tomorrow will love enough
to be very good truth-tellers.

Shocking 'Endless War' Exposure
(What Deep State media never tells us)

May 27, 2019 / Tom Barry

How America Blew $7 Trillion On 80 Wars Since 9/11

Note from CR: This kid is like a fire hose but spewing truth, the whole truth (and lots of it) regarding the social, political and economic matrix of a deep dis-ease of militaristic madness in the world today.
Synopsis: The United States has been at war in the Middle East for 18 years. We are fighting a shadow war called Operation Enduring Freedom (Operation Freedom's Sentinel) in 80 different countries. These wars are being fought over oil resources and millions of people have died. The US has impoverished its citizens by spending $7 trillion dollars on war when that money is desperately needed at home in America. 1 out of 6 Americans lives in poverty and half the country can't afford a $500 emergency. Veterans are committing suicide in record numbers and there are 500,000 homeless Americans living on the streets.
"When you're born, you're given
a ticket to the freak show.

And when you're born in America,
you're given a front row seat."
~ George Carlin (5/12/37-6/22/08)
Tom Barry's solution: These wars have brought nothing but death and destruction to the world, and it's time to end them. They are authorized by a bill called the AUMF (Authorization for the Use of Military Force). End the AUMF, and all of these wars become illegal.
Beware of the psyops here folks.
One of the favorite tricks of Deep State disinfo
    - which immature 'kids' are more susceptible to -
      is to tell a lot of shockingly brilliant truth, but then,
     slip in the Big Lie that sounds plausible in context
of all the other compelling truth-telling.
  That there is salvation through the 'New Left' or
'New Right' so we all most vote accordingly.   

 Without election reform - a heartware upgrade
  of our interactive mass representation model -
    the public is left with choice between two evils.
   This is what happens when adults don't realize
 that both political parties have been co-opted
 by the 'War Party' of, by & for Big Oil and Big
Tech plus Big Media that also counts on Big
 Dis-ease for it's No.1 sponsor - Big Pharma.
  As they are, both political parties are corrupt.

The Big Lie is that there is
a political solution.
  There are no political solutions for spiritual problems,
  just as there is no drug that can cure our depression
  from the 'Dense, Unconscious and Heartless' (DUH)
 desecration of life on Earth

   Truth is: there's an oil alternative solution.
   Clean-free energy technology is emerging
   now to make Big Oil increasingly obsolete
   with a 'Quantum Financial System' (QFS)
  that will soon replace the US petrodollar.
Global TeLeCommerce will exist
and Cosmic
will persist.
  But the politics and economics of Big Oil
and Big Banks are deeply entrenched  
  with special interests that have a vested
    interest in Big War and Big Media for the
  'Big Lie' (status quo mind control matrix)
    with cognitive dissonance and fake news

The Self-Destructive Trajectory of
Overly Successful Empires

June 11, 2019 /
It's difficult not to see signs of this same trajectory
  in the U.S. since the 1990 fall of the Soviet Empire.

“I say we had better look our nation searchingly in the face,
like a physician diagnosing some deep disease."
 - Walt Whitman, "Democratic Vistas
The Deep State and Deep Pockets
May 13, 2019 /
You can forget about all that Russian meddling etc. The real crux of the matter is about what the Deep State thrives on: Money and Economic Power. You see, when the owners of our nation had their monopoly with a strong US dollar being used as a petrodollar - and 'jackboot' control of 'The Third World' - all was copacetic.
     But with the emergence of China as the new primary economic power, and Russia in much better financial shape than us, something had to be done. With these two countries making strides in Africa, the Middle East, Eurasia and South America, 'This means war!' the Deep State shouted from their private clubs, think tanks and embedded Congress and Big Media. Continued HERE.
 The Corporatocracy is the problem folks.

It has hijacked BOTH political parties.
    Meritocracy is a common sense solution
 but that requires systemic upgrade of 
 5 core Internet freedoms as represent
 the heart of a Constitutional Republic.
The HEART of this Upgrade is
Code infrastructure;
   a universal interactive interface
- Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics -
to culture social conscience in
  our ubiquitous social networks.
Local and global 'community building'
is a process of culturing conscious
coherence for mind congruence.
We shape the field of Conscience
and then that field shapes 'US'
(United Sovereigns of Earth).

