March 17, 2018
Huge Opportunity
(Part Four)

If you got the highlights of
Parts One, Two & Three
(with attitude of gratitude)
you'll be anticipating how
you'll be participating via
'enlightened self interest'
  for global freedom, health
and systemic prosperity.

Hold on to your hats folks...
a cosmic EVENT is occurring!

By assimilating this series on THE EVENT,
   you will behold the Family of Mankind on the
threshold of global initiation with a shift in
consciousness and core social institutions,
to upgrade freedom, health and prosperity.


Suppressed Technology - Released Soon

Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare Prelude

  Last Chance for Free bits Currency

  Spring Equinox Launch of the Community

  Health-Wealth Profit Sharing for Members

     by Christopher Rudy,
Host of BBS Radio's Cosmic Show

March 17, 2018 Update

Suppressed Technology - Released Soon
Thanks to the Internet, people worldwide KNOW that clean-free energy technology and quantum healing technology - part of the 'Secret Space Program' - have been suppressed for a long time. But not much longer.
Those who have followed the 2018 Upgrade Series since the first of the year are well aware that the Internet has fully disclosed the once 'Secret' Space Program that for decades has been utilizing extremely advanced alien technologies for stargates and space ships as well as 'replicators' (for food or anything), and also 'med beds' that heal all health conditions and can actually 'replicate' your body 30 years younger. It's coming folks!

The cover-up is unraveling fast!

Dr. Steven Greer on Disclosure

Just the other day, the courageous Dr. Greer of the Disclosure Movement gave a brilliant interview on the UFO coverup, government disinformation and fear tactics to control us.

Truth integrates as deception disintegrates:

March 15, 2018 /

"Remember, demigogs always rule through fear. Whether it be religious demigogs, political demigogs, what have you." ~ Steven Greer @ 25:32 minutes
Fearless faith in the whole truth is the worst enemy of faithless fear and the big lie. The higher the 'whole truth', the greater the results - naturally neutralizing fear's "energy veil" (e-veil) - to liberate conscientious common sense of a 5D nature.
We are in the midst of a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness - a thinning of the veil that separares us from
Effective Sensory Perception. It's important to realize that evil will be exposed and scurry like rats who fear for their life. The problem is that there's so many rats in the Deep State of Big Government.
The solution is plenty of 'rat traps' that identify and isolate those dirty rats - sequester them from humanity - because the Family of Mankind has had it with all the criminals, pedophiles and psychopaths who have infiltrated the Deep State and manipulate us with false flags, fake news and terror-for-tyranny tactics.
Global humanity has never been more ready for a very unique TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION vehicle that transcends our horse-and-buggy representation systems with instant response ability and transparent accountability.
This SOLUTION is current REAL intelligence capabilities - NOT Artificial Intelligence - and given the universal heartware interface, the effect of real time, mass-to-mass interaction with 'light language' will naturally culture social conscience - wisdom of the crowd - with the holy spirit of in-action at the heart of social networks.
As the veil thins, light wins, and living grace grins with the mitigation of 'SIN' (Stuck In Negativity).
In the meantime, there's a lot of chaos that needs the type of Net infrastructure that organizes information in formation along more enlightened 'lines' that frame conscious evolution revelations with
G.O.D.~ VISION in order to check, balance and otherwise harmonize the accelerated rate of global transformation.
Without this global 'Truth and Reconcilation Process', there would be too much 'future shock' - paradigm paralysis - that fears the end of the world as we've known it, like Luddites on steroids.
A harmonious, gradual matriculation of the matrix - for global healing - requires a
TLC model for optimal upgrade.

Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare 'Prelude'
As I've explained this last year in more that a dozen blogs, the natural trajectory of the computer/Internet revolution is the 'Alpha' and 'Omega' of global Net reality with upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms.

Global TeLeComm is the 'Alpha VISION' - the next phase of Internet platforms that are encrypted with blockchains for secure mass-to-mass interaction... for culturing 'wisdom of the crowd' as defines and refines TLC as a high standard of in our ubiquitous social networks.
Global TeLeCare is the 
Omega VIRTUE - an Internet platform for free access to holisic self care for the analysis, prevention and management of disease... and culturing 'wisdom of the crowd' as defines and refines TLC as the coherence factor in social networks.

