Excommunication Policy for all list members
as of 6-20-2009 Solstice

Dear Reader,

Members of this list have always had the option of "voluntary excommunication".  You just reply to an e-mail with "REMOVE" in the subject line.

Since the Founder's Program began back on Valentine's Day, I've occasionally explained the "free" and "paid" affiliate model for HcN, but have continued sending in-depth
HEARTcom Network (HcN) articles.

That time is now ending, Summer Solstice 2009.  If you are able, please support HcN with a subscription.

Because I need some A-V equipment and infrastructure to upgrade the free affiliate network of GeoNotes News and the paid membership in the HEARTcom Network, I'm asking that you "pay it forward" (pay as you go), if your are able and see the value of greater service.

You will still receive the free GeoNotes News.  But in-depth articles like "Global Healing", "Cosmic Fire" and "Conscious Movement" will be reserved for those who appreciate the "cosmic honor code" (valuation standard) for the Next Economy -- the currency of conscience that HcN is culturing with a not-for-profit incentive plan... paying back what affiliates pay in. 

The affiliate model for HcN is simple enough.  For each two HcN members who join, giving you credit for the contact that gave them the opportunity, your $33 membership in HcN will be paid back to you.  It's a classic "go forth 2x2" incentive plan for a purpose -- Networking for the Net worth of a new Net reality.

We can all agree that the golden rule/law language of universal LOVE is for giving.  When that Golden Age standard" is the rule, LOVE rules.

Because of that rule, I've continued to include HcN for free to this point.  But I can't afford to expand the value of HcN without readers seeing that it is worth it, contributing for upgraded service.

That's why I'm now making this special request - a unique fundraiser for the HEARTcom Network.  Right now, for a limited time, there is a bonus option with a free bottle of the two-year supply of Swedish Pollen Extract when you sponsor three memberships in the HEARTcom Network.  In other words, for $99 dollars -- including priority mail and insurance -- you can sponsor a HcN subscription to three people while getting a free HcN membership for yourself PLUS, get a bottle of Swedish Pollen Extract that normally costs $106 dollars.

As I said, you'll still receive GeoNotes News with occasional links to published HcN articles.

I'll be fair about this, realizing that some of you just can't afford $33 dollars, much less $99 dollars.  If that's the case, just let me know.  All I ask is that your keep the HEARTcom Network in your heart (pure intention)... pay it forward with your networking of this vision (focusing attention)... contribute what you can financially -- a few dollars.  And I'll keep you
in the loop with HcN articles.  Fair enough?

Keep the Faith!

 will Prevail,
Christopher Rudy
Editor, GeoNotes News
Publisher, HEARTcom Network
Host, Comic LOVE Radio Talk Show
Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age


Box 1081
Emigrant,  MT 59027


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