Yes there are definitive, holistic and systemic solutions that would level the playing field for all. But that would require win/win cooperation, and winner-takes-all mentality dominates in the left-brain dominant Western hemisphere.
This is the quandry and challenge of global civilization on the threshold of the Aquarian 'Quantum Age'. Unified field dynamics will sooner or later make the status quo corporatocracy problem obsolete. But the business of America is Big Business. Big War and Big Disease make a killing for the Big Bank and Big Media that get a major fraction of the action. There's no profit in peace and health for Wall Street cartels that reward stockholders with war and disease profiteering. That self-destruct psychopathy is terminal - end game. It's killing us.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.  Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness, in
a descending spiral of destruction. The chain reaction of evil must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation."
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

 This is the reason for the New American Revolution
It's all in divine order. The illusion is the problem:)
"It is the ego that maintains the separation,
the soul that knows better, and the
divinity that calls us home."
~ Christine Page, M.D.

5D Co-Creation Primer

So Keep the Faith - See the Good
and Make it So!

Full Spectrum

Inspiration videos and

A personal and planetary win/win
with worldwide
TLC infrastructure
 defining the Next Big Wave in the
 computer/Internet revolution after
hardware, software and netware
as the 3-fold 'flame' of high tech
for high touch ~heartware as
a universal interface (holodeck)
for personal/public co-creation.


"All you need is already within you,
you must only approach yourself
with reverence and love."

~ I Am That 

Either we harness communications

with authentic intelligence that will
 represent 'US' (United Sovereigns)
or we will see artificial intelligence
 increasingly replace the real thing.

What You Need to Know About A.I.
In the Changing World
June 9, 2019 / WoodwardTV
Can new Artificial Intelligence technologies
revolutionize the near future? What will
happen to the human race?
Alan Turing, Cybernetics and
the Secrets of Life

April 12, 2019
A deep dive Into 'AI' (Artificial Intelligence)
-  the origin of AI and where it's going -
for those who love science.
Keep in mind the thoughtforms of ,
the archetypes of conscious evolution,
the Vision of Heartware CyberEthics
and genesis of heart intelligence.
This dynamic of engaging our good will
- pure intention -
  with a process of interactive
- focusing attention -
harnesses the power of -in-action
TLC retention -
as involves and evolves consciousness
- conscious ascension -
in a High State of comprehension...
5th dimension.

This unified 'prayer field' of Good Will
- with expectation & anticipation -
is not seldom the prelude of

The feeling of is a centered and 
connected heart coherence for genesis
of mind congruence in synchronicity 
with a pure geometry framework for
Universal Law - the Law of One -
as divine order in the Universe;
Geometric  Ordered  Divinity.

Your Deep Connection to Everything:

June 18, 2019 / LeeHarrisEnergy
Other Timelines, Other Lives

The higher the concept of 'spiritual intelligence' (5D),
the greater the results for Presence - here and now
  as integrates the timeline with infinite-eternal VISION
 of common sense VALUES & Natural Law VIRTUES
  for the Good Will VOW to claim ascension VICTORY.

Serving Our Spiritual Communion

June 6, 2019 /

PsychoNeuroImmunology and the
Power of the Mind on Disease

June 21, 2019 /
"Converging data from the behavioral and brain sciences

now indicate that the brain plays a critical role in the
regulation or modulation of immunity."
Heal Your Body with Your Mind

by Dr. Joe Dispenza

It's all a matter of mind over matter:
when the heart is coherent
the mind is congruent
 and truly matters.


Jan 21, 2018 / Abraham Hicks How To:

"Wellness that is being allowed - or the wellness that is being denied - is all about the mindset, the mood, the attitude, the practiced thoughts. There is not one exception, in any human or beast; because, you can patch them up again and again, and they will just find another way of reverting back to the natural rhythm of their mind. Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic. Every bit of it, no exceptions." ~ Abraham Hicks

And so it is with the kind mind of mankind.
It's all a matter of kind mind over matter.

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