Alpha VISION + Omega VIRTUE =
(the best of both worlds)

The key to integrity is integration of all the keys, and the VISION of VIRTUE with CO-CREATION VALOR naturally leads to VICTORY for all of 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.
The foundation for Worldwide is being established, and you have a rare opportunity for a pre-launch, ground-floor 'Founders' position... like a 'toll-gate' for those who follow.
Last Chance for Free bits Currency
The new currency for the next economy will secure value transactions with blockchain technology as explained with three excellent videos HERE (Jan 20, 2018). In that article, bits cryptocurrency is introduced to the Heartcom Network.
The Heartware Project - to develop TeLeComm and TeLeCare - has a pre-launch 'Founders Program' through to Spring Equinox on Tuesday, so this is your last chance to get free bits crypocurrecy with purchase of Nature's richest source of RNA/DNA genetic material for cellular rejuvination.
This 'SPX Nutri-Gold' is the most advanced natural biologic supplement - bar none - for an optimal immune system and quality life extension.
There is no other cryptocurrency that has launched with such extraordinary health/wealth potential in the short term personally and for the long term publically via Global TeLeComm/TeLeCare.
So for a few days, until Tuesday, you'll receive REAL health value for your dollar, plus free bits that will have your 'wealth health' magnified this next quarter as our crowd-funding campaign gains traction in social media.

Spring Equinox Launch of the Community

Bringing Health to Global Dis-ease is the theme of the Heartcom Community's formal launch with a crowd-funding campaign in the 2nd quarter of 2018.
This crowd-funding campaign will underwrite development of the Heartware Project with bits as awarded per level of contribution.
is a 5D model of 'cosmic law' - the whole systems quantum order of the 'holographic universe'. This is the '
Blueprint' for the Heartcom Community as chronicled in the 2017 Big Shift and 2018 Global Upgrade Series.

- 1st Quarter: Upgrade 'Blueprint' Positioned
2nd Quarter: Higher Mental 'Initiations'
- 3rd Quarter: EVENT 'Energy-in-Motion'
- 4th Quarter: Integration of all ways:
      Spiritually above all - the Spirit that matters;
entally as a 'rule' - golden rule-law language;
Emotionally via coherence at the heart of it all;
Physically via the Power of Love in action;
Financially via secure blockchain bits.

A lot of developments are in 'alchemy' as organizational dynamics mature with volunteerism and contribution of talents and resources for co-creating the unprecedented health/wealth potential to 'initiate' homeostasis and healing in our global social networks.

As with prior megatrend shifts of the computer/Internet revolution from emphasis on hardware (IBM), to software (Microsoft), to netware (Netscape)... heartware (Heartcom) promises exceptional ROI for early adopters of the TeLeComm/TeLeCare VISION of global holistic healing.

Time is of the essence; barbarians at the gate.
"Zionists inside the perimeter are the enemy."
~ March 16, 2018 / Robert David Steele @ 23:48 minutes in the interview HERE (video) with Sarah Westall.
The whole world is watching America as freedom of speech is being eviscerated in social media. Google and Facebook utilize thousands of 'moderators' who censor dissent on the Internet - the Chinese Marxist model of population control.
The OPPOSITE of that Orwellian tyranny model of totalitarian control through communications is upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms with TeLeComm.
Likewise, the whole world has watched America's health care system degenerate to the most expensive and least effective among modern nations states.
U.S. Health Care Ranked Worst in Developed World - June 6, 2014 /
Consider how Obamacare's health tyranny utilized 'navigators' to steer the public into a self-serving medical industrial complex that demanded mandatory insurance and vaccines, making your body property of the State.
The OPPOSITE of health tyranny is health freedom with free, online, highly-personalized health choices as championed by Global TeLeCare... for ALL global Netizens.

Health-Wealth Profit sharing for Members

Without a positive attitude and clear vision of the phenomenal opportunity for Earth's liberation from tyranny, the chaos now evident with THE EVENT would be even more stressful.
As 'light' (frequencies) increase with 'nonlinear' (intuitive) experiences of
Effective Sensory Perception - unique to each individual - there is collateral damage to the dark side with a tremor in the force on all levels due to purging of spiritual toxins, cognitive dissonance, negative emotions and the divisive dis-ease of plutocrat sociopath demigogs who fear their demise and want everyone as miserable and fearful as they are.
Heaven knows that a new order of the ages is on the way with more light and . The ability to hold more 'light' in the body is critical at this time. So it's important to optimize your diet - supplement it with Nature's premier superfood - and do the emotional work neccesary for fearless faith in the 'invisible hand' guiding THE EVENT with '
TLC' into the physical.

So invest in your health/wealth future.

 Get free bits while you still can.

Order SPX with free bits HERE.
(scroll down to the order info)

Empower the Vision of Global
Health, Freedom & Prosperity
 for all 'US' United Sovereigns

Forward Freely!

The higher the concept of
at the heart of TeLeComm,
the greater the holistic


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